Friday, July 29, 2005


I made a grim discovery this week.
There is a Cedar Point without roller coasters and other high wire rides.
That's what happens when you attend with small fry. Celine, 5, is too scared to ride a roller coaster, and Brandon, 3, too small.
It's impossible to leave the gang for an hour to stand for the drag race ride that propels you to speeds of 120 miles per hour and jets you 20 stories into the air. It sure looked neat. But there was no way I could ride in my current situation.
That left me clapping on the sideline while the small fry rode on plastic air balloon rides, cars that went in circles and the junior Gemini.
The best part about Cedar Point is discovering my son is a real man. He wants to go on the big rides. They won't allow him because he falls short of the 46 inch minimum. One guy let us on this ride that jerked you all over the place and Little B loved it. He screamed and laughed as if he were having the time of his life.
That can only mean one thing. Dad is destined to hit the roller coasters in a year or two whether I want to or not.


Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...


Your killing your reputation that Mike has worked so hard to build.

You know the one... "The Ladies Man."

I was crackin up when you did the promo the other day and the music was playing in the background. Now that was some funny s___.

7:52 PM

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