Sunday, May 29, 2005


Miami Heat Coach Stan Van gunned apologized to 99 percent of Pistons fans before Sunday's Eastern Conference Finals game at The Palace.
He admitted he dogged all of you when he spoke to a couple of Heat beat reporters. But he did not mean to. He is angry at the one or two percent of fans who take away the family behavior at sporting events.
Here is what he said.
"The people I am talking about are the one out of 100 people in there, " Van gunned said. " I bet 98 or 99 percent of people who come in here are good sports fans as I am when I watch other sports. There are events I don’t attend with my kids because of fans and you get tired of it. I do get amused by fans who think it is ok because they pay their money and they can come in and yell whatever they want. But to paint the entire crowd? It was unfair and it was uncalled for and for that I do apologize. But for those one percent (who cause problems) I don’t apologize. "
I followed up by telling Vagunneddy that Detroit fans are tired of getting beat up on. We hear it all the time from opposing fans, media and now coaches.
He nodded his head in agreement and said he understoodetritus's anger.
"Yeah absolutely, " Vagunneddy said. "But again we all gain reputations based on what we do too. So I am not the only one. I might be the latest one so people are sensitive to it because there has been a long line of people doing it so you can’t lay all of that on me. "

I asked Vgunnedndy if this was a ploy to take pressure off his team and place the focus on him?

"I wish I were that smart," Vgunnedndy said. "I was asked by our own two beat writers about the crowd here and do they go overboard and I answered it. The things I said I believe. There are things said and done here that are not done or said in other arenas and it is not allowed."


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You know what Terry i did dog you on Van Gundy and upon reflection you were right. Wrong plus wrong is still wrong. I still think Van gundy is a porn star behind close doors hahaha and i give him some props for clarifying and props to you as well for defending the city and getting him to man up

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