Monday, July 04, 2005


I am actually angry about the Detroit Tigers.
That is good news and bad news.
The good news is maybe more of us care about a team that last had a winning record when people wore bell bottoms, flashed the peace signs and smoked hippy lettuce. OK. It has not been that long. It only seems that way.
The Tigers dropped five of six games during a critical home stand. And yes three of those games were to the red hot Chicago White Sox and two were to the New York Yankees where victories are never guaranteed.
However, the Tigers wasted good pitching and stranded runners that should have scored easily.
Maybe it was the galling way they lost to the Sox. In one game all you need to do to win is bring a man home from third with no outs.
And in the next the Tigers loaded the bases with no one out and once again failed to bring anyone home. Yes, I understand the Sox are 22-8 in one-run games, but this is still unacceptable.
Then there was Saturday's ninth inning melt down against the Yankees followed by Sunday's cold spell and 1-0 loss to pitcher Chien-Ming Wang.
Now a team that gave us hope by inching two games above .500 less than two weeks ago is now reeling and spinning out of control.
They moved hitting coach Bruce Fields to bench coach, which became the first promotion in baseball that is a demotion. And then moved Kirk Gibson from bench coach to hitting coach which became baseball's first demotion that is a promotion.
Like this is going to do any good.
I suppose I am angry because I had expectations for the first time in a decade. They were supposed to win games like the ones they blew the past week.
And I know Tiger fans hate to hear this. But this is the same team, with different faces losing in the same fashion.
How sad.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you know what is even sadder?

Here it is, after Mondays continued meltdown, and not a single person has even made a comment about this.

Yes, I realize many have been out of town for the holiday, and ... no, the double header wasn't televised locally (thank god for small favors). so perhaps it should be expected.

But what does that tell you? That not many share your anger, Terry. Or perhaps they do, but just haven't gotten around to expressing it yet.

I am angry though. And disappointed, like you, after allowing them to get my hopes up for something a tad better this season.

Eleven hits in just over three innings!? And what kind of support is that, watching your rookie hot-shot pitcher shake off his first inning freakout, only to strand him with no offensive help? Good confidence builder there.

We can only hope that somehow, a mental rejuvenation will take place over the all-star break.

Stranger things have happened.

1:28 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

You are right. That is sad. No one seems to care. Lets see if people comment on this after they return from the holidays. Since my post the Tigers were flamed 15-3 in a doubleheader in Cleveland. I am sure it is something Mike and I will discuss during the show today from 10-1. This is turning into a disgrace. I wonder if the fellas have given up. Did the Chicago losses break them?

5:04 AM

Blogger dt said...

I'll take it a step further. It is amazing how little real buzz there is around here regarding the MLB All-Star game which is here NEXT WEEK!

The Chicago series last week is the one that demonstrates how deep the damage inflicted to this franchise by Mike Ilitch's ownership truly is. The Tigers had a captive audience. The Pistons season had ended, the Tigers were .500 this late in the season for the first time in ages, the first place White Sox were in town providing a huge opportunity for Detroit to make a wild card run before the All Star break. Everything was in place.

And they laid an egg the size of Dmitri Young.

Worse that that, nobody came. the biggest crowd of that series was 23,600. NO ONE CARES.

Only when name teams (Yankees, Sahx, etc) come to Comerica do "Tigers" fans show up. And thanks to Mike Ilitch's chicken end-around to leave the American League East, he only gets those teams three times a year, while we do get to play the Royals, Twins, Indians and White Sox a ridiculous 19 times each year.

You reap what you sow and Mike Ilitch's ownership of the Tigers has been an absolute and unmitigated disaster. All we have from the Ilitch family is one of the WORST new parks in all of baseball, with a mediocre team that plays (uncompetitvely) in the least glamorous division in baseball.

Quite a legacy.

8:59 AM

Blogger billionaire said...

DT i agree with the lack of a buzz on the All Star game. Just last night I checked and you could get tickets to the actual game. Call me a cynic but could the only reason Ilitch put somethings together because of the fact that the redwings were out of commission. I am a casual baseball fan and frankly I am ready for football talk. This team I thought would at least keep some interest so we could breath and have something to warm us up for lions talk but now whatever. I still don;t get it and I feel this is inexcusable a triple and no outs and you fail to get Pudge Home. Terry I know your not on the pulse of the team like the pistons but I think the team has tuned out Trammell. Also when Cleveland had there slump they fired Eddie Murray and boom they are out like gang busters. Those demotions were bogus. Does Tramell have the guts ? I mean you lose to the can;t pitch yankees 1 to 0 at home. I mean come on. The saving grace is that baseball is such a long season they could turn it around. I have noticed that in baseball momentum means nothing you clobber Randy and boom lose the next 2. Let;s not talk about Cleveland. The only bright light that I see is This new Pitcher he seems to have something. Last thing Dombroski I give him props for restoring some pride but more needs to be done. MAglio needs to go back and get right.

9:15 AM

Blogger dt said...

bill, you're dead on. It is impossible to credit Dombrowski enough for the job he has done. He has taken the worst minor league system in all of baseball and restored some respectibility in just a short time. He has stockpiled young arms that throw mid 90s - all of which either become big league Tigers or trade bait to land position prospects. He has also spent MI's money creatively and wisely, acknowledging first, however, that this franchise needed to overpay to even get FA's to consider coming here. Everything within his control is light years ahead of when he got here.

Which brings us to Trammell.

Alan Trammell was brought in (a) by the owner, (b) for his name and Tiger legacy, and (c) for some on-the-job training. He had no managerial experience, and his coaching expereince was limited to a year of 1B coaching at San Diego. Three years later, let's just say I hope that Tigers brass is creating a graceful way for Tram to exit the dugout.

There is not one identifiable trait of this team for which you can give credit to Trammell. They don't field, they have lousy bat control, they strike out a lot - all things that Trammell the player excelled at. He seemingly has zero influence on this team. Their perfomrance the last ten games has been inexcusible and token, showpiece coaching changes aren't going to make the difference.

9:34 AM

Blogger billionaire said...

DT you are right I forgot what Dombroski did for the minor system. I mean his philosphy of live arms is a can;t lose deal. I was not ready to call for Trammell head however you do have a point on his managerial skill. The only reason why I still can;t call for his job yet is because he did take the bullet for the horribble team and organinzation that Randy Smith and Ilitch made up. I know for a fact had we had Dombroski from jump we would not be in this situation. I am sure he would not have paid or overpaid for Higginson. Prime Example look at Pena (which was his boy) only got 2.5 mills which is not a whole lot in the grandscheme of things. IF Randy Smith could get a GM gig I am really in the wrong profession ( Dare I say color ) I know folks will say baseball is color blind Yeah OK

9:43 AM

Blogger billionaire said...

Folks don;t forget to make your bids on that charity For the Rosemary A Hockney fund check Terry earlier blog

9:46 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a comment. I was the BIGGEST Tigers fan in the world from 1976 to 2002. 26 years. I'd watch every inning I could even through the 53-109 years. At the beginning of the '03 season, however, I looked at their roster and told everyone who would listen, "This is the worst team in the history of baseball. They will go 39-123." Damned if I wasn't almost right.

So they lost me before the '03 debacle and haven't gotten me back. Baseball was #1 to me for all those years and now I basically don't watch 9 innings in a year.

10:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with dt. Comerica sucks. There is no rise to the rows of seats in the lower deck so your kids stare at the back of someone's head. I guess that's why they have the carousel and ferris wheel cuz the kids sure can't see the damn game.

10:03 AM

Blogger Tom said...

The thing is, people still expect them to lose when they play. No one expects them to win. So when they only score 7 runs in 36 innings, it's not a big deal. Because of that attitude, most people are apathetic to the team. I'll be shocked if they finish at 500, especially if they give us the usual weak September effort.

10:14 AM


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