Tuesday, June 14, 2005


My take on Game 3 is coming soon. Until I tell you what really happened (wink) just debate amongst yourselves.

T Foster


Blogger Kevaxe2k2 said...

4th quarter starting...Pistons CANNOT give up the lead...they need to start fast and take control of these. Otherwise, SA will keep coming.

11:21 PM

Blogger Ian C. said...

I was worried after the first quarter because the Pistons played GREAT, yet still trailed. But everyone came ready to play.

Fourth quarter as I type this...

11:37 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

I predicted San Antonio in 5. It looks like this is the Piston's one win.

They came ready tonight as expected, I thought it would be much tighter. Too many turnovers for San Antonio. They will correct that and take the next two.

11:48 PM

Blogger vray said...

i think that you looked great asking tim duncan your question on nba tv....love the show.

12:17 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

RW - can I quote you on that? What happens if you are wrong? Still have 2 more chances to be RRW. Curious - do u considr yourself a Piston fan?

12:18 AM

Blogger Kevin Antcliff said...

Five Words:


This team feeds off of him on so many levels, good or bad. Him playing well opens so many doors for his teammates.

I still say Spurs in 7. Hope I'm wrong.

12:26 AM

Anonymous Mike Valenti said...

I can't believe I am actually on this thing....dammit Terry.
Pistons looked sharp tonight. Ben was fabulous, truly wonderful tonight. The win is nice but the scary aspect is that San Antonio was leading for damn near 3 quarters, with nothing from Ginobili and very, very little from Duncan. The Pistons wll need this type of effort to be competitive and extend this thing back to San Antonio. biggest issue is the turnover battle, Pistons were wonderful and really took advantage of open floor ops. Any shot they have will come from those types of easy buckets.

I said Spurs in 6, nothing has changed my mind. I expected the Pistons to win tonight, I expect them to win game 5 as well.
Your co-host, Buck Shot McGillicutty...aka Mike V.

12:26 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it too ridiculous to suggest that, say the pistons do not continue these winning ways, Joe D ought to consider moving Sheed for a strong bench player and allow Darko to actually play?

12:54 AM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

You can put it in the front page the back page or wherever. Quote me.

I am an NBA fan. An most importantly a fan of "exciting" basketball.

8:34 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

I am glad you enjoyed me asking my question. I was just trying to be professional and represent Detroit in the best manner I could.

8:39 AM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

Everytime I hear let Darko play, I LMAO. Darko at his best will be a front row season ticket holder...just like Shawn Bradley.

I agree with moving Rasheed because this guy is a cancer. But what will you get for him with his reputation. I am sure some of these teams like Atlanta or New Orleans would take him because they have nothing to lose. But what do you get in return?

8:39 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

That was such a beatiful post. You can be a nice young man when you put your mind to it. Now here is where you get pissed off. I have to leave the show at the midway point today.
Sorry buddy. I am the Spurs beat writer.

8:40 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

My goodness. What if Larry Brown had let some of the callers to our show coach. Darko would have played against Tim Duncan.
How scary.

8:41 AM

Anonymous Nate said...

No, he's a fan of bashing the Pistons.

It's easier to push someone back over than it is to help them back up.

10:09 AM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...


Are you suggesting that they let Darko start or what? I call it as I see it.

12:09 PM


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