Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Pistons team President Joe Dumars has agreed to come on the Sports Inferno Show to tell his view of the Larry Brown saga a little after 10 a.m. on Wednesday
Dumars is angry with the way he and the organization has been protrayed and wants to set the record straight. He indicated to me that Joe Glass, Brown's agent, flat out lied when he said Brown was fired and the Pistons did not want him back.
And look for the Pistons to take a beating in the New York Press Wednesday because Glass did a masterful job of painting the Pistons out as the bad guys.
So check us out at 10 a.m. on AM 1270 The Sports Station.


Blogger detroit72 said...

I hope you're going to recap it for those of us who won't be able to tune in. I *really* want to hear this.

4 months ago I was talking to a friend of mine from Philly and he was still sore about Browns leaving. He told me then that something would happen and his exit would be nasty here, too. I told him that, while I'm sure that was possible, it wouldn't come as a total surprise to Joe D. That he'd have a plan in place just in case something happened. I looked at the whole situation w/ a cool head but now the whole thing really pisses me off. He's a great coach and he deserves that but man, something just isn't right w/ the guy (and his agent) for him to feel that these games are acceptable.

Keep up the great work, Terry.

And please, please, please recap the talk you're going to have w/ Joe D. tomorrow. I wish I could listen in live.

11:21 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

we will make sure the entire interview is played later on the station. I am sure the big show will play the entire interview live and we are sending out cuts to ESPN so the national media can digest it and do with it what it wants. This thing is about to get real nasty.

11:23 PM

Anonymous sportsfroma2 said...

Terry, you are the people's man.

Great work getting Joe D on the show, I will try my best to listen (like I always do).

Just make sure the station keeps the online radio working, its an awesome feature and I will reallly need it tomorrow.

LOL, I can't wait to hear Joe Dumars, but I hope this doesn't turn into both sides insulting each other. As much as I am thankful for LB, when Carlisle left, I was stunned at how graceful his exit was.

I guess it just shows how secure Rick was about his coaching ability.

11:47 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

Unfortunately, I think there will be no winners in this saga. Both will come off looking bad. LB for chasing money (if he takes the New York job this year) and the Pistons for running off a coach who brought them what they haven't had in 14 years.

I don't believe what Browns camp is saying and I don't know that I will believe Joe. I hope I have a different take after the interview tomorrow. I am trying to stay objective, but it all seems to be both sides trying to save face as I predicted earlier.

12:19 AM

Blogger detroit72 said...

Just read a quick article nypost.com put up a few minutes ago. Terry's right... this is going to be really ugly.

Funny how money has a way of doing that.

12:31 AM

Anonymous Matt S. said...

Terry, once agian.. you are the man. Im sad to see LB leave because i believe he's a great coach for us, but at the same time... if he can't commit, then it's time to part ways. And i can't wait to hear Joe D tomorrow on your show. I just hope Detroit doesn't get bashed for this one, since you've stated LB's agent has went around sayin LB was done wrong and Fired.

1:05 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

When I talked to Dumars last night he said his intention was not to insult the other side. He said he did not want to sling arrows. He simply wanted his side of the story to come out.
He feels betrayed by the agent.

5:42 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

Glass even convinced the Free Press Brown was fired. They won the PR war. Now the Pistons are going to try to get back into the game -- if possible.
And you are right. This thing is very, very ugly.

5:44 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love how the New York press spent four months fanning the flames of this story, then began wringing their hands over poor old "victimized" Larry.

Idle, brainless, vindictive people will champion whichever side suits their pre-existing agenda. But the truth is much simpler, and it has always been clear since Joe took office: He never wanted the Pistons' fate to hang on the whims of one star ... whether it is a player or a coach. The team comes first, and Larry didn't put the team first, so Larry had to go.

Everything else may be good copy, but it is really as simple as that.

7:19 AM

Blogger Ian C. said...

I'm glad cuts of the Dumars interview will go out to ESPN because the Pistons' side of this needs to come out. Glass seemed like he was all over the radio yesterday, feigning indignation over the Pistons' decision.

And I hope Joe D gets the same play in the press that Glass received. What else would anyone expect Glass to say? He's Brown's agent!

T, it's maybe too close to look in hindsight, but should the Pistons have had someone talking to the press all day yesterday too?

8:58 AM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

I don't know if anyone recalls, but Larry Brown has been playing the PR machine for along time.

Do you remember the piece during the playoffs when he responded to critics about being a "vagabond." He was so emotional.

Larry has his "S$#%" together with regard to damage control. I don't know that it will help in this market, but nationally, I got to believe that people are questioning why the organization would "fire" or run off a coach that took them to the finals twice consecutively.

The problem the Pistons have is Larry Browns story has legs... Down the road, Larry will still talk about how he wanted to stay but because of health issues, they drove him out. I can hear him now. People will respond to a guy that got kicked while he was down and out, after giving the organization all he had.... Media will eat that stuff up.

On the other hand, the Pistons side will be an indictment of what is wrong with sports. Greed, ego, and the inability of successful organizations to maintain continuity.

Get ready, I predict the Larry Brown story will be played and re-played and re-re-played. The Pistons organization will historically be seen as the villian.

9:36 AM


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