Sunday, May 29, 2005


AUBURN HILLS -- It is very rare that I blame officials for any loss.
I usually don't go there. I know fans get a jaded view of games and when they complain about the officials I usually tune them out.
But not this time. For one of the rare times in sports officiating played a major part in the Pistons losing a game. The Pistons played soft defense for much of Sunday's 112-103 loss to the Miami Heat at The Palace. They lost their composure down the stretch which is inexcusable for a defending champion.
But if you look closer there were a number of questionable calls in the second half. The officiating crew was terrible and the Pistons bore the brunt of many of these calls.
The Pistons did not keep their composure. They wilted and instead of focusing on the game they spent too much time complaining. Both Rasheed Wallace and Chauncey Billups were called for technical fouls in the fourth quarter. And Rip Hamilton was begging for one near the end.
Usually I dog them for that. This time I understand.
said Rip Hamilton.
This is not an NBA conspiracy. I do not believe for a second the league is rooting for a Heat-San Antonio Finals. Officials simply had a bad night, just as the Pistons did.
Certainly a number of you believe the Pistons are in trouble because Dwyane Wade continues to score at will and the Heat actually made their run when he was on the bench.
However, this series is far from over. It simply won't be easy for either team. For the third straight game the teams were tied with less than six minutes remaining.
You can expect just about every game to be that way.
So the key is who is smarter down the stretch and more composed. The Heat won that battle two out of three times. They will have to continue to win that battle if they are to win this series.


Blogger zeeshan khan said...

Terry, I was at the game, yes refs were horrible, but Pistons lost this themselves,shooting was terrible, free throws terrible.They are NOT playing Pistons basketball,especially on Defense.The 1st half defense was Horrible, Wade 20pts in first half?? I think Larry should have Elden play more against Shaq, Cause Ben can't do it himself, he's getting killed. Also, Lindsey was awesome on Wade, Stick on his ASS.Wade's lookin like Jordan out there, Damn!! Butler 3 threes?? 4point play?? Come on Pistons, No D No EXCUSES, 48 mins not 24 guys.Stay focused the refs were in your head chauncey/sheed. Shut up and Play Pistons Basketball

1:11 AM

Blogger billionaire said...

Terry I watched the game on television and here is where I balme the pistons I would say 85 percent. They missed 15 free throws here you had lindsy hunter who did play his but off miss two free throws in the 4 th quarter. Also I am was shocked to see Shaq hit 6 freebies in a row. Also I thought the pistons checked out of the game because they let the refs get to them however had they hit there throws it would not have mattered. I do agree with you on the the conspiracy there is none I just think the officials just got way too whistle happy and it was jaded towards the heat down the stretch. I also got to give the Heat credit as well If you would have told me D wade would sit out early due to fouls and we were up 5 I would have said it is a wrap so props to the heat. I am a pistons fan to the end however when I take my Pistons glasses off I am actually seeing a good eastern conference series. Where everything is coming down to the 4 th quarter. One player who You and Mike And I have come around to agree with Is Chauncy has to the leader and step up as the Mvp you can;t go 6 for 19 and expect the team to win. I said Pistons in 6 and I am sttill sticking to it

9:13 AM

Blogger MSUSpartan said...

The refs were bad, but the Pistons need to pull themselves up and play like a champion, good calls by the refs or not.

9:52 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

You guys are all correct. The Pistons were unfocused, missed free throws and played matador defense. I simply said the refs played a major role. The Pistons do need to look in the mirror. They were terrible on the defensive end.
And did I mention soft?
They were soft

9:59 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey T foster, Get some info on this Larry Brown situation!!!!!!!!!

I keep hearing, through your sports content partner AOL (haha) and your sister Station WWJ950 (the larry henry dude, right?), that LB has officially taken the Cavs' Job, and the Pistons have hired Flip Saunders?

I'm not a flip fan, I want Dumars to get Greg Popovich form SA, no matter how much it costs- In my opinion he would be the PERFECT fit for these pistons.

10:47 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes! Popovich would be JUST RIGHT for us - but why whould he leave his great SA team? Still, I will continue to hold out hope.

11:42 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Phil Jackson might want $10mil/season.

I don't think Popovich would turn down a similar offer from the pistons.

11:51 AM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

Come on folks, lets look at reality. The Pistons got whooped. Reality is if Shaq was healthy, this would be over in 5 games. With Shaq at about 60%, it will be over in 6 or 7 games.

Yes, the Pistons took game 4. Shaq only played 25 minutes. I thought the refs were equally as bad in this game as all the others. The Pistons are about to start their vacation.

12:10 PM

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