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Let's chalk up Friday's Pistons loss to overconfidence. I mean they got beat by Chris Webber and Rodney Rodgers, two guys who wouldn't even know how to roll off a pick because it has been so long since they've done it.

** Webber is now a stand still jumper. So why don't the Pistons simply have one man stand still and stay in his face. He won't be hitting many jump shots then.

** If I am Pistons President Joe Dumars I am getting involved in the Phil Jackson sweepstakes. Why allow him to go to New York, Cleveland or Los Angeles when you know good and well you are going to have a coaching vacancy? At least give him a call. If he says no you can always say you tried.
Besides, we know Jackson loves ready made teams. The Pistons are the best of the teams mentioned above.

** Why can't the Tigers play seven-inning games? If that were the case they would be in first place instead of the Chicago White Sox. Then again maybe that is not the case. That simply means Manager Allen trammel would bring one of his supposed set up men and closers in the sixth to un save the day.

** It is funny how the NCAA is all for a 12th game for football, but cannot figure out a way to have a National Championship playoff. They are move in favor of a Michigan-Ball State game than seeing the Wolverines play Oklahoma for a national title. It makes sense only in the NCAA will make more money for its members. But it will probably mean an extra week of bad football.
I can't wait to see that Miami of Florida --FAMU match up.

** It is probably best that the NHL season was canceled. By now Red Wings fans would be gnashing their teeth because they'd be down 3-2 to Alaska Fairbanks in the Western Conference semifinals. And we'd hear the same thing on talk radio. Cujo gave up a soft goal and the stars are not producing enough.

** Did you know that 40 college underclassmen or high school players have declared for the NBA draft? And they've all be promised to be first round draft picks.Now that is what you call fuzzy math.

** The East Lansing and Lansing Police Departments blew it when they fired more than 200 tear gas projectiles at students following Michigan State's victory over Duke that placed the Spartans in the Final Four. And what were the dirty Michigan State students doing to warrant such a response?
Nothing. They were standing around. They did not become a threat until the police marched down the street like they were trying to take back Bagdad. Some heads need to roll over this.

** I'm hearing Michigan State kicked back up quarterback Stephen Reaves off the team after he was arrested for drunk driving. He's been in John L. Smith's dog house for quite some time and this does not surprise me. But check this out. Jeff Smoker gets a second chance. And Reaves does not.
Now why do you think that is the case? Can it be that Smoker was a better quarterback.

* * I also find it interesting that five MSU football players have been arrested in one semester but Spartan fans hardly make a big stink out of it. When Bobby Williams coached there he had three incidents and Sparty fans said the program was out of control.
Lets be honest. The program was not out of control. Williams was a bad head coach. When and if Spartan fans consider Smith to be a bad coach then they will start screaming more after each arrest.

** So who do you think will be the Lions best wide receiver next fall? If he stays healthy I am putting my money on Charles Rogers. The guy can play. If only he can just stay in the line up.

** Has Jeff Garcia replaced Joey Harrington as starting quarterback yet?

** Be good. And spread the word about my blog. I want a million visitors by the end of the year.


Blogger sammy the bull said...

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9:20 PM

Blogger sammy the bull said...

T Foster -

Please explain to me this whole Alan Trammell rest thing. Today he starts Smith, Martinez and Higginson - and sits Guillen, Infante and Monroe. THEY GOT FREAKIN SHUT OUT!!! Didn't the tigers just have 3 of 4 days off due to all the inclement weather in the Motor City last weekend. It is the freakin end of april. If he keeps this up - come august - there will be plenty of time to play all of these backuips b/c they will be so far out of the race it will not even matter any more.

If Magglio is the starting right fielder and Monroe backs up now that the Nooker is proving to have big league talent - doesn't that make Bobby Higgisuck the third stringer. By that logic, expect Dan Orlovsky to be starting the Thanksgiving Day game this year for the Lions because by that time Joey will be run out of town and the previous Lions game will have been only 4 days earlier so Garcia will certainly need to rest.


And while we're on the topic - why does Johnson deserve to get the ball in the seventh last night (and get shelled to lose the game) when everyone else in the rotation get the hook after six to make way for 7th 8th and 9th inning plan that does not work. Is it because he used all 3 pitchers (farnsworth, urbina, and percival) for 2 straight nights and heaven forbid they each pitch AN INNING for a third straight day?

A passionate and upset tigers fan

9:39 PM

Anonymous DetroitTitanFan said...

What's with all the Sparty hating, Terry (especially with old news)? You're not falling into the Detroit area trap of seeing things through Maze and Blue glasses are you?

6:49 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two things first on Garcia. I don;t know why is there a mass calling for Garcia to start. He can't throw deep all he is a dink and dunk type passer which in my opinion is a horrible for the talented wide recievers that can go deep In my opinion, Mooch deserves all the blame moreso than harrington for not catering the offense to Joey's strength which is going downfield. Secondly onto 40 players trying to enter the NBA draft I keep going back and forth on should they be allowed or not but you know what tonight I say let there be an age limit so at least they can mature if it is to go to school ( IF THEY ARE BLACK I PREFER THEY DO ATTEND COLLEGE) or go overseas or even the joke of a league called the NBDL. I know they can get into college and not focus on education but at least they will have some form of maturity and or fundmentals.

3:00 AM


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