Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Quick hits

** I must give credit to Pat "The Book" Caputo who brought up an interesting topic on radio the other day. We all know the Pistons have the best starting five in basketball.
How would you rank the players in importance from one to five?
I've gone over this a number of times and am never satisfied with the list because no one should be ranked fifth. But here goes any way.
Here is my list.
1. Ben Wallace: He is not a great offensive player, but the Pistons give up about 10 points a game more when he is not intimidating opposing shooters.
2. Chauncey Billups: I love point guards and believe they are the most important players on the floor unless of course you have Shaq at center. He is also a huge leader on this team.
3. Rip Hamilton: He is the Pistons most consistent scorer and this guy runs and runs and runs. There is now slow down in him.
4. Tayshaun Prince: See I am hating this list already. Here is a guy many consider the MVP of this team. I talked about him being the most important player on this team at times and I have him fourth on the list. The guy is still emerging and is definitely the most improved player on this list.
5. Rasheed Wallace: How important is this guy? He is only the reason why the Pistons are wearing the crown and not chasing the crown. The Pistons became instant contenders when he was traded here from Atlanta. He hits big shots but too often gives way to teammates.

** One bad thing about the November 19 brawl is Piston fans don't realize what a good guy Pacers center Jermaine O'Neal is. They just remember him punching fans and being out of control. This guy is polished, polite and once the tarnish of this wears off will be one of the great ambassadors of the game.

** I know a number of you do not like Bobby Higginson. However, it is sad to see what he has become. When was the last time he got a hit? Higgy is a shell of what he used to be. He needs a change of scenery. I don't know if that would revive his career. I just know he is more than done here.

** It is too bad a Miami columnist had to inject race into the NBA Most Valuable Player voting. It was tough deciding whether Shaquille O'Neal who is black or white Canadian Steve Nash should be MVP. I know a number of voters who went right down to the wire before deciding.
It was the fourth closest MVP voting in history.
Nash won because he deserved it, not because he is white.
Shaq made Miami matter again. That is how powerful he is.
Although Phoenix is talented Nash does lead a team that won just 29 games last season. Yes, there were injuries last season but this is the engine that makes it run. And did you notice how poorly the Suns played this season without him?
If voters were so color conscious then how come the last white guy to win the award (Larry Bird) did it in the 1980s?

** What should they do with the old Tiger Stadium sight? I spoke to some Corktown businessmen and they believe the city of Detroit should build the new Joe Louis Arena there. It sounds like an excellent idea. At some point they must expand Cobo Center, creating a need for a new arena.
Why not reward the old neighborhood that lost the Tigers when Comerica Park was built? There is speculation the new arena will eventually go behind the Fox Theater. I like the Corktown plan better.

** Next time you are downtown treat yourself and your friends at Harry's. It is a good and friendly place. And you will be surprised how good the food is.

** I am digging the publicity I have been getting on the Drew and Mike Show on WRIF. It is only the most listened morning show in Detroit. If they ever need a wacky sports reporter I am their guy.

** Maybe I should strike that last comment. Mike will read it and swear I am trying to leave him.

** The city's timing is always terrible. I see the courts gave the go ahead to build permanent casinos with hotels. Just in time to miss the Super Bowl.

** OK folks. Enjoy tonight's game.


Blogger Ian C. said...

Ranking the Pistons' starting lineup in order of importance would be a great conversation to have over some beers. I might have to try that with my friends.

I love the Corktown plan for a new Joe Louis Arena. That's the best idea I've heard for that site yet.

And I can't wait to return to Michigan so I can listen to Drew & Mike again.

5:46 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

It is a great debate. I kept changing my list. I stuck with mine for now. And if you do go to Corktown don't forget to hit Nemo's.

6:30 AM

Anonymous DT said...

Tayshaun is the most indispensible because he impacts the game in so many ways; Ben is the heart & soul; Rip sets the tone with his work (much like Ben) while Chauncey is the guts of the team, but it is 'Sheed that makes us a great team. Take Rasheed Wallace off this team and we are no better than a first or second round exit every year.

9:15 AM

Blogger Kevin Antcliff said...

It seems like race is being pushed into every conversation these days. It's almost like "playing the race card" is back in style (Assuming it was ever OUT of style). Jermaine O'Neal pulled it for the NBA age limit discussion, and now Le Batard pulls it for the MVP choice. Blaming everything on racism only adds to the ignorance. You hit it right on the head with the Bird comment.

I don't think Shaq or Nash deserved the award more than Iverson. 30+ points, 8+ assists and a couple steals. Philly is a 15 win team without him.

9:26 AM

Blogger billionaire said...

You know I am glad that Lebatard injected race. Although it was the wrong assessment at least it focused people to talk about race. I think the more racism is talked about the more it will help race relations. All over sports talk radio folks were giving their two cents. Blacks, Hispanics and whites all aggreeing that Lebatard was an idiot for injecting race.

As far as rating the Pistons Players shoot that is too hard to say because each player brings something to the team that is important. ( Why is Ben wallace So BAD AT THE LINE ?) he has good shooting form go figure.

I have maintained that Higgy was overpaid from jump ( Although I would take the money too) The tigers were desperate at that time and now I think he should retire.

10:31 AM

Blogger the sports dude said...

Rank - here we go, the best I can.

1 - Ben. No doubt, the captain, the heart, the soul.

2 - Rip. When he is out their scoring and creativity take a hit.

3 - Prince. He is their best on the ball defender and toughest match up for opposing teams.

4 - Billups. The field general, but got to put Prince before him.

5 - 'Sheed. Not nearly this good without him, but he is so unselfish on the court I am sure being last won't bother him.

For the record, I really wanted to list them as 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, & 1E.

Jermaine O'Neal - the brawl actually made me see him in a different light. I thought he was a punk before, but all the things you said about him are true. He is the only Pacer who didn't really whine, he was stand up about it. Stephen Jackson, Ron Artest, Carlisle and especially Reggie (please retire already!) Miller just cried. But Jermaine was a stand up guy, the brawl changed my opinion on him completely.

Higgy - used to love the guy, he kind of always reminded me of Gibby. Hey, notice the similar nicknames? I think they owe it to each other, the team and him, to just release him and let him go. It is sad to watch, but he just doesn't have anything left anymore.

Race and the MVP. All I have to say is that Miami made the playoffs last year without Shaq. The Suns were garbage last year without Nash. No race, just facts.

Illitch owes it to the area around Tiger Stadium to give them something back. I think that location would be great!

The permanent casinos are nice, but I would rather have Archer back!

Just added your link to my sports blog, love to read you man! Check mine out if you get the chance. What can I say, I went to the Ron Artest school of shameless plugs. Later.

1:29 PM

Anonymous DT said...

Here is my pipe dream regarding the Tiger Stadium site:

Tear the old girl down and replace her with a safe, beautiful, green, well-maintained city park. The focal point would be a first class baseball field (note: NOT a minor league stadium or park) that would be used by the Detroit Public Schools and Parks and Recreation Department. The field would be built in the same proximity of the old Tiger Stadium and the Detroit Tigers would subsidize youth leagues each summer as a way of repaying the citizens for helping build Comerica Park.

A main historical plaque would be erected behind home plate to describe the lore of Tiger Stadium. Additional plaques could be added throughout the site to commemorate significant events in the Stadium’s history.

The park – named for either Tiger Stadium or Willie Horton – would also feature playgrounds, picnic areas and as much green (grass) space as possible so that families can continue to enjoy and create memories at the historic corner of Michigan and Trumbell.

It is OK to dream, right ??!

8:28 AM


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