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This will not always be about sports. It will be about real life at times.
Today I begin a weekly feature on fun things to see and do around Detroit. I love lists and this is my first top five list.
Your job is to add to it. I will tell you my top five things to see and do. And I want you to tell me yours. I will try some of your ideas and post my observations.
I have two kids. Celine is 5 and Brandon is 3. We love doing things together. Here is our top five list of things to see or do.
What are we missing?

1. THE EASTERN MARKET: The kids love riding in the wagon and people watch. We buy sausage sandwiches, eat pastries and buy meats and fruits and vegetables. It gives them an opportunity to learn about new things and we always find new friends.

2. CHUCK E. CHEESE: I cannot stand the pizza and I always run out to BW3's to pick up some wings for the road. However, the kids think the pizza and drinks are the best in the world and they love to run and meet new kids.

3. BELLE ISLE: It looks like the old girl has taken a terrific beating. It has blemishes all over the place. They closed the aquarium and it needs a make over. However, the kids love the giant play area in the center of the island because they get to meet new kids. We always raid the pantry for stale bread to feed the ducks.

4. THE HANDS ON MUSEUM ANN ARBOR: Let me make a confession. We have not actually been to this museum, but we have been to the one in Philadelphia twice. But we plan on making the trip. It is my understanding this one is nice than the one in Philly. It is a great place for kids to touch, feel, run and learn.

5. COSTCO: I know you are shaking your heads over this one, but my kids love Costco. They love to shop and eat the samples. The place is so big they just think it is special. My son Little B jumps for joy when I tell him we are going to Costco. And every time we pass one he says :

Let me see your list.


Anonymous j hill said...

great idea, T. my list, and in no particular order.

Ford-Wyoming drive-in: it's still ghetto, but it is, in my opinion, the best summertime spot in the D. it beats paying damn near $10 for a movie. plus, you can be ghetto and hide folks in the trunk or sneak around to other movies once you're admitted.

Belle Isle: if you don't get at least one ride on the giant slide in the summer, you're freakin crazy.

chene park: great concerts in the summertime

northland: the home of the ghetto fabulous. if you like to see people buying turquoise suits, this is your place.

2:56 PM

Blogger Sports from A2 said...

I don't have any kids (or any younger siblings, since I am the youngest) so I don't have much of a list.

BUT, I must say, the Ann Arbor Hands on Museum is AWESOME! Growing up I went to it many times, and i think it just got renovated a year or 2 ago.

here is the the website, if you're interested:

PS- I always enjoyed going to Michigan Stadium, just because of the sheer size of it. You should go toss a football with your kids around it if its open (not sure if/when the contruction will start on it).

2:08 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

As far as Chuck E. Cheese, the pizza's not great, but I do like the salad bar :o)

Every once in a while, a trip to the zoo is fun. But because of funding being cut, it's not like it was when I was a kid.

What about Greenfield Village/Henry Ford? There are a lot of fun things for the kids to do, even younger kids. The place has a lot of fun historic things that they can start to learn about now.

Frankenmuth-this can be a long day, but if you plan it right it can be a lot of fun too. You have to take the kids to the Cheese Haus for a picture in front of the mouse. I'd avoid Bronner's though for now, that place can be a nightmare for bringing kids!

Bowling alleys: Our Children's ministry group just went bowling a few weeks ago, and the kids had a blast. Bumper bowling is always a thrill for kids, and they like being able to knock the pins over.

Now that it's getting warm, just an afternoon in the park is nice too. If the wind is right, you can start to teach them about kite flying, frisbee, and other fun inexpensive family time.

There's my suggestions for now.


12:05 PM


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