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Here is the other dirty little secret in this Larry Brown saga. It comes from the dressing room at The Palace where Ben Wallace, Chauncey Billups and Rasheed Wallace prepare for games.
From that room comes anger. It boiled during the playoffs. It got hotter after every Brown press conference where he proclaimed he wanted to coach the Pistons the following season.
Players were not buying it and privately hoped their coach walked or was forced out.
This isn't to say a mutiny was on the horizon if Brown returned, but there was a strong possibility.
I've run into players here and there and they privately talked about their anger. Some even wanted to show their displeasure during the playoffs, but were told by President Joe Dumars to keep quiet.
He did not want off-court emotion to affect on court results. The Pistons were locked in life and death series and Dumars thought the Pistons needed every ounce of energy to get past Indiana, Miami and San Antonio.
We will never know the fall out if Brown had returned. But this firing or buy out or whatever you want to call it is probably best for both parties.
The Pistons need to look toward the future because Brown would not have coached beyond this season any way. And even if he returned Brown could not assure 100 percent commitment. The Pistons told him to walk.
The New York Knicks are willing to wait because they don't have a championship caliber team who felt betrayed by their coach. Brown will probably take nearly $60 million in compensation and start fresh.
If he returned to Auburn Hills he had a lot of explaining to do. While Brown could not guarantee he would give the Pistons his all, there were no guarantees players would play the right way for him.
Secondly, Brown and his agent Joe Glass played Dumars and the Pistons like a fiddle. As soon as the Pistons made a decision on Brown Glass was out giving the Brown spin. Dumars was caught flat footed and will give his side of the story today during an interview on my radio show The Sports Inferno 10 a.m. on AM 1270 The Sports Station.
Dumars said he does not want to trash Brown. He simply wants his side of the story out. And then it is up to the people to make up their own minds.
Everybody is a loser in this because the Pistons are the best team Brown will ever coach. And Brown is the best coach the Pistons will ever have. It is a shame they could not work out their differences.
But this is probably best for both sides even though both sides look silly.


Blogger dt said...

The only reason I concur is that this whole situation had become such a mess. But it never should have gotten this far in the first place. And while neither side is blameless, the whole thing still reeks to me on a ego-driven power play that is now commonplace at the Palace.

The Pistons have now fired two of the best NBA coaches in the game in the past three years. And please tell me how many coaches IN THE HISTORY OF SPORTS have made two consecutive championship games (series) and then been fired.

LB is in a HUGE win-win situation because if the Pistons fall short of the Finals next year, it's all going to fall on the players and the ownership. In the meantime, he will take the Knicks to the playoffs and the end result is that the Pistons will look to everyone not like the 'model' organization they like to think, but more like the petualent organization they truly are.

I do still believe that this is a unique group of players and that they will be incredibly motivated to win one without Larry, but it will be very interesting to watch the identity of this team over the 82 game season next year as it prepares for the playoffs.

8:13 AM

Blogger PERALES said...

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8:56 AM

Blogger PERALES said...

Mr. Truth,

You truly are the 'Spirit of Detroit'. Not only do you provide the best inside Pistons info; you also are a deadly assassin on the court. Watching you drain shot after shot last night, I couldn't help but to think something about your buttery smooth jumpshot was familiar. Then this morning it hit me, you went to the Bill Laimbeer School of clutch shooting. Your game is tight and it was an honor to share the court with a true legend of Detroit.

I think your show belongs in the drive time slot because frankly the other shows on 1270 sound like they belong on 1270 (By the way, who runs that station, a monkey?). You and Khang should be on the afternoon drive and Mike and Spindler should be on your current time slot. The Sports Inferno would be the 'Football Inferno' in the mid-day and the 'Basketball Inferno' in the afternoon. How sweet would that be?

Here's my latest segment suggestion: From 12:00 - 12:30 listeners can call up and rip on Mike. Here are some starter topics for the listeners: Mike's stone hands, Mike's obsession with Star Jones and Nell Carter, Mike's death threats to the Foster family, and finally how Mike never invites his co-workers to lunch and parties.

8:58 AM

Blogger Ian C. said...

But dt, how many coaches in the history of sports are looking (almost openly) for other jobs in the midst of two consecutive championship runs?

The closest thing I can think of is Bill Parcells talking to the Jets while he was with the Patriots at the Super Bowl.

However, I think you're right about how this team will motivate itself next season. They'll want to show they can win a championship without Larry (though they almost did this season, in many regards).

Meanwhile, LB will be miserable trying to teach Marbury and Crawford how to "play the right way." That could be sadistically enjoyable to watch.

9:04 AM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...


Great point, LB is in a "Huge Win Situation." The Knicks can really go no place but up. Even if they falter, critics will say the make up of the team is so bad that no one could turn them around overnight.

LB will be an enormous hero if he just gets the team back to the playoffs.

The Pistons on the other hand can only go down. I think that they have been extremely lucky with regard to injuries over the past two years, hopefully, they remain that way, but this is the NBA. If they get into a funk and have a 4 or 5 game losing streak as all teams do, the pressure is going to be enormous.

If the Pistons locker room was so impacted by Browns antics during the playoffs and finals, just think what it will be like during distractions of the coming year.

Clearly this team has a fragile psyche as it relates to "getting respect." When they experience adversity and the media and fans start directing their past success at LB, I predict this organization will implode further.

9:08 AM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

ian c...

Great point, LB has not had a true point guard in a long time. I wonder if he will know what to do with Marbury.

I'm sure Larry is thinking, " thank god, I won't have to go through another player lobotomy to try and create a point guard."

9:20 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous sportsfroma2 said...

streaming is working fine for me so far today

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Blogger Jessica said...

I'm glad that Larry Brown is outta Philly.

1:16 PM


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