Thursday, June 16, 2005


Let it rip. What do you think about Game 4 at The Palace. As I write this it looks like an easy Pistons victory.
Tell me what you think. I will hit you later


Anonymous Mike V. said...

One of the most complete performances I've ever seen, period. Truly impressive.

Mike V.

11:05 PM

Anonymous Mike V. said...

For the first time ever I have turned off a finals game I started to watch....amazing job by the stones this evening. Time for baseball tonight and then back for post game interviews/

11:29 PM

Anonymous bill simmons hater said...

Guess what? Ginobili played. Spurs Sucked. Manu says the injury won't effect his performance, so what's the excuse now? could it possibly be:

Bill Simmons, you're a disgrace.

11:42 PM

Anonymous bill simmons hater said...

What? darko got a haircut, no more highlights?

Don't break an arm while you're out there, darko.

Hey T and Mike- love the show, and I loved how you kept it real on the show today. Make sure people keep it real tomorrow, it might be homer-overboard.

11:51 PM

Blogger Jack Fu said...

Sweet merciful Jesus. What is there to say? Utter and complete domination.

18 turnovers to 4? Silly.

11:51 PM

Blogger Tom said...

You know, we always say that even when the Pistons play well, they haven't played their best basketball. I think tonight, that was the closest I've ever seen them play to their best basketball. Complete game with great offense and smothering defense. And the kicker is, Rasheed and Rip still didn't play great games!!

Gotta win game 5. That is a must. We cannot go back to SA down 3-2. We can win 1 of 2 there, but not 2.

And I thought it was great that Ginobli and Duncan played and played like crap.

How about Lindsey Hunter chucking up 17 points? Who would have ever thought that?

11:58 PM

Blogger Sports from A2 said...

Looking at the stats, the ONLY detroit starter who had a "good" (and good in my opinion means better than 50%) shoting night was sheed, yet we still win by 30+?

Whod've thunk it?

11:58 PM

Blogger Claude said...

PISTONS Dominate. Didn't think they would do it though!

12:03 AM

Anonymous piston homer said...

In 2 minutes, darko had 2pts, 2 rebounds. and when darko was in there, ginbobli and duncan didn't even score/touch the ball! INCREDIBLE!

See, I told you if we play him the whole game he'll put up 48pts-48 rebounds!!!!

Pistons will sweep the best of 7 series in game 5 with 3 wins!!!!!

12:03 AM

Blogger dt said...

This Pistons team is one of the most unique defensive teams in the history of the NBA. They don't beat you with muscle, they don't beat you with feet. They beat you with an unbelieveable mixture of length and relentnessless.

Having said that, it's 2-2 as it should be with the two best teams in the league and now it's a best-of-three with SA having the home court.

The best is yet to come. I know the Pistons understand that. The question is whether or not the Spurs do. I think they do.

The next three will be classic.

12:17 AM

Anonymous tony hamera said...

The Pistons took names and kicked ass. That is what happens when you play like the Pistons did tonight with raw energy and desire.

12:30 AM

Anonymous AC said...

It's really funny to me how many people in Detroit freak out and scream about the officiating when they lose... but in a game like tonite, when IMO the officials were god awful and were letting the pistons get away with a lot... no one says anything. I'm a Pistons fan btw and not a Spurs fan. It was just obvious to me tonite that the Pistons were a better team, but they also got a ton of help from the refs.

12:42 AM

Blogger billionaire said...

AS I watched the game couple of things struck me. Rip stunk it up and like a shooter he kept on shooting I also thought stunk it up early as well. With that said the team really responded especially Hunter. I think Mcdyess is pretty much automatic but Lindsey was out of his mind. Now I expect the pistons to take Game 5 because I think they understand the Spurs are not the scrubs of the east not saying Miami is one but the pistons really did not play their best in that series. I also thought another key was how active the pistons were on the defensive end I liked how they swipe at the ball at last possible moment b4 duncan could shoot and how they denied the entry pass I also liked how they defended the 3's I think ginobili is hurting more than he is admitting. I expect game 5 to be better but pistons still on top. I agrree with Bill Simmons get ready for the homer board and people to brush off rip perfomance. One stat I did not notice was that spurs really have turned the ball all series long 16 in the 2 and 18 here at home if this trend continue I am sure the pistons will Game 5. Last point the Spurs did what we all complained about the pistons they missed easy shots and has the old school bad boys gotten into Chauncey with him committing hard fouls

12:55 AM

Blogger Tom said...

The refs in the NBA ALWAYS stink, it's the most inconsistent and arbitrary rule interpretation of the 4 major sports. At least tonight they got to play the game without 100 fouls total, and got a bit of leeway for being home.

1:11 AM

Blogger said...

Should we put out an APB for "the real right way"?


9:08 AM

Anonymous Nathan said...

I think the Pistons do beat teams with muscle -- especially this Spurs team. I don't care what ESPN wants to say about how Ginobili and Parker "initiate contact" and how "they love contact" -- this team is still considerably softer than the Pistons.

Physically, the Pistons have more muscle than the Spurs at just about ever position. Power forward might be a wash.

10:23 AM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

No need for an APB. I had a number of thoughts watching this game.

1. I finally saw something in Darko that has me thinking he may someday be able to trade his front row season tickets in for an actual playing roster spot. One agressive move in 2 years....WOW.

2. The San Antonio Spurs need to take a lesson from the Pistons. Knock someone, anyone on their ass next time they even think about coming in the lane. This was truly disappointing that they didn't standup and regroup on a couple of hard fouls. Pop and LB's friendship might just be a factor.

3. The Spurs guards are being out played. I said early on that the Pistons would need to exploit their depth at the guard position, and doubted LB would because of his lack of confidence in his bench. I still think that had his bench made a couple of mistakes in a tight game LB would have them sitting.

4. I said earlier Spurs in 5. Looks like the Pistons have proved me wrong so I will have to adjust and say Spurs in 6.

5. Finally, I won't waste my time coming up with some of the excuses thrown out in games 1 & know, "they have tired legs", "refs are calling phantom fouls", "Duncan is having some personal issues." It just ain't pretty.

2:15 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...


Your point is noted and agreed with. I'm just glad to see a team handle bad calls without the temper tantrums.

2:18 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...


I still think you are reaching..."two best teams in the league?" I still find that to be questionable. Miami was an injury away from ending the Pistons run.

I think a more appropriate depiction would be "the 2 teams that made it to the championship."

Just keepin' it REAL

2:23 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

The Pistons are in trouble. I hear the Spurs are bringing in their secret weapon.

Eva Longoria will be at Sunday's game. If Ben Wallace's wife can do that to him, just think what Eva Longoria could do for Tony Parkers game.

Memo to Piston fans... Please hold your liquor. If she happens to lay on the scorers table...don't mess it up!!!!!

2:29 PM

Blogger MortyCrass said...

Any team that loses a Game 7 in its own building doesn't deserve consideration as the best team in the conference. Period.

2:31 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...


Truthfully, who have they played with muscle? The Miami Heat are the only team in the east with true muscle.

We know what happen before Wade got hurt in that series.

2:32 PM

Anonymous Nathan said...

It's not a reach to say that these are the two best teams in the league. By your logic, I could say that the Spurs don't belong in the finals because Johnson was hurt for Phoenix. See the problem with that type of logic?

In the case that we're going to discuss ifs, ands, and buts, then IF the Pistons played the way they have against the Spurs the past two games, then they would have beat the Heat in 5, easily. Clearly, the Pistons have figured out how to stop D. Wade, it just took them another series to do it.

Or, we could quit with the swiss cheese arguments, and tell it like it is -- the Pistons and Spurs won their conferences, and earned the right to be called the two best teams in the NBA, especially with their performances over the past three years taken into account.

I have just one question for you. If the Pistons win the championship this year, will you admit that they're the best team in the NBA? Or will you continue to fall back on the "Shaq/Wade/O'Neal/Kidd were hurt" excuse?

Oh, and to answer your question about why the Spurs don't flatten Detroit players when they attack the paint, it's because Detroit is tough, and the Spurs are soft. Do you really think Parker is going to take out Billups driving to the hoop? Hahahaha! Or any of Detroit's bigs? You've got to be kidding me. The only reason this team isn't Bad Boys 2 is because Bad Boys 1 changed the way the game is called.

2:45 PM

Anonymous Nathan said...

Miami's muscle goes 3 players deep. Mourning doesn't count anymore. And don't even say girl-haircut Haslem.

2:46 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...


You could make that point about the Spurs and it would be and is valid. They got lucky with Joe Johnson going down.

Look what he did in the final game. The outcome of that series took a turn when he went down.

3:00 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...


When did the Pistons figure out how to stop Dwayne Wade?... He lit them up.

3:02 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...


Parker has put Ben on the seat of his pants at least 3 times in this series.... Oh,sorry that was just Ben flopping. I have never seen a man of Ben's size and stature flop so much.

You better re-evaluate who is soft.

3:07 PM


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