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I really need you guys to comment on this.
While doing the Sports Inferno Show with my partner Mike we've encountered a number of Pistons fans who say the officials have influenced this series and been a detriment to the Pistons.
They see conspiracy theories floating in the air. And they say the NBA is so eager to have a Miami-San Antonio series (or is it more like a Shaquille O'Neal and Dwyane Wade against Tim Duncan series) that it will do anything with in its power to do it.
Some of you already know I believe shady things happen in the NBA. There are things called "league games" during the regular season when players know they have little chance of winning. I do believe officials are given mandates to watch certain teams more closely than others and we see weird calls from time to time.
In this series I've just seen bad officiating and it has affected both teams. O'Neal has been in early foul trouble early as has Wade. People complain about the Shaq hook and all the other bullish things he does when going to the basket.
Well folks this is not a get the Pistons the heck out of the playoffs moves by officials. They have allowed this all of his career. Why do you think they would stop now?
The reason the Pistons do not lead this series is because they've been too complacent too often. And have you noticed in each game one team comes out with more energy than the other? And that is usually the team that wins.
There is a flaw in the Heat and the Pistons. Both teams play hard when they want. And they coast when they can. And I hate to go back to the good old days of basketball. But the Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers and Pistons of the 1980s would never do this.
Shame on both teams.
So folks it is not the officials. It is more of the Pistons taking short cuts.
Your thoughts?
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Blogger h bomb said...

Terry - I agree that it would be ridiculous for there to be a conspiracy about officiating, eventually the person giving orders would get caught and go to jail. It DOES make sense to me that individual officials could have personal reactions to attitudes, personalities and hold a grudge. Just like teachers who share their thoughts on students and keep some down year after year, these refs may gossip about their "feelings." But my real concern is - who is enforcing performance standards on officials? This I would really like to know. Because officiating is inconsistent and in general it s**ks because of that. what's the deal???

7:30 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

I just think it is difficult to officiate an nba game. And fans see things their team's way. I heard they were complaing about the officials in Miami that they were against them.
So how can officials be against both teams? That boggles the mind

7:53 AM

Anonymous Darren said...

You cant worry about the officials. You got to stop the other team and score more points. Do not give the officials a chance to influence the game.

9:28 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The correct answer is, the Pistons.

Complacency has been an issue all year. Refereeing hasn't. The Pistons have a great group of guys ... but deep down beneath that lunchbucket exterior, they really WANT to be stars and win admiration for pretty jumpshots. They're just not tough-minded enough to stick with the formula that works.

Terry, I've been watching the Pistons since Earl Lloyd was the coach. One useful tip I've learned is that you pay attention to what a defending champ does after an embarrassing loss. If they absolutely crush the opposition with a vengeance, they're still ready to defend. But if they only squeak by or actually lose, that team won't repeat. And too many times this year, the Pistons found rationalization more appealing than revenge.

9:51 AM

Blogger DonVitoCorleone said...

T. Foster, thank you for bringing up the old teams and the fact that they played the game with intensity on a consistent basis...can you imagine Isiah's Pistons playing unfocused Eastern Conference Finals games against Bird's Celtics? Blasphemous!

This Pistons squad is disgraceful with their unfocused behavior and their crybaby ways. What is lost among them for some reason is the fact that if you are the road team in big, big, playoff games, you not only have the crowd against you, but you are also going to get an unfavorable whistle. TOO BAD!

The old Pistons figured that out (phantom foul on Laimbeer in '88). They realized they had to get homecourt if they were going to win the title. So, the following year they focused on having the best record in the regular season. They made it a top priority.

These Pistons placed a low priority on having homecourt during the playoffs...why? Well, because they didn't need it last year. It was too easy for them, as they beat a severely injured Pacers team (physically) along with a severely injured Lakers team (mentally). All without homecourt. Who cares about the regular season? -- not this team. Miami had the best record so they are entitled to certain benefits. That's just the way things happen!

The Pistons got a bad whistle in game 5, AND THEY ARE GONNA GET A BAD WHISTLE IN GAME 7. Get over and play the game like men, not like the wimps we've seen.

Disgraceful. Tough for this longtime Piston fan to back this squad up with these childish antics.

9:56 AM

Blogger detroit72 said...

I'm at the point where I don't want to hear any excuses whatsoever.

Yes, the officiating has been questionable but more questionable is the lack of fire in the Pistons. The inconsistency in their play from one game to the next is the real problem here. Following a convincing win I can almost guarantee a flat squad and that's not the mark of a championship team.

If/when they get bounced all we are going to hear is how the officiating and the Brown 'distraction' were the reasons. This town is an amazing sports town but we hold the patent on creative-bitching. Our fingers need only be pointed directly at the heart of the players on the team when it comes to us looking for answers.

Even if they win (and I hope they do) we'll endure a summer of 'Wade was hurt, the championship is tainted' and then we'll have another season of 'Nobody respects us'. It's like some vicious cycle, one that could be broken if only this team played like we all know they can.

Ugh. I both love and loathe being a die-hard Pistons fan.

12:33 PM

Blogger said...

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1:11 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with most of you I think that David Stern and the Officials are more concerned with keeping out of controvercy and jail than making a few extra bucks on a heat and spurs final. Also I fight in martial arts compititions and my coach always says if you don't want the judges to decide the match, knock him out. Finally my view on the series with Dwane Wade hurt i like the pistons chances better I think that Shaq will fade the longer it goes. But the heat with a healthy Wade is scary.

Chauncy Billups may be mr big shot but Wade has proven to be mr big 4th quarter.

1:14 PM

Blogger said...

I think the fact that we didn't do what we needed to do to get home court in this series is another damning piece of evidence.

If we had home court, I'd bet nearly everything that I have that we'd beat the Heat, even as poorly as we have played at times this series.

But we didn't get home court because this is a flawed team IMO, and those flaws did us in during the regular season (FLAWS: The bench, too easily frazzled, lack of hunger, too many offensive droughts, too inconsistent, not able to get up for games which they should, more?)

*prepares for excuses about lacklustre regular season*

Last year, our hunger was able to carry us even without home court, we were able to win those "5 on 8" matchups on the road.

I just don't see the hunger this year, all I see is bitching about the refs. Even if most of it is justified.

During the regular season, I just kept thinking "they'll turn it on when the playoffs arrive", but it doesn't look that way right now.

1:14 PM

Blogger billionaire said...

okay fellas we all know detroit should have put this series away for example missing 15 free throws we had the homecourt when we won game1. Terry you always seem to go back well gone are those days. If you alot of todays players are all buddies in some way or another IE Chauncy and Damon Rashizzle and Jermaine. So folks, this will be the nba for a long while. Also, I don;t think the officiating was all about making detroit lose I just think the officiating in this series has stunk in particualiar games 2 thru 5 To me Games 1 and 6 were decent if not fair the games had a better flow.
PS Terry I throw in the towel on Piston fans I am totally on you and mike side. After all what has happned how can this idiot in lapeer have the gall to do what he did. I was in dallas and I could not say anything to defend us pistons fans

8:41 PM

Anonymous The_REAL_Right_Way said...

All this talk about officiating. If I am not mistaken, Shaq has been hit with 2 early fouls in 4 of the 6 games with 1 reducing him to 25 minutes of total playing time.

I think this would have been a much more entertaining series if Detroit players would have just played the game. I predicted early on that Rasheed Wallace would have a negative affect on this team and it is beginning to surface as all the players moan and groan about every call, "just like Rasheed."

Referees are people, regardless of trying to uphold their level of professionalism, I would imagine that it is tough to give a guy that has publicly cursed you out through out many seasons the benefit of the doubt.

Moreover, the refs review film just like the teams. Rasheed only hurts himself and the team when he complains about calls against him when he clearly has committed a foul.

I want to give Rasheed the benefit of doubt, but he must take some blame for the situation he left behind in Portland. Some players are cancer to a team. The question I have is, "Is Rasheed the Pistons cancer"

9:06 AM


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