Wednesday, June 15, 2005


AUBURN HILLS -- His jaws grew tight. He paused and tried to measure his words.
You could tell San Antonio Spurs guard Bruce Bowen was upset. He'd just been ripped by Pistons guard Rip Hamilton who complained that Bowen gets away with dirty tricks that officials don't see.
A night after having to defend Hamilton on the court Bowen stood at a podium at The Palace defending his defense.
"He gets away with so much stuff that it is crazy," Hamilton said.
Welcome to our first full blown controversy in an otherwise love fest NBA Finals. A new subplot was introduced to Game 4 Thursday night at The Palace. Will officials read Hamilton's word and take a closer look at Bowen? Or will it be business as usual for the crew this evening?
Hamilton called Bowen a crafty defender. But he said part of his craft includes hand holding, jersey grabbing, rib rubs, hip checks, hand slapping and bumps of the rump. If this is true is Bowen really an NBA super defender or a member of the WWE?
When reporters relayed Hamilton's complaints Bowen shook his head in amazement.
"It seems to be a top song now," Bowen said.
In other words he has heard this before. Bowen is a crafty defender. He is physical and does slap Hamilton and whomever else he is defending. But Hamilton is crafty too. Remember he studied Reggie Miller, the master of deception, and Hamilton pushes and tugs also.
It is a very interesting little battle as these two teams battle for the heavyweight championship of hoops.
Bowen, of course, simply wishes the talk was about basketball. It no longer is. Hamilton opened a Pandora's box that will only get bigger as more media members learn of Hamilton's accusations.
Hamilton has been the Pistons' most frustrated player. He constantly gripes at officials and believes Bowen is being allowed to manhandle him. It appears as if Hamilton is begging for whistles 24/7 now.
Bowen was so upset he looked like he wanted to implode.
"I'm crafty? It is amazing to hear things like that about you, " Bowen said. "I think everybody gets away with something at a particular point of the game. When you start singling people out for what they do it is like a player and officials. You always want to complain that officials are not doing a good job, but when you look at the whole tape you see the officials miss some calls they could have called on you. "
Bowen was credited with holding Hamilton to 33 percent shooting in the first two games of the NBA Finals. But Hamilton broke loose for 24 points in Tuesday’s 96-79 Pistons victory which sliced the Spurs lead to 2-1.
Hamilton abandoned pump fakes because Bowen is too disciplined to fall for the fake. He went straight at Bowen or shot as soon as he got the ball in his sweet spot.
"I just have to do a better job of getting a hand up on each shot, " Bowen said. "I did a poor job of chasing him on some screens and because of who he is he made me pay for that. "
Bowen knows Hamilton wanted to get his message to tonight's officials. It is part of the gamesmanship during a series. Just because the final whistle blows on a game does not mean the games have ended.
But Bowen is crafty.
"It takes two to tangle, " Bowen said. "It is usually not one guy. The officials are watching us closely. It is a shame we can't just say basketball is being played and see who the best team. But we have to bring in other things that really have nothing to do with it."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You had to know someone on either side was eventually going to come out with something like this. The series had far too much love to be truly intriguing.

Hamilton's Game 3 performance will most likely be his best effort in this series. He is not going to take Bowen to school again, but I also don't believe Bowen's early-series dominance will return either. Overall, this matchup will be fascinating to watch and has set itself apart from the others that we had all been eagerly awaiting.

11:32 PM

Blogger h bomb said...

Hamilton prays he can be as crafty as Reggie Miller with the energy of a young man.

11:36 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Truthfully fellas, all the pistons, including Rip should shut the #$^@ up and play. All this chatter is not only becoming tiresome but embarrasing as well. Bowen essentially laughed at the claims. While Rip was dead serious. To me it's a simple barometer of who is serious about winning a title and who isn't/ The Pistons have allowed that scary pink ghost in the middle of the room spooke them and disrupt their focus. The Spurs arent playing that game. That alone makes me believe more in San Antonio. If the Pistons focus, shut up, and play through the monster they have created with the officials they might actually compete and get back to San Antonio. Otherwise it's curtains.

11:39 PM

Blogger h bomb said...

Think about it - these press conferences are no more than a waste of time for players, except for the fact that they can get fans pulling for them. I doubt refs give a hoot what they say.

Agreed it's embarassing to hear complaints. But I don't think Rip Hamilton is really that caught up in being spooked by Bowen.

Rip's intent is to match craft with craft if he wants to beat Bowen. All this talk is just noise.

11:46 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

I hope the refs let them play. Both are guilty of pushing the envelope to get an advantage. Bowen will, body you, push you, and grab you. On the other hand rip will push you into screens, and use his off hand to push off to creat space or get open.

They both know what they want to do and will use their individual tactics to beat the other guy.

I just hope the refs let them play.

11:49 PM

Blogger billionaire said...

Okay I was at game 3 and I did see bowens do the things that Rip was talking about. With that said Rip man up and play. I really thought Ray Allen was just being a baby and Rip as well until I saw it 4 myself but I also feel a player will do whatever he can get away with until he gets calls on it. You know what Terry it is amazing the stories that players have beyond the game. I did not know this but Bowens parents were horrible. One was a crack head and the other an alcoholic. In fact, they now want to make amends. Also I heard about Ben issues but did not if they were true. So it goes to show us fans who feel that players are machines and are here to do our bidding should get real. Enough digressing I expect the pistons to win game 4 and 5. I sense the switch has clicked on and I expect Rip to Man Up. I also expect more physical play like Chauncy did Tony Parker. Question for you Terry. If the Pistons wins Game 4 and 5 do u still feel San antonio will win the series and Tell Mike to man up as well and quit using anonymous hahahhaha

11:55 PM

Blogger billionaire said...

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11:55 PM

Anonymous Mike V. said...

C'mon Billionare!!!! I'm used toa messagboard with a screename...i forget to go below and do it....sorry, this is me.

the post above is mine....stand by it. Shut up and play. Officials listen, they are informed of pressers, comments, etc. He isnt helping an already bad situation. His antics with the game already decided last night were brutal. We'll see what happens in game 4.

11:59 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

Ray Allen had similar complaints about Bowen as have others that he has guarded.

Bottomline, I have seen the Spurs play many times and I have never seen anything dirty from Bowen.

I think the guy just has that nagging defense that frustrates other players. He is like Rodman and Laimbeer in getting under peoples skin.

I do however think he is a much cleaner player than Rodman or Laimbeer. Those two might go down as the dirtiest players ever in league history.

12:00 AM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

Along the same lines of complaining to officials, there are a number of terms that I feel are frequently and baselessly used by reporters, commentators and others considered to be the experts on the NBA. I have listed my top 5. There are probably many others.

For example the term unselfish must be used 10 times a game. The context often used, implies that most players/teams are selfish. However, more often than not you see teams playing “unselfish” rather than “selfish.” Would you like more passing in some situations? …yes. Would you like to see some players, “go ahead and take the shot”? …yes.
I personally don’t see a predominance of ball hogs around the league.

I feel this erroneous representation of the game is hurting it equally as much, if not more than some of the isolated shenanigans that go on with the game.

Most over expressed, inaccurate and damaging terms that hurt the NBA.

2.“Playing the right way”
3.Lack of fundamentals
4.Over paid players
5.Star fouls

12:17 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

what I think hurts the NBA is drama queens like Bill Walton commenting on games.

Personally I turn off the sound on the set and listen to Blaha & Long.

Terry if you and Mike would call games that would be so cool,

12:43 AM

Blogger Ian C. said...

I hate to say it as a Pistons fan, but I agree with Bowen:

"It is a shame we can't just say basketball is being played and see who the best team. But we have to bring in other things that really have nothing to do with it."

As Mike said, shut up and play. Call it gamesmanship if you want. It comes off like whining and griping on Rip's part.

Of course, if Bowen gets some cheap, ticky-tack fouls called on him in Game 4, I'll take it all back and say Rip is brilliant. :)

1:00 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

Rip has allowed the officiating to get into his head. He is thinking about it constantly. But this might be a bit of gamesmanship. Lets see if the officials call Bowen for an early off the ball foul. If they do then Rip has won at least one tiny battle.

2:19 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

H Bomb,
Buddy boy the officials do pay attention to what is said during off day press conferences. That is why players make certain statements. A number of players and coaches over the years have told me they make statements hoping to get favorable calls in the next game.

2:21 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

I am glad you brought up the human side of things. Many athletes are not machines and things off the court do bother them, as they would bother us.
I try to teach Mike that he must remember the emotional side of things when trying to predict things. He never uses that.
If the Pistons win the next two games at home they have shown me nothing to let me believe they can win at San Antonio. So I shall stick with my prediction.

2:24 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

You don't want me calling a game. That would be a disaster. I respect people who can do it. It is an art form I know I cannot do. But thanks for the compliment. Maybe Mike can do it. I don't know. I never asked him.

2:26 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now Michael Jordan... that was a brother from another planet.

6:32 AM

Blogger billionaire said...

I forgot about the Jordan rules. He used to complain like Rip and he also got away with alot as Like Rip the difference from what I can see is that Jordan manned up while yapping. I think next season you will see Rip still yap but mann up as well also become a better finisher close to the basket. Terry I have said this b4 and even emailed you on it You should write a book. Mike man you are definetly going places I just hope success which I know is coming for you guys don;t cause a split.

7:23 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

I may write a book. I actually have a concept I have thought about. I simply need time and motivation to do it.
I believe Mike and I can make it big. I hear that all the time. The problem is the public realizes it. The people who run the station don't. It is frustrating because I have never gotten so much feed back on any of my radio ventures as I do the Sports Inferno. But management makes the decisions and I believe they either don't hear the buzz or ignore it.
I mean we finished second in local sports talk radio twice and have been on the air less than two years.

7:27 AM

Blogger billionaire said...

Wait Terry who are you guys second to. I am not the only one that says you guys formula works. Kind of like the Ying and Yang. If it's Jim Rome then I am sure it is a matter of time b4 you beat him out locally. I wonder if Wxyt recognizes but ur show is the best and I am sure the ratings reflect it. Maybe it is a respect thing. In the sense that they don;t want to disrespect the old and tired Big show and the boring morning deal.

8:10 AM

Blogger billionaire said...

One more note on XYT can u tell them to stop this wack announcement of Remember this and that garbage. WDFN started it and they have stopped I think. Can u recant on how did Mike find you. I think Mike was from lansing so how in the hell did he know of your radio side. Also I try to support the brothers but can you help Brother Pate they got my mans on the worst days for radio hahahah

8:14 AM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

Bill Walton...

I like him half the time and the other half, I think he is an idiot.

Between him and Doug Collins I think both of them project such an air of arrogance around, "how great the league was when they were in it." its sickening.

Walton seems to forget his passed ways of the, "drug taking pot smokin dead head culture." But he is so quick to point out what he considers to be a disgrace in the league today.

Collins seems to have made every player he touched better, but got run out of ever job he ever had.

Good point, both hurt the NBA in some respects.

8:22 AM

Anonymous Brian said...

Who cares...? Everyone gets away with something one time or another. Rip has to do what he did in Game 3, stay agressive and he'll get his shots.

Enough of this whining stuff, just play the game.

8:34 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

The Detroit News does a best of every spring and we finished second to Stoney and Wojo for best local sports talk show.
Our ratings were the best in station history. And the station was not prepared for that.
The problem is we were put together as an after thought. They put together the other two local shows and then hired Mike.
They were deciding if he should go solo or have a partner. They decided he needed a partner and offered him Rob Parker, Pat Caputo, Gator Anderson and Boodini. Mike wanted to do the show with me and I believe the station was reluctant to hire me. But they did any way and the rest is history.

8:37 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

As far as Pate. They really don't like him there. He won't get another real shot at the Fan. I will tell you the last straw for me was when I was at The Fan of all the onair staff Pate was the seventh highest paid. And I was number 6. Of course there were seven full-time on air personalities. I thought it was unfair especially since the dude that did the Meat shop had a salary almost double mine.

8:40 AM

Anonymous Brian said...


Why so much hating from the News and the station? You're opinion is realistic (most the time..haha). And I don't know how Stony and Wojo are rated number 1, I can't stand that show or those guys at all. Maybe you and Mike will do a PTI type thing someday...I'd tune in.

8:44 AM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

T Foster...

From a local perspective, you guys are way better than Stoney and Wojo.

I'm unlike most listeners, I like more of a national perspective, however, you guys keep me listening because you certainly aren't homers and have a fresh point of view.

Actually you should consider calling the game. Blah Bla and team are such homers it is sickening.

I can't complain too much because Chick Hearn was my favorite homer of all times. He was however much more objective than Blah Bla

Great show!!!

8:45 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear someone else hear they can't stand Stoney and Wojo. They are unlistenable. By far the worst show in Detroit. The most overrated thing since Deion Sanders.

9:02 AM

Anonymous tony hamera said...

Well I must say if the Inferno was on opposite of S&W, I'd listen to the Inferno. However we have the Big Show which is OK untill they start being Michigan slappys - then its really unlistenable. Caputo and Wregner would be much more enjoyable......I think the Inferno would un-seat S&W for top radio show in Detroit.

9:22 AM

Anonymous jumpinjak said...

Give me a break - Blaha is fantastic. And I like Stoney and Wojo - don't let this digress into hatin on others - just play your own game and you'll have a big enough following. That's the problem with blogs - they turn into bash sites - promote yourself...

9:27 AM

Blogger MortyCrass said...

I love to read about a little chirpin' going on before game 4. I think it's healthy and part of the game.

One observation: in Game 3, I noticed how the Pistons didn't really get in ref Joey Crawford's face, like they did in the Miami series (and it cost them then). I hope they learned that they need to play through the garbage calls to win.

Also, Bruce Bowen, however you want to characterize his game, is right when he says that refs miss calls on both sides and it affects everyone. He's got a more level-headed perspective on it than Rip. Although that may be because 2/3 of Bowen's game is D and Rip is the more prolific scorer.

9:38 AM

Anonymous Tony Hamera said...

I like Stoney & Wojo too, but they talk about too much other crap thats not sports related. Thats why I love the Inferno - they'll stay on the topic that the people want to talk about, even if its 3hrs of the same topic. I like that.

9:51 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wojo: "I really like Twinkies, Stoney"

Stoney: "My Dog Jersey has lost 22 pounds by not eating Twinkies and taking the Purina One challenge"

Wojo: "I'll only eat dog food if I'm desperate, say, if there are no McDonalds within 100 yards of me."

Stoney: "You're fat. Hey, did you know I'm obsessed with Bruce Springsteen"

Wojo: "blah blah blah FOOD blah blah"

Stoney: "blah blah SPRINGSTEEN blah blah...stutter...blah"

9:56 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I apologize for the previous comment but my brain is still atrophied from listening to Stoney and Wojo in 1996.

9:57 AM

Anonymous jumpinjak said...

i like tfoster as well. What I'm saying is don't play the "we're better than they are' angle. do your thing, attract your people and play your game. don't let it become a negative fest....peace

10:01 AM

Blogger Jack Fu said...

As with just about every issue on the planet, everyone is a little bit right and a little bit wrong here. Rip’s claims have some merit: Bowen, while universally regarded as a superior defender (wasn’t he the first guy people labeled a “Kobe-stopper”?), is almost as universally seen, by players and basketball writers alike, as a “borderline-dirty” player -- I think those exact words were used to describe him in a recent SI piece. He is crafty, no question. But Bowen is also completely correct when he says that, during the course of a game, everyone gets away with a little something at some point (although I think the old adage “bad calls even out” is one of the biggest lies in sports), and the best thing to do is just shut your mouth and go about your business. However, I will say that I’m glad this little spat is happening. We haven’t seen an NBA finals where there was some actual dislike between the participants in years; I’m all-for some kind of personal conflict here.

Plus, the Sports Inferno kicks ass.

10:06 AM

Anonymous Nathan said...

1130 is awful. It rarely comes in as clear as 1270, and when it does, it's at about half the volume, so if I'm listening to the Pistons (ONLY thing I listen to on there), and get out of the car, and then get back in later and change the station or put in a CD, my ears are torn apart.

They should just get rid of that station. Honestly, it sounds like it is run by college kids.

Mike and Terry, to the top!

10:22 AM

Anonymous XgoBLUExHOKIESx said...

RIP is whining like a little girl! Mike is right...Him and Tay need to buck up and act like they are playing for Detroit...not for San Francisco

10:34 AM

Anonymous SNL is worse then Iraq! said...


How can you say 1130 sucks when Spindler and Lund are on 1270! They are hands down the worst radio show ever. Spindler is a no radio talent pu$$y and Lund sounds like the kid in elementary school that used to get his lunch taken. They need to blow that show out of the water, move Karsch and Regnor to that spot, take Terry and Mike to the afternoon drive, and run ESPN (colin cowherd) from 10-1. Then maybe run Gator and Ortiz from 1-3.

WDFN is great...except 1270 is better from 10-1.

10:37 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

I think what happens is newspapers and radio stations like safe. I am not safe when I write columns. The News does not like that. And Mike and I are not safe. We are dangerous in that we push the button and that makes some people uncomfortable.
Through out my career I get way more love from readers and listeners than I do from editors and program directors.
Unfortunately the people don't make personnel decisions

10:44 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

I like Stoney and Wojo. I listen to their show. They are my boys. I listen to the Big Show. They are my boys. However I would love a shot to go up against Stoney and Wojo. You always want to tackle the big dog when you get a chance. I am not afraid of anybody.

10:46 AM

Anonymous Sean Balegian said...

Give me LP's damn #...

WHAT THE HELL IS THE DEAL! Radio is supposed to service the public. The public wants the Inferno on from 3-7.

How in the hell are you guys supposed to pull great numbers on 10-1...OH WOW YOU ARE! What the hell would you do on the afternoon spot? Umm ROAST stoney and wojo....

10:50 AM

Anonymous tony hamera said...

I'm with you T - I love ALL of our radio personalities because it gives ME a choice, depending on my mood. If i'm feeling goofy or want a few laughs i put on S&W, if i'm feeling like hard-core sports talk I'll put on The Big Show or The Inferno, Scott Anderson etc.... I think 1270 has better all-around programming - there's more on the weekends, more pre/postgame radio and better evening programming.

10:55 AM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...


When did San Francisco get an NBA team. I am beginning to think Princess and Rip may fit in just great over there.

However, the teams out in the Eastern conference are becoming more and more soft. They should probably just stay out here and continue to play soft ball.

10:55 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

'I will admit I am bad. I want more than just games. I like when there is some spice between games.
Rip and Bowen excite me. I dont like boring stuff.

11:04 AM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

If they let them play, I think I will give the edge to Bowen.

Look what he did to Shawn Marion in the Phoenix series.

11:06 AM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...


We all have opinions just like you. I happen to think Blah Bla is fair at best.

You like him that works for you, but don't tell people to suppress their opinions. What are you Republican?

11:18 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

I will say this about Stoney and Wojo. They realize you have to get off of sports now and then. If a show only talks sports it will not work in this town. People complain about wanting all sports but then not enough listen. That is why S@W ratings are so high. They give you variety.

11:26 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

Most people in talk radio do not want to see the other stations leave. I do not want to see WDFN leave. If it leaves it gives us less options. And you cannot get rid of the Number one sports station.
Of course we at 1270 don't want to admit it but wdfn is the best now. Our job is to try to over take them. Until we do there is no reason for them to leave.

11:30 AM

Blogger hitman said...

Bowen is the best on-ball defender but Rip is not a one-on-one player, (although at times he thinks he is)he can't create his own shot. In the first two games Rip played to Bowens strength and tried to be too aggressive going to the rack. Game three Rip finally played to his own strength, jumpers. Detroit set better screens and Rip ran off of them a lot tighter. If Rip's jumpers are falling the help D is key and in the rotation is where Detroit can make them pay. On O it all starts with which Rip shows up....content jumper Rip or prove your an all-star get to the rack Rip.

11:40 AM

Anonymous Mike V. said...

To everyone....

Thank you for the kind words, honestly, and I speak for both Terry and I, it means more than you know.

the anit-christ Mike Valenti

11:43 AM

Blogger billionaire said...

Terry your giving wdfn too much credit the reason why there on top mainly because of stony and wojo is because of counter programming. I am 100 percent sure if you guys got that slot it would over take wojo and stoney. We all know ur smoking Sean Ballegian. As far as why your show works I agree it's because you guys push that envelope let's face it what show or anything been successful by pushing safety. I think that is one of the reasons readership for both papers maybe down ( I hate 2 say it Terry but the freepress is begininning to push that envelope a little bit) I disagree with the point on variety to a point. I feel that if you make the topics on sports more interesting you will have the fans. You guys do that. Even when you guys veer off sports it is interesting. You don;t do pyramids or whatever bogus gimmick. I still got to ask any chance on having your formula for the morning show like adding E pate to that mix even though I know copy cats tend not to work. Look for Rashid to have a break out game

11:52 AM

Anonymous tony hamera said...

Mikey X, you're very welcome. Just keep being you and dont let small minded listeners get you down (although im sure you wont!). You and T have GREAT chemistry and I was hooked from moment one. Keep up the great work fellas.

12:12 PM

Blogger said...


When is WXYT going to start streaming on the web? Maybe they are already and I just can't find it on their site.

Bowen is a no-talent thug, btw.

1:07 PM

Anonymous Nathan said...

Local announcers are suppossed to be homers. That's what makes them local announcers. I want my local announcer to cheer for my team the way I do.

If I wanted bland, and supposed "objectivity," I'd be into national sports media.

At least local announcers know they are homers. National commentators like Tim Legler lick the Spurs taint every chance they get and then act like they are just "tellin' it like it is."

Scoop Jackson and Marty Burns are usually the only 2 national writers I can read (until Terry's upcoming breakout). Jackson is the only one I always like the work of, though.

Terry -- I realistically know you can't just get rid of a station. I guess that was just me doing my best Mike impression. The point I was trying to make is that my experience with that station has been so much worse than my experience listening to 1270, that from my perspective, I can't believe your show isn't #1 all over Detroit.

1:32 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, and I forgot, The Inferno definately needs to take over the morning show. I'm kinda tired of this routine:

S: "Jon you're so ugly!"
L: "Whatever, you're fat!"
S: "Hey, my friend, you know what they say, [insert cliche here]."
L: "You never even made it to the Super Bowl!"
S: "Last time I checked, [insert cliche here about how trying is important]."
L: "Oh whatever!"
S: "[Cliche] [cliche] [cliche] [cliche]."
L: "C'mon, my wife isn't THAT much better looking than me, is she Maz?"
S: "Yeah sure Jon. [Cliche relating to lack of hair growth]."

1:34 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...


Breakout for Rasheed???

Rasheed is the biggest underachiever in the game today. At 6'11" with his talent, he should be a 20 and 10 guy every night of the week.

The Pistons have way too many scoring droughts to justify his inconsistent play. There are many opportunities for Rasheed to stand up and assert himself, however, he is often setting on the bench trying to get his anger undercontrol. You can count on Rasheed to step up when the I mic is in front of him, But not during game time.

If he does happen to breakout tonight it will be one of the few times in the playoffs.

1:54 PM

Anonymous jumpinjak said...

Ok real way....say what you want. I wasn't suppressing your opinion -just saying that the greatest way to prove that the other guy is better than you are is talk a bunch about the other guy....

1:54 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...


I don't know that anyone in true competition here i.e., T Foster has said anything derogatory about his competition.

Readers and listeners have however expressed their likes and dislikes. You advised people not to say anything. I would say that is trying to suppress thought.

By the way who here is playing the "we're better than they are' angle?"

2:09 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

TFos and Valenti would be great in the morning...S & L is a weak show. Too many cliches and comments about scoring w/ wives.

Bowen is a hard nosed defender who pushes the envelope on contact. If he were a Piston D-town would LOVE him. He could do w/o the after the play crap like shoulders into Rip after a made basket and stuff like that. That is part of the reason why you hear Rip and Ray Allen complaining.

As far as Rip whining, give me a break. Be objective and watch the whole game on both sides. EVERY PLAYER IN THE NBA COMPLAINS TO THE REFS, some are just more demonstrative and the cameras get in their grill and then they are labeled as whiners. Horry's act the other night should have drawn a T regardless if it was a bad call or not.

The telecast would be much better if the TNT crew did the halftime show and they dropped Al Michaels. Will Al Michaels ever stop doing B-Ball? Do you believe in Miracles?...yes!!!

4:35 PM

Anonymous Nathan said...

Yeah, I am consistently entertained by Charles Barkley. He's so blunt about everything. Kind of like Mike...

4:45 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...


I agree with you on the TNT crew. They got it down.

Generally speaking, I think the refs give the players alot of leeway. The accumlation sometimes draws the tech.

People say if Rasheed would have done what Horry did, they would have T'd him up. Probably, cause cumulatively the guys antics keep adding up.

Horry is not know for dressing down refs. If Rasheed thinks he gets a clean bill of health at the beginning of every game, I have news for him. The refs carry that ______ with them. Just like I would if someone called me MF, SOB, and other references that don't fit into, "playing the right way."

4:46 PM

Blogger Jack Fu said...

Barkley would be fantastic if he ever, EVER said anything substantive. He's great for one-liners and stuff, but he offers little-to-no genuine analysis. If they're just gonne use him as a clown, they should just go the full nine and put him in a friggin' jester's costume.

4:51 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

The thing that works for me and Mike is that we are honest. If we feel the Pistons are the greatest in the world we say it. If we don't then we say that also. And that is what gets us in trouble sometimes. Some fans and a lot of people in management only want good news and they want things to appease fans and make them happy.
I dont want you to like me every day. I want to be honest.

4:57 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

Unfortunately Mike does let small minded listeners get him down. I used to be that way but I lost that about 20 years ago. He should expect people to come after him because he is so strong and bold.
But I always tell him they only hit the one who is carrying the ball. He listens and knows it. One day he will believe it.

4:59 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

XYT will be one of the last stations to go streaming. I dont know why. I just know there is no interest.

5:00 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

We need to be clear about homer annoucers and homer play by play and color guys.
Teams hire the announcers who do play by play. They are homers. But talk show hosts should not be homers and always trumpet the party line.
If we did when could you believe us? You could not. We would always be positive and happy even when the roof is caving in.
I cannot and will not do that.
XYT is not number one because DFN has had a head start on the air and XYT has made mistakes in the past. I am not sure if leadership of the station truly understands what the sports listners want. Until they do then it will always be number two.

5:06 PM

Blogger dt said...

First on topic, I don't mind the players and coaching sniping in the papers in between games - it's all part of the gamesmanship. What drives me nuts is the demonstrative BS during the game. That's when I scream "Just shut up and play!"

You're building an empire here, T, we're going to make it to that million man level, I feel it! (btw, you know I'm also waiting for the Pistons expose book starring our buddy Tommy!)

Caught some of the show today. Good stuff as usual - especially when Mike had to double his BP medicine while you slapped the guy who played the race card about the refs today.

Have a good one tonight. I think it's the best game of the series so far and I'll call it Pistons 89-82 with Sheed and Chauncey being my guys as usual.

PS - Tell Valenti to break his 8 pm curfew just one more time and get his dago ass to Joe's and watch the game with the peeps.

5:16 PM

Blogger dt said...

Completely waaaaaay off topic, but speaking of announcers, Rod Allen does a GREAT job as color analyst for Tigers TV games. Informative and real. Good stuff. (And by the way, the Tigers crept back toward .500 just in time as the NBA season is nearing its close!!!)

5:19 PM

Blogger dt said...

And btw, one final, simple thought to the_real_right_way:

Rasheed Wallace is THE reason the Pistons are in the NBA Finals for the second year in a row. Without him, they are simply a good team that plays the right way and exits by the second round of the playoffs every year.


5:23 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...


Rasheed is still an underachiever. He might be that missing link with the Pistons, but just think about it...If he came everynight, there wouldn't be any conversation about whether the Pistons are a fluke.

He is getting up in age and his legacy at this point will be the "crybaby" of the league. He can change that.

5:41 PM

Anonymous Mike V. said...

if you guys dig this blog, you are gonna love what's coming in a matter of days....seriously. stay tuned.

Mike V.

5:49 PM

Anonymous Mike V. said...


did you catch shawn marion on espnnews? laughed at claims that bowne is dirty or cheats....said any talk like that is silly. Bowen just plays hard and D's up the way all guys should.

Rip is being a baby, following lead from teammates, it must end. He is hurting his club. We'll see what happens tonight. I feel a big game from Duncan coming on. Hope I'm wrong.

Mike V.

5:51 PM

Blogger billionaire said...

Now mike and terry you guys know that you have a fan base that is growing alot more that you guys ever thought. At some point XYT will get it. The right way I do agree with you and Mike that Rashid tends to underachieve however it seems to work for this team. I have noticed that even when he get;s techs or gauransheed deals this teams seems to respond go figure. I can't figure out why it works but it does. It was not like Rashid had monster scoring games last year and this year but the team responded. I do feel it makes it easier when he dominates but go figure. Hey Mike you have got to remember about the piston and red wings and lion fans they have been babied far to long by the local sports guys If my memory serves me correct Terry used to baby back in the day haahhahahha. So when you come real those fans are like dumbfounded so don;t take nothing personal. Just keep on and watch how you and Terry will cash big time checks. I agree with Real that you guys bring a national perspective versus the homer version that alot fans seem content with. Hence I will harp on the syndicate thing XYT. Prime example alot of fans were quick to fall for the Refs are against us but you guys pointed the other side of it. When will u guys do road shows ? I am sure alot of other fans notice how u don;t need to interview alot of national folks infact I notice you tend to use as fans for perspective where we can go back and forth or you may use a local insider like Tom Gage (which is rare). Lastly I must say this I hate hockey but I wish they would come back so peeps in downtown can get back to work. It is going to be interesting to see how things go when basketball is over with and we are at the dog days of summer. and Mike you think pistons fans were back I know you had a taste of lion fans but wait this year when there are outrageous expectations. I expect you will field calls like 16 and 0 We will win the superbowl hahhaha Or my all time favorite get rid of Joey and plug in Jeff Can;t throw Deep GArcia. hahahhaha

7:55 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bring the TNT group in Tirico sucks. Greg Anthony is very good but Bill Walton and Tirico.... oh my god.

9:06 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone is picking the Pistons tonight. That should keep all the fans from feel slighted.

Great, I don't have to hear the calls tomorrow. You know.... Terry, Mike man why don't we get respect.

9:09 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

D-Town what is up with the talent. They need to let Eminem get out there and get the crowd going.

Carrie Underwood... nice teeth, great rendition but come on this is MOTOWN.

9:12 PM

Blogger dt said...

right way, Sheed is only an underachiever if you are interested in stats. Right now, he is the integreal part of the most unique defensive team in NBA history and he has the ability to influence the offense when needed.

20 and 10 every night form Sheed doesn't make us a better team. An 8 and 7 night is only weak if we lose the game. He doesn't WANT to be a STAR, he wants to WIN!

12:22 AM

Anonymous Nathan said...

Point taken, Terry.

That's what makes you and Mike so good. You're both fans, but you never let that get in the way of saying what you really believe is true.

12:54 PM

Blogger Jonathon Combs said...

Hey, Great Stuff. I'll be back to read often.


8:15 PM


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