Sunday, June 12, 2005


Two men stood silently in an elevator as it rumbled sky ward in the Pistons team hotel in San Antonio.
Pistons President Joe Dumars stood on one side, his risky trade acquisition Rasheed Wallace on the other side.
Wallace looked down toward the floor and Dumars straight ahead.
The doors opened and Wallace stepped out.
"Shoot the ball, " Dumars called out.
"OK. I will, " Wallace said hopefully.
Once again the man of few words made the biggest statement. Dumars is right. Wallace must shoot the ball more tonight when the Pistons and Spurs battle in Game 2 of the NBA Finals at SBC Center.
Wallace took six shots in Game 1, a 84-69 Pistons loss. Six shooters are fine in western movies. They are not acceptable when you are as talented as Wallace.
Hopefully Rasheed Wallace will be on the same elevator with point guard Chauncey Billups. And we can only hope the following conversation happens.
Rasheed: "Get me the ball."
Billups: "You got it man. "
Of course the Pistons must rebound better, defend the ball better and get inside the jocks of Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili. But they also need Rasheed Wallace to be more aggressive on the offensive end.
There are two problems.
1. Rasheed Wallace loves to read games. He concentrates on rebounding when the team needs that. He is also an excellent passer, rebounder and defender. He can hurt you in many ways. He is unselfish.
Sometimes Wallace does not shoot enough because he was taught not to bring attention to himself on the floor, unless of course he is barking at a referee and padding his record number of technical fouls.
Ball hog is not his MO.
But when a team struggles as much on offense as the Pistons they could use one more ball hog. Lets hope Rasheed Wallace becomes that. Sometimes it is baffling to see Ben Wallace take more shots than Rasheed Wallace.
One Wallace is smooth on offense. The other shoots like Robo Cop. I will let you guess which is which.

2. Chauncey Billups needs to recognize when one of his big guns has too many unused bullets in the chamber. It is up to him to feed Rasheed the ball and tell him during time outs his number will be called. Billups is in a tough situation because he knows he can score off gambling defensive player Tony Parker at will.
But the main job of a point guard is to make teammates look good.
Rasheed Wallace is the wild card in the Pistons run. They rarely lose when he is active, interested and dominating.
Shoot the ball.
They might become the most important words of this series


Anonymous SpartanSteve said...

"They will not win game 2."

1:41 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

You sound like Rasheed in Indiana last year.
They will not win Game 2

2:04 AM

Anonymous The_REAL_RIGHT_Way said...

I think Dumars should have been a little more specific... Perhaps,
"be an animal in the post" or "do some damage down low."

I can see Rasheed thinking he has the green light from the arch. This could be Detroits worse nightmare.

9:38 AM

Anonymous THE_REAL_RIGHT_WAY said...

Game 2 Predictions

Ben Wallace - Can't get Shaq out of his head, he will have a sub-par game.

Rasheed Wallace - Will have a better game, but will crack emotionally when San Antonio turns up the defensive pressure. Expect a tech on Crysheed.

Tayshaun Prince - His ability to guard Manu is questionable. The frustration of trying to stop Ginobili on the defensive end will affect his offensive aggressiveness. More of the same for Prince.

Chauncey Billups Billups is not seeing the floor well. The San Antonio defense is a problem for Billups who is not a true point guard. Good point guards create passing. Billups is best at creating a shot. Billups will not get his team going.

Rip Hamilton I was surprised at how well Bruce Bowen contained Hamilton in game 1. I think Rip will be better, however, Bowen will continue to frustrate him. I see about 20 points for Hamilton. He will be the Pistons high scorer.

Overall The Pistons certainly did not play their best, however, nor did San Antonio. San Antonio is going to turn it up a notch and the Pistons will get a look at the real San Antonio. Game goes to San Antonio.

10:20 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I finally figured it out - Right Way is Valenti.

What is with people who feel better if they predict defeat for the home team - can't handle even potential disappointment? They don't come off as realistic or smart, just bitter.

12:59 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

Of course I was joking when I said this. But I told some of my boys in the media that if I were Chauncey Billups I would carry a pistol in my jock strap and every time Rashjeed ventured from the paint I would bust a cap and shoot off a toe.
I figured by the third toe he would get the message.

1:34 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

I know the Pistons showed blemishes in Game 1. However there is an easy explanation for them falling apart. They did not get much of a chance to prepare and they were just a couple days off an emotional series ending victory over Miami.
I expect better jump and more sustained play of excellence. At the same time the Spurs probably won't start the game in a sustained funk.
So Game 2 will be entirely different with new circumstances of entertainment.

1:37 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

Let me say this about Mike and I guess about myself also.
Our job as talk show hosts is not to predict the home team to win all the time. If we did that when could you believe us?
I don't think the Pistons will win this series. I am not going to say they will simply because I am from Detroit. That short changes all of us. I would want to believe that every word out of my mouth is what I believe in.
My only fault of Mike is when the Pistons beat Miami he came on the air the next day like he was disappointed. he still says he does not know what I was talking about but to me it was quite obvious.

1:40 PM

Anonymous The_REAL_Right_WAY said...


Wrong, The_REAL_Right_Way is just another baskeball fan.

The closest I get to Mike is that I find him and Terry to be very entertaining and forthright in their opinions.

2:09 PM

Blogger billionaire said...

TErry can I get some credit hahaha I am the one who made the observation of tired legs and noticed how flat there shots were while ev1 else was all on the Spurs jock straps. I know you think the spurs will win but I have seen enough play from this team to think otherwise. I do feel this team has that switch on and off swagger and now I think it is on. Hey was up with you guys not starting on time. I rock to you guys after working out and lately you guys have been slipping just a bit. Also can you tell your station to drop this bogus remember this show and that show.

2:45 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

You can always claim partial credit. But this is something I was harping about on the show before the game even began. But if you say something here it is all yours. take it away bud.

2:54 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay - I guess if my life rose or fell based on the Pistons I would not be able to have faith that they could prevail bcause the defeats would be just too crushing.

Remembering everything up to now -how nobody in this town would pick them last year to beat the Nets or Pacers, much less the Lakers - unheard of - and how much fun it was to believe anyway and be rewarded. I am all in and I can't lose - a sold out fan.

Riding the pre-game pink cloud!

8:55 PM

Anonymous The_Real_Right_Way said...

I'm watching the game and just saw Rasheed fall out after fouling Ginobili.

Rasheed is quickly turning the Pistons into the crybabys of the league. I can't believe this guy has the gall to cry after committing blatant fouls.

Does this guy have any sense that he is hurting his team?

11:40 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Terry, Still think I can't shoot? Truth my ass.
Bruce Bowen

11:53 PM

Anonymous The_REAL_Right_Way said...

As I have said before, for the first time in the playoffs (this year and last year) the Pistons are playing a "healthy" team.

They don't appear to be doing to well. Has their luck run out?

12:11 AM

Anonymous The_REAL_Right_Way said...

I think Larry needs to do something dramatic like start McDyess and put Prince on the bench.

Prince is too soft for this kind of competition. 3 points and 3 rebounds. Again, that 7'2" wingspan was previously clipped by Dwayne Wade. Ginobili is having his way out there.

12:27 AM


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