Saturday, May 14, 2005


This is why you respect your opponent.
This is why when you have your opposition dazed, confused, scratching their heads, wondering where the hell they are, you bury the hatchet.
The Pistons dropped Game 3 of their Eastern Conference semifinal to Indiana 79-74 Friday night at Conseco Fieldhouse to fall behind 2-1 in this series.
And yes Reggie Miller pushed off. And yes there were questionable calls and questionable plays down the stretch. But none of that would be of any concern to any of us if the Pistons has taken care of business in Game 2 and won a game they were in command of.
The Pistons took on the mentality of most of our community. They did not respect the Pacers and now it is coming back to haunt them. They are in trouble now, moaning about Miller creating space against Hunter to hit the game-clinching shot.
Did he create space illegally?
However, the Pistons had an opportunity to create space in a 2-0 lead Wednesday night but they instead turned into Space Cadets. They did not respect their opponent after rushing to a 15-point lead.
They were already thinking about sweeping the series and enjoying a few days off.
What they don't understand is Indiana is not the greatest team in the world. However, the Pacers might be Team Grit. It is what the Pistons used to be. Now they are trying to be team Glitz and that does not work when you lack a super star player.
Rasheed Wallace once again guaranteed a Pistons victory Sunday at Conseco, saying the series will return to Auburn Hills tied 2-2. That is fine if he wants to do that. He did it before Game 2 last season and turned prophet.
However, here is the only guaranteed Rasheed should make. How about guaranteeing that he will play hard. How about guaranteeing he will get to the foul line, which he doesn't. However, about guaranteeing he will play with more fire and anger and desire?
That would be nice.
Overall, the Pistons played with fire Friday. They just played stupid basketball at times and had to fight and scratch and claw just to put them in a position to win. The problem with that is when a game becomes a coin flip down the stretch you just never know if it is going to be heads or tails.
Some officials would have called Miller for the push off.
Some would not.
That's the coin flip the Pistons lost.
My point is don't let games turn into coin flips.
Smack the Pacers upside the head and send them home early like you are supposed to.


Blogger ZEESHAN said...

Terry your absolutely right, the Pistons are not playing PISTONS basketball at all, Indiana is playing like the old Pistons, scratching and clawing their way to victory. I don't see that at all until the 4th qrt of yesterdays game. They HAVE to play that way 48 minutes!! They are playing like last years Lakers did nonchalant.WAKE UP Pistons!!
Also, whats up with Larry's attitude with the Carlos's? He treats them like they're Che Guevara? Vive La Revolucion!! Terry tell me that Carlos Delfino would at least have come off the bench for some support, when Rip sucked so much yesterday in the beginning, turning the ball over and over, and missing open shots, you had NO ONE who could spell him some minutes, don't give me BS that oh, his knees hurt still, Joe!! What the Hell does Dunkin Darvin bring to us? What does Darko bring to us? Both useless bench players, I don't Care if they were with us last year? What a waste!! I don't blame Delfino for bitching, of course he has done wrong too, but we have NO HELP, do you trust Lindsey shooting? Larry Brown Must also use Carlos Arroyo for some minutes, at least when Chauncey's "the blanket" BaBa Billups is being torched by Isiah jr, my God Tinsley is taking it too Chauncey, I thought he's all 2nd team defense? At least Carlos could come in for a few minutes, push the ball, create for team mates? LB is too stubborn. As the series goes longer, I see our starters starting to wear down mentally and physically, If they should win this series, I don't think the will last against rested Miami. I don't know Terry, it doesn't look good, but I believe in my Pistons, they've come back before i.e. Orlando 3-1, NJ 3-2, so we will see what their character is like. I HATE Indiana with a passion but man I Give them RESPECT for the way they're playing, like Larry said" PLay the Right Way"

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