Sunday, April 24, 2005


Do you remember the old days of the Big Two and the Little Eight?
Those were the days when Michigan and Ohio State lined up every November to decide the Big Ten title. It was all about Woody and Bo and Scarlet and Blue. The other teams did not matter.
Iowa, Michigan State and Wisconsin had the same chance of winning the Big Ten as Eastern Michigan.
Well the Eastern Conference playoffs remind me of those days. The Big two are the Pistons and Miami Heat. We saw the Pistons wake up from a 16-point deficit and body slam Philadelphia. And the Heat did the same to New Jersey, a team some experts tried to tell us was somewhat dangerous because of the addition of Richard Jefferson.
This is not to say no one will beat the Heat or Pistons in a game or two. But we all know where this is headed.
These teams will blow past bewildered opponents, losing a road game here and there. But none of their series will be in doubt until they face each other.
And I don't care what type of regular season the Heat had. The Pistons are clearly the best team in the East and will represent the conference in the NBA Finals.
They have the best starting five and if Antonio McDyess continues to play well they won't have a worry in the world.


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