Friday, July 29, 2005


I go away for a week and look what happens.
There is a commercial for the Stoney and Wojo Show here. I want compensation by the way.
There is a debate about Detroit sports talk and folks are still talking about Larry Brown.
I did not listen to the LB interview on Stoney and Wojo. The gang and I were at Cedar Point and the Great Wolf Lodge.
I don't need to listen to him to know he is lying. If he caught wind of the Pistons wanting to move in a different direction in March I simply say he was making phone calls in November. I don't want to get too deeply into LB because we've debated it too much and it is dividing us.
Go through the archive here and you will know how I feel.
Let him go. He did his thing here. He accomplished what he was hired to do and I wish him well with the New York Knicks.
It is time for all parties to move on.
As far as sports talk radio is concerned, there is more quality programming than the Sports Inferno. I appreciate the support and I do believe we are one of the best shows in Detroit, but that is not my decision.
The best is decided by you the listeners. You vote every day by listening to your favorite shows. Your vote counts more than what I have to say.
And what you are saying is WDFN is the best sports station right now. I am not going to fight the public over that. I simply want people to sample our show and give it a chance. We will win you over.
Some criticize sports talk because it is not all sports. Once again your vote counts. Shows that do all sports don't get high ratings in the day time. They do at night when a more specialized audience tunes in.
But if we did all sports we would be doomed.


Anonymous Tony Hamera said...

Bravo T, once again you speak the truth. Hope to hear you back on Monday......

6:20 PM

Blogger SportPsych Detroit said...

I agree that, to paraphrase Rasheed, the ratings don't lie. Most of the time.

In your opinion, why is it that, in a rabid sports town such as ours, a show that actually focuses on sports can't compete with the "variety" versions during midday?

Where are all the die hards? (I know I'm not the only one)

6:27 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

I don't know if it is just me, but the AM reception seems like it has gotten worse. That is the biggest draw back. Tell the station they need a few more Mghz or whatever they hell it is.

It would also be nice if you went head to head with Stoney and Wojo during the afternoon drive.

It would be nice to have a sports program on from 3:00 to 7:00.

7:57 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

Terry as far as LB is concerned, being an objective journalist, I know you don't mean what you said, "I don't need to listen to him to know he is lying."

I think both parties are lying, and I find it hard to believe LB was shopping in November. Why would he do that? Lenny Wilkens didn't quit until the end of January.

But if he was, why? I think Bill Davidson showed his true colors with his verbal assault on Brown. We knew what Brown was about. But to say you admire him out of one side of your mouth, and then say he is a bad person?????

Is it not possible that the Pistons are at fault here. Look at their track record?????

8:08 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...


I will let Brown go and look to the future.

What do you think about Darko being "untouchable?" Personally, I don't understand the logic. If he is that much of a commodity and your bench is as sad as it is??????

8:48 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

LB was shopping in November. I talked to a friend of Larry Brown in November. It was Nov. 17 to be exact. And I felt so strongly after talking to him and another person that I wrote on the Detroit News sight that Brown is not returning to the Pistons for the 2005-2006 season. He did not want to return, saying he was burned out and his wife was sick of it here.
Yall Brown supporters can go on fooling yourselves by thinking there was a chance he was going to coach. I am convinced he was not returning here no matter what.
and you need to brush up on your history. Look how he left San Antonio and New Jersey.

8:52 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

Why does straight sorts not cut it? There are not enough die hard sports fans. You think you are out there in great numbers but you are not in the great scheme of things. Besides we all want variety and we need a break from sports, politics and anything else. We must attact people outside the diehards. There are not enough of you to support one sports station, let alone two.

8:53 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

Darko being an untouchable?
That scares me. He would not be an untouchable if I were in charge.

8:54 PM

Blogger Tom said...

You guys need to get rid of Dan Patrick during middays and get another local show on the air then. I turn it off at 1pm because of him. National sports shows suck, I won't listen. Get a local show on during the middays and I'm there all day.

And personally, I don't buy the ratings anyway. I'm one of the few people around that really gets to listen to the radio ALL DAY everyday, and I've never been tapped for a ratings book. Who do they poll for this? I don't think they are all that reflective of what is truly going on with listening habits.

9:24 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

1270 needs to stream online. WDFN is so successful in that they make their listeners believe they are in an exclusive boys club. Because of that, they are a bit more defensive than the 1270 listener.

I listen to both stations. Spindler is an idiot and is often the cause of me to change the channel. Sean Belligian is one of my favorites. I do not listen to the inferno because of Valenti. His macho vince vaughn act turns me off. He really needs to tone it down a bit! Foster needs to take more of a center stage.
I like Stoney and Wojo and the big show, though Regner is my favorite. If 1270 streamed on the net I would listen to them a lot more often!

10:18 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


10:51 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

If I am Michael Finley and I was being pursued prior to the Pistons coaching change, does that now make me step back and think more about Denver or another team that is pursuing me.

I think so, I can see free agents flocking to Denver with Karl who has gotten established versus here with Flip the new kid on the block. From a players perspective, I don't see Flip shaking things up. i.e. if Finley outplays Rip will he be inserted in the starting line up. I don't think so.

On the other hand, if he out plays Andre Miller Karl won't screw around, he will make the change.

Your thoughts?

11:33 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

Mike should keep the machismo...there are enough typical whining, PW'd, host out there in this market.

And the national programs add some flare. If you don't hear whats going on nationally, you certainly won't get it in the paper.

Finally, I agree I like people to mix it up. All sports all day wouldn't work for me. Sports has it way of crossing over into everyday life, the good host make that connection and keep it interesting.

11:39 PM

Anonymous Tony Hamera said...

I agree w/ TRRW - Mikey X is a refreshing personality in the Detroit sports radio scene, he's a 'real funny guy'. I like Stoney & Wojo a lot, but i also tune into Art & Doug when I feel like a change of pace. I can handle Spindler in small doses but if i'm up that early i usually tune into 1130. The Inferno has won me over mid-days and Caputs in the evening is must-listen radio, in my opinion. Its just nice to have options.

12:02 AM

Anonymous sportsfromA2 said...

#1- Do NOT diss Mike- The first time I heard him, I didn't like him too much, but now I REALLY like the guy. Terry is Terry, which is awesome, then add in the "young pup" mike, and it's the best combo out there, period- I could tell from the dumars Interview, you won't back down and be sheep.

the 11:40AM conspiracy theories are cool, and on days when TFos has a bad/weak one, i love Mike's reaction to it.

#2- As much I want to forget about the LB thing, the story is interesting. Heck Terry, even you just made a post about a possible December 2nd reunion- so we're ALL still interested in him, even if we won't admit it (or like it).

#3- Darko for Al Harrington? Good trade on paper, but I wouldn't do it. We have to remember that Al Harrington makes like 5-8million this season, and then is a free agent who is due for a BIG raise- possibly max-type money. THere is no way he'll get that with the pistons. PLUS, he's on a horrible team, so he was the ONLY scoring option- He won't get those shots or playing time here, so I don't think those numbers he puts up mean anything. Also, I don't tihnk he is a "ture" piston, and with Big Ben and Tay up for new contracts, I don't tihnk I want someone like him taking up precious cap/payroll space.

I still think the pistons best shot would be to get Jalen Rose on the cheap- AND, he can be our Robert Horry- use him only in the playoffs, so he won't wear out/injure himself.
Let Delfino take up space in the regular season, but in the playoffs we can have Jalen there.

If I was in charge of 1270, I would do something like this:
6AM-10AM: Drew Sharp and Art Regner
10-1:30: Spindler & Scott (gator) Anderson, or maybe instead of Spindler you could have Pat Caputo.
1:30-3:30:??? Dan Patrick or Tony Ortiz/Doug Karsch/someone else.
3:30-7: The Sports Inferno.
Pretty much after that I'm off to parker & the man, which is on 1270's sister station, right?

I don't mind Doug Karsch too much, but his "stay tuned" things really, really SUCK,.

Mike Tirico would be AWESOME, but he's too cool/big for a regular radio show, right?

THen again, I have no clue about anything about Radios/radio business, so maybe 'XYT shouldn't listen to me.

I like it when sports talk takes a break one in awhile (not a regular/recurring thing), but if the emotion/passion is there it is good radio. Ex: The whole Mike doesn't have a microwave thing (I still don't get it- the little dorm microwaves are so cheap right now, ~$40). Poor Emily. Also, I like the whole talk about when Mike plays basketball (is he as good as he thinks he is?), but what I really like are the sound bytes you all have of each other (mostly Terry/Little B). And although it isn't "real", the friday fantasy football things are cool.

And finally: AM radio signals, ESPECIALLY 1270AM, really do suck. I have no idea why, but I dan't even get 1270 in my house anymore, so I'm stuck with the horrible online stream- why can't they leave the stream online all the time? It seems like the turn it off at 1PM & 6/6:30PM everyday, which sucks.

12:46 AM

Anonymous sportsfroma2 said...

PS- terry, are you saying we're all mice????

I better freaking be mighty mouse then!!!!

12:54 AM

Anonymous Spartan steve said...

How in the hell does WDFN have better ratings? I used to listen to them when I first started listening to sports talk radio, but since they were always goofing around talking about nonsense I started tuning into 1270. Since then I've never looked back. I actually want to hear people talk about sports. In fact the only show that is on at the same time that is comparable is the jamie and Brady show, which I will sometimes listen to when I can't stand what Lund or Spin dog are doing on tht particular day. The sports Inferno blows It is What it is out of the water! Hands down. Also Wojo is just way too silly for me, and they always have little B.S. games and childish humor tht turns me off. The Big show on the other hand, talks sports, and I enjoy the insight from the book, and Sharp. So I don't see how the two even compare. Terry is there any links to where you found this rating info? I would like to see the reasoning or stats behind this.

1:36 AM

Anonymous Spartan Steve said...

If I would change anything it would be A) the morning show, and B) the reception.

1:43 AM

Blogger vray said...

I hate that I have to be at work at 12 everyday because I miss the last hour of my beloved sports inferno. I can't even begin to explain how much I absolutely love your show. I wish you guys were on from 3-7. Your the best sportscasters (I'm not trying to give any reach arounds here) out there. I like parker and the man, but I don't get depressed on Saturdays that their not on. I can't wait for mondays at 10. I think you guys are the best and I've spread the word and gotten you a few more listeners. Just keep being yourselves, that's all you can do and you do it very well.

1:54 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

I agree. The ratings are not perfect. If they were serious about this they would put monitors in each radio. They some how know who watches the Super Bowl and other big events on television pretty quickly. I believe more people listen to our show than we are given credit for. I get too much feed back from the public. I have gotten more feed back on this show than any other I've done and I've been in the radio business for 10 years.

7:11 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

the real right way,
Michael Finley is not going to make his decision to come to Detroit based on the departure of Larry Brown. And I am willing to bet Brown would be reluctant to change that starting line up no matter the circumstances. He knows that starting line up got him to two NBA Finals and very well could do it again.
Players might be wary of Denver. George Karl underwent prostrate surgery. Although they said he has a clean bill of health and will coach, can you really be sure?

7:14 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

The ratings are a service stations subscribe to. I don't have the numbers in my hand. If I do I will post them for you.

7:20 AM

Anonymous Matt S. said...

I was never a fan of sports radio untill i tuned into the Sports Inferno. Then i started to listen more often, and i've checked out WDFN and all their shows and nothing compares to The Sports Inferno. Mike and Terry do a great job at debating different sport topics and i mean Stony and Wojo are alright.. but can't compare to Mike and Terry. Terry is the man of the people, plain an simple. Keep up the good work guys. You have my ears daily.

7:54 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

You are welcome. I love debating with Mike. He is black and white and no middle ground. I do believe there is a middle ground. And I want him to see it. And I am sure he wants me to be more rabid about certain topics.

7:57 AM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

But Terry,

Would you agree that LB would have had more credibility to make a change in the starting line up. For example, assuming Finley is a comparable player to Rip, moving a starter like Hamilton to the 6th man to add some spark off the bench.

Versus Flip. If Flip makes that kind of change he is liable to lose the whole team and the fans if it doesn't work.

I think Finley will certainly be looking at a situation where he can get playing time. If he doesn't feel like he can earn it here because of the extreme pressure Flip will be under, you don't think that will affect his decision?

9:24 AM

Anonymous SportsFromA2 said...

I(my whole family) got the Armitron rating things last year.

Pretty un-scientific, if you ask me.

9:41 AM

Anonymous SportsFromA2 said...

I(my whole family) got the Armitron rating things last year.

Pretty un-scientific, if you ask me.

9:45 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

If LB had stayed there was a threat he would lose the team. guys were getting tired of him and his act. And I have talked to guys who said they were going to ask for a trade if he returned.

7:48 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...


I understand your point on Larry losing the team. What about Finley or any other free agent. How do you see this organization as a place where a free agent would want to come versus other teams.

I am guessing that one might want to go to New York now versus Detroit with a coach who has proved he can take a team to the championship. Along with being a nomad, isn't that the LB reputation that is most prominent?

I just wonder how a free agent would look at Detroit now. I do believe they would look at Detroit less positively now without LB.

9:15 PM

Blogger tensilver said...

Sports Inferno is the only show I listen to because it's funny and you two really know how to make sports exciting. Listening to you guys on the way to college is a good way to wake up each morning. Maybe you don't get the ratings in where I'm from but Monroe got your back T-Fos.

3:04 AM

Blogger PERALES said...


I regulary play basketball with Mike on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I'll give you the real stats on his game.

The man has hands made of stone. I'm not bs'ing here, he regularly has 4-5 balls rocket off his stone hands. In fact the only effective way I've found to get him the ball without him losing it, is to cover it with meat sauce and shove it in his face. He shoots lefty and would probably lose a speed race against Elden Campbell. He demands the ball every trip down the floor and if he doesn't get the ball on two consecutive trips he begins to get really mad and pick fights. He's also a bit of a cheap shot artist because when he sets a pick on you he always will try to give you a little extra shoulder to the mouth to remind you he's the one setting the pick. When the game's on the line expect him to vanish just like his balls do whenever Emily's around. His shot has been compared to Shawn Marion's except his looks uglier and never goes in unless he'd directly under the basket without anyone guarding him. I will give his game some credit because he consistenly thinks he plays for the Suns because after every change of possesion he demands that we run. He's also really good at not playing 'd' but instead waiting at the offense end for a long pass so he can pad his numbers.

To certify the autheticity of this post, the next time you call in ask Khang about Mike's game. Then ask him about me, the Latin Lock Down Defender. T-Fos even played with us one night and can describe his game for you.

8:47 AM

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