Tuesday, May 31, 2005


AUBURN HILLS -- The Pistons have targeted their man to replace departing coach Larry Brown.
The man is former Minnesota Timberwolves Coach Flip Saunders. And I am willing to bet there is already a gentleman's agreement in place.
Chances are he will replace Brown when LB jumps to become the Cleveland Cavaliers head man for a year or two.
Phil Jackson and Saunders are the top two candidates for this job. Chances are Jackson will take the Lakers job or hold out for the New York Knicks when they become a viable team again.
We cannot forget Michigan State Coach Tom Izzo. He could still be a wild card if the Saunders thing does not work out. Owner Bill Davidson loves Izzo. And Izzo has familiarized himself with the NBA game through a series of visits to the Pistons practice facility to see how things work.
So if you want to believe this is a two horse race I would not blame you.
But it appears as if Flip is the guy.
There have been a number of coaching vacancies. And have you noticed Saunders has not been rumored for any of them? His credentials are such that he can be picky and choosy. And the best job in the NBA is right here in Auburn Hills.
This team is built for championships.
Chauncey Billups approves. And that is key. He will tell the other guys who do not know Saunders why they should flip for him.
The detractors say he never won big in Minnesota despite having Kevin Garnett on the team. That is true. But look at the other candidates. What have they won? That Timberwolves were always talented but disfunctional. And in the end they got old and cranky. No one could right that ship.
And one more thing. How many NBA titles did Brown win before coming to the Pistons from Philadelphia.
None. But President Joe Dumars knew he was the right man for the job.
And Flip is the right man also. He took over a team that never had a winning season. Saunders helped turn it into a Finals contender.
The black mark on the team were all those first-round TKO's. That won't happen here for quite some time.
The Pistons do not need a great X and O's guy. They need someone who players will respect and listen to. With Billups paving the way they eventually will flip for Saunders.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Flip Saunders sounds great to me. Why don't we fly him in to coach tonight's game? I'm sure he could motivate the team a lot more than LB right now.


7:31 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

Lets not be too rash. Brown should coach the Pistons tonight.

7:34 AM

Anonymous dt said...

T -

As a lifelong diehard Spartan, I am obviously rooting for Flip Saunders to get the job! But the Pistons should check into the availablilty of Gregg Popovich before they commit to anyone.

Also, I think the NBA ought to really stick it to Dan Gilbert. A new owner that comes in and flaunts his stuff in the face of the old established ownership needs a bit of a smackdown. There is no reason - other than ego - that Gilbert couldn't have waited two or three more weeks to assemble his front office and staff. The NFL mandates that this type of tampering must not occur.

If Stern can strip the T-Wolves of 5 draft picks for a marshamallow like Joe Smith, there is no reason he shouldn't cripple Cleveland in a similar manner for tampering with Detroit's championship run.

It will also be interesting to see if Rock Financial will be a major Pistons' sponsor next year !!! ;o)

8:06 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

That is a very interesting question. Will Rock Financial be a major sponsor of the Pistons. Dan Gilbert did not handle this right and I do hope the NBA docks the Cavs at least one first round draft pick.
Brown is a very valuable commodity in this league and the Pistons should be compensated.

8:22 AM

Blogger h bomb said...

dt, I like your thinking! Seems like there should be some kind of price to pay for disrupting our season.

And by all means, no need to disrupt the Spartans outlook.

I think it might be time for Joe D and Bill D to pay a 3 am visit to Chauncy, Rip, Tay, Ben and Sheed to talk about how life goes on, they are the champs & no need to cash it in now. But assume LB has checked out - don't expect to go to this hurting & distracted old guy for the enthusiasm they will need down the line. Time to look inside...

8:27 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on in, Flip. SCREW YOU, LARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!

9:41 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stern probably won't penalize Cleveland because he's probably jumping for joy that the Pistons are done. Stern wants Shaq in the Finals; much more marketable. He practically (censored) the Lakers last year before begrudgingly handing the trophy to the D.

10:03 AM

Blogger Sports from A2 said...

Hey Terry, I have a question for you:

What's changed about Flip?

If I remember right, in march or so, when Brown left the team for a little bit, didn't you say Mo Cheeks was the best choice as the Pistons' new coach? You weren't sold on Flip?

I may be getting you and little "cutie-pie" Mikey boy mixed up, but I thought I remember hearing that from you.

IS what you said in this post that of the available people right now, you think Flip's the best? Or of all candidates, Flip is the best?

10:23 AM

Blogger Nick said...

T- About the LB tampering by the Cavs. Can the Pistons get compensation for the Cavs talking to LB before the season, or his contract is up? Would we get a draft pick kind of like the NFL and restricted FA's? It would be nice to get a Cav's pick.

11:28 AM

Blogger billionaire said...

Dang Pistons once I must ask what would have been the alternative if larry was not here. And T Foster you know this team would have had a mutiny. As far as rock financial I am sure the pistons would have a sponsor ready to take advantgae IE Capital mortgage or whatever company. Dan I suspect will get a rude awakeneing when Lebron leaves town. If i am not mistaken during the olympics it was not like Brown and Lebron worked out well

11:35 AM

Blogger Sports from A2 said...

I have a question for all the bloggers out there:

How do you promote your blog?

I know terry does it on the radio, but besides that, how can I get people to see my blog?

11:42 AM

Blogger Jack Fu said...

A.) The problem with examining who would be the best choice to take over when (not “if” - WHEN) Ell Bee departs in the next week or next month is that, I mean, who’s out there? It’s Flip Saunders and Phil Jackson, basically (is there any way Izzo leaves? Really, honestly?), and Phillip probably won’t come here unless we trade for Tracy McGrady and Tim Duncan. Popovich sounds nice in theory and everything, but he’s on a collision course with his third title in seven seasons - I don’t see any way he jumps ship and comes here, unless we offer him two arms and two legs, or possibly if we hold someone in his family hostage or something, but then the whole thing would get off on the wrong foot and we don’t want that. So it looks like Flip is the man, barring some extremely unexpected circumstances.

B.) If Ell Bee really is taking a job with the Cavs, then hell yes the Pistons had better get some kind of compensation. They’d be letting a fantastic basketball mind just up and bolt for a division rival, an up-and-coming team that has a guy that a lot of people think is pretty good ... whatshisname, Lenny, LeVon, something like that. If we are unable to acquire some kind of compensation for that, then there’s something seriously effed up about the system.

C.) sports_from-a2, this article gives advice on how to get more people to visit your blog:


By the way, go Bucks!

12:06 PM

Blogger zeeshan khan said...

Larry is such a loser!! Good riddance. Thanks for teaching us THE RIGHT WAY. Why couldn't he do this AFTER the season, If i were the players, I'd say to HELL with you, Larry!! Good luck screwing the Cavs franchise, and having Lebron bolt to Brooklyn when his contract expires.
Well, as for coach I would pursue Nate Mcmillian, he's low key, defensive minded coach, I think the players would play for him more than Snooopy looklike friggin Flip Saunders!!! FLIP??? no, way.

12:32 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

I think you can rest assured that Flip Saunders will take the Pistons job. It is a good fit. And if this job passes by Izzo I don't think he would be willing to take any other NBA job for a few years. So this could all be good news for Spartan fans

12:52 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

I said from Day One Flip Saunders was the best guy. Now I said I was not opposed to Mo Cheeks. I would like him here as coach. But I believe Flip is the guy.

12:54 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

What the Cavs did was tampering. But I am not sure if the Pistons get compensation. That is something I need to check out. I sure would ask for it.
I do believe the Pistons gave the Cavs permission to talk to Brown because they are all tired of him and his tired act.

12:55 PM

Blogger Robbie said...

I dont understand how Larry can interview today and say he wants to be coaching the pistons next year, if everything regarding his health is fine, when all of the analyists are saying its a done deal. Wouldnt he be smart enough to realize that people will hang on to his words, and analyze what he said before he left? It seems like he would be able to think a little in advance, especially about something that seems so obvious, and at least be a little more vague about next year. Not saying hes being specific right now, but to say you want to coach the pistons next year, when you've already comitted elsewhere is wrong.

7:18 PM

Blogger FLF said...

Is Flip the best choice? Why recycle a coach who could only win consistently in the regular season? Flip had some damn good teams in Minn, most of them prior to the arrival of L. Sprewell (waste of a roster spot). Flip seems friendly enough, but Dumars is far to clever a GM to turn this championship contending team over to a known commodity like Flip (known for underacheiving in the playoffs). Dumars will hopefully go after a top notch assistant (see Rick Carlisle). What about Popavich's assistant Mike Brown (name?) who is a from the Larry Brown school of coaching.

12:29 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Next year D-Hall will be doing radio commercials with Labron.

Will be good to get rid of annoying rock financial as a sponsor and that annoying Lawrence Frank look alike D-hall.

8:50 AM


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