Sunday, July 03, 2005


There is a great opportunity for you to own four of the greatest uniforms in Detroit sports history.
The Rosemary A. Hockney Memorial Fund in conjunction with The Detroit Sports Gallery is holding an auction Aug. 21 at Hoot's Bar in Detroit where the winner will get individually framed, mounted and autographed jerseys of Ben Wallace, Barry Sanders, Steve Yzerman and Al Kaline.
Tickets for the jersey draw are $20 or you can purchase three entries for $50. I've seen these uniforms and they would make you the hit of your circle of you owned all four of these.
They would complete my man's room.
If you want to get a look at the jerseys go to or you can call The Detroit Sports Gallery at 586-783-7738.
The foundation benefits families who have been stricken by cancer. It offers grants and scholarships. So it is a good cause even if you do not win this great prize.


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