Monday, May 09, 2005


The Pistons-Pacers series should be filled with spills, chills and thrills. And who knows. Maybe even a riot will break out.
The Las Vegas odds are in as what we can expect.

Another Brawl breaks out: odds: 200,000-1 This is not to say you won't have an occasional spilled beer or push or shove. But there is one key missing ingredient from Novemeber 19. Ron Artest won't play. We can blame the fans, the Palace security and Ben Wallace for the last brawl but bottom line is the beer cup was tossed at the one guy in the NBA who is unstable enough to go attack a fan after what happened.

The Pacers win this series: Odds: 15-1 The Pacers have a punchers chance only because this is a rivalry. Let's make comparisons to Michigan and Michigan State football. The Wolverines are the superior program, but the Spartans scare them now and then.

Rasheed Wallace gets a technical: Odds: 2-5 We all know the big fella' will be revved up and ready to go. He can't wait to get at his buddy Jermaine O'Neal and send the young man packing. Wallace is really into this playoffs and I expect big and sometimes emotional things from him.

Ben Wallace shoves a Pacer: Odds: 3-1 Someone is going to get under Big Ben's skin at some point. His loves to protect his turf and show the world he is the biggest and baddest dude in the Eastern Conference. My guess is he will shove Jeff Foster.

over/under of the media replaying the brawl: 90,211: Television needs action to lure viewers in. ESPN will show it along with Fox and all the rest. I do know of some television producers begging their bosses not to replay it. My guess is they will lose their plea.

Reggie Miller gets exposed for being old: 3-1: Miller has had a terrific final season and he has shown flashes of his old self in the playoffs. But we saw signs of Miller Time coming to Earth in the Boston series. The Pistons love to break down players and expose them. My guess is he will fade as the series continues.

Someone throws a cup and it lands: Odds: 15-1: You know someone will have a few too many beers and will try. Let's pray for terrible aim. More importantly lets pray no one even tries. Haven't we seen enough on this series?

THE OVER/UNDER OF PISTONS FANS WHO MAKE A WEEKEND OF IT IN INDIANAPOLIS: 1,502: Fans walked up to the ticket window and purchased seats the evening before Eastern Conference Finals games at Conseco. That might not be possible this year because of all the hype surrounding the brawl. The place might actually be sold out. However, number of Pacer fans come downtown, sell their tickets and then watch games in one of the fun bars downtown. Come on down. Chances are you will get in. And even if you don't you can down suds with drunken Pacer fans. They can be fun.


Blogger Kent Herriman said...

Haha great odds, I'll take Reggie Miller getting exposed as the best bet. I think Rip is just gonna run Ol' Reggie right into retirement.

11:55 AM

Blogger Kevin Antcliff said...


Just got your blog from Greg Eno's page. Glad to see you writing about what you want, when you want! Blog often to give us something worth reading.

3:42 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

So far you are right. Miller said he has to shut Hamilton down. But Rip is so hard to chase and stop. I don't think Miller has the legs for it.

10:30 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

Thank you for visiting the blog. I am trying to get as many people as possible to visit. Let me know how your ventures are going

10:48 AM

Anonymous John said...

Hey Terry, I think that the Pacers still have some emotion left in them and I think that game one will wake them up. I definitely think that the Pacers will win game three or four, but that's it. Pistons should win in five. The Pacers don't have a chance on paper, but they are a lot better than Philly. Did you hear that stat that the Pistons haven't swept an opponent in the playoffs since 1990? This team gets too laid back at times to pull off a sweep.

5:41 PM

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