Friday, June 10, 2005


If you couldn't already tell, this NBA Finals will be a lot tougher than the Pistons walk in the park against the Los Angeles Lakers last year.
The San Antonio Spurs won't let petty jealousy get in the way of their goals. The Spurs played team ball better than the Pistons and roared to a 84-69 victory in Game 1 of the NBA Finals Thursday night. This game proves what I suspected. The Spurs are the best team the Pistons will face in this two-year NBA Finals run.
They spotted the Pistons a 17-4 lead and then cut the heart out of the defending NBA champions.
Bruce Bowen got after Rip Hamilton like a pit bull. Tim Duncan looked like the Hall of Fame player he is destined to be. And then Dwyane Wade finished it off by scoring 15 of his game-high 26 points in the fourth quarter.
OK. It was not Wade. But guard Manu Ginobili sure did look like him in dashing through the Pistons defense like a steam locomotive. The same guy who brought gold to Argentina is about to do the same to the Alamo.
And what happened to the Pistons?
After roaring to a 13-point lead to open the game I expected their usual offense black out. I just didn't think it would last the entire game.
And folks I don't think you will blame the refs, although some of you will any way. The Spurs were the better team this night.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was nice of Ben to show up after his disappearing act against Miami.

5 points and 7 rebounds.

Should we send out a search party?


7:34 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep, the Pistons lost this one without the refs' help. But there were two stunning calls against the Pistons to start the 4th. That's when I shut it off. I think the season is history, folks...

Maybe during the offseason we can get a bench and be back here next year.

In fact, can you name up to 3 Pistons you'd like to see gone next year? For me it's Elden, Lindsey (20-WHAT percent shooting? Yeah, he can D but he's out of control most of the time), and maybe Darvin. I'd love to jettison Darko but they won't.

8:23 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

We are officially sending out the search party for Ben. Get the boats in the water and the planes in the air.

9:07 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

Well if you are going to jettison players what are you going to replace them with? I believe Lindsey might retire even though he said he plans to return another season. He is a situational player who can help now and then. You still need Elden Campbell for Shaq.
I think they might keep Darvin for chemistry reasons.

9:09 AM

Blogger Detroithoosier said...

Terry- have you been reading my blog?

9:18 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pistons got plenty of great looks and couldn't seem to knock down the shots. Rip, McDyess, and Tay combined for 8 fg's in 41 attempts, a sizzling 19.5%.

Given all the missed shots, we should have had more offensive boards. SA did a nice job of defending their glass.

And when I look at a box score, and see Sheed with six points, I know we're in trouble.

9:48 AM

Blogger billionaire said...

I dismiss game 1 because of the fatigue factor I expect the pistons to win game 2. I know folks will go gaga and say the spurs were all over the place and out hustled the pistons. Look folks the pistons just finished a long and grueling series with the heat. You had Ben have to have 300 plus pounds lean on him for 7 games. I do give the spurs credit for taking advantage on tired legs. I know bruce d'ed up Rip however rip missed some wide open shots including lay ups u could tell his legs weak. On top of everything it was still tied going into the 4 th quarter. I will say this I hope there are no more games where it is in the 50 t;s into the 4 quarter yikes no wonder only die hard nba folks like myself will watch. I still say Pistons in 5 if they take game 2 and 6 if not.

10:02 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Whether or not these guys would be 'replacements', but what happened to our old draft picks Andreas Glyniadakis and Rickey Paulding? Will they ever come here?

There's gotta be some free agents out there that'd be better than our bench.

10:25 AM

Anonymous darren said...

Ben has a hard time finishing. He should of had double digit points. And taking that tech was very stupid. They are the champs, they have to act and play like it. Not every night will be like game 1, the shots will fall, hopefully before the series gets out of control. Anyhow, it is good to see defensive basketball.

10:38 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We need McIce to thaw out and have a big game. The starting five are going to be spending some energy on D... and McIce needs to start hitting, getting open, taking feeds and filling it up.

11:09 AM

Blogger hitman said...

Tayshaun Prince is going to lose the series for Detroit. Seriously has anyone regressed more from the regular season to the playoffs. He wouldn't even get away with his weak junk in the WNBA. It reminds me of when I was in college. I would ball in open gym with the university squad on the 'main' court. I pretended that I belonged but in my head I knew I didn't

11:37 AM

Anonymous darren said...

You think that "hard" foul by Horry hurt Prince's arm and effected his shot?

If this series goes 7 games and NFL pre-season starts in August. We may only have to deal with only the Tigers for 4-6 weeks.

12:28 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

I am sure Ricky Paulding will get another shot at the Pistons to make the team during the summer -- assuming there is no lockout. But they need established NBA veterans to fill that bench

12:31 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

Lets say this about Prince. He needs to be more aggressive on offense. He can take Ginobili. But it seemed as if he was too tentative and thinking too much. He played scared and I sort of don't blame Brown for benching him.
I am not going to get on McDyess. He has been one of the best sixth men this season and he sparked the team at times against Indy and Miami. He just had an off shooting night.

12:44 PM

Anonymous Rob V. said...

I'm not going to get too worked up until after Sunday's game. We knew coming in that San Antonio is a damn good team. Now's the time for LB to earn his paycheck and make the necessary adjustments to slow down Manu in Game 2.

The Pistons will have to pick their know either Manu or Duncan will get their points. The key is limiting one of the two guys. One of the ways they can do that is by going right at those guys on the offensive end and trying to create some foul trouble. There's no reason that Tay shouldn't be posting up Manu.

Game 2 is huge. If the Pistons don't get a split in SA, this series is over. And if they don't maintain their composure, there's no way they get a split.

1:52 PM

Blogger hitman said...

I'm not mad at McDyess or even Lindsey even though he killed Detroit in the first quarter. This loss is on Rip, Tay and Ben. No D, no O, no flow...And since when has Detroit become soft. Ginobili nor Parker hit the wood once going to the hole. Put them on their backs let them no your there.

1:57 PM

Anonymous nate said...

I agree, the Pistons were the worse team, and the Spurs deserved the win.

As far as officiating is concerned, I do have a question for you Terry, considering that you've been covering basketball a long time: when did the NBA quit calling traveling?

Wade and ESPECIALLY Ginobili are probably the worst at taking steps. Rip also has a tendency to take 3 or 4 steps when he drives. He's not nearly as good at putting the ball on the floor as he is at jump-shooting, and it's obvious when he travels.

Do the pros just get the benefit of the doubt? Even high school and college games enforce traveling more than the NBA does.

Traveling is to the NBA what "obstruction" is to the NHL.

2:10 PM

Blogger buttercut99 said...

I wasn't ever as worried about Miami being better than us - mostly us playing up to our potential and being our own worst enemy. San Antoniolooks like the better team. They toyed with us last night. I'm not throwing in the towel - but I don't have a good feeling.


2:12 PM

Anonymous The_REAL_Right_WAy said...

As I have been trying to tell you folks. For the first time in two years, the Piston are finally playing a healthy team in the post season.

I think the record will show that, "luck" has been their best player in the playoffs, over the past two years.

3:51 PM

Anonymous The_REAL_RIght_Way said...

As predicted, San Antonio finished the job. Many of you scoffed at me when made my matchup prediction. All was true with the exception of one.

I actually thought Hamilton would get off.

San Antonio's plan was very well thought out and executed. They exploited the Pistons greatest weakness: They cheated off Ben Wallace to bring the trap knowing the following:

-he is not an offensive threat,
-Shaq is still in his head,
-they are quick enough to recover

Brilliant game plan.

3:58 PM

Anonymous The_REAL_Right_Way said...


Come on, a healthy Miami was better than the Pistons. Truthfully, this is the first time in the last 2 years the Pistons have faced a healthy opponent.

On another subject, all this talk about Prince and his 7'2" wing span. His ability to guard players like D Wade and Ginobili is very suspect. Wade ate him alive with the exception of game one and the game when he was not healthy. LB better do something or Manu is going break him off again.

4:11 PM

Anonymous Tracy said...

Game 1 left a bad taste in my mouth - I didn't enjoy anything after the first quarter. Tayshaun needs to step it up - he definitely isn't playing up to his potential. During the regular season he was just a joy to watch - what happened? And other than McDyess, our bench is so weak. I don't think Arroyo brings much to the table lately and in fact, cringe when he's on the court. Game 2 is pivotal. I hate to be down on the Pistons - I know how they can turn things around but I just have a bad feeling about these finals.

Love the blog, Terry!

6:37 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Somebody give McDyess and Arroyo a couple of drinks before Game 2. Both showed a case of stage fright in my opinion, playing as if they were afraid to fail. The little things were telling, like Arroyo easing up on a San Antonio rebound only to have Ginobili save it off his leg. I'd have benched his ass right then and there.

Terry, people have been saying Ben is troubled by bone spurs. Do you know if it's true? He seems so lethargic at times.

Finally, I don't care who calls me a Darko slappy: If we can't get some post scoring in the next game, it wouldn't be a bad idea to put Milicic in and capitalize on his height advantage. San Antonio isn't a team you can play 4 on 5 against.

6:58 PM

Blogger Area Man said...

Terry -
Anyone ever tell you that you look just like the dad in "That's So Raven"?

7:34 PM

Anonymous The_REAL_Right_Way said...

If Darko goes in the only thing anyone will be able to capitolize on is the laughter that will be generated. Darko has no place on the playoff roster let alone in a game like this.

This is on LB. How can you expect Arroyo or any other "capable" sub to come in and perform at a high level when they haven't had to opportunity to play any significant minutes?

8:11 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

Rob V.
Even if the Pistons lose Sunday I won't say the series is over. They have three at home and the theory is to protect home and steal one on the road. However, game 2 is important in that if we see the same things that hurt the Pistons in game one happen again then it becomes a trend that may not stop.

10:29 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

You are right. The NBA has stopped travling. Do you notice can get away with a hop step now where as before you could not?
They stopped calling it during the Michael Jordan era. I guess they wanted Mike to do his thing because it entertained people so much. why let a traveling call get in the way of a good thing.

10:32 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

thanks for reading it. I am enjoying doing it.

10:33 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

I dont know if Ben has bone spurs. But he looks injured or mentally out of it to me. Something is up with him. I wish I were in San Antonio to investigate.

10:35 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think we should strike a deal with Dan Gilbert now, the Cavs can introduce LB as their new Pres tomorrow with just a simple exchange of draft picks. They get our #1, we get theirs. Only circa 2003. They get Darko, we get LeBron. C'mon Dunars get off the pot and pull the trigger on this one, it's startin to stink in here!!!!

11:30 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What are Fro-spurs and can Arnie Kander work them out of Ben's hair in time for Game 2??????

11:33 PM

Anonymous The_REAL_Right_Way said...

Ben has Shaqidous. The Diesel is still in his head. Furthermore, Popovich is doing what Van Gundy failed to do. He is exploiting Ben's minimal threat on the offensive end. Half the time, Ben is free as his man is trapping a Pistons guard.

Lastly, Prince has a bad case of Softidous. He is afraid to go in the lane.

12:42 AM

Anonymous Tracy said...

There was info in the press back in March about Ben's bone spurs bothering him. I can't recall if he missed a game or two over it but he was feeling some pain back then but said he'd play through it and have surgery after the season ended. I'm guessing between that, his son's recent hernia surgery and a death (was it a family member or friend?) - it's all taken a toll.

4:13 AM

Anonymous nate said...


I guess it depends on what really is a "good thing." I, as a Pistons fan, don't think it's good when Parker and Ginobili tuck it under their forearm like a football and run through the lane.

10:05 AM


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