Monday, May 23, 2005


ORION TOWNSHIP -- The salesman was a slick, smooth talking guy from California.
His host was not as slick. He was just a regular guy with lots of money who lives outside of Detroit. The slick salesman was trying to convince the not so slick Anthony Battaglia to use his 32,000 Palazzo di Bocce as a place to host one of the many parties that will hit the Detroit area for Super Bowl XL.
The salesman represented Playboy Magazine. And he was telling Battaglia all the things a "regular guy" would want to hear. He talked about the celebrities who'd come by. He talked about the drinking and pretty women and the sex that might happen because you just never know what might happen when folks are young and pretty and have a little booze in them.
The pay was great. Battaglia simply needed to give his place up for two nights and he'd be paid $425,000.
That is not bad for closing your eyes, turning your back and turning your place over to Playboy.
But Battaglia is a man of honor. He said no to nearly a half million bones and told Playboy to look elsewhere.
So there will be a Playboy or Maxim party in Detroit Super Bowl week. It just won't be at Palazzo di Bocce's. My guess is two of the hottest Super Bowl parties will be in Windsor.
How many of us would turn down that kind of cash to do the right thing?
I am curious to know if you would. Write me and let me know what you would do in that position.
This comes at a time when out of towners will drop millions into our local economy. Already condo owners near Ford Field are lining up high rollers to rent their condos from $3,000-$5,000 per night. For that kind of money I not only would rent out my place, but I'd take folks over to the game on piggy back.
If you know of someone looking to snag two of the condo sights let me know. I got connections.


The big sporting event during most Super Bowls is golf. The media, celebrities and players are treated to rounds of golf at the finest courses in town. That won't be the case in Detroit unless someone erects a domed golf course in the next few months.
Golf in February is not much fun.
Instead golf will be replaced by bowling. The word is some of the top end bowling establishments are being contacted by the Super Bowl XL Committee to host high roller bowling parties.
Bowling is the new hot sport now. Have you seen the celebrity bowling series yet? It is actually fun to watch sports celebrities flick balls down the lane like they were playing marbles.


Blogger billionaire said...

Terry you call it doing the right thing. Sheez let's he wtihout sin cast the first stone. Beyond the money for rent I am sure the people going like myself (hopefully) would stop at the local places for liquor, gas or whatever is needed along the way or stayed at the local hotel to be near. I thought it was rather selfish.

6:02 PM

Blogger Tom said...

That's just plain dumb. I would have taken the money for a night of Playboy models and celebs. What's wrong with that? Heck, I'd do it for free just to hang with the bunnies.

10:27 PM


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