Tuesday, May 17, 2005


The Tigers Dmitri Young said he will return tonight against Tampa Bay after twisting his ankle against the Los Angeles/Anaheim/Burbank/Beverly Hills/Laguna Beach/Hollywood/Pasadena Angels.
But will he?
It was the same game that catcher Pudge Rodriguez got hit on the toe with a foul ball. Reliever Troy Percival is on the injured list and the Tigers have yet to get a hit out of big time free agent signee Magglio Ordonez.
And where oh where is our old buddy Bobby Higginson?
The Tigers continue to hover around .500, but it appears as if injuries are beginning to build up. This is a team where everything must go perfectly if they are to make a run at the Central Division title.
The Tigers need another big time starter and more reliability in the bull pen to play consistently with the big boys.
Injuries do not help and my fear is they will slowly build up and finally break down the Tigers who have little margin for error.
It is just something to keep an eye on while you enjoy this Pistons run to the title.

I ran into Tiger first baseman Carlos Pena at Star Lincoln Mercury Monday. He was looking for a car and we have to get a new family buggy also so I have been looking around the past few days for a nice deal.
We spoke briefly and he sent a message after I hit the lot "have him write good things about me."
He was just joking but Pena is struggling big time. I don't hoot on the guy because I root for the guy. Pena is one of the good guys in sports and it would be great to see him turn into a consistent hitter and drop that always gruesome "potential" label.

The Pistons need to win the next two games to get to the Eastern Conference Finals against the resting Miami Heat. The problem is they probably almost assured themselves a first-game loss in Miami by being extended by the Indiana Pacers. The Heat needed rest in the worst way.
Center Shaquille O'Neal labored with leg injuries against the Washington Wizards and the Heat smartly sat him down. He needs rest more than playing time. His battle though will be with rust.
Can the Pistons take advantage of it?
We shall see if and when they get past the Pacers.


Blogger Kevin Antcliff said...

If the Pistons can make a statement with a blow-out tonight, they should take the wind out of Old Man Reggie and his Pacers. Indy can't be allowed to think they can compete with us anymore. Every time they hang with us (or beat us) it gives them that much more confidence for the next game.

If we really can just "turn it on" when we need to, tonight is a good night for it.

9:44 AM

Blogger billionaire said...

Okay I beleive the pistons suffered from Championitis. I will say this after a grueling series with the pacers last year the Pistons rammed through LA like a 18 wheeler so I feel that they will be okay against the HEat. Because they will get up for that series

10:26 AM

Anonymous will said...

Its the excuse that always works, yet is seldom true. Injuries. You can blame them for losses. But if you win with injuries, it made the rest of the team "rise to the occasion". This years tiger team may have a legit injurie problem though, if Pudge, Dmitri, or especially Guillen go down. without Mags, Percival,or Guillen, Our closer would be Farnsworth eventually, right field would be a revolving door, and shortstop would be Ramon Martinez. We might survive, but it wouldn't be pretty.

Carlos Pena is a confusing player. He is streaky, and consistent...He's a player who I would rely on to get on base at least once every game. Maybe he'll sneak a hit in there sometimes too. I thought it was quite hilarious last year where he went 6 for 6, and had two or three more great games, then fell of the face of the earth. His defensive prowess and OBP will most likely land him another job after his stay in detroit is over (more than we can say for Eric Munson).

Pistons have to end it here.(game 6, I'm posting on the 18th) I NEVER want to go to a game seven against an inspired, underdog, rival team.

3:08 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Mr.Foster, this is your boy Sean! I see you and Jameeka got your own side column going on!

2:52 PM


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