Tuesday, June 28, 2005


You are Pistons President Joe Dumars.
And you must make a decision.
Let's say your coach Larry Brown has his medical tests and comes to you on Friday. It is the day you've waited all year to make a final decision on whether Brown will coach your team or move on for health reasons.
Brown tells you he cannot make a decision that day. He needs two weeks.
What do you do?
If that is the case I say good bye to Brown. The longer this goes on the less chance that you will get a yes answer from Brown.
My guess is Brown wants out and Pistons owner Bill Davidson wants him out.
So why this game of cat and mouse?
Brown wants to leave without looking like the carpet bagger he is. The Pistons are upset with all the turmoil and baggage he brings. Besides the Pistons have heard the same rumors around the league that I have.
Brown told his buddies around the league in November he was leaving because of burn out.
If you give Brown his two weeks and he says he cannot coach there is a good chance you miss out on Flip Saunders and Natt McMillian. They won't be able to wait that long.
And if you miss out on them and Brown leaves, where does that leave you?
If Brown tells you he wants to stay Friday you have no choice but to keep him for one more year. He is a Hall of Fame coach who put you in the NBA Finals two years in a row, even though I believe he will suffer from burn out next season and you risk his team tuning him out at some point again.
But do you trust Brown if he needs more time?
I don't.


Anonymous Lou said...

Actually, I think I would give Brown the two weeks. It probably means that the Pistons miss out on McMillan (he'll go back to Seattle), but I don't see Saunders taking another job. He's not going to NY (their lack of talent will ruin his career), and all the other plum jobs (Lakers, Orlando, Bulls) are definitely filled now. Maybe Saunders goes to Portland, but I think they've passed on him for now.

8:09 AM

Anonymous Lou said...

Hey Terry -- Is there any chance that the Hawks would let Mike Woodson out of his contract? I know he was really popular with the players while he was here, and he seems like a more natural heir to Larry Brown than say Saunders or McMillan.

8:11 AM

Blogger dt said...

I think this is all about ego.

Not Larry Brown's.

Certainly not Joe Dumars'.

The question of Larry Brown returning to Detroit is dependent upon the shared ego of Bill Davidson and his mutt, Tom Wilson.

I am convinced that Joe D and LB could resolve any hoops issues that exist (i.e. Darko, Delfino) over a game of horse. Joe D would simply point out that LB needs to spend the first 40 or so games next year playing the two youngsters enough to see if, in fact, they can make an impact to the NBA. Larry Brown, the teacher, will readily accept this challenge.

Here is where it gets dicey, though. Brown may have scorched the turf so badly with Davidson and Wilson, that there is no chance he will return regardless. That is why both LB and Joe D are playing the health issue so coyly. It gives each of them an out if the executive veto comes from above.

From a basketball standpoint, Joe Dumars knows that it is a no-brainer to bring back Larry Brown. LB increases the Pistons' chances to win. Period. I am also convinced that the playoff run brought back a genuine appreciation of the coach for his players and vice versa.

I also think that Larry Brown and Joe Duamrs share enough mutual respect to reach a decision shortly. I think that LB will stick to his original public statement of deciding within 72 hours of his Mayo visit whether or not he will return.

If it goes beyond that timeframe, though, all this becomes moot and I will say Larry wanted to go to New York all along. God help him.

8:49 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

My first thought is the hawks would not let Woodson out of his contract. However, that is a franchise so devoid of talent and focus they might relent for a first round pick. So who knows.

9:12 AM

Blogger Leelanau Sports Guy said...

I would give him time. He has earned the right with what he has done in the past two years. 2 NBA Finals, 1 Championship says it all.

9:32 AM

Anonymous Lou said...

My impression was that Atlanta really liked Woodson -- they seemed to give him a lot of support for a first-time head coach. If memory serves, I think he even got a four or five-year deal, when the standard for new coaches is only three. It's too bad -- he would make a lot of sense here.

10:26 AM

Blogger WXOU Sports said...

I don't trust Brown. the pistons cannot be in a situation where he says he wants to stay but then in the middle of the year ups and quits because of whatever reason. However I think if flip has waited this long for Larry you must expect that he knows what a risk it is for him to wait it out to and he must know he has to wait until Brown makes up his mind before he does. Its a High risk, High Reward situation for Saunders.

11:05 AM

Blogger billionaire said...

Lou I did bring up Mike Woodson and I do agree with you. Terry there is no way in hell that Flip or Nate can match up to Brown. Brown head is filled with X and O's Proof is when the players tuned him out for a sec they struggled but when they listened you saw results. I say give him the 72 hours and if he says two weeks give it 2 him as well. I don;t see him doing the pistons in that fashion. Also folks seem 2 forget he really has not had a chance to relax I think this off season gives him a chance to recharge his batteries. Mr D and Wilson better put their egos in check because I think it is evident that with out Brown we would not be no where near a championship we would prolly be a seond round type team

11:32 AM

Anonymous Nathan said...

Man... Tough question, Terry.

I'm torn. On one hand, you can't argue with the results.

Even if you're one of those people that thinks he cost this team a fourth title (which I am not), you would have to admit that he brought them the third one.

Part of me has to believe that Joe has something ready to fall into place. I suppose you would have some insight on that, Terry. 2 weeks does seem a bit too long, but I think I'd have to give him at least an extra week if he really needs it.

No disrespect to Saunders or McMillian, but c'mon, you have to wait a little more for a guy like LB than you would for any other coach.

2 weeks though... ugh. That's a bit too long I guess.

1:39 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about Darko and the next 4 first round picks to San Antonio for Popovich?

3:01 PM

Anonymous SportsFromA2 said...

I'm scared, is it possible the pistons migh be "stuck" with LB? If the Cavs no longer want him, and flip's gone for the pistons, are the pistons and LB just stuck with each other?

Check out what Danny Wetzel from yahoo sports says:

"Flip Saunders, who's expected to replace Larry Brown as head coach in Detroit, is now said to be "a near lock" to be the next coach of the Milwaukee Bucks. "It's almost done," one league source said.

That throws another wrench in the Pistons' plans. Detroit does not expect Brown, who will head Wednesday to the Mayo Clinic for a physical check-up, to be back next season. They expected him to become the president of the Cleveland Cavaliers, but that has fallen through.

Brown, who has three years left on his deal, could return if he wants, putting the franchise in a tough spot. Or he could quit in a week after the Pistons' top choice, Saunders, is in Milwaukee. "


3:25 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What should we give Brown? He deserves a collective bit fat kick in the ass right out of town.

3:28 PM

Anonymous Nathan said...

How about Darko and our next 4 first round picks to Minnesota for Kevin Garnett, the player Darko thinks he is.

We can dream, can't we?

3:33 PM

Blogger dt said...

Hey a-squared -

One, I'm still not convinced that Flip Saunders is Joe D's #1 choice if LB was to leave. He had issues with Chauncey when they were together in Minny and who's to say that won't resurface?

Two, the weekend timing of LB's visit to the Mayo and phone call to Joe D coincides with the July 1st contract release of one Nate McMillan. There's your guy should LB leave.

Right now, it's a battle of wits. Brown wants to leave Detroit to coach New York, which he can only do if Detroit releases him from his deal. Joe is unlikely to do that unless his old backcourt mate is willing to cough up something in return (like a draft pick). If Larry tries to pull the "I'm not healthy enough to coach until 2006," then look for Psitons management to hire McMillan and use Brown's existing contract to prevent him from coaching in NY.

That's what happens when you piss off Billy Davidson.

3:52 PM

Blogger Tom said...

As I understand it, Mr D was not happy with LB's dealings with cleveland and he is on their shit list. I think LB is the best coach for the job, but can he exist here with the owner angry with him? And have the players tuned him out? Will he pull more of this crap next season as well? Personally, I think they should cut bait now and get a fresh voice in here, leave that all behind.

8:17 PM

Blogger J said...

you bring larry brown back. plain and simple.

when they canned carlisle, the best coach was out there (brown). this time, that situation does not exist. what did flip saunders do to make anyone believe he's some terrific coach? minnesota wasn't that tough and flailed in the first round most of the time. can you say what flip saunders' philosophy is? he's just another coach.

if larry doesn't work out, i'd rather see mcmillan than him.

larry brown is insecure and somewhat of a pill, but he has taken detroit to two nba finals and given them a championship.

if the players want him back -- and i think they do -- then bring him back.

larry didn't handle everything correctly, but he did what he always does...he stuck his foot in his mouth.

brown and the pistons need to apply common sense. larry has the best group of guys he ever has. and next to chuck daly, this is the best coach the pistons have ever had.

make it work.

1:34 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

Made you think didnt I? That is a tough question. And I wanted it to be tough. The debate has been on both sides of the fence. That is why you must check back in here from time to time. I am here to challenge you.

3:00 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

Let me correct yahoo and the other media on something
Larry Brown is still in the running for the Cleveland job. You noticed Dan Gilbert said brown is not in his plans now. He kept saying now. He did not say he is not in our plans.
And one of my buddies was at the press conference and he asked Gilbert three times is Brown out of the running period. And he refused to answer the question.

3:04 AM

Blogger Tom said...

What would Brown do at Cleveland with Danny Fairy having personell control? There's nothing left for him to do. He'd be better off taking the year off if he can't coach. I'm sure Gilbert would like to have him around, but would larry take a lame figurehead job like that?

6:16 PM


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