Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Pistons Coach Larry Brown talked to his team Monday.
Wait that is not quite accurate. Brown pleaded with his team. He demanded of his team and he singled guys out. He spoke with passion and pain.
By now Brown must know his team has tuned him out as if he is a bad radio station. There is pain and hurt in the Pistons dressing room following his flirtation with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Now after weeks of denial Cleveland Brown admits the Cavs president job is probably his if he wants it.
All his players wanted of him was the same thing he demanded of them. They wanted him to be focused on the task at hand. They wanted him to remove outside distractions and think team first. Brown failed at that and he's spent the last couple of days trying to get his team back.
If they don't want to play for him, then at least play for themselves.
The Pistons need a lot of things before they face the Spurs in Game 3 tonight at The Palace, starring down a 0-2 deficit in this best of seven NBA Finals. They need fans to cheer them. They need to figure out the Spurs quick moving, back screen setting, slam dunking, three-point shooting funk in your face offense.
They need to find holes in the Spurs' smothering defense and begin playing as one heart beat rather than five strangers.
But more importantly they need Larry Brown. And Larry Brown needs them. If the Pistons are to crawl from this cave it will be with players and coach walking lock step. Brown knows it. That is why he's pleaded for their minds, spirits and emotion.
The players hate to admit to it. That is why we are not sure if Brown reached them.
We will find out pretty quickly. The first quarter tonight will tell us all we need to know about the Pistons. If they come out flat and get down by double digits again it will be painfully obvious that Brown did not reach them.
If they play with passion and move the ball as they have before then perhaps this is not quite Larry's Last Stand.
And let me say this right now. This great divide did not begin during the Spurs series. It was front and center as the Pistons battled the Miami Heat during that seven-game Eastern Conference Finals. I warned people on my radio show that a serious problem bubbled underneath. The problem is the Heat were not well enough or talented enough to take full advantage of it.
The Spurs are like chocolate to a teenager. They are so good that they expose every blemish.
The Pistons must show a pulse for us to take them seriously. They need to show that one bad whistle won't cause them to attack officials and check out of games.
The Pistons quite frankly have embarrassed this city. This has nothing to do with getting blown out twice in San Antonio. Their sportsmanship has been atrocious. If you are a young kid watching the Pistons throw temper tantrums like a three-year-old you must know this is not playing the right way.
We've seen Rasheed Wallace lying on the floor; Ben Wallace flip his lid and head band; Rip Hamilton contort his face a hundred times and Chauncey Billups and Brown get technical fouls for screaming at officials.
It is one thing to complain to officials. But the Pistons crossed the line by showing them up. Veteran officials don't play games. If you show them up they are more than happy to blow whistles on you.
The Pistons should know this by now.
The Pistons should also know this. This town loves them. They love their work ethic and spirit. And many people have forgiven them of their sins of the first two games of this series and tried to place blame elsewhere.
They walk in lock step with the Pistons when players complain about officials. They champion the player's who say they want more respect from the national media. The fans believe in the Pistons because the Pistons' way represents what this town is about.
The problem is the Spurs have zapped the spirit out of the Pistons. Brown is trying to breath life into a dying patient.
The question is does the patient want to be saved by this doctor?
We find out tonight.


Blogger $$Pryceless$$ said...

Perfect Terry! Agreed wholeheartedly!

The only thing I think you didn't mention, is Tayshaun Prince is the second biggest crybaby next to Rasheed and the guy needs to show up before he starts throwing the rail-like 7 foot arms in the air and making curious george like faces. PLAY THE GAME TAYSHAUN!

Enough with the crying and complaining, prove to San Antonio, yourselves, this city and the world that we are just as good, well, better than the Spurs....let's hope Larry got through to these guys. Let's hope.

3:16 AM

Blogger DonVitoCorleone said...

As great a job as Dumars has done with this franchise, I have to say he's done poor job over the past year in the following areas:

1. Let's not forget that Dumars gave Brown permission to talk to the Cavs before the season ended. As much as I blame Brown for allowing this to happen during the playoffs and handling it terribly, it was Dumars and the Pistons who gave him the OK. Dumars didn't speak up about it until recently. The Pistons and Dumars hurt the team by allowing this right now (which tells me they really want to move in a different direction next year regardless of Brown's health -- they need to do so if they ever want Delfino or Darko to play here).

2. Dumars, as great as he's been, has not done a terrific job since last summer. I'm referring to the bench situation. The fact that they have absolutely no one coming off the bench who can shoot the ball from the outside is a huge, huge hole in this team. Billups, Hamilton, and Prince are forced to score every point this team has an opportunity to score from the outside. It's too much to ask for.

Last year they could bring in James and Okur to hit some outside jumpers. Discount that if you wish, but it had an impact. It took some pressue off the starters, it stretched the defense, and the Pistons had a sharper offensive attack.

3. I've been really surprised that Dumars hasn't at least indirectly attempted to squelch this crybaby behavior. Brown's a puss when it comes to that, especially since his boy, Rasheed, is the leader of the pack. Brown would never attempt to discipline Rasheed.

As a players, Dumars rarely ever cried to the refs. On the rare occassion he didn't like a call, he'd approach the ref and talk to him professionally. I just cannot understand why he hasn't attempted to squelch this behavior...I guess it's because this is what you get when you have Rasheed on your team. You live with this crap if you have him, and you also die with it if you have him.


Dumars needs to begin righting this sinking ship next year. He deserves the credit he's received, but he needs to be able to take some of the blame that is deserved as well...and there's quite a bit deserved at this stage of the finals.

4:41 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

Let me agree with you on this front. Dumars should have done more to put out these cry baby fires. I agree with you on that. He should be faulted for giving Brown permission to speak to the Cavs. He should have granted him permission to talk to the Cavs after their playoff run.
The short bench situation I can and cannot fault him. I fault him because the bench would be longer if Darko or whomever they selected two years ago could play. But he had to shorten it short term in order to have money to sign Ben Wallace and Tayshaun Prince. They will get another free agent this summner to fill the void.

6:57 AM

Blogger Tom said...

If LB leaves for Cleveland, he's going to become the most hated Detroit sports figure since Barry Sanders.

7:11 AM

Anonymous Brian said...


Nicely put. Their attitude on the court has had no positive influence on people's perception of Detroit. With everything that has happened this year, this is just more fuel on the fire for others outside the state.

Lets just hope these guys have at least one ear to their coach and if not, they'll realize what they mean to this city and state.

7:32 AM

Anonymous DT said...

If you are to believe the Dumars version of the 'permission' (and I do, by the way), he gave the Cavs 'permission' to let LB know that a front-office job was available ion Cleveland should his health prevent him from coachintg next year. Due to Dan Gilbert and Larry Brown, that 'permission' turned into a disaster.

Conspiracy theorists will have you believe that the Pistons made the decision in March to "allow/force" Brown to leave regardless the outcome this year. They would have you believe that the futures of Darko/Delfino overshadow LB's sideline brilliance. I don't buy that theory just yet.

This playoff run has revealed chinks in the Pistons' armor that had not previously been exposed - the most obvious being that "playing the game the right way" is done only through the combined efforts of the coach and the players. When the coach OR the players are not on the same page, this team looks downright bad. Compound that with the inherent resentment that appears to exist between Brown and the players due to the Cleveland thing, and it results in no one playing or coaching to their capabilities.

I believe Larry Brown when he says he treasures the guys on this team and how they play the game. I hope that his talk with them Monday, he bared his soul and let them know that this is true. It is the only way that this Pistons team can remotely challenge the Spurs and make this a series.

But wouldn't it be ironic if they lost the Championship in a manner similar to the Lakers' bickering of a year ago ??!

7:48 AM

Anonymous The_REAL_RIght_Way said...

There are many problems with the Pistons for tonights game. One of the most concerning is whether the Piston Fans realize they're going to be on the national stage?

This is a potential problem because many have bought into the fallacy that the refs are the problem. We've seen what happens when a couple of drunken Piston fans disregard the law.

Piston fans remember, you are on the national stage tonight. Hold your liquor.

The last thing I want to see is some drunkard, wearing a Darko Milicic jersey, with a 2 dollar Ben Wallace king size nappy afro wig, spill a beer on Eva Longoria.

Piston fans behave, the cameras are on.

8:23 AM

Anonymous The_REAL_RIGHT_Way said...


BENCH... What bench? Why have a bench when you don't use it. Darko shouldn't even be on the playoff roster.

Darko is the biggest waste of a front row seat since Shawn Bradley was given his front row season tickets.

I don't fault LB for not playing Darko, he is far from ready. I do fault him for not playing Arroyo and Dupree more at the end of the regular season leading into the playoffs. These guys could at least given them some energy if they were game ready.

8:41 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


If they, "go down like the Lakers bickering'" it would be much different. Kobe and Shaq bickered for 3 years before their demise.

The Pistons would have done it in 2 months. I guess they are over achievers in many respects.

8:44 AM

Anonymous Brent said...


Another great contribution. I'm grateful for this blog.

Just goes to show how wrong the News is. You should have a daily feature column. Those burning question articles are lame.

8:44 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

I agree. I don't think they realize how bad they make us look. Hopefully the Brown speech got to him and he pointed these things out. If not Brown hopefully Dumars did.

8:51 AM

Blogger hitman said...

Very nice T, thanks for puttin' it down.

8:51 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

He will be more hated than Barry Sanders. At least Barry comes back and participates in Lions activities. I think a lot of people have forgiven him. The Lions certainly have.

8:52 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

The Pistons look like the Lakers of a year ago. There is internal bickering and it has hurt the team. I am not sure if one speech can repair that. But we find out tonight. I actually expect the Pistons to win. Home court is so huge and this is their bigget challenge. They should overcome the impossible odds.

8:54 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

I am glad someone noticed. Not to be rude but my stuff belongs in the newspaper. I really believe that. Hopefully the News will notice and give me another shot. I don't know why it was taken away in the first place.

8:57 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

You are quite welcome. Thanks for the words.

8:57 AM

Anonymous Brian said...


Another thing to add...

We hear about Larry Brown calling out his players, but where is Ben Wallace in all this? Ben is the cornerstone and the leader of this franchise, why isn't the captain calling out himself and his teammates? Big Ben has got to emotionally drive this team and give it back its swagger.

8:59 AM

Blogger WTFDetroit.com said...

I think some of you guys are nuts.

Brown will not be the most hated sports personality in Detroit, not by a long shot.

If the guy is handicapped and unable to coach you think he's going to get crucified? Sure he hasn't handled this situation as well as he could have, but there is plenty of blame to go around for that (Gilbert, Dumars, Wilson, etc.).

LB brought this team to the promised land, and he brought so much positive attention to this franchise and these players, that most rational Pistons fans will always be thankful for his contributions.

And as far as the "most hated", how quickly we seem to forget Scott Mitchell.

8:59 AM

Anonymous Brian said...

And Brent is right. I always have enjoyed your articles and your opinions even if i don't always agree. Down with The News. Glad I found the Blog.

9:01 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

I guess you missed the boos at the last home game when Larry Brown was introduced. I guess you have not been listening to talk radio and other web sites where fans are taking him apart. He is not public enemy number one yet, but if the Pistons get swept and he leaves and all this Cleveland stuff is true, he will be right there

9:02 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scott Mitchell... speaking of other flukes. Good recall.

9:03 AM

Blogger WTFDetroit.com said...

T.Foster wrote: "I guess you have not been listening to talk radio and other web sites where fans are taking him apart."

Terry, with all due respect, I run a fan site. I think I have a pretty good feel for what the climate is right now. Most of us are bright enough to not let the media spin (national or local) jade our views.

9:08 AM

Blogger hitman said...

I'm sure there will be disdain or 'hate' for Larry but why? So he handled the Cleveland situation poorly but all the old ball coach did was come in, guide the team to two finals and brought a championship back to the D. He battled physical problems and took a less demanding job for more money (?) and more control. What more did you expect of him, really? Detroit's hired gun was an assassin, in and out like a vapor, but man was he deadly. Don't hate the playa hate the game.

9:14 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

this blog stinks! manu 4 life!

9:29 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

Here is the problem people have. They knew Brown was leaving. They have no problem with him leaving. He just did it the wrong way at the wrong time. He became a distraction during the playoffs and players, front office and fans have a problem with the timing.

9:32 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

this blog stinks??
that must be the ramblings of my radio partner Mikey X.

9:33 AM

Blogger the sports dude said...

Look, the Pistons need to realize one thing - Brown or no Brown next year this "team" will still be together. If they don't want to play for their coach fine, but play for each other then damn it! Unless Joe Dumars get the offer of the century of he goes crazy suddenly, the starting five should remain intact next season. Will changes be made on the bench? Well, the only answer is I hope so!

This post hit the nail right on the head as far as I am concerned, I agreed whole heartedly. This Pistons look like the team that got swept by the Nets two seasons ago, they just don't seem to be playing. If they don't want to play for their coach I can not blame them, but all that they have been through together - crap, play for each other!

Seriously, if they think they can just get here, not play and lose to "give it to Brown" and send him off a loser that is a huge mistake. I get the feeling they are doing that and assuming they will "just do it again" next year. The only problem with that is the East is only going to get better. The Heat isn't going anywhere, the Pacers I am sure will retool as will some others - Nets, Cavs, etc. If they think they can just continue to win the East freely they are mistaken. Like the coach or not, win now for yourselves and show Brown what he will be missing when he's gone.

Just play some damn ball man!

10:40 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've read everything here, and I think I'm as pissed-off/annoyed/confused/embarrassed/pissed-off as many of you.

All in all, I really think a 15 point win over SA tonight would right the ship.

One final thought, from "Rudy":

"No one, and I mean noone, comes into our house and starts pushing us around..."

10:43 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rude never meet the San Antonio Spurs!!!! or Shaquille O'Neal for that matter.

10:52 AM

Anonymous The_REAL_Right_Way said...


The code to beating this team has been broken. If Joe D is smart, he will make some moves in the off season. That would include the starting 5. I think they need to get a real point guard. Chauncey is not capable of getting his team going.

When Brown leaves and his system is gone, it will expose Chauncey's flaws as a point guard and Ben's inability to be effective on the offensive end.

In the famous words of Larry Brown, "It's time for a change."

10:58 AM

Blogger hitman said...

I can't argue with that T, I understand and agree that the timing was messed up. Maybe this fan is just blinded by the belts(which is more than most of the 'hated' figures have done). If anyone has the right to hate it is the players and like you said I think they do. But come on fellas, you need to squash that right now for the good of the team. Punch him in the mouth after you reclaim the crown. Hopefully, yesterday, they kissed and made up if only for a short time. We shall see tonight.

Oh and bye the way Mikey is a knucklehead...

11:13 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Terry -

is there any truth to the rumor that I heard on your show? You know, the one about Elden Campbell sticking around to become a player/coach, a la Bill Russell? In fact, here are the perfect three assistants for Elden next year:

1) Flip Saunders: his experience will contribute to the X's and O's of the team while Elden monitors the morale level.
2) Scott Hastings: between Scott, Sheed, and Darko, the locker room will not be lost for laughs.
3) Rick Mahorn: for the sole purpose of teaching the big guys how to administer a hard foul on guys like Parker, Ginobili, and Wade after 3-4 times down the lane and make them think twice about driving.

11:28 AM

Anonymous The_Real_Right_way said...

The Larry Brown thing is being overplayed. The players may be mad but that doesn't explain why they are looking for the referees to help them.

If Larry is leaving for health reasons, it is reasonable. The only thing that would justify a reaction like this is if Larry is leaving for the money, opportunity, or because he can no longer control Rasheed or others.

I can't believe a guy that talks about playing the right way every 5 minutes would approve of Rasheed crying after every call. There must be more to this story if they are so affected by what is happening with LB.

11:46 AM

Blogger Leelanau Sports Guy said...

I don't know if I completely agree that it's Brown's or Dumars fault. Everyone in the NBA knows how Larry Brown moves from job to job, and with his health in question, the Pistons players shouldn't have been surprised. Sure the timing could have been better, but in today's NBA or for that matter all of sports, no one stays for entire contracts and their isn't much loyalty.

So I say whatever Larry's decision, it's still up to the players to focus and play basketball. It's the NBA Finals for cryin' out loud!

11:50 AM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

With less than 9 hours to game time, I thought how strange is it that Robert Horry, who must be 80 years old, is doing what he is doing against the defending champions.

Horry looks like a player in his prime. The big question that should be a worry for the Pistons is that he hasn't been hitting his threes like he normally does. I guess I will trade that for the steals, blocks, and drives down the lane.

I do however think we will see his 3 point range tonight. Horry might go for 20 in his old age. Otherwise, I think this will be a defensive grind.

12:26 PM

Anonymous nate said...


I think a new coach will be great for this team. They need a guy that can push Tayshaun to be as good as he can be. They need a guy that can show Rasheed how good his game is when he establishes his inside game and then brings it out for a few 3s. Also, they need a guy that can sustain what LB did with Billups.

My question for you, Terry, is this: Who is that coach?

12:51 PM

Blogger KG said...

Great points Foster. Brown had a chance to put an end to all the officiating nonsense, but instead decided to fuel the fire by talking about the Pistons record with different refs.
On a side note Foster, did you start this blog with the hopes that the NEWS would see you have a big fanbase and can contribute to the Sports section with columns? If so, great idea. Get Parker off the front page. Objective, he is not.

12:53 PM

Blogger KG said...

Didn't the Spurs handle the Lakers quite easily in the first two games last year, only to lost the next four?

12:57 PM

Blogger billionaire said...

Dang do have us fans as pistons lost our heads. Take the blinders off history will say Larry was great for the pistons. Terry you know I keep bringing it up but Larry was what the pistons needed and not Carlisle. I know any team would jump to take Larry Brown. If not for anything but to improve there players. Tayshaun has improved dramatically I think he is just in a funk. I really feel that home cooking will make the difference. Now i know the fans will never appreciate Larry but those of us who are enlightened will appreciate him. Here is why I believe the ignorant fans will boo Larry look at the idiot from Lapeer who called in a bomb threat after all that has happened or the idiot fan who threw a quarter. Terry are you not pulling a Larry as well by having your blog everybody is noticing your talent including the Det News. IF the news took you column back which I am 95 % sure they will won't this blog end then.

1:44 PM

Blogger billionaire said...

One more thing about this blog. Terry I am glad to see how it has truly blown up.You know i was there from the beginning so I hope regaurdless of what good fortunes come your way Such as THE INFERNO becoming Syndicated, book deals ,column comes back, and you making millions that you keep this forum For some reason It is cathartic for all of us. Granted we all can start our own blogs but this seems to be a magnet for all. We can vent and say things we prolly would not or be able to say in general.

1:51 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

You are right, they won the first two.

But they didn't blow the Lakers out and send them back home with their tail between their legs and a vendetta against anyone in black and white stripes.

The Lakers at least showed up down in San Antonio.

1:57 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We all know that there is an ebb and flow with athletic teams. Teams and players go through difficult periods. Sometimes you have to play through them and other times, you have a coach or team mate shake your ass up. The problem with this year's Pistons is the same challenge that we have applauded in the past. They don't have a superstar.
There is no Jordan to punch Steve Kerr, no Zeke to shake up John Salley. Rasheed is like the child that acts up but no one wants to insult him by being direct (Brown does kiss up to him too much), and Roscoe is my favorite Piston. They are too soft spoken as a group with the exception of one who is just crazy.
As a group who has been characterized as cast-offs and misfits, most have never had to really take the bull by the horns and lead. With most championship teams, someone will call a closed door meeting without the coaching staff, and get grim. Ben, Chauncey, Rip, Tayshaun, Rasheed, Lindsey, Antonio, Ham, Carlos? Who among them can command the respect necessary to right a ship that Stevie Wonder can see is tilted? I could not imagine Jack McCloskey having to shake up the bad boys, so it is not Dumars' place. And we all know that there were times when Zeke ran the team when Daly could not reach them. A vocal leader would eliminate the crying and tell them to take it out on the Spurs. Anything else is wasted energy.

2:09 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

TFos you should keep the blog AND do a column. You might even get some good ideas from us to write about - that would be cool.

Billionaire I like your attitude. anyone who can hate LB must not like to win. Or maybe its just 2 hard for come back down to earth after being WORLD CMAMPS.

Anyone in hocky relecting how we got swept after being WC's. Ouch! Still would pay the big bucks to sit behind the glass.

2:26 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

right way,
Chauncey billups cannot get his team going? He was only the most valuable player of the 2004 NBA Finals and has been the Pistons best player in the NBA Finals. Trading him would be a monumental mistake.

4:01 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

We never reported a rumor that Elden Campbell might be the next Pistons coach. Someone suggested he should be the next coach and Mike and I made fun of it. He will not coach the Pistons.

4:03 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

There is no perfect coach except a focused and healthy Larry Brown. I believe the closest would be Flip Saunders followed by Nate McMillian. There is no one floating out there with rings and energy who can coach this team and instantly gain players' respect.

4:05 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

I started this web log because I am a columnist at heart. That is what I want to do. This relaxes me and challenges my mind. I would hope the News would do the right thing. But I am not counting on it. Other people want me to write for them so there might be an announcement coming soon.

4:07 PM

Anonymous Nate said...


I would like to say that I think you are too honest of a writer to be in the News. I think you have too much integrity, and are above what the News does. You should shoot for bigger things, because you deserve it.

I love the way you personally respond to nearly all the comments in your blog. It's awesome. This is why I think you deserve better than the News. Because you treat you fans well. Keep that up (as I'm sure you will), and I know that all of us will support you and push for you to succeed.

Personally, I think you should kick some of those dull writers off of the Sports Reporters and kick some life into that show. You're better than them!

Keep the blog going, and we'll keep spreading the word.

- Nathan

4:14 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

Yeah Billups was the MVP last year. Quite frankly it should have gone to Rip Hamilton.

I think by the end of this series you might understand that Chauncey is not a good point guard. He is a good player but not a floor general.

5:00 PM

Anonymous Daniel said...

"Other people want me to write for them so there might be an announcement coming soon."

Your name is on the website for Motor City Sports Magazine. Are you going to be writing for them?

5:08 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

Looks like the Pistons missed out in the Phil Jackson lottery.

5:45 PM

Anonymous J.J. said...

Lost the Lottery? I don't think we cared enough to buy a ticket.

6:45 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

That's right, you are still relishing in your big jackpot, Darko Milicic.

7:11 PM

Anonymous j.j. said...

Darko averages a minute per game. Lot's of time to prove himself.

What's your point?

We didn't want Phil, so we didn't lose out on him.

7:34 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

Yes I plan on writing for Motor City Sports magazine and MLive and maybe Fox Sports National. that is all in the works. We will see if it happens. Nothing is a guarantee.

8:27 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

I will say this about Phil Jackson. If things did not work out with the Lakers I bet Joe Dumars would at least given him a phone call -- just to see what is up. But I think they will have a fine coach when Brown leaves.

8:29 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...


I think he has already proved himself. He is a garbage minute man. If he could play he would be getting minutes.

11:39 PM

Anonymous dt said...

the_real_right_way wrote:

I think by the end of this series you might understand that Chauncey is not a good point guard. He is a good player but not a floor general.

After Ben, Chauncey is the guy that impacts this team the most. He had control of last night's game (game 3) the entire night. He is the PERFECT point guard for this team and there aren't a handful of guards in the entire league that I would want over Chauncey.

8:36 AM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...


When Rip and Ben are not going Chauncey plays individual ball. He doesn't get the other players going. He is a beneficiary of the other guys rather than the opposite.

Like Magic used to say, a point guard has to set the table. If Chauncey's teammates are hungry, they gotta go out and get their own.

9:09 AM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

t foster....

I agree, I think Dumars is smart enough to at least talk to a guy that has 9 championships under his belt.

If not, maybe I give him too much credit.

9:11 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's real smart. Hire Phil who has publicly RIPPED apart the bad boys for their physical play, calling them one of the worst things that happened to the NBA. Hire a guy who is the antithesis of teamwork and sharing the ball. Hire a guy whose top assistant (Tex Winter) has finally retired from the game of basketball, and his novelty offense with him.

Yep, I love it. A Bad Boy (Dumars) hiring his antithesis. Hiring a guy who basically called Detroit a bunch of thugs.

This is the same guy who said that Larry Brown made a mistake, and that Detroit had 'already maxed out their talent' and couldn't get any better.

God damn... people friggin forget just because a guy has rings and is out of basketball.

9:41 PM


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