Tuesday, May 31, 2005


AUBURN HILLS -- I will personally apologize to Pistons Coach Larry Brown if he does not take the Cleveland Cavaliers front office job and returns to coach the Pistons next season.
That is what a fiery Brown demanded of the media Wednesday morning as more questions were fired at him about the Cavs job. He keeps lying and denying saying he has not spoken the Cavs and he does not know what anybody is talking about.
But Chad Ford of ESPN reported that the deal is done. The Cleveland Plain-Dealer reported the same thing. My people have been telling me Brown decided last November he won't coach next season.
"Are you all going to apologize to me, " Brown scolded to the media.
Yep. I will. If we are all wrong and Brown is a choir boy in all this then I will be the first to apologize to him. I will do it personally to him. I will do it on my radio show on AM 1270 The Sports Station, on my Fox Sports Report commentary and on this web log.
What's fair is fair.
However, his players do not believe Brown. The front office does not believe Brown.
Quite frankly Pistons players are angry with Brown. They think he is being hypercritical and can't wait to see him leave.
Here is the problem. Brown tells his players to do things the right way. He preaches team and harmony -- one for all and all for one. Then he goes out and breaks his own rules.
That is why guys are mad. But don't worry. They will play the game for themselves even if they are not playing for their coach.
It was quite interesting how no Pistons players would speak up for Brown. If they believed the media was digging up stuff just to be digging up stuff don't you think one of them would have told us off by now.
That has not happened because they know all of this is true. If it is not true then how come Brown refused to squash the rumors today? How come he has not addressed his team and told them all of this is a lie and not to worry about it?
If I am Brown I have to take a different look at the Cavs job. Every move he makes becomes public. I'd question an organization like that.
You know the old saying "loose lips sinks ships."
Brown and the Cavs will make a disastrous marriage. Both love the media glare and love to have their business out in public. It is not a championship combination.
If I were Brown I would call the Cavs and tell them to take their job and shove it. He cannot succeed there. This is a badly run organization and I would want no part of it.
Actually the Cavs should apologize to Brown for being so unprofessional.
But if he returns to the Pistons and is on the sidelines I will be man enough to say "Coach. I am sorry. We all blew it. "


Anonymous Brian said...


Who are these so called "sources" you media members have? Your "sources" word is no better than Larry Brown's. So until I see LB at the podium telling Joe D, the players, and the fans to go shove it, I cannot believe any of these "sources". This whole thing was started by the "credible" newspaper also known as The New York Times. How about we worry about the real problem. My sources tell me the Pistons are down 1-2 to the Heat. Maybe I should check those..?

1:26 PM

Blogger RogerJab said...

Great Stuff Terry I really love how you are updating the news on Brown as it's breaking. It's also come a long way since your conspiracy theory of last week that said that Pat Reilly was the guy that started the rumor.

Could he (Brown) of made the deal contingent on the fact that he won't coach next year? Just wondering your thoughts are on that.

Also, Davidson has just got to be steaming about these developments with the money he paid Brown to coach this team, and the timing of the rumors. Do you think there is any chance that tonight could be LB's last game he coaches for Detroit. Could he pull a Bo and bring in a surrogate for the end of this series, I'm thinking it's a definite possibility.

1:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "real problem" is that the head coach's focus isn't 100% on his team right now.

The "real problem" is that he gets paid 5 million a year to focus 100% on the Pistons, not entertain other teams' offers.

But then again, Chad Ford probably doesn't like his job and is really an anarchist in disguise, cooking up false LB rumors and appearing on TV to distribute those to the masses, in the hopes that he can get canned from ESPN and become known as a complete NBA fraud from here on out...

The media makes bad choices at times, but this isn't a "great big media conspiracy".

LB is gone and it's up to the Pistons to decide if they want this for themselves, or not.

2:09 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey dr.lb's been whineing all year about everything...granted we got a championship w/him...his 1st...but with that said...sum one stated he's not a championship coach based on his history moving around s much...he likes rebuilding....not winning...also chad ford stated that prez.tom wilson was not seeking compenstation...omg why not....get something....this is borderline tampering.....whats ur take dr.

2:12 PM

Anonymous Brian said...


Let's examine the finger pointing here...
Last time I checked Larry Brown never came out and said anything about going to Cleveland. I'm not trying to say this thing's a conspiracy, but everything that has been said has been media speculation and brought out by the media. Larry Brown never mentioned leaving for the Cleveland Lebron's. From everything that has come out of Cleveland it's one day Phil Jackson is the next head-coach, George W. Bush being named team president to Bill Walton being the head of the cheer squad.

Larry can leave if he wants to, but let him tell you before we go crying wolf.

2:29 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

You are entitled to believe what you want to believe. You are right. Don't believe it until you see it.
But I am telling you something is brewing here. Brown's people have talked to the Cavs. there are too many people in the NBA and the media who are saying so.

2:34 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

I have been told the Bill Davidson is real ticked off by this. You hit the nail on the head on that one.
I don't think the Pistons want him back.

2:35 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

Here is the other thing. A lot of Larry Brown's people are in town. Randy Ayers could be an assistant coach. He is in town.
And how about Lebron James. He has been at every Pistons game. One time he sat next to the Pistons bench.
You don't think he knows anything?

2:36 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fair 'nuf, brian and T...

Just one more thing...

Ultimately, IF he comes out to say he's leaving, this entire circus that is going on during the ECF is LB's fault.

LB's gotta know this isn't the old days...everyone knows what a back channel is, and certain people are all too ready to use them to leak info to the papers w/o it coming back and pointing in their direction.

I'll let LB have his moment to explain it all, and I will listen out of appreciation for what he's done for this team, heretofore.

But he created the sh*t sandwich that this basketball team now has to gulp down.

3:27 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

To the last poster. You are right. This is a monster LB created. He uses the media to position himself for jobs. Don't be surprised when it back fires

4:28 PM

Blogger h bomb said...

Okay I'm feeling psychological...

What on g's earth would make someone who has finally gotten the biggest prize in his field, who has finally won at getting the attention of a talented squad, who could now be and often is considered one of the "best of all time" want to act like a "wanton and a fool?"

Once again, we little people learn even the greats are all too human. If I were faced with a career-ending injury/illness would I grasp any opportunity to extend my reign - forget dignity, professionalism, loyalty? I might rabbit, I might.

All we can do is be bigger than our frustration, anger and disappointment and forgive and be grateful for the grand time we've had.

Must say I'm glad we won like we did last night - makes it easier to be noble.

7:29 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

H bomb.
All I can say is LB is in pain. He is confused and he needs to get out of coaching for a year. I am not hating on him that much. He does not handle things well. Neither do the cavs. I think their mating or whatever you want to call it will be a disasater.

9:48 PM

Anonymous The Real Right Way said...

Larry Brown has always been a vagabond and he always will be. I don't fault him, I am a realist. This is a business first. Quite frankly, the Pistons deserve it, look how they dealt with Rick Carlisle. They sent him on his way after doing a great job. Why should Larry trust that he will be treated fairly?

11:48 AM

Anonymous The Real Right Way said...

Safe to say following game 5. Larry Brown is not the problem. Miami is just a better team. The only thing that gives the Pistons any hope is Dwayne Wades injury. Outside of that, if the refs call the game fairly and consistently, the Pistons will be on vacation shortly.

9:52 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

I will agree with you. As of game 5 the Heat has been the better team. And the Pistons have been beaten by Haslem, Damon Jones and people like that. That is a shame.
If you are going down in flames at least force Shaq and Wade to beat you with their best.

4:04 AM

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