Thursday, May 26, 2005


Flash listened and learned.
Dwyane Wade read the criticism in the newspapers and instead of getting mad, he took it in stride after a terrible Game 1 against the Pistons.
He listened to his old coach at Marquette Tom Crean and his current coach Stan Van Gundy. And finally came the morning call at 3:45 from Shaquille O'Neal.
"When he called I thought he was crazy," Wade said.
They all told him to relax, slow the game down and allow it to come to him.
The second year player came armed with a new game and new attitude. He burned the Pistons for 40 points, eight rebounds and six assists in the Heat's 92-86 victory over the Pistons.
But despite his brilliant play the game came down to the final five minutes again. In Game 1 the Pistons rattled Wade and the Heat on an 10-1 run to break a late tie.
But this time Wade did not wilt under the heat of the Pistons who roared back from a 14-point deficit to take the lead. Instead he created the heat by scoring 20 points in the fourth to pull away from the sticky Pistons and even this series 1-1 heading into Game 3 Sunday at The Palace.
"He was very motivated," said teammate Damon Jones. "He came to me and said just be in your spot because I am going to attack the basket very hard. If those guys come I am going to be kicking. If not I am going aggressively to the basket."
Flash entertained Heat fans with one of the most memorable performances in recent playoff history. He attacked the basket like a battering ram and he blew by normally dependable Pistons defenders as if they were pylons.
It was a great test for a great young player. The Pistons humbled him in Game 1, but they did not break him. He figured out the tricky Pistons defense, measured Tayshaun Prince, and single handedly sank the Pistons.
It was a Flashy night in Miami. But it was also a night where the Pistons failed to match the Heat's energy early in the game. They appeared to play like a team that had already accomplished its mission to Miami.
They simply wanted to steal home court and rush home.
The Pistons were already on the flight home in the first half. That is why Chauncey Billups turned the ball over at an alarming rate; why Prince got into early foul trouble and Rasheed Wallace missed shots he normally makes.
"We came to get one and we got one, " said Rip Hamilton. "Now we have to go home and take care of business and feed off our fans. We are ready for that. "
It is only human nature to relax when people are telling you "Mission Accomplished." The Pistons simply need to take care of business at home to advance to their second straight NBA Finals.
To their credit they rallied and nearly stole a game they had no business winning. They showed character late. And that should be applauded. But they were blinded by the flash of Dwyane Wade.
And now they have a new problem. The young blood picked himself off the floor with a little help from his friends. Now he is confident and ready to steal home-court back from the Pistons.
Now the Pistons must listen, learn and respond in the same manner that the young man from Miami did.
I wonder who will be making late night calls for the Pistons Saturday night.
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Blogger Ian C. said...

Hopefully, those calls will be made by Bill Laimbeer and Rick Mahorn, reminding the Pistons that you have to deck that young man when he charges to the basket. Make him think twice about dribbling into the paint.

Meanwhile, do you think Larry Brown or Joe Dumars saw Wade score 40, and then looked over at Darko on the bench and thought, "Damn. Anyone got a time machine?"

1:58 AM

Blogger Kevin Antcliff said...

I'm not the laest bit concerned.

This was their best punch, and they needed 40 from Wade, a basket full of turnovers from Chauncey, a way below average night from Ben and some luck just to win by 6 at home.

I still say they win in 6.

2:52 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

that is what I would do. I would have Laimbeer and Mahorn address the team. It could not hurt. They would have sent Wade spinning like a top once midway through the game just to remind him what could happen if he penetrates again.
Nothing serious.
Just a love tap.

7:35 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

I am not worried either. This series was not supposed to be a cake walk. It is the Eastern Conference Finals after all. This is the NBA's Final Four. Every game is supposed to be tough.

7:36 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree it is not time to panic. Pistons fans were serving up a little too much cornbread after game 1 in calling for a sweep. The Pistons will regroup at the Palace and can win game 3.

I am a bit concerned about Rip's shooting though.


8:40 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only concern I have for Rip is his quote, "We came to get one and we got one." They should've gotten TWO. They can't let a 2nd year dude school them. I agree - knock him on his ass. Miami is still a 2-person team and we cannot allow them to beat us. SA is a different story, but we at least have to get there!!!

9:32 AM

Blogger J said...

man, i'm with ian c. you can't just let wade come down the lane without fear of retribution. they need to start hard-fouling him and making him think twice.

don't even get me started on darko. joe D. has done a great job -- in free agency. his drafts include mo' cleaves, darko, carlos delfino and rodney white. ouch.

12:12 PM

Blogger RogerJab said...

Mr. Terry wouldn't you agree we still go as our guards go, generally? Our guards played just about as poorly as I can remember, this can't continue. Why do I always feel that Chauncy has handcuffs on as far as shooting the ball, especially in the first half, almost like he's scared of the retribution he'll get from LB.

As far as Wade goes let him beat you from the outside, let him prove he can beat you from the outside. And regardless what that ass-clown you work with says the refs did take us out the game last night, the second foul on Prince which was not even close was especially damning in putting him on the bench. Anyway I still like our chances, enjoy your writing, and the new blog.

1:18 PM

Blogger h bomb said...

okay terry, you were recruiting so hard for this blog, now you have a fan/mother to deal with.

What I was thinking Weds. night...

After the beautifully balanced performance on Tues., I didn't even recognize them in Qs 1-3. Started to wonder if Pistons WANT to play more games. I can understand missing some shots, but the turnovers and lack of D on Wade - what were they thinking?

I have no doubt that the Pistons will put up a great fight on Sunday, again, but it was a gift to Wade for him to learn that he can still play his game with us. Ouch! I sure liked it better on Tuesday when I saw those shell shocked looks on Miami.

PS to critics from the ever so much more important "big markets":
I LOVE this game - anyone who thinks great D is boring basketball is A.D.D.

1:55 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

There is no time to panic. But I will say this. If D Wade is getting off again Sunday, someone should knock him on his butt by the second quarter. He has to think twice about roving in the paint against the Pistons. Hell if he were playing the bad boys he would be looking like Bobby Clarke by now.

12:02 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

Yes the Pistons go as far as their guards go. That is why LB needs to let Billups go wild. Although he turned the ball over in Game 2, he did shoot better than 50 percent for the game.

12:04 AM

Anonymous The Real Right Way said...

I am so tired of hearing the Pistons...and their fans cry about the refs.

How can you ever expect to get a call in your favor when Rasheed Wallace is the biggest cry baby in the league. He acts as if he never ever committed a foul. He cusses the refs up and down and expects to get a call. Give me a break. Now the whole team is doing it.

Take a lesson from the past champions that have earned it... Play and shut-up.

If Larry Brown was half the coach he is given credit to be, the next time Rasheed starts acting like a 2 year old kid, he should put his ass on the bench until he can act like an adult.

That's the, "right way."

4:49 PM

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