Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Hey guys. Larry Brown is leaving the Pistons to become president of the Cleveland Cavaliers. He can deny it all he wants. But I know some of the old heads who Brown confides in.
One told me Brown decided to leave the Pistons way back in November because he was burned out from the Olympics and did not enjoy coaching games any more.
Now he is telling me Brown will take the Cavs job.
So it is not official yet. I am sure Brown will deny it through out the playoffs. But he is gone.
Please write and tell me what you think?
And lets get this debate going on the web log? Who should replace him?
I would love to hear what you have to say about this.


Blogger Kevin Antcliff said...

I've already tossed my two cents in here, but I'll recap for the sake of discussion.

Yes, we all knew that LB was gone after this season. There was no shock when these rumors first poked their heads out. The shock, for me, set in when it became obvious that LB, with his team struggling, was negotiating for another position. He took his eyes off the road to fiddle with his proverbial radio dial, and now the car is swerving into the oncoming lane.

I don't care if he leaves. I think we all knew he would. But to do this to his team while they are in the biggest battle of the season - and losing - is wrong, and LB should be ashamed.

I wish Cleveland the best of luck - they'll need it.

As far as replacements go, I'm stating to lean towards Flip Saunders. It just seems like the best choice to me on the surface. Although, it would not suprise me to see a certain Atlanta Head Coach make a grand re-appearance.

6:44 AM

Anonymous DT said...

T -

There's not enough space on the web to try to deconstruct Larry Brown, but suffice it to say that I am incredibly disappointed. Not shocked obviously but disappointed, primarliy at the complete lack of professionalism that LB has displayed with the Cavs job. For a guy that preaches unslefish basketball, it is pretty clear that when it comes to himself, LB can be pretty selfish.

Can't help but wonder one thing though. When Larry Brown had his most recent leave of absence in March, Sam Smith was reporting then that LB was done. Word has it that someone at the Palace (either Joe D, or our old favorite, Tommy W) intervened and basically demanded the LB return immediately (which he did if you recall). Is it possible that the realtionship between Brown and the Pistons was unoffically finished at that point and he has been looking ever since??!

7:58 AM

Blogger Nick said...

This is tough. I for one have always thought atht coaching is overrated but this one time I could be wrong. The Pisotns need someone to preach (i.e. b****) about defense to get it into this teams head. For example take Gar Heard. When Pound for Pound was out with the hip Gar came in and we allowed 98 ppg. and lost alot of games. This team needs to be afraid of someone. I don't think Flip is the guy yot run the show. We run a real risk of losing this team if we don't win this year or come really close, i.e. deep into the finals. This teams shows every couple of games that they can easily stray from the "team first" attitude. I don't think Flip comands that repsect. You'd know more about it than me, Terry. But that's what I feel. Oh yeah and Tom Izzo would be an absolute disaster. Though this team needs discipline to stay focused, you can't have your coach yelling and screaming and demeaning the players every second they are in the facility. Izzo's philosophy only works in college becuase they make no money and are young kids. Bring back Mike Woodson! Thanks Terry- keep up the good stuff!

8:30 AM

Blogger WTFDetroit.com said...

I've thought for months now that Izzo was eventually going to be Joe D's first call when LB retired from coaching.

Saunders is a decent coach, but not a defense monger.

Can we get Woodson out of his ATL contract? Maybe.

Hey, we could always settle for Herb Brown. lol

8:36 AM

Blogger Nick said...

Terry- one other candidate I inexplicably forgot to throw out there is Bill Laimbeer. Personally I think he is a great choice. Defensive minded and someone that the players would respect. He tells it like it is. He has done alot with and for this organization, time to give him a chance.

9:10 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Larry,

Thanks for the complete lack of professionalism,the tampering, and the lack of focus, etc. that you have displayed in the '05 playoffs. You should have concentrated on THIS season and doing things THE RIGHT WAY instead of whoring yourself out. Screw you for sabotaging this playoff run. The season is over, now get your ass out of the Palace and don't let the door hit you in your sick ass on the way out.

9:24 AM

Blogger sportzjunkie said...

It is just incredible to think that after all Larry has done for this team and this team for him, winning a championship and a running for a 2nd, that he would be able to jump ship in the middle of a playoff run for a job with another team. I don't even know what to compare this to. Would any other coach in the league do this? Ever?

And what about Cleveland? Doesn't the old saying go that if she'll cheat with you, she'll cheat on you? Do the Cavs think their situation is so great that Brown won't do the same to them in a year or two? Can't they see this? It was pretty much a for gone conlcusion that Brown would never finish out his contract here, he never does any where. But to leave under the circumstances he is leaving sets a whole new prescedent. This is not New Orleans or Charlotte or Atlanta or even the Clippers. This is the defending champions who coincidentally are still trying to defend.

If Larry wants to quit, then fine. Quit after the season. Quit then and he'd still be looked upon has a hero here. Championship coaches always are. Look at Chuck Daly. The Pistons retired the number 2 for the guy. I'm not saying the Pistons would retire a number for Larry, but is image would be golden. He would be loved and cheered everytime he came back if he left the right way. Daly left and went on to other opportunities, yet Detroit fans still loved him. It is likely Brown will never be welcomed or cheered here again and that is really unfortunate. He is one of only 2 coaches to ever lead the Detroit Pistons to the NBA championship. Yet people will not remember that. They will remember how he distracted his team for the majority of the season, especailly at the most critical time during the playoffs. How this man can ever be trusted by any organization ever again is beyond me.

My top 3 for replacements are Saunders, Laimbeer, and Phil Ford. I really like Ford. He knows the system and I think the players like him, too. Bringing in someone like Izzo would really be counter-productive I think. College coaches really tend to struggle making the jump to the NBA. I would be very nervous about putting someone in charge who has no NBA coaching experience. Granted Laimbeer does not have NBA experience, but I believe he has spent enough time in and around the game that he could have success, but I would much rather see Saunders or Ford get the opportunity.

10:12 AM

Anonymous Dre said...

I would like to see Tom Izzo here. He has been in on alot of the team meetings and on the practices as a favor to coach Brown. I think that the transition would be a smoother one than to try to bring in Flip because you basically are setting up a new system.

Izzo is a stickler for defense and this is something that the Pistons thrive off of to make the successful. Now most people say that college coaches don't do well in the pro's but most of those coaches end up trying to rebuild a team not just manage it. If you look at the way this team is constructed its almost like a college team anyways. Defense and sharing the ball are the keys to Pistons success.

10:22 AM

Blogger billionaire said...

Dang my fellow piston fans you guys seem to forget. If we had Carlisle this team would have had a mutiny. We would not be any where near a title. Brown did what he was supposed to he developed players except for Darko. Although I do question Darko's work ethic. Most importantly he brought us a championship so when leaves i say be happy for him. Now the timing sucks at the end of the day I think any other team who has not sniffed the finals in 15 years would take it. As far as replacements I like Mike Woodson (hey it is not like we have not done this b4) Second which I am not to comfortable with is Flip.

11:28 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey TFoster, can Joe D. talk Chuck Daly into giving two years as head coach? He coached this type of team before.

12:49 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

You bring up some interesting choices to replace Brown as coach.
Izzo does love defense. But he must learn to control his emotions if he is going to coach in this league. You can get burned out in a hurry. You have to pace yourself in this league.
Laimbeer will make a good coach in this league. But is it too soon for him?
I also talked to a source who said Izzo might turn down the Pistons even if he is given an offer.

1:07 PM

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