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AUBURN HILLS -- There are certain things in life you simply cannot explain.
How can a series be both close and lopsided at the same time?
The Pistons and San Antonio Spurs found a way to make the impossible happen. The series is tied 2-2 after the Pistons dismembered the Spurs 102-71 Thursday night at The Palace in the most uncompetitive deadlocked series in NBA history.
The two teams have smacked each other around in games that have been decided by an average of 21 points. The Pistons and Spurs remind me of Big Time wrestling where combatants took turns pounding each other into submission.
There have been more blowouts in this series than on the Lodge Freeway.
How do you explain the Pistons making the Spurs look like the Bad News Bears at The Palace after the Spurs made the Pistons cry Uncle twice on the Alamo?
And how do you explain old man Lindsey Hunter (17 points and five assists) being the best player on the floor for long stretches? You should see Hunter before games. He limps in like Fred Sanford, hunts for aspirin and finds a dark place to go to sleep.
He looks more like the night security guard than an NBA player.
But no one could lock down Hunter on this night. Here he was looking like Isiah Thomas, the man he was supposed to replace as a rookie back in 1993. He symbolized the Pistons because this was an effort victory. The Pistons from their youngest players to old man Hunter had more jump than the Spurs.
There are two thoughts as we move to Game 5 on Sunday. The Pistons were tired in the first two games. Now they appear fresher and ready to move mountains. They were also very professional in their actions.
They've embarrassed the city with their ridiculous attacks on the officials. But Thursday their conduct and playing were equal things of beauty.
Now we must wonder if the Spurs are those washed up beauty queens that wear too much make up. The Spurs look good at home, but they sure do look like a bunch of hags on the road.
Even though this series is uncompetitive there is a rainbow in all of this. You just never know what is going to happen from night to night. Every game is a mystery. Of course we know who murdered the butler by the first chapter but the book is still worth reading. At least they are keeping us on our toes.
Now it is a three game series. Let's hope this is an intriguing series right up to the last blow out.


Anonymous JimElNino said...

All year we've heard that the Pistons think they have a switch, and they feel like they can turn it on whenever they want. Well the last two games that switch has really been ON.

Funny how now the Spurs are the ones complaining about the refs, they look like the crybabies now.

I'm not one for predictions, but I said all along that the Pistons can win this series, they do have the talent, and it appears that maybe they have the drive and hunger afterall. I think that if they want to make it easier on themselves they need to take game 5 as well. Having to win both games in San Antonio is not something they want. But if they can go into San Antonio with a 3-2 edge, then I'd say they have a good chance to repeat.

But gotta be wary, the series changed so much when it moved here, it could go revert when it goes back there.

2:25 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

homer heaven

need to hear from real_right_way to get a does of reality.

Where are you R3?

4:19 AM

Blogger billionaire said...

Terry remember discussion on home cooking. I maintained that is what the pistons needed and you chymed by saying it does something magical and Mike was trying to be real and was like bologne. I have said that home cooking can do wonders for a team. I have maintained the pistons will win Game 5 and then I also think they will game 6 and this is not homerville but I see a team that the switch has been turned on and they do know how to close and put that foot on the neck until you are gone for good

6:11 AM

Anonymous Brian said...

Now all the bandwagoners jump back on board...haha. Lets be careful and not get too excited here, the series is tied and nobody has won nothing yet. The Pistons woke up and have put together two phenominal games. They have made the Spurs look like the Wizards. I expect game five to be much much closer especially with these two days off (stupid scheduling). Hopefully the Pistons are done learning lessons and are prepared to play like they did last night from here on out.

Steven A. Smith: "That was an anialation."

7:49 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

Home cooking does do wonders. And you have to be careful about going overboard. However, I went into the Spurs dressing room and listened for a bit. They are confused. They know what to do but they are not confident that they can actually do it. That to me is dangerous for San Antonio. Now they have two days to figure this thing out.
Will they?
I am not sure now.

8:42 AM

Anonymous Jazzy Jeff Jr. said...

My God, what this team is capable of... is home court REALLY this important? This is unbelievable. 31-point blowout. Lindsey going for 17. And yes, I agree with bill simmons hater. Every damn 'prediction' of his is 100% wrong.

8:54 AM

Anonymous Lou said...

Obviously, I dig the win. But I kinda wish it wasn't a blowout. The Pistons don't exactly respond well after winning in blowout fashion.

9:04 AM

Anonymous Lou said...

Oh, and way too early yet, but I was thinking last night . . . who would be the Finals MVP if the Pistons end up winning the series? Probably Chauncey again, I'd have to think. Rip has been stymied, Ben's first too games were horrible, Sheed and Tay have been too inconsistent. Heck, after last night, I was ready to give it to McDyess.

9:06 AM

Blogger hitman said...

For the first time in two series the pressure is now on S.A. Will they respond as Champions or fold like paper champions. I hope your right T, that their confidence is shaken. For we shall see what they are made of Sunday.

9:08 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

I love the MVP talk although it is premature. Right now I would go with Chauncey Billups but Ben Wallace is making a heroic charge. Actually if Ben wins it he should give it to his wife Chandra. She got the old man up and roaring.

9:19 AM

Blogger the sports dude said...

Well, I wish I could get excited about the win, but I can not allow myself to yet. This is a pretty obvious statement, but if they lose game #5 this game means nothing, game #3 means nothing and the series is all but over.

This was a great two game stretch for the Pistons, but lose #5 and it "don't mean jack!" Win game #5 and then I will start to get excited.


9:26 AM

Blogger Jack Fu said...

Other than the order in which games were won, isn’t this series a lot like the ‘88 finals against L.A.? In that series, if memory serves correctly, the first FIVE games were all blowouts, with the Pistons going back to L.A. with a 3-2 lead. And then the teams played two all-time classics in games 6 and 7. Hopefully, like in that series, the ‘Stones can go back to San Antonio with a 3-2 lead; and hopefully, unlike that previous series, they can get one on the road to close it out. Regardless, it’s nice to be proud of the team again...

9:52 AM

Anonymous farmlegend said...

jackfu, I could be wrong, but as I recall(I remember watching the game at the now-gone Richard's Lounge on Joseph Campau down by the river), the Lakers won game 2 at home in '88, and it was anything but a blowout. It was a close game which the Pistons could have easily won.

10:08 AM

Anonymous Nathan said...

He won't give us a dose of reality, he'll give us a dose of denial. This is a blog for a Detroit writer that works at a Detroit station. I don't know why you'd expect anything but Detroit homers to post on here.

I'm still apprehensive. I'll root for them till the end, but the Spurs clearly still have the upper hand in this series, if we're being honest with ourselves.

10:19 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Terry - Did you see Screamin' A. Smith's column where he was ripping the Pistons for being old? (I saw an excerpt in the Freep.) I can't say I much agree - do you think they look old?

10:19 AM

Blogger Jack Fu said...


Game 2 in '88 wasn't a "blowout," per se, but it was a 12-point Lakers win. The first five games went like this:

Detroit by 12
L.A. by 12
L.A. by 13
Detroit by 25
Detroit by 10

I guess I shouldn't have used the word "blowouts," but none of the first five games were particularly close...

10:30 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

I am not certain the Spurs have the upper hand because of what I saw last night. They seem confused. And I rarely see that in sports. Of course they have time to erase that. But as it stands now the Spurs are dazed and confused.

10:49 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

Do they look old?
Did they look old?
I think Miami took something out of them and now they've got it back. They look young to me now

10:51 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i was with Mike/T at the beginning of the series w/ Spurs in 6 or maybe 7 b/c of home court and the stupid 2-3-2 format and game 1/2 confirmed that. game 4 sort of changes that b/c they thoroughly outclassed the spurs. TD looked like he was going to cry in the 4th quarter and has looked nothing like a future HOF. game 5 is still a must win though and i hope the stones come out w/ the intensity again. if they play anywhere near as well sunday they go back to SA up 3-2 and i like their chances.

keep doubting them, it seems to work.

TFos and Mike, you guys are great. wish i could hear more but midday i'm a little tied up at work.

11:25 AM

Anonymous Mike V. said...

you'll be able to hear the show anytime you want real soon......details coing

11:39 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

Why is Mike on my blog more than me?

11:43 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

aren't you guys doing a show right now?????

11:52 AM

Blogger buttercut99 said...

That dejected look on Tim Duncan's face was the most telling thing about this team. They are showing a glass jaw right now. Time for a knockout punch while they are staggering!

11:57 AM

Blogger t kierpiec said...

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12:00 PM

Anonymous Tracy said...

The Spurs didn't see THAT coming last night - they were straight-up discombobulated. Sorry to say, Tim Duncan looked pitiful, pouting on the bench while Pop helpfully rubbed his leg. I agree with ya, Terry - the Spurs are dazed. Sunday is going to be a very interesting game.

12:02 PM

Anonymous Nathan said...

Terry -

I suppose you are right, considering you have much more insight to how the Spurs feel right now.

What I believe, though, is that the Pistons need to realize that the Spurs have the upper hand from the stand point that they don't need game 5 as bad as Detroit does. If the Pistons realize this, they will definately win game 5.

Mike -

Tell us! I work from 10-5pm and wish I could listen to you guys. I was actually planning on buying a radio for my desk this weekend, but if it's going to be streaming soon, let me know so I can save 10 bucks!

12:30 PM

Anonymous faithful listener said...

I know this doesn't have anything to do with this article/entry, but what's up with 1270's signals?

I don't think its just me, but 1270 keeps fading/its not clear. Especially at night, I struggle to listen. A web stream would be AWESOME!

12:57 PM

Anonymous Johnny D said...

Mike what do you mean by we'll be able to hear you whenever soon.... you can't give us a Doug Karsh tease like that.
Are you guys leaving mid-day, or is 1270 going livestream? Both would be great, but the latter would be best because I'm away at college at Notre Dame most of the year and don't get a chance to listen to you guys... let the people know.

1:01 PM

Anonymous Mr. Big said...

No "momentum". No "upper-hand's".
This series is tied 0-0. no games have been played, it's best 2 out of three. Detroit is energized, and the Spurs are energized.

1:11 PM

Anonymous Nathan said...

I agree with you, Mr. Big.

This is a new series. If the Pistons do not approach it as if the Spurs have the "upper hand" with 2 games at home, they will lose their championship.

1:56 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...


Maybe it's me, but I think the Spurs didn't even come close to the Pistons in complaining about the fouls.

Most impressively was Popovich standing up early taking a "T" and telling his players to play the game. That's, "Playing the Right Way." You can't tell me you saw any of The Spurs sprawled out on the ground pouting, or letting the ball handed to you by the ref bounce off your chest.

There is a real wide gap between the Pistons tantrums and the Spurs reaction to a bad call.

2:39 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...


Great observation with regard to the bandwagon fans. I am a newcomer to Terry's blog, but this is like a family reunion when the incestuous cousins from the hills show up.

Ever one knows that have something in common with them but no one wants to claim them.

But just like the family reunion, when the food runs out, these bandwagon fans will load up and go to the next distant cousins ho-down.

2:47 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

It's all about game 5. The Pistons know they have to win it. San Antonio knows they really need to win it.

Whoever wins it will likely take this series. I think the Spurs have played their worst games back to back that they have had all year. I like that, I think it will force them to come back even harder.

The Pistons on the other hand, the game almost came to easy. I totally disagree on their ability to "flip the switch." They are due for one of their notorious slumps/scoring droughts, I hope it surfaces in game 5.

2:58 PM

Anonymous Nathan said...

I don't think most of us that post on here are bandwagon fans. It seems like there are a handful of us regulars that post here every day.

For once, I agree with you. The Pistons do complain way more than the Spurs. Last night was an example of what the Pistons are able to do when they shut up and get their heads in the right place. Rip still needs to quit yapping, though. He's being quite a child (whether it's with the way he whines to the refs during the game, or his dumb comments to Bowen).

As for falling on the floor all the time being dramatic... Ginobili?

"Oh no! Someone opened one of the doors in the Palace concourse -- Manu's gonna flop!!!"

2:58 PM

Blogger Jack Fu said...

"I think the Spurs have played their worst games back to back that they have had all year. I like that, I think it will force them to come back even harder...

The Pistons ... are due for one of their notorious slumps/scoring droughts, I hope it surfaces in game 5."

Is that the closest that "real right way" has come to out-and-out admitting that he's legitimately rooting against the Pistons...?

3:04 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

jack fu

Originally, I picked the Spurs to win in 5.

Unlike the, "time to jump on the Pistons bandwagon and lick their shorts" fans.

I will stick with my original prediction. I will also admit that they have thoroughly out played the Spurs the past two games. I could harp on the officiating, or Ginobili injury. But those things are insignificant in these past two games. The Spurs just got their butts whooped.

No excuses I know that's a new concept for you Pistons fans but it'll sink in someday.

3:17 PM

Blogger Jack Fu said...

There's a difference between picking a team to win and rooting for a team to win. Before the series started, I picked the Spurs in 7, myself. But I'm rooting like crazy for the Pistons to win. I'm just saying you're finally openly admitting that you want the Spurs to win. It's good to be open about these things.

You obviously live in the Detroit area if you know about this blog and Terry's show. Just out of curiousity, is the reason you're rooting against the Pistons that you moved here from elsewhere, or that you grew up here rooting for someone else?

4:21 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The reason he roots against Detroit is because it flatters him to play the rational contrarian against the masses. When he tires of responding to others, he shows his superiority by responding to himself ... sometimes three or four times in succession. What a fatuous tool!

5:08 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

I still say the pressure is slightly on the Pistons. They need game 5 slightly more than the spurs.

5:10 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Right Way, I just saw cousin Jethro in here chasing his little cousin.

The bandwagon fans have arrived.

When the Pistons lose it will be awhile before we hear from old cousin Jethro again.

5:57 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

T. Foster...

Earlier you mentioned you were acting as a beat writer for the Spurs.

Although the Spurs are not likely to make excuses. Do you have any perspective on Manu Ginobili's injury. He seems to be a step slower.

Also, the Pistons seem to be giving them all sorts of problems on the entry pass. But it seems that they are more often than not throwing the ball right to the Pistons players or making bad passes. Is that the Piston's defense or is just bad play by the Spurs?

6:15 PM

Blogger billionaire said...

The real right way you seem to have lost some objectivity same with Mike and Terry you guys think the pistons played there A+ game I still give them a B or B+. Let;s remember Chauncy and Rip were 9 for 30. So I still feel the pistons have another gear to go to. I picked the pistons in 6 and I still have not backed down. As far as bandwagons fans or not What city does not have them. I say the more the merrier and better for businesses that caters to fans. Real Right you have to admit u were wrong on the pistons. You thought that the spurs were going to celebrate here but I will maintain with this team it is like they have a switch. I know folks don;t buy it but as I have followed this team they actually do. I expect the pistons to blow out the spurs again look for Tayshaun and Rip to have a break out game. Last game I said rashid and to me with what he did it was a break out game. One more thing folks want to call game 1 a blow out I mean it was a 2 point lead going into the 4 th quarter also in Game 2 the pistons did bring it down to 8 into the 4 th quarter as well.

6:21 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

It is amazing how people have changed since the Miami series.

I looked back at the blogs and the Miami series was all about, the referees, then it shifted to Larry Brown being a distraction, and then on to San Antonio where it shifted to tired legs and again the referees, then onto the Pistons are bums they need to get rid of AM, LH, CA, WHY CAN'T THEY JUST PLAY AND QUIT COMPLAINING. Finally, Tayshaun is scared, Ben is terrible.

What is up with you people who profess to be Piston fans. That would include such die hards as Jack Fu, nathan, just to name a few.

Now all of a sudden, I come back this afternoon and miraculously the Pistons are the greatest team in the history of basketball. My how the wind has shifted.

I really find it funny that you are now ready to crown them with such greatness after so deeply questioning their ability just last week.

Which way will the wind blow on Sunday?????

6:45 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...


I will agree with you on a great point. The Pistons are great for the local area.

Lord knows we need a boost in Michigan for that matter. The economy sucks, and we don't have to go back to far in the blog to see the varying opinions on Kwame.

The good news is Foster Brooks has been out of the paper since his indiscretions...Back to the subject.

The business' that benefit from the parade and other aspects of the Pistons win need it.

If there is a reason for those of us that like good basketball to vote for the Pistons, that is it.

6:57 PM

Blogger Jack Fu said...

"I looked back at the blogs and the Miami series was all about, the referees, then it shifted to Larry Brown being a distraction, and then on to San Antonio where it shifted to tired legs and again the referees, then onto the Pistons are bums they need to get rid of AM, LH, CA, WHY CAN'T THEY JUST PLAY AND QUIT COMPLAINING. Finally, Tayshaun is scared, Ben is terrible...

Now all of a sudden, I come back this afternoon and miraculously the Pistons are the greatest team in the history of basketball. My how the wind has shifted."

Please remind of when I said things like this. I honestly am not sure why I should be included in this example.

7:05 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

jack fu...

Look at your comments under, "A SHOPPING LIST OF PISTONS PROBLEMS"

You referenced the refs there. I will say that you didn't justify the Pistons unsportsman like conduct, but you still cited it as an issue only when they lost.

9:50 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

Since many of you have moved from running LB out in the middle of the playoffs and getting rid of a number of players, to naming a MVP. I gave the MVP question some deep consideration.

I think everyone will agree with me that there is one clear winner if the Pistons win.

This award was earned long before the playoffs started and is a key part of why the Pistons have advanced.

The MVP should go to Ben Wallace for his malicious assault on Ron Artest. Had Ben not over-reacted in one of the most unsportsman like tantrums in basketball history, he never would have started the brawl that lead to Ron Artest's unwarranted season ending suspension.

Ben deserves this award. Had the Pacers had Ron Artest, Ben's wife would be yelling at him to get the toilets clean, rather than to pick his game up.

Ben is indeed the MVP.

12:20 AM

Blogger Jack Fu said...

I referenced the refs, so? They were terrible. And I went out of my way to say that even if they had been perfect, the Pistons still would have been coming back to Detroit down 2-0. And I haven't come close to saying anything along the lines of "the Pistons are the greatest team in the history of basketball." There are rational Pistons fans out there; we're not all "the refs are screwing us/we're the greatest team EVER!!"

12:33 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

jack fu...

I will give you that, you are no where near some of these half cocked Piston fans.

However, just as a gauge, how did you feel about the officiating in game 4?

12:38 PM


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