Thursday, July 21, 2005


I cannot begin to tell you about the low grumbles and side way rumbles in the Pistons dressing room If you think this bitter Pistons divorce is simply between former Coach Larry Brown, Pistons President Joe Dumars, Owner Bill Davidson and big mouth agent Joe Glass you are mistaken. The children are upset too. The children in this case are the players. Now I don't want to identify them because these were confidential and private conversations. But trust me on this one. There were grumblings about Brown. I've had the luck to run into a few guys at social functions and during other events around town. After the what up dude what's happening greetings came the complaints about Brown. What Can Brown Do for You? A number of Pistons players took the high road publicly but privately they hoped he'd take one of those left over Bobby Ross one way bus tickets out of town. They were tired of all the Brown courtships. They were tired of the drama and suspense. Davidson may have put it best during an interview with WDIV when he said it was all about Brown and not the players and the organization. Obviously, Mr. D has a spy in the dressing room. That is exactly what these guys were complaining about. One more refrain played out amongst players. Privately, they believe they can win an NBA title without Brown. Well guys prove it. Prove that it was you and not Brown. Prove that you are an elite team without Brown and not just an elite team because you had an elite coach. But let me put this in. These guys respected the hell out of Brown. They admit he made them better and played a large role in their development. They are simply saying the rest of us did not give them enough credit. Now they want to prove they will remain an elite team. Here is the problem. It is going to much more difficult to advance to the NBA Finals than it was the past two seasons. And yes it was tough as nails winning the title in 2004 and it was even rougher getting past Indiana and Miami in 2005 to face San Antonio. The Eastern Conference will be better. Let's assume that the entire Indiana Pacers bench won't bounce into the stands this season to beat up fry cooks and accountants. They should be better. Let's assume the Miami Heat return with the same team in and Dwyane Wade is healthy during the playoffs. That will make them tougher. New Jersey upgraded with the addition of Abdur-Raheem Shareff. Cleveland is adding nice pieces and the Chicago Bulls are a year older and will be better if players don't revolt against Coach Scott Skiles. Last year you had a two horse race to the finish in the East. Next season you have at least four major players. We will all put a lot of pressure on new coach Flip Saunders. And that is fair. But I am looking at the players in the dressing room and saying you got your wish. Now produce.


Blogger billionaire said...

Terry I am blogged out on brown just like you guys in the media are tired as well. So why keep it up. THe players admitted that they got better and now this team seems to take on the piston fan view WE WANT RESPECT. Win and you get props. It is funny but even when brown leaves teams generally admit that they have gotten better. Look at Allen Iverson. He and Larry always was going back and forth at the end of the Day ALLEN admitted that Brown was the best for him

9:19 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Terry, do you think LB knew he lost some of his teams respect thus the "You know I love you guys" reinforcement blurb during what I believe was game 6 of the finals.

9:24 AM

Blogger hitman said...

Outstanding T, right on the money...

9:36 AM

Blogger said...


"Abdur-Raheem Shareff"? You might want to fix that.

No editor on the blog, huh? lol

9:39 AM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...


Did you guys see Davidson on TV last night.

It looks like Joe Glass gave him an old fashion NYC beat down.

When I used the anology about the first punch I had no idea negotiations were that rough.

The players obviously have some deep psychological issues with regard to rejection. After all this it's still all about proving they can win without Larry. That is a recipe for Saunders failure. Deep inside, these guys want to prove that it is not the coach, it's the players.

The key question now is will Flip be able to tear down that mental barrier and get these guys to play for him and buy into his philosophy when they are trying to prove to everyone "it wasn't Larry it was us."

10:21 AM

Blogger billionaire said...

You know i really to change my profession and become a reporter/journalist. Some of these guys really need to have thier press credentials checked. Dumbest question Joe will you change your expectations because of a coaching change ? What Gm worth his salt would say yeah I am lowering my expecations due to a coaching change. Another question that irked when will you play more darko into the game ? Terry can I get my own press pass. I am postive a majority of us bloggers could ask more meaningful questions? Flip looks like the guy the organization needs right now. I agree with an earlier caller who said better get a 2 year lease with an option to buy just in case. I did not know the depth of experience Flip has had coaching period. We shall see

12:37 PM

Anonymous sportsfromA2 said...

Hey everybody.

I must say, I was pretty impressed with the way Flip presented himself at the Press Conference, but he looked a little tired.

I had no idea about his backround, and I came away very happy- In the end it comes down to Flip Vs. Garfield, and sorry Garf- I don't think you can hold Flip's jock strap.

I'm just glad all this is over. Hopefully sometime soon we'll find out that Joe D has signed a lifelong contract with the pistons or something (his contract expired in the middle of the playoffs).

BUT, Im ready to move on a little- It is a HUGE deal that the Tigers just won a series against the best team in baseball. It is a HUGE deal that Ordonez has been tearing it up lately, and it is a HUGE dealthat percival's done ofr the season, and his career might be in jeopardy.

I also find it interesting that this AJ Burnett to Baltimore deal isn't done yet, so maybe a darkhorse team has started talking to the Marlins (and maybe that team is the tigers).

I think the tigers are 5 games out of the wild card, and now we have a HUGE series with the twins. It'll be very interesting.

XYT, get the stream working again!!! THe inferno's working overtime and I can't hear it!!!!!

1:11 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this Whitlock guy a complete ass or what???

It's not just his recent articles that have me down on him--Have you ever seen his appearances on "The Sports Reporters?" Moron.

Go have another donut Jason!

1:21 PM

Anonymous sportsfromA2 said...

oh yeah, lets not forget-
Besides basketball and once in awhile Baseball, there are other things going on:

"NHL players have begun voting on the league's proposed new labour agreement. Voting began around 10 a.m. EDT and was expected to take several hours. Some 225 players are in Toronto for the vote, with the other 500 or so casting their ballots electronically. Thursday's meeting is due to wrap up following lunch, followed by an afternoon news conference with both NHLPA boss Bob Goodenow and commissioner Gary Bettman."


"NHLPA News Conference will cybercast today’s NHLPA news conference where NHLPA Executive Director Bob Goodenow, along with NHL Comissioner Gary Bettman will discuss the results of today's ratification vote, starting at 4pm et/1pm pt."

Let me just point out something- TSN.CA (TSN's website, and TSN is canada's version of ESPN) Can have a nice, free, live video feed of the NHL press conferences, but XYT can not have a stable audio feed of its regular programming. I don't get it.

1:25 PM

Blogger dt said...

To the 'anonymous' fan of Jason Whitlock:

There is a lot of truth to what he writes here. While there is no doubt in my mind that the only resolution became to replace LB, ask yourself how we got to this point in the first place.

The LA/NY comments during the season started as simple innocuous statements by LB that the local media blew up and ran with.

The Cleveland gig was NEVER and option, it was all just a giant smokescreen engineered by Dan Gilbert and his co-conspirator Tommy Wilson.

My belief is that LB early in the season - in November after his first surgery - was fried and planned to retire. (I also believe he changed his mind since then.)

Detroit ownership got paranoid and snobby all at once and began to make plans to replace Larry. Flip Saunders begcame available (March) at the same time that LB began to waffle a bit, perhaps wanting to stay.

The Palace spin machine then went into overdrive and the Clevemand story broke. LB got resentful and decided to leave, but wanted the Palace to eat crow for leaking the Cleveland (non-job) story.

And that is what transpired into the mess of the last 7 days or so.

The Pistons capitalized on LB's insecurities and history for their own "gain." Wilson and Davidson resented that Larry had become the face of the "team" and the rest is history.

Flip better get this team to at least the Eastern Conference Finals or the walls will really start to crumble.

3:55 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...


I think you are on the right track, this whole thing has me questioning the Pistons real motives versus what they are feeding the media.

If this thing went down as fast as they say, how the hell do they seal the deal with Saunders so quickly? The answer is they already had their plan to get LB out of here.

Whitlock may just be right, "the media is in the Pistons pocket." No one is asking the tough questions, they are just taking the Pistons word.

5:10 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

I heard Saunders comparing the emotional state of Rasheed with KG.

I understand that you don't want to say something off cue during an opening press conference, and you want to babble the hometown mumbo jumbo, but wow. His comparison of "The Cancer" to Kevin Garnett is disturbing. I hope he doesn't think dealing with KG has prepared him to deal with Mr. Technical.

Hopefully this is just the opening press conference "happy speak" and nothing more.

6:06 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...


Clearly you would have been better than the press. Someones press pass should be revoked and turned over to you immediately.

I still would like to know how they moved so quickly to hire Flip. Joe D avoided the hiring process question.

6:09 PM

Blogger billionaire said...

Clerical issue The nba still has not signed the CBA also I was right football would knock the Pistons Saga out of the headlines. Just peak over to the Philly and TO situation

TRRW we all know that the pistons already had Flip in the pocket. The press love fest was just a charade. I would like flip to come into the lions den aka Sports Inferno for a good line of questioning. I am done with the ex coach however I do recognize that without him the pistons would be on a Hornets level when they were in the East or perhaps the Bucks level good enough to get to the first maybe secound round or even Lottery because of the darko pick.

9:18 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well your ex-coach hero has run several teams into the Lottery, in case you didn't notice, and has been fired several times due to his incompetence. I wouldn't go thinking the Pistons success is due to this guy. He's nothing special, just another high-maintenance guy, who was a career playoff loser when he showed up here in Detroit.

Whitlock is a hack. Terry you need to talk to that boy and straighten him out, he's taking your name in vain in his columns, and it doesn't reflect well on you my man.

8:55 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

Experts expect Brown the NY Knicks in the playoffs if Brown signs.

Wouldn't that be something? Particularly if they went up against the Pistons...If the Pistons happen to make it after this fiasco.

10:25 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If they "happen" to make it?

Brown's teams underachieve and miss the Playoffs often enough to get him fired fairly often, assuming he doesn't leave town before the sheriff shows up. We won't miss that fool.

2:41 PM

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