Thursday, May 12, 2005


AUBURN HILLS -- The Pistons were up 10 points at half time. And I walked out of the arena towards the press area thinking they were in trouble.
While most saw prosperity, I saw a team that had stopped playing basketball. They'd lost their fire and desire. The scoreboard favored them but it was a lie.
The moral of the Pistons 92-83 loss to the Indiana Pacers is you create demons when you stop playing. After jumping to a 15-point lead the Pistons thought they could toy with the Pacers. It was a huge mistake because suddenly they created a monster named Jeff Foster.
Foster usually does not hurt people. He is a scrappy reserve who only gets opportunities to shine when Jermaine O'Neal and Dale Davis get into early foul trouble. The Pacers rarely call plays for him.
He knows he must get most of his offense by studying where teammates missed shots tend to land. And he makes sure he is in the vicinity when bricks are being laid. All night he grabbed long rebounds and short shots. He played a Ben Wallace type game and finished off the Pistons with 14 points, 20 rebounds and two blocked shots.
"I was just doing the same things I have been doing for five years, " Foster said. "I am trying to get as many rebounds as I can. If I get a chance to rebound a ball, make a lay up or a dunk I do whatever I can. "
The Pistons sometimes fall into traps. They read how great they are and begin to believe it. They lose their hunger and believe they simply need to show up to cut opponents down. The Pistons must realize they are no longer a great team unless they play with the mentality of warriors.
"Sometimes it is not a good idea to jump to a big lead," Pistons Center Ben Wallace said. "Guys tend to relax. "
When the Pistons get cute and lazy any team can cut them down to size.
It is exactly what the Pacers did. They watched the Pistons become more consumed with the referees than the Pacers and hit them with a Foster punch.
Normally, a team is in control of a series when they steal the first road game. But I do not feel the Pacers are in charge of this series. The Pistons are a good road team and Indiana struggles at home.
They lost at Conseco twice to Boston. If the Celtics can win there, the Pistons should also.
I picked the Pistons to win this series in six even though they should win in five because I feared they would lose interest at some point.
They did lose focus. Now they must gain respect for the Pacer, a team which keeps picking itself off the floor.


Blogger Ian C. said...

T, I enjoyed your piece in today's paper on Jeff Foster. What an effort by that guy last night.

It's always surprising to see the Pistons check out mentally, but I guess it happens to every team. Hopefully, losing a game and the home court advantage, along with going on the road all help to sharpen their focus.

I'd be surprised if Indiana can put together another game like that. But Detroit better not give them the chance.

6:41 AM

Blogger Kevin Antcliff said...

What is the excuse when a championship team led by one of the best coaches in history loses focus in a second-round playoff game? Should there be any excuses at that point?

This team scares me sometimes. They should, SHOULD, be able to wipe these guys off the floor. They should, SHOULD, have swept the Sixers. They never keep their heads long enough to dominate a series.

If this team played 48 minutes of focused, championship-caliber ball, I don't know who could touch them.

8:58 AM

Blogger billionaire said...

Is this not the Pistons nature. Last year Milwaukee, the Lakers as well and the Sixers. I said five and i still think so

10:03 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr Truth...and that is exactly what you are speaking my brother. The Pistons lost their focus and if they don't take the Pacer's seriously, we could be in trouble. But I haven't lost confidence in them cause after all they are the World Champs..until someone beats them.

11:09 PM


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