Monday, June 13, 2005


Here is how great the San Antonio Spurs were Sunday night.
Their bull dog attack made the Pistons look foolish and caused them to throw up their hands in resignation.
Their ball movement and sleight of hand was so fantastic that it caused officials to call phantom fouls. And they manhandled the Pistons in such a dominant fashion that their 97-76 clinic probably caused a bunch of Pistons fans to leaped off the bandwagon in disgust. This is no fluke now. The Spurs have totally outclassed the Pistons twice with the series shifting to The Palace Tuesday night for Game 3.
The Pistons got caught in a tidal wave and now they are treading water in a series that has gotten out of hand. I do believe teams can rally from a 2-0 deficit in best of seven game series. But they cannot when one team is performing a clinic and the other is hanging on to the cliff for dear life.
My reference point in the NBA is the 1980's. That is when we saw some of the best basketball ever with the Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers, Philadelphia 76ers, Detroit Pistons and the Chicago Bulls. There are few teams since 1990 that I believe can play with those teams.
The Chicago Bulls during the Michael Jordan championship run is one of them because of Jordan's greatness. This Spurs team is the other.
They play the game so right they are exposing everything that is wrong with the Pistons.
Their ball movement, back door cuts, defensive anticipation and intensity and coaching has been so superior that I watch games with my mouth open in amazement. This is some of the best basketball I've seen in the last 15 years.
And a word about the officials. I feel I must mention them because so many of you are obsessed with the issue.
They blew calls against the Pistons and called too many bogus calls. I say this for only the second time in the playoffs. I do not think it is a conscious thing. The Spurs are not only fooling the Pistons but they are fooling the officials as well.
Before this series began I wrote that it would be worth watch. Well so far I have been right and wrong.
The Spurs are worth watching. The Pistons are not.


Anonymous rob v. said...

The Spurs are getting calls because they're taking the game to the Pistons. The more aggressive team gets the benefit of the doubt.

Unfortunately, San Antonio has just been far superior through the first two games.

7:07 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

rob v. is dead on. Shut up and play, fellas.

BTW, LB does this team no favors with his "2 fouls in the first half and you're outta there" rule. It puts too much pressure on the players, and they consequently start to play soft when they get that first foul in the first half.

LB could lead by example in this regard and stop yelling at the refs, too.

8:40 AM

Anonymous The_REAL_Right_Way said...

San Antonio's performance thus far is not a surprise to me. I predicted San Antonio in 5. I think the Pistons might get lucky in one home game.

The fact of the matter is that this is the first team the Pistons have played in the Post season, this year and last, that is healthy. On top of that, they are good.

I continue to hear all this talk about the teams being mirror images. WRONG!!!!
The Spurs are a legitimate championship caliber team.

The Pistons should send Derek Fisher one of those title belts and a ring because without him, they would not have won last year.

8:46 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great, you called it, take a bow, slap yourself on the back, be a graceless winner.

All hail the sage among us.

10:10 AM

Anonymous farmlegend said...

rightway, the fact of the matter is that any team that makes it into June is almost NEVER physically healthy. The Pistons are not physically healthy now, nor were they in June 2004.

To imply that the Pistons have beaten a pack of cripples the last seven consecutive playoff series' is silly.

10:15 AM

Anonymous The_REAL_Right_WAy said...


You're right, all teams are banged up at this point, including San Antonio.

But you must admit that the injuries to teams they have played are significant and beyond "banged up." Kidd, Webber, Malone, J, O'neal, Tinsley, Shaq, & Wade.

10:38 AM

Anonymous rob v. said...

right way,

The Pistons don't have to apologize for winning in '04. They couldn't control the teams they faced, they could only control how they played. They beat everyone they had to beat, and won a championship for their trouble.

The '05 version of the team would be well served to stop worrying about things they can't control, and get back to playing some basketball.

10:43 AM

Anonymous farmlegend said...

Game 2 has one of the more interesting box scores of the playoffs. If you just looked at certain aspects of it, it's hard to imagine how the Pistons only scored 76 points.

Field goals: The Pistons made 4 more field goals than the Spurs. They attempted 82 field goals, vs. 62 attempted by the Spurs.

The Spurs had 24 3pt. fg attempts, the Pistons only 6 3pt. attempts.

The Spurs attempted 38 2pt. fg's, while the Pistons attempted 76 2 pt. fg's, twice as many as the Spurs.

Rebounding: The Pistons had 18 offensive rebounds, vs. 9 for the Spurs. Total rebounds were 45 Pistons, 36 Spurs.

Free Throws: The Pistons attempted 16 ft's, the Spurs attempted 34. Given that the Spurs attempted so many 3 pointers, it's hard to imagine how they would wind up with so many FT attempts. Particularly interesting was that Chauncy, as much as he handled the ball, had only one free throw, vs. 13 for Ginobili.

Bottom line, in both games, the Pistons shot the ball poorly. Tayshaun, who had a blistering FG% the last couple months of the season, is 5 for 19, 26%. Rip is 12 for 36.

10:53 AM

Anonymous The_Real_Right_Way said...

rob v....
I am not suggesting that they apologize. I am saying they should credit the guy that help them the most. Derek Fisher.

Chauncey might want to put that MVP award in a box and overnight express it to Mr. Fisher.

10:55 AM

Anonymous rob v. said...

They handled their business last year, right way. It's just like when Piston fans argue that Detroit would have won in '88 if Zeke hadn't gotten hurt. But he did, and the Lakers took advantage of the their opportunity, just like Detroit did last year.

If the Pistons lose to San Antonio in the '05 Finals, it won't be because the '04 Pistons were a fraud. It'll be because, right now, today, the Spurs are better. And that's all that matters.

11:03 AM

Anonymous The_Real_right_way said...


The Pistons were into penalty early. So San Antonio was going to the line and knocking their free throws down. They got two shot fouls versus the Piston's getting one shot fouls.

They shot better from the three point line because they moved the basketball.

I thought earlier that the Spurs had exposed the Pistons biggest weakness. That being Ben Wallace not being an offensive threat.

Now I believe they have really exposed a key weakness. Chauncey is not a true point guard. He can't get his team going and distribute the basketball when they disrupt the Pistons set plays. Thats why LB looks so disgusted.

11:06 AM

Anonymous The_REAL_right_way said...

rob v....
The Pistons of 88 and the Lakers were legitimate champions of that era. Look at their road to the finals. Although they came back and won in 89 Magic and Byran Scott were both out with hamstring injuries. So while the Piston fans argue about 88, the Laker fans argue about 89.

Bottomline, both teams proved their worthiness by facing the best opponents at their best. That's something these Pistons have not done, so they are suspect to being a fraud.

2:10 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

rob v.
You are correct. The Spurs are getting the calls because they are more aggressive. I also believe the Pistons theatrics are costing them also. Refs don't play. If they believe you are trying to show them up they will call even more on you.

9:08 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

Everybody should shut up. some folks are trying to blame Rasheed Wallace for the team's behavior. I don't buy that. He has not been a choir boy but the Pistons complain way too much -- just about all of them.
This is embarrasing to the city and the game of basketball.

9:10 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

Let me throw my two cents into this argument. You are right when you say the Pistons beat teams that were injured. The Spurs are the first team that is healthy, weathy and wise. But with that said it does not mean last year's title was a fluke. Your job is to play who they put in front of you.
There are no check marks when Houston won the title with Michael Jodan retired.
The title last year was legit

9:12 PM

Blogger billionaire said...

Now wait fans there is no way you can blame Rasheed on this one. If not for him we would not be here or even won a championship Also although Brown gets some blame he did what he was supposed to do. We seem to forget but b4 Rasheed the pistons starting line up included offensively challenged Michael Curry and Ben Wallace. I do think rashizzle tends to cry but folks he is still a major piece on this team. So I agree with Terry

9:57 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Where does crying fit in with "Playing the Right Way" If this bozo was still in Portland, he would be a problem in our eyes. See him for what he is.

I bet if we lost the last game he guaranteed we would have run him out of town. He got luck!!!

8:56 AM


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