Thursday, May 19, 2005


People are making a big deal out of Game 6 of the Eastern Conference semifinals possibly being Reggie Miller's final game should the Pacers lose to the Pistons. The emotions should be high.
But remember this, the Pacers already played would could have been Miller's final game at Conseco against Boston and lost.
The Pistons broke the Pacers' spirit in the third quarter of Game 5. Look for the Pistons to withstand an early storm and win tonight's game. It won't be easy, but even the Pacers know who the better team is now.

** By the way if the Pistons win tonight look for Game 1 to be in Miami Monday night.

** Condo owners near Ford Field are asking anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 per night to rent their places during Super Bowl week. Some are even renting out their places for much less during Major League Baseball's All-Star festivities.
I know one of the condo owners and she asked if I knew of any news organizations that might want to rent her place out. I told her with the cut backs in our business she had better try to get Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan or someone with a deep bank account.

** I remember a few years ago thinking how silly it was to have a Ferris wheel and merry go round at Comerica Park. Well it was not so silly Wednesday night when I took my three-year-old son Little B to his first baseball game against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.
We were in the WXYT suite with clients and Little B wanted some fresh air. He loved both rides and was dancing in the food court after we finished.
I've always heard wonderful stories of fathers taking their sons to their first baseball games. Now I know the feeling. It was great seeing him smile on the rides and then trying to make heads or tails of the baseball game.
Even as we left he talked about wanting to return. It was a wonderful evening.

** The University of Michigan claims the diaper affect of its new uniforms won't show when the players wear their new uniforms this fall. Well if that is the case then they should get a couple of players to model the uniforms so Wolverine fans can see for themselves. The home blue uniform looks terrible as is.
But U-M and Nike say the diaper is part of new age technology to make the uniforms more form fitting. I want to see this for myself.

** My media brothers and sisters are terrible some times. After the Free Press found sports columnist Mitch Albom not guilty of making up stories and excusing him the paper's new nickname is The Detroit Free Pass.

** Former University of Kentucky basketball player Rex Chapman said he was told by Wildcat officials to not date black women. Chapman, who is white, believed in equal opportunity dating. The school worried about the image of its basketball star and thought Wildcat fans would be more comfortable with him dating white girls.
That is a shame the school felt that way. I do believe love should be color blind. And I do believe we should stay out of peoples' private lives.
I am cool with my son or daughter dating outside their race. I only want them to be with people who they like and who treats them right.

** Many believe Kwame Kilpatrick won't be re-elected mayor of the City of Detroit. He is in big trouble but I am not convinced the big fella' will fall. Look for Team Kilpatrick to start telling folks in Detroit that the media (code white media) is trying to decide who the next mayor is. They will say the decision should be up to the people of Detroit, not the suburban media.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey T,

I just discovered this blog and I love it. It's just like your columns, only better because you don't have to hold back. Keep it up.


8:04 AM

Blogger Stashu said...

The ferris wheel and merry-go-round no longer bother me. They did for the first few years but watching the kids have so much fun has changed my mind.

What I can't stand is the kids sitting in the stands playing their hand held video games. It drives me nuts that these parents let their kids do this. If they aren't interested in being there, find another activity to do with them.

9:43 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love should be color-blind - I agree. Rock on Terry - GO! FIRE UP CHIPS!

10:32 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kwame is korrupt - de-throne him!!!

3:20 PM

Anonymous Detroit Titan Fan said...

I can't agree with you on the rides at Comerica. I hate them. I refuse to let me daughter ride them (although I don't stop my wife from taking her). Going to a game should be about the experience of going to a game - not riding some stupid carnival rides. If my kids want to go on rides, I'll take them to a carnival. If they want to go to a baseball game, then let's go to the game. The rides are as bad as all the candy on display at every check out line in the stores.

4:48 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

thank you for the note. I really enjoy writing this. This is what I like to do and the blog gives me an outlet to do my thing. I hope to do it for more people down the road.

11:53 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

Trust me when I say Little B will never have a video game at a Tiger game. That is ridiculous.
When I take my son to a game it will just be us, the blue skies, the game and the hotdogs.

11:56 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

Detroit Titan,
I will say this about the rides. They provided a nice change of pace for a three year old boy who cannot sit through an entire ball game. I am still behind them and the food court.

11:58 PM

Blogger billionaire said...

Although the mayor may play the race card remember this Terry the opponents are all Black. Also remember Proposal E in which the mayor backed hard it was soundly defeated i think the electorate is ready for change Hopefully It is My guy Freman Hendrix

2:43 AM


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