Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Hi, Mitch here. Just a heads up that you may hear about a story in the Detroit Free Press, my newspaper, which ran today (Monday). It is the culmination of a full-scale investigation that was launched the night of April 7th, after my apology for the mistake I made in my April 3rd column.
Five full time reporters and one full time editor were dispatched to look into anything and everything about me, I suppose due the hysterical climate surrounding journalism right now. They asked athletes if they actually smiled when I said they smiled. They checked football teams to be sure I was there at 6 a.m. when I said I was there at 6 a.m.
The story concludes that after a review of 600 of my columns, plus checking into every rumor that ever floated around about me, they found absolutely no factual errors in my work, and that every rumor was baseless.
This is very good news. I have always been proud of my journalism, and confident in how I practiced it, and while I’m not happy about having to go through this colonoscopy, at least I know I have a clean bill of health.
There will be mention in the story about quote attribution issues at the Free Press, something that came up as a result of this long search. Columnists at our paper, including me, had not been under strict guidelines for attribution of every quote from its original source and thus, sometimes it happened, sometimes it didn’t. I suspect that policy will be tightened as of now.
You should know that I have not been accused of anything in this, nor will there be any discipline, suspension or what have you. Simply a tightening of the policy for all the writers there, including me. My publisher’s statement spoke about how glad she was that rumors were proven false and how no factual errors were ever located, and how grateful she was for all the column subjects who had written in to attest to my thorough journalism.
So once more, here is the summation: five reporters, six weeks, nothing. That’s the news. Actually great news. Meanwhile, this whole thing has taught me the difference between what’s really important in this business and what isn’t, and what’s been most important is people like you and your belief in me. It has been part of the shining ray that kept me going.
I thank you forever for that, and hope this is the last time you hear about me in the news – unless I make the Olympic luge team.

Your friend,



Anonymous jeremy said...

Was this an e-mail to people on a mailing list or something? Just curious where it came from.

9:22 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


9:45 AM

Blogger Kevin Antcliff said...

The condescention in that piece is thick enough to suffocate a guy.

9:52 AM

Anonymous Scott Anderson said...

Is it just me or does Mitch seem a bit smug in this retort? There’s a Kwame-like insistence of no wrongdoing here that screams of impropriety. If smiling was an integral part of the story, you bet your soft pillows it should be questioned. If being someplace at 6:00am was important in producing your prose, it should be accounted. Just as saying that your were THERE as credited with the “from St. Louis” under your byline would implicate. Oh, that didn’t happen? The first half of your story on how great it is to be a Spartan and support your team by any means necessary, even flying in by private jet, never really took place? How dare us question the voracity of the fabled Five full time reporters and One full time editor, but pretty please, with sugar on top; explain to me how making all of this up translates into proper attribution of quotation? I’m sorry, I forgot we were talking about the multiple award-winning teflon columnist Mitch Albom. I would have taken the time to Google the exact number of times Mitch won the Sports Columnist of the Year award, but then I would have to offer up proper attribution and link it to sources...that just seems like too much work.

Scott Anderson

12:12 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey T! Guess who it is? :)

12:18 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bottom line is, Mitch is a liar. He lied about being there (byline: ST LOUIS), lied about who was there, and I'm SURE it's happened countless times before!!! He is a fiction writer, to be sure. He'll make up crap just to fit within the canvas of his pre-school style picture that's not even worth hanging on the fridge.

10:30 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

It was an email from Mitch to his friends and supporters.

12:04 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

Who is it?
How about Kelley L?

12:05 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mitch was indeed in St. Louis. Of course, the fiction that followed didn't require him to be there...

5:36 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"My publisher’s statement spoke about how glad she was that rumors were proven false and how no factual errors were ever located."

Which means, "My publisher's statement spoke about how glad she was that Knight-Ridder didn't chop her off at the neck for her lack of oversight."

7:25 PM

Anonymous Jeremy said...

No actually Mitch was not in St. Louis when he wrote the column. If you recall in the Free Press story, it says the column was filed before he headed to St. Louis (Friday).

Terry, you rule. Keep up the great work.

1:21 PM


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