Sunday, October 02, 2005

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Friday, September 30, 2005

Role Reversal

I've never experienced this week before.
It has been a week where Spartan fans have walked around with their chests pumped and Wolverines are humbled. It is usually the other way around during Michigan-Michigan State week.
And you know something? It is kind of enjoyable. It is fun to see the shoe on the other foot and see how folks act.
The Spartans are pumped because their team (4-0) is ranked 11th nationally and folks are talking about quarterback Drew Stanton being a Heisman Trophy candidate. Michigan fans are a tad laid back because their team (2-2) has not looked like a championship caliber team.
The Wolverines are injured, fumble prone, non mistake proof and look like an also-ran in the Big Ten.
Players recognize the problem and have responded with a players only meeting and some soul searching. We are hearing Steve Breaston might be demoted to third string receiver. He looks like a guy trying to learn the position now that Braylon Edwards is in the pros.
Michigan has shown no reason why it should win this game. None.
But we can expect the Wolverines to remain competitive because its Michigan and this is a bitter rivalry. How many times have we left the Spartans for dead and they came through and won a tight game.
The strange thing about this game is we will look closer at the loser than the winner. If Michigan loses it would have a losing record in October. That is a no-no and will cause fans to scream for Coach Lloyd Carr's head.
Do not waste your breath. I've spoken to the Michigan Mafia and Carr is not going any where unless he wants to. National championships give you bullet proof vests. Lets say Michigan loses five or six games. My folks tell me Carr is not going out that way.
If State loses we will brand it a choker that failed to dunk big brother when it was down. This could threaten the traditional Spartan slide where one moment or one game brings them down.
I hope and pray that does not happen, for once.
My take is MSU takes care of business and sends shock waves to Ann Arbor.
Michigan State 28, Michigan 20

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Why Do We Listen to Beno Cook?

Sorry guys. I don't get why Beno Cook matters any more.
It seems as if every radio show and football show across the country needs to get him on the air to talk college football. I really don't think he knows what he's talking about.
He lost me again this weekend when he talked about a player who was emerging as a legitimate Heisman Trophy candidate.
I really thought he was going to shock the world and bring up Michigan State quarterback Drew Stanton, a guy you need to place into the equation. That would have been too genius for Beno. Instead he waxed about Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn.
Now I do respect Quinn. But how can you bring him up over Stanton who beat the Irish and leads the unbeaten Spartans (4-0 overall, 1-0 in the Big Ten) into a big battle Saturday against Michigan (2-2)?
Cook really lost me a long time ago when he predicted Notre Dame quarterback Ron Powlus to win three Heisman Trophy awards. Beno only missed that one by three.
He bumbles and stumbles and makes predictions that never come true. Yet ESPN and everybody else parades him around as if he matters.
I say enough of Beno. He's had his moment in the sun.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

I Lost a Listener Last Week

I lost a listener last week.
I said that I do not believe our country should be in war in Iraq. I never believed the weapons of mass destruction propaganda. I never believed invading Iraq was vital to our national security.
I thought it was a waste of man power, money and more important lives. I read the other day that the United States does not want us to know this dirty little secret.
Did you know more than 100,000 people have died in this war?
I do not approve of this message.
Our men and women are dying daily in this conflict. That is what bothers me most. Families mourn every day as bodies are flown back to the United States.
One of the listeners objected and said he and his friends would never listen to the Sports Inferno again. They said I'd gone beyond my rights. I of course totally disagree and if they don't want to listen that is fine with me.
I will speak my mind and let you know how I feel. That's me.
If you want to march out because of my views you are welcome to do so.
I hate this war and I am not afraid to say it.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Watch for Campaign to Save Tram's Job

The Tigers are leaning toward firing Manager Alan Trammell when the season ends. That is how terrible this thing has spiraled.
But despite what you've heard from others a definite decision has not been made. That is why you are going to hear voices inside and outside the organization talk up Trammell this week.
Some believe that Tram can be saved and that there are circumstances beyond his control. You will hear their voices. And they will make a public campaign to at least cause you to change your minds about him.
I don't think it will work. But look for that next week.
I believe a good percentage of the players don't care if Trammell stays or goes. But there are some who believe he was given a bad team with a bad attitude and they cannot pass judgment on him. That is one reason we got some of those leaks out of the dressing room.
They wanted you to know that Trammel was not the only reason for the Tigers' problems. They wanted you to take a critical look at President Dave Dombrowski and catcher Pudge Rodriguez.
The ball is in motion to fire Tram. But there is a wildcard and that is owner Mike Ilitch. He may say no even if Dombrowski says yes.
But it might be difficult for Ilitch to say no if Dombrowski presents Jim Leyland to him.
Stay tuned. The Tigers soap opera continues and you won't want to miss the exciting conclusion.

Friday, September 23, 2005

All I did was dance with the Girl. Honest.

If you listen to our show The Sportsinferno on 1270 AM you know my broadcast partner Mike Valenti bust my chops about being a ladies man.
For the most part it is not true. But things got a little out of control Thursday night during our Football Fantasy show at Malarkey's in Southgate. First of all this is a beautiful place and is one of the better hang out places I've been to. It is on the corner of Eureka and Dix Highway and this is going to be our Thursday hangout place for Fantasy Football for the remainder of the football season. But a reminder. We will be there Wednesday of next week because Mike and I have an engagement at JD's Key Club in Pontiac next Thursday.
Back to last night.
I was bad for once.
I was working the audience and had three invitations to join people at their tables for talk and drinks. I knew I should have left the Spartan babe alone. But I didn't.
She was with her boyfriend so I figured everything was innocent. But she was friendly and flirtatious and everybody was having a good time.
We danced. It wasn't exactly an up with people dance and things might have gotten out of hand when my girl Ambrosia joined us. The crowd seemed to like it and I was having a blast until the Spartan girls boyfriend rolled up and snatched her from the dance floor.
I mean it was like one of those Hanna Barbara cartoons when you are there one second and disappear the next. She left quicker than Mike's temper when the Spartans blow a football game in the last minute.
I know Mike is going to bust my chops today. So I want to defend myself by saying Ambrosia was just as much to blame. I think she liked Ambrosia just as much as me.
Any way the beginning of today's show might be hilarious. I simply want to say I am innocent of all charges that will be levied against me.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Behind The Scenes at EMU

I had a rare opportunity to spend a day with Eastern Michigan's football program leading up to last week's 55-0 loss to Michigan at Michigan Stadium.
I was only there for a day, but there are so many things that go into preparing for a game -- even one you are expected to get crushed in.
My story appears in today's Detroit News and it only scratches the surface of what I wanted to write. There were so many things I observed.
You may not think much of Eastern's program. It has struggled for about 15 years. But Genyk will turn that program around. The Eagles won't be great. But they are going to be respectable and contend for the Mid American Conference title.
Check out my story today. If any of you want a copy of the longer original version e-mail me at and I will send you a copy of that. We had to knock it down a lot for space reasons.
But check the story out and let me know what you think.
It is part of my weekly look into college football. My next stop is urban football at Wayne State University