Friday, April 29, 2005

The Hot Miami Heat and Hot Radio Numbers

The Eastern Conference Finals unofficially began Thursday night when the Miami Heat stole a double overtime victory over New Jersey Thursday night at the Meadowlands.
The Heats 108-105 victory should put the Pistons on red alert. The win was significant in two ways. It came on the road and it placed Miami in a commanding 3-0 edge in the best of seven series.
The Eastern Conference has boiled down to a collision course between the Heat and Pistons. They are clearly the class of this conference. And in a way they are already playing one another.
The goal is to get to the Finals with as few games and as few playoff minutes as possible. The Heat took a giant step toward rest and relaxation with Thursday nights win, even though it took longer than they would have liked.
That puts a premium on the Pistons who must match with a victory tonight in Philadelphia and another on Sunday.
Every time the Miami Heat step on the court it allows a few more grains of sand to slip through Shaquille O'Neal's hour glass. It is one more chance for a slowly breaking down center to become injured. It takes away 30-40 more minutes of freshness.
Every time the Pistons take the court it gives Rip Hamilton or Rasheed Wallace one more opportunity to twist an ankle or break a hand. It is one more chance for Ben Wallace to curl his leg on a fluke play.
Championship teams get rid of bad teams quickly. They know eventually the playoff road will become a land mine against a team just as good if not better than them. The goal is to be as fresh as possible.
If the Pistons are indeed a championship team they should overcome the emotions of the Sixers playing at home and begin the process of a sweep. Even Allen Iverson said his team had no answers against the Pistons.
It is up to the Pistons to keep Philly questioning itself.
Friday's game should be the toughest of the series. But once emotions wear off the Pistons should take command and win.

** As many of you know I do a talk show with Mike Valenti on AM 1270 The Sports Station called the Sports Inferno. We battled one another Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. and it is a very enjoyable show to do. I know Mike and I get on each others nerves from time to time, but we tolerate those rare moments in the name of quality radio.
We received very good news this week from Arbitron, the company that measures who and how many are listening to the shows in Detroit.
Our show posted the biggest numbers in The Sports Station's history and obviously the best numbers in our time slot. In sports raio the male 25-54 demographic is key. It is what advertisers look at and this demo is our life blood.
We scored a 4.6, which ranked our show sixth in the entire market. That is quite an accomplishment because there is stiff competition and many view sports talk as a niche market where only a few key people listen.
Of course our main competition is WDFN and our time slot beat our competition for the second time in the last three books.
Here is how the numbers came out hour by hour.
10 a.m. -- The Sports Inferno 4.7, WDFN 2.5
11 a.m. -- The Sports Inferno 4.9, WDFN 2.7
Noon -- WDFN 4.9, The Sports Inferno 4.4
TOTAL -- The Sports Inferno 4.6, WDFN 3.4
Jim Rome is a very powerful and good national show. Even though we lost to him we made significant strides in closing the gap. He used to crush us by a 3-1 margin. It is reason for us to celebrate now. However, we must keep things in prospective. I am sure every sports talk show will take a hit in the spring book. The numbers were almost too good to be true for many of us. So we must remain humble.
But we want to continue to do quality radio and move up the ladder. We cannot do it without you. We once again thank you for your support and we hope you stick with us because we cannot do it without you the listener.

Thank you once again.


Blogger Tom said...

Keep up the good work. Jim Rome is a hack and you're show beats the pants off him and his clones. I wished they'd send me an arbitron ratings book.

12:36 AM

Blogger sammy the bull said...

T Foster --

You and Mikey X have THE best show in all of sports radio. I am in the car all day and the sports inferno is locked in from 10-1 everyday and I am glad that the ratings are reflecting your quality program put on by you two fine Americans. Keep up the great work and give Little B a truffle on me. Since the show is so succesful, are they thinking of moving you 2 to drive time to compete with S&W or are little pants and am1270THE SPORTS STATION unwilling to tinker with a winning formula???

Keep up the excellent work

12:38 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

Thank you for the email about the Sports Inferno. Pardon the pun but we believe the show is hot and I believe it is only going to get better and more popular. Mike is a very passionate and talented radio guy. He makes the show go. I simply steer it now and then. Radio is not my first passion so I need a very good guy like Mike to carry it.
As far as moving to a drive time part? We would love that. You always want to be in prime time. We hope to get the chance some day.

5:14 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats Terry on the show ratings. To me you guys are the PTI of radio in fact I leave the radio on you guys while i go to sleep since i work nights.

8:53 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

You go to sleep with us on? Wow. I am just glad we don't put people to sleep. And if I can get a case of these Arbitron books I am sending them to you.

9:26 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

T Fos,

Love your work, just can't stomach your partner.

I miss the "Golden Scalpal" awards.

Viva the Sports doctors

2:31 PM

Blogger WXOU Sports said...

We love you over here to Terry. My buddy Jake loves you to death even more then I do. I think, I'm starting to warm up to Mike a lot more to. No one can deny you guys make a good team.

11:27 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Honestly, I remember listening to WDFN the day it came on the air, and through this whole sports radio craze you and Mike have the best chemistry/show out there. Keep up the great work. As a journalism student at Wayne State you're someone I idolize and hope to follow your career path. Thanks.

1:02 AM

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