Friday, June 24, 2005


I stood near a television set at Rosie O'Grady's in Clinton Township when a woman next to me broke out in tears.
We watched the final moments of the Pistons 81-74 loss to San Antonio and she could no longer hold back her emotions. She'd watched every Pistons game and said her favorite team won every time she watched games at O'Grady's.
There was no where else in the world she wanted to be. And when the end came near she began to sob.
One of her buddies turned away from the screen because she could not stand to witness Tim Duncan and the Spurs put the finishing touches on the Pistons.
There were a lot of emotions after the Pistons lost. Some folks were upset. Others wanted to praise the Pistons even in defeat. But I was surprised by the tears.
People really get into their sports teams.
During my sports show on AM 1270 The Sports Station two people broke down and cried on the air while talking to the Pistons and two others nearly lost it with emotion for their team.
The outbursts were surprising to me but it shows how this town has been captivated by this town. They loved the Pistons because they lived their dreams through these blue collar warriors. And when the Pistons fell short many in this community felt as if they were walking off the court at SBS Center with them.
(Check me out tonight after the Tigers game on the Fox Detroit Sports Report on my final take on the Pistons).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The last two years have been one hell of a ride. This team played in the last game of the year two consecutive years. They exceeded our wildest imaginations of three years ago and still have the potential to give us more thrills. The key next season will be taking the path of least resistance. They have to play the regular season with their eyes on finishing with the best record, at least in the east, preferably in the entire NBA. Too many battles will just wear you out. Additionally, they need a George Trapp/Vinnie Johnson type to come off of the bench with the sole intention of lighting someone up. Who and where that person may be, I don't know, but I trust Joe to find him....

4:26 PM

Anonymous Jim said...

T Fos, loved the show today.

I gotta say, I'm so proud of our team. they were a Horry 3 ball away from going back to back, playing a team nobody gave them a chance against (for the second year in a row). This team is gonna be a lot of fun for years to come.

Not to harp on the low points, but I was right with you when you were talking about us collapsing on Duncan and leaving the other Spurs open for 3s. At one point I was just staring at Manu and Bowen just standing in one place outside the arc, and sure enough 4 Pistons collapse on Duncan (what is Chauncey gonna do to Duncan?) and there goes the kickout to Manu for 3. Plays like that just killed us.

But anyway, great year for the Pistons, and we're gonna come back strong next year.

4:27 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

I'm sad today as well. Not because the Pistons lost, as you know, I picked San Antonio in 5, so going to 7 games was actual a good thing for a b-ball fan.

I am sad that the season is over. To me this is the worst time of year. No basketball or football. The other sports just don't do it for me.

5:58 PM

Blogger billionaire said...

Real right way that is why I said It will be time for TErry and Mike to earn their keep hahahhha. Tiger baseball hard to get hype on a team 1 game over 500. I hope the players will have heard todays show done by Terry. I hope they understand how much Detroit fans really appreciated and showed there love. Props to Terry for allowing the fans to vent ( I still don;t get the crying thing) Fans is short for fanatical. I am still thinking on some scripts for each player but it will come soon

8:15 PM

Anonymous Matt S. said...

Terry, todays show was great. Loved how you let the fans call in and speak their peace. Last night after some beers when the Pistons lost it didn't really hit me till today, that we lost. So when i heard Sweep call in and break down, i found myself a little teary eyed myself. It's unfortunate that the season came to an end this way but, we went as far as anyone could without winning. Game 7. Even with the loss, still was in my eyes a successful season and hopefully we can make some improvments to our bench durin this off season and make another great run for the title next year.

9:26 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The News would not spring for you to watch game 7 in San Antonio?

11:09 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

I said on the radio today the Pistons need a stone cold killer scorer off the bench. I believe if Vinnie Johnson were in his prime and on this team they would have won this series. When the Microwave was on not even Bruce Bowen could deal with him

11:11 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

I am glad you enjoyed the show today. There was a lot of passion from the callers. And I agree. The Pistons will be back for multiple years. They may not make the next three NBA Finals but I expect them in like three of the next five or six.

11:13 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

right way.
The good news is Lions training camp is just around the corner. Read your college and pro football previews for a bit of a fix.

11:14 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

yeah the crying was a surprise to me. but it shows how deeply into the Pistons some people are or were. I thought it was cute. I am not going to player hate the criers.

11:15 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

Yeah the News did not send me to San Antonio. I was disappointed in that. I felt I deserved the trip. I know enough about the NBA and I know a lot of people. I felt I would have enhanced the coverage. But like the players say. Coaches decision.

11:17 PM

Blogger vray said...

Hey Maroth just had an RBI to help his own cause. Who said Tiger baseball isn't exciting. Anyways..I think all the basketball post season talk will be enough to keep the die hards happy. I loved the show today. My only problem was with the crazies who think that we should split up the starting five. A starting five that has basically got it done for two years in a row. I believe somoeone threw out "let's trade rip for ray allen". As if Bowen didn't shut down Allen too. (Eventhough I don't believe that he "shut down" Richard Hamilton). If Ben is the heart of the Pistons, Rip is the heartbeat. He ran around, like noone else in the league, for 110+ games. He is Reggie Miller Y2K. If I was Dumars, I honestly wouldn't do too much tweaking. You have some potential sitting on your bench. They just need to play. I also think that by losing, they have a better chance of retaining Larry Brown. Whether that's good or bad remains to be seen. I do believe however, that a finals rematch could be very possible next year. Thanks. vanessa

11:22 PM

Blogger vray said...

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11:28 PM

Blogger vray said...

In true Detroit fashion, Trammel just got ejected. go tigers.

11:31 PM

Anonymous Tracy said...

Terry, I enjoyed your show today, too. While I was never on the verge of tears, I have to admit that the loss last night made me sick to my stomach. That's the thing about sports - without the agony of defeat, there would be no ecstasy of victory. Can't have one without the other, unfortunately. I'm really proud of the way the Pistons played - what a roller-coaster ride. I only wish the refs had just let the teams play BALL during game 7 without all the ticky tack fouls. I'm not blaming the refs for the loss - it simply took away from the natural flow of the game and wasn't as fun to watch as it could have been. Next season should be very interesting. Who will be coaching, what kind of tweaking will the bench be getting, what kind of playing time will Darko & Carlos D have. I watched every single game this past season except for 2 of 'em - my goal next year is to catch ALL of them.

11:47 PM

Anonymous sportsfromA2 said...

hey terry and everyone else.

I was sad at first when we lost, but now i'm not. We were 1 minute away from being back-to-back refending champions, there's nothing to be sad about.

But i totally agree with the people who are really emotional, I'm just good at hiding it.

I've pretty young (darko-age), but in my lifetime I've had the pleasure of 3 stanley cup champions, 3 NBA champions, 1 lion playoff win (but the pleasure of watching barry sanders run warms my heart), and a tiger winning season or two. Not to mention numerous Michigan Football championships and a Michigan Basketball Championship (1989).

I guess my point is that out of everything I've seen, I feel like i'm a part of the piston team, we're all part of the piston family. We've watched little Tayshan blossum, Chancey found his "home" here with us, Ben became "Big Ben" under our watch, and 'Sheed "the cancer" became 'Sheed "the champion" with our help. And we really get to see they player's personalities out there while they're playing, and the Pistons Organization (Mr. Davidson, tom Wilson, even Rock financial) have done an awesome job of keeping the fans interested. Heck, you can still get $10 seats for the regular season games.

I love(ed?) hockey, but between the body armor and seperation between fans/players, and the players are only on the ice for 20-30 minutes, and Red Wings Tickets are insanely expensive and hard to get, we don't get to be so "intimate" with those players. Like it seems like the pistons are my distant relativies/old friends or something.

The People can relate to the pistons, and that's why they mean so much to us. Each piston has a story to them, people refer to them as a team of castoffs or whatever. I think all of us can appreciate the hard work/dedication it took the pistons to get here, and we all can feel the pain when they hurt (like after the loss).

So i loved the show today, and i loved the reaction of the fans to the pistons. Just proves how much the pistons are OUR team.

Even though they lost yesterday, they'll always be champions in my heart!


12:05 AM

Blogger vray said...

How about Tyson Chandler (two Dominguez guys) and Kyle Korver. Both free agents. Both off the bench. Both very very good.

12:06 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


1:08 AM

Blogger Ian C. said...

Terry, this post is why I missed Detroit sports and their fans so much while living in Iowa City for two years. We live and die with our teams, not just jump on a bandwagon when a team's good (a la the Cubs). People CARE and that passion is infectious.

2:27 AM

Blogger billionaire said...

Vray come on now kyle korver he can;t create and you saw how he reacted when tayshaun locked on him. Tyson Chandler mentally I don;t think is ready for this team. Terry Will Blog on the needs of the pistons. I will say this about piston fans this is the most passionaite that I have ever witnessed. I wonder if it is an east coast slash midwest thing.

8:51 AM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...


I agree with you on Korver, but Chandler would be great. However, he would disrupt this organization, particularly if they are bent on Darko playing.

Chandler is a good player with the potential to be a great player. I not talking about great ie., Jabbar, Olajuwon, Shaq. But the guy can be a factor night in and night out. On top of that the Pistons can't afford him without a significant disruption of their starters. I think he will command big bucks.

If the following teams get ahold of him the Pistons are in trouble.
New Jersey

9:03 AM

Blogger billionaire said...

My last thought on Game 7. Besides officiating were the pistons mentally and physically worn down from the lack of a short bench. The starters logged in more minutes than anyone in the playoffs. I know the bench shortens as the playoffs gets deeper but it seemed Larry shortened it down to 7 from jump. Although the strategy almost worked, I just wonder.

11:31 AM

Blogger billionaire said...

Real Right I remember Chandler suffers from back problem

11:32 AM


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