Sunday, April 24, 2005


Herman Moore. Brett Perriman. Johnnie Morton.
We remember the names. And we remember their fame. They formed the greatest group of wide receives in Lions history. Moore was the 100 catch man. He was big, strong and deadly on fade patterns in the corner of the endzone.
Perriman was the feisty and confident guy from the University of Miami. He was a possession receiver who always felt he should be the featured guy. And Morton was the speed guy. He could go up field for the big play. Sometimes he lacked maturity, but he was still dangerous.
The Lions may have a better group of receivers now.
Many of us were shocked when the Lions used the 10th pick in the 2005 NFL draft to select wide receiver Mike Williams from USC. At 6-foot-4, he is big and physical and could become a post up possession receiver in this league. But the Lions already have young big play receivers in Roy Williams and Charles Rogers. What did they need Williams for?
Personally I would have gone for Texas linebacker Derrick Johnson because the Lions can use as much help on defense as they can get.
However, I am not going to sweat them over the Williams pick. Isn't it about time the Lions had the best something in the NFC North Division?
In time this will be the most dangerous and productive trio in the division. That is if they all stay healthy.
I've already heard from some who say the Williams pick is in direct correlation to the Lions not trusting the health of Rogers who has barely made a blip because of two early season ending injuries the last two seasons.
That could be partially true. We cringe every time Rogers falls on his shoulder. And one of my boys in the media loves to call him China Doll.
However, the Williams pick might be more of a signal that the Lions want to get greedy rather than always staying needy.
My problem with the past Lions teams is they were always adjusting to other teams. They fielded teams to adjust to Randy Moss with Minnesota and Brett Favre with Green Bay.
Now teams must adjust to the Lions who can hurt teams with their trio or wide receivers along with young running back Kevin Jones.
The Lions proved they are not quite ready to be a championship caliber club by not thinking defense first.
But you know something. It sure is going to be exciting at Ford Field the next few years.

T Foster


Blogger Tom said...

It's obvious they went after the best available value, without regard to their needs. Having 3 marquee receivers isn't a bad thing, it will definitely give them some depth after 4 seasons of a pathetic receiving corps. This draft hasn't been so great anyway, they weren't going to solve their problems overnight.

When they drafted Morton, they were in the same position as they were on Sat. Two great receivers already, they chose the best value.

Only time will tell if they made a mistake. One thing's for sure, Joey HAS to produce now, no excuses.

1:54 PM

Anonymous Will said...

If Jo-Jo doesn't produce in the first two games, The Lions will have to start working Jeff Garcia into form over the bye week.

I do have faith in Joey and think that he can someday be a good quaterback in the NFL. But I've been wrong about the leos too many times to think he will be a Lion when he shines. Some lucky team will no doubt pick him up, and put him in the right system.

4:45 PM

Anonymous Big E said...

We have just witnessed one of the worst drafts in the history of this inept franchise.

Coming off of a 6-10 season, the Lions are a team that has some obvious needs. This is a team that should be drafting based on these needs, a team that can’t afford the luxury of exercising yet another top 10 pick on a WR. Although I think Mike Williams is a solid receiver, the right pick for the Lions was to get a playmaker on defense, specifically a guy who can generate a pass rush from the end.

After squandering their top pick, I expected the Lions to bounce back and start taking some guys of need. However, the Lions again disappointed me by trading up to get Shaun Cody. Don’t get me wrong, I think he is a great value where they got him, but again I think this does not fill an immediate need. To boot, a fourth round pick is simply too much to give up to move up only a few spots in the second round. This is especially true when you consider that guys like Dan Cody and Matt Roth were still on the board and could be selected if Shaun Cody was taken. Shaun is a nice player and some scouts say he has the ability to play at any position across the DL, but I find it hard to believe that a 300 pounder who has play defensive tackle will have the ability to pass rush from the edge in the NFL.

The Lions continued in their incompetent ways over the next few rounds. Stanley Wilson is a raw and unrefined speedster who will likely be fifth on the depth chart at CB. Dan Orlovsky is a lackluster conventional QB who is of NFL backup talent at best, and to give up yet another fourth round pick is inexcusable.

Finally, in round six, the Lions made a couple of nice picks. Swancutt and Goddard are nice finds, however I am unsure whether or not they can make the kind of impact a player the likes of a David Pollack or Marcus Spears could have made in round one.

In short, I think the Lions will end up paying dearly for their abysmal management of this draft, and I expect those who made these decisions to be held accountable for them.

9:59 AM

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