Thursday, May 05, 2005


Let's talk a little about my radio partner Mike Valenti.
We've done a radio show called The Sports Inferno from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. on AM 1270 The Sports Station for a little over a year now.
I know I have a lot of followers. And I hear from a number of you who say I should dump Mike and get back with Art. Or I should dump Mike and do a solo show.
Here is the cold, honest truth. If it were not for Mike I would not be doing full time radio. I'd be doing weekends at The Fan. Or filling in for people on vacation.
There are a lot of people who want to take credit for our show now that our ratings are up. But there was only one person who believed in me in the beginning and that was Mike Valenti. He was given a list of four or five names to do the show with when he came to town from Lansing.
I was not on that list.
He pushed for me to be his radio partner and he was the only reason I was hired. The station saw great potential in him. The key was finding the right partner. I believed I was the best partner for him. But no one else but Mike thought I was best for him.
Mike, who I'd known a bit from my ramblings at Michigan State, some how believed I would make a good radio partner.
He took the risk. He did not know what type of partner I would be. It was his neck on the line -- not mine.
Look. My ego is not large enough to say I am great in radio. I don't know if I am good, bad or ugly. I just know I have had a number of experiences in 23 years of newspaper work that I bring to the table others cannot.
I know a lot of people and they tell me things others may not know. In the business of radio I am a counter puncher. I set others up. I push others, but I do not drive shows.
Here is what I believe happened with our show. A number of you tuned in initially to hear me because you were familiar with The Sports Doctors. And you discovered I was doing a show with this young, Italian buck who blows smoke all the time. And you did not like him. But over time he grew on you.
You discovered he knew his facts and he was filled with talent. So you stuck around and others joined you.
You came because of me. But you stay because of Mike.
I think I am a nice compliment, but I am not 100 percent sure because this is not why I got in the media. I am a newspaper person. That is what I was trained in.
And to be honest I don't know where that is headed either.
I want to write columns and shape opinions and push things in the sports world again. I am not doing that and there is a part of me missing because of that. It is frustrating because I have something to lend and I cannot do it.
It is one reason I began this blog. Sure I want you to read it. But I am doing it mostly for me. I love to write opinion pieces even if no one else reads it.
I love to bare my soul in writing and it is something I can no longer do.
As far as radio, this is my final shot. If it works out I will remain in it forever. If it does not then I am done. No one is breaking down my door to hire me.
One of the reasons I bounced around from station to station is because program directors at the time did not think I was very good. And that is their right to think that way.
So I bounced to opportunity.
So basically I am down to my last strike. And to be honest I would not be at the plate if it were not for Mike.
Yeah the dude is extreme and is too excitable at times. And maybe I am too low key and laid back at times. I know he asks me a number of times "aren't you pissed about this?"
And to be honest, I am not. I may not agree with something but I am too old to get mad about everything. That is something age does to you. I do not have time or the energy to get mad about everything I don't agree with.
The fact we are opposites is why this show works. I don't want Mike to be sane. I want him to be himself. And hopefully we are on the path to greatness.


Blogger billionaire said...

Okay terry, I have blogged on ur topics every day and I have said in the past that you guys are the best on radio. I have written that you guys should switch with Art and the dry show oops Big Show. I have also called you guys the PTI of radio. and I have asked when will you guys take the show to Fox Sports or make into a sports TV show period. SO KEEP YOUR HEAD UP AND I GOT A FEELING THAT YOU GUYS WILL CHANGE RADIO. IN FACT TERRY I DON;T KNOW IF YOU KNOW THIS BUT YOU ARE BREAKING THE WAY FOR US BROTHERS. AND OVER THE TOP, GENIUS AND COOLEST PERSON MIKE IS THE PERFECT COMPLIMENT TO YOU. TO ME HIS EXTREMES AND YOUR CALMS REALLY MAKES THE SHOW THE BEST HANDS DOWN

6:47 AM

Anonymous grande said...

man, i love your honesty and transparency on here... you're a pretty wise guy (in a good way!)...

i know i called for you and art to get back together again in my last comment (you guys were THAT good together), but i do enjoy you and valenti... it's true, you're a great counterpunch which is why you work well with people like valenti and regner...

on the other hand, you went off pretty crazy the other day when someone talked about re-seeding in the NBA playoffs... it was like you manifested art regner or something... fanatastic!!!

8:15 AM

Blogger buttercut99 said...

Terry, you are being very classy in sheilding who caused the bumps in your radio and newspaper road. Most of the people who have followed your career can fill in those bumps. I think your insight is awesome and this blog window is a blessing in disguise - a chance rto open your heart a lot more than a column or even a talk show would allow inside the borders of format.

9:40 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It took a while for me to get used to Mike, but I enjoy hearing the 2 of you together. Your producer has done a wonderfuly job in helping bring your show where it is today! I enjoy Art too, and feel that he's in a tough spot with the show he was given, but you and Mike are definitely a good match!!!!


11:55 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

personally Mike & Terry or vice versa, you two guys are the best!
they need to get rid of the Splindlers Super Ego Show and have you two on from 6-1pm...Awesome how you two helted the guy out with the ticket today!he should have came to the game and bought you guys a brew!!!
anyway thanks for your entertainment and by the way Mike maybe you got dissed at the field house the way you are dissing the Mexican Holiday!!! no difference!
still love the show...Mario

12:00 PM

Blogger Ian C. said...

Terry, as someone who misses you in the newspaper (not just because I no longer live in Michigan), I'm thrilled that you now have a blog.

Now if WXYT can just get that streaming audio thing going...

12:19 PM

Anonymous DT said...

Man oh man, look what happens when I get involved. First, T, I decide to support your weblog in its quest to become a Million Man march, Part Deux. But what happens when I finally find it??! I have to read about what a great guy Valenti is. If THAT's what I wanted, I would have just called Mike and let HIM tell me! Seriously thought, congrats to you two on the great numbers - looks like we just need to take Rome OUT and life will really be good. Glad you've started this - you know I was one of the six readers that really miss "Inside the Game" Continued best of luck and ,YES, we need that 'XYT stream online SOON!

12:41 PM

Anonymous will said...

I think I listen to sports radio too much for someone who is 14 (about 8 hours a day). I used to enjoy damon perry, for some reason... then I listened to "The Program" (regner and karsch) but my baseball, and schoolwork schedule didn't work out and I was forced to listen to your program. I didn't like it at first...But as I continued to listen, while I did my schoolwork, I started to enjoy it, more and more everyday. I can honestly say that your show has made me want to get into journalism. I tried writing a short article for a website that I am a member at, it got rave reviews and I enjoyed writing it. I think it has got to be the must fun job that is out there. I know for a fact that it is what I want to do "when I grow up" (to borrow a cliche).
Your work is great, I never got to read your articles in the paper, (we don't get the detroit papers)and I go on this blog everyday during the Dan Patrick show, and later in the day.
I dont miss a program, and I think that you and mike could make it bigtime. Yours is byfar the best program to graze WXYT's airwaves, that I have heard.

7:44 PM

Blogger Tom said...

Terry, this blog of yours is great. What grande said about the transparency and you baring your soul on here is right on. You and Mike make a great show, and i think everyone realizes that you two are a complementary pair that work well together. Too much Mike is a bad thing, too much Terry is a bad thing as well. It's the same reason why Parker and Wilson are a great duo. Keep up the great work, you two are on track for great things. And thanks for making this blog such an honest and transparent window into your life and soul. With your writing talent, this is one of the greatest uses of this medium I've seen. Thank YOU!

11:53 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

I loved to open myself up now and then. We in this business want to open up everybody else's lives but then we close up. I do not believe in that. And I suppose I am biased but I believe Mike and I have a great thing going and I hope it continues.

5:26 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

butter cut.
The person or people who did not believe in me no longer work at WXYT. I was running into brick walls but I remained patient and thankfull the brick wall went away. It is something I have not been in my career and that is patient. I guess even an old dog learns new tricks.

5:27 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

Funny you should mention the Inside the Game column. The thing was a hit. My editors said they took the column away because they wanted to get more readers to the page.
I disagree. I think that thing drove page two. The funny thing is I received on average 125-150 email a week. I got more response on my page 2 column than my page one column.
I know my editors at the News don't believe this. But the email response was so overwhelming that I could not respond to everybody. I would need a couple hours a day to do that and I did not have time. Hopefully the same will happen here.

5:33 AM

Blogger Erik LaBelle said...

Terry, you need an editor for your blog.

10:22 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Definately the best show on the radio. Better than anything on AM or FM or XM.

3:40 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, terry, you got me to thank for you and mike hooking up...i told him you were the absolute best in the biz. you could make homer simpson sound great on radio!

11:34 PM

Blogger E. Marti said...

T. Fost; Dude, I have been listening to you since WDFN days; I thinkg you understated but poignant presenstation is need in this market. It is very frustatrating to hear a prime time radio sports talk show only have a "minority" prespective when there is a "race" issue. I believe that in Southeastern Michigan sports SHOULD be a universal topic that should be dicussed in a true debate format. As far you and "cutie pie" you guys have too much fun, I love the show and format. I can't believe you are getting paid for that much fun. Ride this rapid dog, until you can't ride it no more.

11:33 AM

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