Thursday, June 23, 2005


Hey guys. You know the routine now. Tell me what you thought of Game 7. You can post before, during and after the game. I love reading your views after the fact. I will hit you guys later tonight.

Terry Foster


Blogger WXOU Sports said...

I think the Pistons will win 82-80 but I'm so nervous. I just Duncan on ABC and he looks like hes about to pee in his pants. I expect Sheed and Prince to come up huge for the Pistons tonight. This one will have lots of ups and downs. I ready for it to start!

8:43 PM

Anonymous sportsfroma2 said...

I can't wait for this start, but I WILL not miss this annyoing matchbox 20 (rob thomas) intro "this is how my heart breaks down".

I've always wondered, does hubie have a wig/fake hair?

9:03 PM

Anonymous sportsfromA2 said...

My prediction:

pistons 92- Spurs 80.

BUT, I AM a pistons slappy, and I might be overconfident, but my initial observation is that the Spurs might have an emotional meltdown (they've been complaining to the refs more often, i noticed last game especially).

9:06 PM

Anonymous tony hamera said...

Good start by Big Ben and the Pistons...lets see if they can keep up the pace.

9:26 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Down by 7, 2+ mins to go.

Gut-check time, Detroit. So far the pistons for sure look like the slower/more fatigued team.

11:39 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, T, things aren't looking well. down by 6, 18 seconds left.

I most likely won't be tuning into the inferno tomorrow, i'm really bummed and dissapointed the pistons didn't win. It was a good run while it lasted, I still don't know why LB stopped playing Arroyo, and why Rip insists on shooting EVERY time he got the ball.

11:57 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey I'm the same anonymous who wrote comment #6.

I'm not mad or anything, i'm still so proud of us getting this far, but we were SOOO close, it hurts.

What's next?

NHL CBA-countdown, Jeff Garcia as starting QB countdown, or Tigers win the pennant countdown?

At least Darko didn't break an arm this year.

12:06 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tim Duncan 3 time MVP. YES SIR!!!!!!!!!!

12:10 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tiny Tim -vs- Little Benny

Down goes Benny, Down goes Benny, Down goes Benny.

12:12 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was a game of muscle and the big guys won. The east is getting soft.

12:14 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

why didn't Detroit go with Eldon Campbell late in the 3rd when Rasheed and Dice got in foul trouble? He could've been put on Duncan and pushed him around the block, allowing Ben to roam the lane and block shots. Instead Detroit went small and never recovered

12:17 AM

Blogger K Long said...

We played hard, but San Antonio played harder.

12:19 AM

Anonymous sportsfroma2 said...

well, my prediciton was WAY off.

I hope this teaches the Pistons to take the Regular season more seriously, because in my opinon SA won thanx to thier hard work in the regular seaosn which led them to the home crowd when they needed it the most, and they fed off the crowd today.

After game 5, i guess the pistons' backs must've been inside of the wall, not just against the wall.

12:52 AM

Blogger vray said...

I am not as disappointed as I thought I would be. I have watched every single game (yes every single game) this year. I attended 10 games at the Palace and one in Chicago. I am very very proud of the way in which this team has represented Detroit. They have made me both incredibly happy and inconceivably dejected. I never lost faith, and the manner in which they lost, with both class and dignity, only validated my belief. They are a remarkable group of gentlemen who have absolutely nothing to be disappointed about. Thanks for your time. Vanessa

12:53 AM

Anonymous Matt said...

Terry, holy *swear word*. It was a good game..... we unfortuanlly lost. We couldn't handle the pressure. We bloew up and we lost. plain an simple. I can honestly say im one of the biggest pistons fan around. it breaks my heart to see them lose.... i gotta go... love you terry and can't wait for the solo show tomorrow.....

Hopefully in Mike's defense, he didn't see the 4th after his flight....

Pistons fan till the end..... even since they lost... i love em to death and props to then makin it to the finals and forcin a game 7

1:22 AM

Blogger h bomb said...

vray I am with you - this just makes me want to watch more games next year.

Is there any way we fans can communicate our appreciation now that this is over?

Has anyone on this blog ever been able to get a letter read by one of thes players?

4:04 AM

Blogger billionaire said...

Sportsfroma2 think about this how could the pistons have taken the regular season so seriouly especially this past one. You had the malice also larry was out plus the pistons had championitis and this we can turn on the switch attitude. I say give them props for reaching this far inspite of all this. I do wonder if the team was in the right mind set going back to the Miami series b4 the whole Cleveland gate would there have been a difference. The East can;t be considering JV anymore at the least the top teams I mean

8:55 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ikeep hearing how we fans are supposed to ignore the officiating like it will magically always work out fair somehow in the great big scheme of things but i don't care about the cosmos I just wanted to see one un polluted finals game 7 is that asking too much?

9:35 AM

Anonymous I HATE BELIGAN said...

Too many people at the end of the game with "HERO" complex. Lindsay taking stupid shots, especially. Spurs deserved the win, Ginobili is amazing, and no one on the pistons could stay in front of him.

9:55 AM


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