Monday, April 25, 2005

Larry Brown Leaving Town?

It might be true that Larry Brown did not talk to the Cleveland Cavaliers about taking over the team after the season.
However, he won't be the Pistons head coach next season and here is hoping President Joe Dumars is at least thinking about replacements. Brown looks like a man who needs a break. He has health issues. He is tired and he needs to take at least a season off -- if not retire all together.
Brown has been telling his buddies in the league that he has had enough. This was before health issues slowed him. This was even before the brawl at The Palace.
Brown does not even like coaching games. He admitted that to me during a preseason interview. If he had his way he would run practices, conduct coaching clinics and watch Pistons games on television in his living room. But NBA coaching does not work that way. Teams make you do it all, that includes going to games.
Brown is a heck of a coach. He is exactly what the Pistons need. But we knew he was a quick fix. He would only be here for two or three seasons. I won't be player hating on him when he does leave.
My advice for Dumars is to get his ducks in a row. He should be calling potential coaching candidates now before they are all hired. That includes people like Phil Jackson (rumored to be taking the New York Knicks job), Maurice Cheeks and Flip Saunders.
There are good candidates and Dumars must land one of them.


Blogger Tom said...

No big suprise here, and certainly no hating required. Brown must be the most unhappy successful man around. He always looks angry and bummed out during games. You figure he spent 40 years of his life like that, sooner or later it's going to wear you out. Besides, he's not prone to sticking around. With this team, the coach is somewhat secondary. As long as Joe D brings in someone who isn't going to screw with the schemes, the chemistry, or how the team plays, the Pistons should be fine. And I think Joe knows that.

11:58 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


I've been telling my friends since the beginning of the year that Mo Cheeks was going to be the next coach of the Pistons with Eric Musselman being my dark horse pick as a replacement. I get a lot of comments that Bill Laimbeer will eventually take the helm, but I just don't see it. It's not like I have any insider info or anything, but I just don't see Joe handing the team over to Bill any time soon. However, I do see the possibility of a Zeke sighting in a few years after the team gets new ownership.

Keep up the good work,

6:44 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Larry will be back after he has had this break after the playoff run at least I hope. Obviously, the pistons can't run on it's own IE Garth Heard and I am not convinced anybody can other than Larry. Whoever get;s it must have the following NBA championship coaching or playing experience, being a taction of the game, and the ability to maximize the skill sets of players. So maybe Mo Cheeks could be that fit however I still Hold out for Larry.

9:35 AM

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