Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Even though Pistons first-round draft pick Jason Maxiell is more like Danny Fortson, the Pistons told the world Tuesday night that they miss Corliss Williamson, another undersized power forward who made a nitch in this league.
The Pistons want more scoring from the low block. That is why they've tried to convert Darko Milicic from a perimeter player to post player and that is why they took a gamble on Maxiell who right now cannot crack the Pistons rotation, but with a little coaching perhaps could.
On the surface this it not a good pick. However, the Pistons are gambling that they can teach this guy what it takes to get a couple buckets in the paint. They cannot rely on Ben Wallace to be consistent inside and Rasheed Wallace refuses.
Chauncey Billups can post up smaller guards, but come on. He is hardly the second coming of Wilt Chamberlain.
So now you get Mad Max, the Pistons newest Big Nasty. Or shall we call him the Big Maxi?


Blogger billionaire said...

Now Terry, I got to agree with Mike on this one. The pistons should gotten rid of this pick or trade down. If they could not then I understand. I really thought we could have gotten Julian Hodge or Fransico Garcia ( unlike MIke I think he would be great for this team )or Hakim Warrick Now wait it was not like Big Nasty was a great finisher although he did work the low block. Terry what is up with some of these GM'S what does it take to be one. What the hell is up with Toronto selecting Charlie Villa I will gain weight and be lazy Nueva. Also Portland selecting another high school player. Stephen A was dead with his comments on these teams. Has anyone not learned from Darko. You don't select foreign players this early in the draft. Or the LAkers drafting Andrew Bynum. Also Terry why is telling my brothers to come out. Randolph Morris did not get drafted and now he is screwed. You had two high school players sign with agents and went undrafted. Someone needs to be honest to these knuckle heads and perhaps there leaches IE family so called new friends needs to be locked up. It is sad to say that And I know folks will say well their 18 and nobody puts a gun to their head but still. I am glad we did not take Taft. I also hope that players will recognize that when you should or should not come and focus on your skills. To me second round is just as bad as not getting drafted in most cases.

6:34 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

A smart pick for Detroit, making it a notch better than the "solid pick" cliche used to describe a choice by a team at the ass-end of the draft.

Maxiell knows how to score in the paint. He is an athletic freak that had people shaking their heads at Portsmouth, as they watched this tanklike guy flying around dunking and rejecting at will. He is a more athletic Reggie Evans type of role player, and should be relentlessly physical for a team that is growing just a little too finesse-oriented.

6:40 AM

Anonymous Mike V. said...


Portsmouth is for second rounders and NBDL kids....wasted pick. Maxiel is 6'6 and husky, essentially he's corliss williamson without the polish. He has ZERO post moves. Occasionally flashes a baby hook, bad footwork, and frankly has no shot of being used on this club. Especially if good old LB sticks around. At that point in the draft you either take Stoudamire or dish the pick. Hell, take Chris Taft and hope he pans out. At least he is a legit 6'10 260 and could become something.


p.s. the second round choices are nothing I'm excited about, two players with Huntsville Gators written all over them.

9:09 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice Tom Kowalski impersonation, Mike. But I'm hardly impressed by your "Portsmouth is for second rounders and NBDL kids" rap. Recent PIT alumni include useful players like Reggie Evans, Flip Murray and Willie Green, so it's not an automatic dismissal to have excelled there. I think this kid makes the expanded roster next season.

9:25 AM

Blogger Ian C. said...

Maybe I'll expose my lack of NBA draft knowledge here, but it baffled me that Detroit passed on Stoudamire when outside shooting is such a crying need on this team. Is there a concern that he's too short and won't be able to get his shot off in the NBA? What the #@$% is an undersized power forward going to contribute to the Pistons?

11:29 AM

Blogger Kevin Antcliff said...

Stoudemire had attitude problems, if I recall. Didn't he walk out of a practice once or twice?

We don't need that kind of attitude on the roster. "One bad apple..." Although, I'm pretty sure Ben would help keep him in line.

Still, I don't like this pick. We passed on Simien, too. That guy is a sure thing, IMO. If nothing else, he'd be a GREAT backup for Tay - or trade bait.

I think there is a trade on the horizon. Wouldn't be suprised to see a well-known name shipped out for another.

I love the off-season.

11:34 AM

Blogger Robert Hamel said...

At 26 you hope. What the Pistons hoped is that a kid with a will will also learn a way. In an 82 game season you need people who are relentless. From what I read in the Cincinatti Enquirer he is a physically limited (size,skill) but GOOD GUY who will PLAY and not hide. At 26 I agree with taking a chance on a guy who won't hide and has gotten better every year, however slow that progress has been. And, of course, he likes to play defense. So maybe we just keep lowering the other team's score until they average 4 points a quarter.

11:37 AM

Anonymous Lou said...

So Terry -- what's the deal with Larry Hughes? Is he really going to visit Detroit or has he visited already? I heard you talk about him a bit on your radio show, but I missed most of it.

2:05 PM

Blogger billionaire said...

I know folks are down on Dumars but can you imagine if you got Salim and he brought his attitude over to this team. Or Lazy TAft to this it would be another Darko. I still say Joe should have gotten rid of the pick. I will give Joe the benefit because he has been able to recoginize a mistake and correct it. If Maxille is able to produce like a corliss on the low blocks this will be huge on those long scoring droughts. By all accounts he seams coachable and will be able to blend in with this team plus he is mature. I keep hearing that Larry does not like to play the young guys how about Samuel Dalimbar.

3:11 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey anon,

Bot thats great that he will make the expanded roster! Jeez, I wondered what a first rounder would do. Also, your listing of other fringe NBA players was impressive as well. Really makes me re-think my statement. MAxiell is a questionable pick for the spot, especially on a deep team. PAssing on Simeion, Bass, Turiaf, and others was odd and sily to me.

3:19 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Billionaire, I agree with you totally on the high school issue. Some of these "advisors" should be slammed. Not being drafted and not having a guaranteed contract is horrible! I am sure that they are not getting academic scholarships to college, so now what will their lives be like. Damn, talk about going from sugar to sh!%. If Europe is not an option, they will be taking burger requests...

3:41 PM

Anonymous Nathan said...

I have to say Turiaf or Simien would've been better, but I would've taken the chance on Stoudamire.

I know people continue to talk about his attitude, but that wouldn't fly here. I think the other players would get his head in it before the coaches got to him.

Besides, if he turns out to be like Jaromir Jagr or Randy Moss, you can trade him to the Atlanta Hawks for 2 million bucks and 3 first round picks. They're stupid like that.

3:46 PM

Anonymous jeremy said...

Joe D keeps saying he will fit-in in the locker room, and i am trusting him on this one. It's just the Patriots to me. Where they pick people who are good people with good attitudes. They need a role player, and he'll play the role. we'll get a scorer in the offseason with the wave of releases pending...

4:07 PM

Anonymous Spartan Steve said...

I would of been happier with our draft if we had no picks at all, than draft this guy and pass on Salim. Once again a garbage draft by Joe D.

11:16 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spartan Steve I disagree on once again garbage pick. Remeber Joe drafted Tayshaun Prince. His other picks led to him picking up other picks so trust in him

6:15 AM

Blogger tensilver said...

J-Max averaged 15 pts a game while shooting over .540%, had 8 boards and 3 blocks.

If Maxiell was a few inches taller everybody would be praising Joe for this pick but what alot of the sports people fail to recognize, I believe, is that this guy is a 6-6 MANCHILD. In college he could get by guarding guys who were alot taller then him because he outmuscled, outhustled, and outplayed them. Doesn't that count for something? Should height really play such a big factor if a guy is doing what he can do day in and day out against bigger guys?

Look at Ben Wallace, he assaults guy who try to take him 1 on 1. Everytime Yao Ming puts it up he swats it back, I even believe he plays Shaq straight up better than anyone else in the NBA. Ben Wallace is only 6-9 (as listed) , and he's really 6-7 if you didn't know.

Take a look at Earl Boykins, 5-5 133. Did you hear that? 133 pounds. This guy played nearly 27 minutes a game for a playoff team. Oh yeah, and he did have a Nike commercial made just for him. Guys who are supposed to be bigger for their position haven't gotten fair publicity even though they have the same ability as any other guys to be a huge factor on their team.

When I saw J-Max play for Cincy he reminded me of one guy and one guy only and that's Kenyon Martin. Both of them are ferocious beasts on the defensive end of the court and can throw down on any play in the world, except J-Max can shoot the 15 footer effectively. I know this is all speculation because we haven't seen him play in the NBA but this is how I see our 26th round draft pick as.

Oh yeah, and what team did K-Mart play for again? And did Bob Huggins, coach of Cincy actually say that J-Max has a harder work ethic then Kenyon did in college? Yes he did. All I can say is...Yes Sir!

this is my opinion from my sport blog thing about JMax I wrote earlier, so I think this pick may be nice for us.

11:36 PM

Anonymous Brian said...


I don't know much about Maxiel, but in Joe D I trust.

I absolutly agree with you about the Pistons missing Corliss. I missed him too. Even though he was a little rocky in the playoffs, he always had the potential to erupt in the low post. That is one move I didn't agree fully with Joe D. Corliss had a niche here, no doubt.

12:01 AM

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