Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Lions Leadership?

Here is another thing that bothered me about the Lions exhibition loss to the St. Louis Rams.
After the Game Coach Steve Mariucci addressed the team and told them how much work they had to do. He scolded and demanded they do better.
When he left the room players undressed, showered and went home. No veteran players stood up and addressed the team. No one said boo to assembled teammates.
That is problematic. Where was Dre'' Bly or Damien Woody?
Football is a sport of passion and emotion. It is a sport where leaders emerge and make demands of teammates.
No Lion player did. And that bothers me.
I question if there is a leader in that dressing room.
Even back up quarterback Jeff Garcia was surprised. He called out teammates to step up and lead.
They didn't. This is another sign to me that the Lions are just playing football. They are not playing with a purpose yet.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

College Football Story

I need to talk to college football fans for a story.
If you go to games or sit in the house and watch games all day on Saturday please drop me a line. I would love to talk to you.
Please email your information to I need your name, home town, favorite college and phone number if you are interested.
I will give as many a ring as possible.

Thank you,
Terry Foster

This Exhibition Loss Struck a Nerve

About 6:30 remained in the third quarter of the Lions exhibition lay down against St. Louis at Ford Field when another stream of people left the building, unable to watch any more of the Lions nationally televised nap. At that moment it became official.
There were more people hunkered down from Hurricane Katrina in the Super Dome in New Orleans than there were at Ford Field.
One group hid from a bad storm. Another group were trying to hide from bad football.
The people wanted no more.
This was my annual sit down with the people. I like to attend one game and sit in the stands. It was easy to see how frustrated fans were following the Lions 37-13 loss to the St. Louis Rams.
It was so bad that even the ignorant fans did not single out Lions quarterback Joey Harrington.
They saw bad penalties and stupid mistakes. They saw an offense so dull and drab that it made accountants look like wild and crazy guys. And they saw an offensive line get beat like a drum.
The defense continues to be atrocious and Steve Mariucci looks like one of the most overrated coaches in America.
I've always asked you to ignore preseason games because they mean little. But this one hit the fans hard. They were so angry that you got the typical "I am never going to a Lions game again" tirade which lasts right up until the Lions play another game.
This was a punch in the mouth and inexcusable.
The funny thing is the Lions said they planned on showing off their stuff before a nationally televised audience.
Instead they disgraced the long 15 minute tradition of the black uniform.
It was the type of game that if you thought the Lions were going to win 10 games, you've now reduced it by two.
Way to embarrass a city fellas'.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Top Five Detroit Athletes of All Time

There is a great debate brewing on our radio web site You can click on the link to the right and join in and check out the entire web site or you can post here. It is a great debate that is going to brew even harder around Super Bowl XL. I cannot tell you exactly what is going on yet but it is going to be a fun issue to debate.
I keep changing my mind but for now here are my top five. Check with me in 48 hours I probably would have changed my mind again.
1. Joe Louis: He meant so much to the community and the nation. He boxed when the sport was just as big as baseball.

2. Gordie Howe: Some will argue he is the best hockey player of all time. He scored, was tough and made playing the Wings very difficult.

3. Barry Sanders: He did not leave the way we wanted but once again you can argue this is the best running back of all time.

4. Steve Yzerman: Another of the all-time greats. I always debate who was better -- Stevie Y or Howe? But bottom line is Howe is higher on the NHL pecking order than Yzerman.

5. Isiah Thomas: There was no Pistons before he arrived. Zeke not only was a great player but he pounded winning in a stale and disorganized organization.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

College Football Tour for the Detroit News

My first stop is Friday in Mt. Pleasant when Central Michigan takes on Indiana in the season-opener at Kelley Shorts Stadium. My next stop is at Michigan State's home opener where there is a chance Little B might make his college football debut.
Every weekend afterwards I will stop by Michigan colleges both big and small looking for the meaning of college football. The Detroit News bought one of my ideas to travel across the state to write about slices of life surrounding collegiate games.
And I will report my findings to you every week.
The CMU game is significant because it is the first time a Big Ten team has played on campus. This is the biggest game in school history since the Chippewas beat Michigan State twice in Spartan Stadium.
There is also a chance The Sports Inferno might broadcast from Mt. Pleasant. We are trying to find a location to make it work.
After this weekend I don't know where I might end up. I may show up at Alma, Olivet, Hope or Wayne State. I am going to be on the look out for interesting stories. If you have any ideas please email them to Or you can post right here.
I am excited about the project because I love new discoveries.
I will also have a new responsibility with The Detroit News, but I cannot say what just yet.
Stay tuned.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Sports Inferno Lunch Tour

AM 1270 EVENTSThe Sports Inferno Lunch Tour
Join AM 1270 The Sports Station's own "The Sports Inferno" with Mike Valenti and Terry Foster every monday live from Buffalo Wild Wings as they take the show on the road. Each week stop by for the best Lions coverage and listen to a live broadcast of the Sports Inferno from 10am-1pm. Grab a bite to eat as well as win fabulous prizes. This week stop by the Buffalo Wild Wings in Westland.
Westland - August 29
Novi - September 12
Canton - September 19
Ferndale - September 26
Ann Arbor - October 3
Mt. Clemens - October 10
Sterling Heights - October 17
Howell - October 24
Washington Township - October 31
Westland - November 7
Clinton Township - November 14
Lake Orion - November 21
Southgate - November 28
Westland - December 5
Ferndale - December 12
Monroe - December 19
Howell - December 26
Southgate - January 2

Friday, August 26, 2005

Sports Inferno Expansion

By the time you read this it will be official. The Sports Inferno is expanding and will be heard from 10-2 Monday through Friday on AM 1270 The Sports Station beginning Sept. 1.
You will get more Big Show also. Doug and Art will be heard most days from 2-6-30 p.m., which means the end of the Dan Patrick Show.
Our grand kick off party takes place at Lucky Strikes at Fountain Walk in Novi. You are all welcomed to drop by for lunch, dinner and fun.
I don't know how this will work out but I hope our loyal listeners tune in for an extra hour. We need your support more than ever.
We need you to listen. We need you to visit us at Sports Inferno events, and we need you to continue to bang the phone lines when the mood hits you.
We are getting a lot of support. Take It averages around 700 hits a day but for some reason I got a record 3,200 visitors Wednesday.
I want you to visit because it is a more complete web site and I basically write the same thing in both web logs.
But it is support like this that thrills Mike and me.
Expanding an hour presents new challenges. Unfortunately most of the burden will fall on Mike. I will be there for a majority of hour four, but this cuts into newspaper work and shortens that day by an hour.
There will be more times when I must cut out early to work on a story for The Detroit News. They teach you in journalism school to not miss deadlines.
By the way I will make an announcement on a project I am working on for the News in college football next week.
I think you might like it. And you might be able to help me.
The extra hour of Sports Inferno and the Big Show is good for the station. We hope eventually it is good for us.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

MIke on Fox 2 at 7:25 a.m.

If you are up and adam you must check out Mike Valenti on Fox 2's morning show. He will be on at 7:25 this morning talking fantasy football. This is Mike's television debut in Detroit. So Check him out.

Sports Inferno at Docs Sports Retreat

Join The Sports Inferno tonight (8-10 p.m.) for our first installment of the fantasy football show at Docs Sports Retreat. If you are a Madden 2006 player, come on down. We are having a tournament and winners could win Lions tickets and other prizes.
Mike and I will be there every Thursday. Mike will answer fantasy questions and get you ready for your draft. Next Thursday we will have a live draft. So come on down and join us every Thursday at Docs Sports Retreat, located on 7 Mile and I-275.

Did Anyone Die After Latest Pistons Rumor?

Well it seems as if my rumor created quite a stir. Now some of you want to question my journalistic integrity because of it.
For those who missed it there was a rumor circulating that the Pistons were talking trade with the Chicago Bulls. They were rumored to be considering sending Rasheed Wallace to the Bulls for Tyson Chandler and Andres Nocioni.
I made sure you knew it was a rumor and not an impending trade. Well some of you went nuts after I checked with folks later who said the trade rumor is not true.
Now here is what I've been hearing from a number of you the past five months.
We don't like the Detroit newspapers because we have to find out all the Pistons rumors from ESPN or the Denver Post blah blah blah. We just want to hear what people are saying. Blah blah blah.
So I write a fun rumor to discuss among yourselves and yall become the second coming of Lou Grant.
And these are the same people who love Peter Vecsey from the New York Post, although about 85 percent of his stuff is garbage
Let me see. What harm did writing the rumor cause?
Did someone jump off a building?
Did the Pistons shut down?
Did Rasheed Wallace read the blog and run into hiding?
No. None of this happened. What happened is some of you liked the rumored trade and debated it. And some of you did not.
I hardly think society has been altered.
The good news is this web blog is getting read. I know it has been quoted in other web sites, Tigers General Manager Dave Dombrowski is not thrilled with some of the stuff in here and geeks from around the country have used it to peddle female products and medicine to make you more user friendly to your women.
In the future if some of you are too stupid to differentiate between rumor and fact, then just turn the page.
There are some interesting posts on "

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

wont happen

I just talked to one of my NBA sources. He said the Sheed-Chandler trade has not been discussed by the two teams. It won't happen. Sorry to get you so excited.

Is Sheed on the Trading Block?

The Pistons may not be done. Dale Davis might not be the final piece.
Rumors are circulating that the Pistons might break up their starting five by trading Rasheed Wallace to the Chicago Bulls for center Tyson Chandler and forward Andres Nocioni. It is a scary proposal because Chandler has had back problems and I don`t see the fire in him. I think Nocioni is going to be a good player. If the Pistons make this move it would solidify the future. Team President Joe Dumars has said he wants to have a contending team today with a link toward the future. Chandler would probably move into the starting lineup. But this gives them a bunch of young guys who might bond for the future.
Stay tuned. What do you think?

Tigers Last Chance to Contend

The Tigers are playing their best baseball. They are in harmony with catcher Pudge Rodriguez and they even won for pitcher Nate Robertson Tuesday night at Comerica, beating Oakland 4-1.
But is all this a big tease?
The Tigers were left for dead after losing five of six on an extended road trip and enduring Pudgegate where he ruffled teammates by leaving during a four-game suspension and returning a day late. The team met and according to people close to the team many of the younger players called out the veterans and demanded more of them. Now there is a switch.
The meeting seemed to turn on a switch and the Tigers find themselves 6 1/2 games out of the wild card race with an opportunity to catch up. They play most of the contenders the next two weeks need to stay hot to make a dent.
They are now 61-62 and I spoke with pitcher Mike Maroth who said don't count this team out. He swears things are different and there is not a magic wall that prevents them from going over .500 and staying there.
We shall see. Currently I do not consider them contenders. But if they sweep Oakland and win the next two series after that then they can make things interesting.
I was at the Oakland game Tuesday night and though the crowd was delightful you never got a sense this was a huge game. People just enjoyed the show and moved on.
The Tigers need to win nine of the next 12 games to create a frenzy here.
Let's see where they are at the end of the mouth before we get too giddy.

Monday, August 22, 2005

When Family Means So Much

Mike threw down today on the Sports Inferno when he talked about his love for his family and how much he misses him. This is the real Mike. He sees how unfair some aspects of life can be and he longs for his family.
This shows his growth as a talk show host. A year ago Mike never would open up this way. I think you are going to see more of it. When we share our problems it is often beneficial for everybody. Many of you have gone through similar problems and sometimes it is good to heal and talk about it.
I talked last year about losing my Aunt Margaret. She was like my mother because she helped raise me with my great grand mother. I made a point of spending every moment I could with my aunt. I wanted her wisdom. I admired her strength and it prepared me for the time when my life comes to an end.
I also wanted to be with her because there is one regret I carry in life.
A year after graduating from college I worked at the Grand Rapids Press. One weekend I told a friend I would visit her and her husband in Saginaw. On the trip to Grand Rapids an unusual feeling overtook me and told me I should drive to Detroit.
It overtook me for 20 minutes and when I hit Lansing I nearly veered east instead of north and headed to Detroit. But I knew I was going home the following week and I chose to spend time with my friends.
That was on a Friday. The following Tuesday my grand mother and aunt returned from the grocery store where they bought food for my next visit.
My grandmother slumped in a chair and died.
I regret not spending those final days with her. I felt like I had made a poor and selfish decision.
Last year the voice told me to go visit my aunt on a Wednesday. I took my kids Brandon and Celine. We visited for more than an hour. They told her how much they love her. Brandon hugged her. Celine sat in her lap and told her how much she loved her.
We spoke one last time and she told me I had to be strong for the family. She also gave me instructions she wanted me to carry out.
The next day she was too weak to talk. She died a few days later.

Tigers Rolling After Meeting

Often team meetings are overrated. However, the Tigers meeting in Kansas City sparked them to play good baseball.
They needed it because they were coming apart at the seams. Hang on. That is not quite accurate.
The entire team was not coming apart. Teammates were angry with catcher Pudge Rodriguez who decided a four-day vacation was more important than being with teammates when he was suspended for abuse of an umpire.
Despite what you hear and read, Manager Alan Trammell and President Dave Dombrowski wanted Pudge to remain with the team. But he went over everybody's head and got permission from owner Mike Ilitch.
Rodriguez said he needed down time because he did not get a break during All-Star week.
That caused a rift which increased when Rodriguez's charter plane could not leave Columbia because of bad weather. He was docked a day's pay for being AWOL and shelled out $52,000 in pay. Teammates demanded an explanation from him, in particular pitcher Jeremy Bonderman who served a one-game suspension with teammates.
Pudge apologized. Teammates vented and later Pudge had a more private meeting with Trammell and other members of the coaching staff at the hotel bar.
Tiger players have never turned on one another. They've remained tight. The problem has been Pudge.
Now the super star player is giving teammates more respect and the Tigers are playing good baseball.
But you wonder if this is just the calm in the storm. The Tigers held a $500 a plate charity dinner where hi rollers could mingle with Tiger players. There was not much mingling because only four players showed.
You will hear talk that the streak will save Tram's job. I am not convinced of that. Tram was returning no matter what. Ilitch wants to give a guy he respects another chance.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Drive Time Radio is My Goal

I love reading about myself.
I love it even more when it is a lie.
I read where everybody at WXYT wants the Sports Inferno to move to mornings. That is everybody but me and Mike.
That is a lie.
I got into radio to eventually do drive time radio. I don't care if it is in the morning or if it is in the afternoon. I've always wanted that shot. The problem is no one is willing to give me that opportunity. I want to be on the front of the newspaper, the best time in radio and to lead a sports cast on television.
I am not a background kind of guy. I thrive to be the best and compete with the best. And I will admit I am not the best at everything. I have flaws and others are better than me. But that does not mean I don't keep trying.
Turning down an opportunity to do drive time in radio is like a minor league baseball player saying no to the Yankees or Red Sox. It would never happen.
I believe the rumor was started by someone who does not want us go go drive time. If you keep saying Mike and I don't want something then enough people will believe it and you won't get anything.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Tram Will Be Around for a While

Here is the official word on Alan Trammell as it stands today. He will not be fired during the season, no matter what happens. The Tigers want him to see it through. Also chances are Trammell will start the 2006 season as Tigers manager. That is not etched in stone, but the team is leaning toward bringing him back. There is a feeling he did not get to work with all of his players. The organization wants to make a determination after he does that next season along with a couple more pieces. Those pieces are expected to be a left-handed power bat and another starting pitcher. If he gets his pieces and the Tigers start slowly, then we could see a quick hook.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Ebony Sports Inferno 1-4 p.m. Saturday

The ebony version of the Sports Inferno hits the Blarney Stone Pub Saturday for the Woodward Dream Cruise. I will do the show with Drew "Boodini" Sharp from 1-4 p.m. We will be followed by The Big Show from 4-7 p.m. on AM 1270 The Sports Station.
I know it will be a tough time to listen because we are going up against Lions football. But if you are out and about give us a listen. We will tackle a bunch of sports issues and enjoy the Dream Cruise which is one of the summer's big events.
Pistons President Joe Dumars will join us and the Oringinal TO Tony Ortez will give us a sideline report at half time of the show.
I was going to ask Boodini to bash the Big Ten, but he actually believes the conference is good for the first time since Woody Hayes coached at Ohio State. So we will find other things to talk about.

Thursday, August 18, 2005


The Sports Inferno is expanding an hour beginning Sept. 1. We will broadcast from 10-2 p.m. Monday through Friday on AM 1270 The Sports Station.
Our show will be followed by the Big Show which begins at 2 and will run until 6:30 p.m.
That means WXYT has decided to blow out the Dan Patrick Show which got minimal ratings. The hope is that local programming will lure people from Jim Rome to our two shows and help our ratings.
We shall see what happens.

Don't forget to visit us at


We were screaming and hollering, bumping and thumping.
The Sports Inferno Wednesday morning turned into a bash, can, dump and fire Alan Trammell fest. The night before, the Tigers blew a 3-2 lead in the ninth inning of a 10-7 loss to Boston when Tram replaced pitcher Nate Robertson.
Robertson was cruising along on a two-hitter after 90 pitches. David Ortiz of the Sox hit a home run off Fernando Rodney and the flood gates opened in the 10th.
People were livid and they viewed that game as the lightening rod to fire Tram. It was a terrible loss and a shakened Tram challenged the media by saying there were no guarantees if he left Robertson in.
And then we jumped Tram like a drunk in the parking lot.
Do you fire a man based off one game of a miserable season?
The answer is no. That is why I am not in favor of midseason firings unless things are totally out of hand.
You should never allow emotion to get the better of you. Decisions this big should be based on good sound judgment -- not hot-headed emotion.
If the Tigers feel he is not the man, they should all sit down at the end of the season and decide. My guess is he returns for 2006. But if the Tigers do want a new man they need to be careful.
You do not can a man who means so much to the community. The blow must be softened with a front-office position.
I am also convinced there are two sets of Tiger fans. There are the emotion ones who call radio shows and there are the more level-headed ones who attend games. While the radio fans wanted Tram's head a good chunk at the game did not.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Long time Pistons beat writer Perry Farrell is off the beat. We do not know what his next assignment will be or who will replace him. He is a long-time beat writer who broke a lot of stories and we wish him the best. He remains at the Free Press.
This appears to be the first change in the newspaper exchange.


You will never hear me scream "Power of Pudge. Spirit of Detroit" again on the Sports Inferno. It was my way of supporting catcher Pudge Rodriguez who left the Florida Marlins as World Series MVP and joining the Tigers.
He is a bad dude and he is dividing the Tigers dressing room.
It's time to go.
He does not respect teammates, has cursed at Manager Alan Trammell and has one set of rules for himself while another is written for teammates.
It is time to go.
The problem is the Tigers are protecting him and lying for him. This is their meal ticket and everybody is expendable. And please folks. Do you really think he is injured?
The man is pouting. It is time to go.
Lets get into a couple of these lies.

Dombrowski gave Pudge permission to leave the team during his four-game suspension. That is not true. Dombrowski in fact vetoed Pudge's request. It was owner Mike Ilitch who told Pudge to take time off and clear his mind. Perhaps Ilitch knows his star player no longer wants to be in Detroit. Maybe this was his way of trying to pacify Rodriguez, hoping he changes his mind.
Dombrowski acted like the good soldier and took the bullet for the team.

Lie number 2.
Pudge missed his flight from Columbia to Kansas City.
How do you miss a private jet? When you hire a private jet they leave when you are ready to leave. The truth is Pudge tried to stretch vacation an extra day. But he did not count on bad weather delaying his flight.

There are so many other things that I cannot get into now. He is an island on this team.
And no Trammell is not a great manager. But this guy won a World Series for this town. Pudge did not and will not. Tram is loyal to this city. Pudge wants out.
I say give him a swift kick.
Say no to Pudge.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


The Pistons can used one more bad egg without disrupting team chemistry. That is how strong the dressing room is. That means if they do not sign Jalen Rose or Michael Finley or any other swing man then they should sign Minnesota Timberwolves guard Latrell Sprewell. He won`t disrupt the Pistons because he won`t have a running buddy to tear down this kingdom. Sprewell is disruptive when he does not respect management or has a clown like Sam Cassell to run evil ideas by. He won`t even have Rasheed Wallace because Wallace won`t buy into it either.
Rasheed likes to act a fool on the court. He will continue to lead the league in technical fouls because he is filled with emotion that blinds him. He is not an evil political force that harms teammates. In fact Sheed is working on his game and trying to erase the titantic mistake he made in Game 5 of doubling the corner and leaving Robert Horry alone for a game-winning three point shot. Sheed is too busy beating himself up over that and has no plans for a revolt. And that will continue despite the loss of Larry Brown. People are wrong when they say LB kept Rasheed in line. That is not true. The fear came from President Joe Dumars who set policy and enforced it. Brown likes to teach and coach. But he left the discipline to Dumars. Guys wanted to speak out about Brown during the playoffs but it was Dumars who told them to keep quiet. Rasheed got the low down on Piston conduct from Dumars, not Larry Brown. Is it a gamble to bring in Spree? You are damn right it is. But I don`t like the alternative of trusting Carlos Delfino to carry the load off the bench. The guy is soft and he must learn the Piston way before he can progress. My first choice is to bring Rose back to town. My last choice is to bring in no one to counter what Miami, Cleveland and Indiana have added.
How serious are the Pistons about signing Spree? They are pretty serious. There are other options but this is one they are not afraid of.

Monday, August 15, 2005


I want to get one thing straight. I never had a fist fight with Eric Pate when I worked at WDFN.Pate and I got into heated arguments during and after shows. We did not see eye to eye on many issues and we both bring passion to the table and do not back down.But I never fought the dude. One day we screamed each other on the air and it carried over to the break. We got in each others face and I wanted to hit him. But I am a professional. You do not settle things with fists in the office.The argument we had was so heated and so loud that people in the office swore we were fighting. I told them we did not throw any blows. That is the honest to God truth.I just think they refused to believe us.And even if we did fight no one saw it.I have been in the media 24 years and I have never gotten into a physical altercation with a fellow journalist.Now have I wanted to bust somebody?Yes.But you know the old saying. I am a lover, not a fighter.


Hello gang.
The Sports Inferno is proud to announce our new web site.
Please go to and browse through the new web site from Mike Valenti and myself. This is our way of keeping in contact with you when the show ends.
We've gotten a lot of feed back from our fans and we want to stay close to you even after the lights go out at 1 p.m. on AM 1270 The Sports Station.
I will keep this blog running for a while, but I will do my blog on along with longer columns and features.
We will also have threads, polls and other fun stuff.
Let us know what you want to see.

So log on and enjoy.


Hey gang. I have a new weblog on
So you can catch more of Foster each week. I promise new and exciting takes Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I usually post late the previous night or by 6 a.m. each day.
This is one of the reasons I began this blog. I want to expand and do more web site, try to promote the show and let folks know what is going on in Detroit sports. Others are taking notice and I hope to announce a new web site soon.
so stay tuned and get on over to A link on this site is coming soon.


One of my boys is already hot and bothered, asking when Lions Coach Steve Mariucci is going to stop dissing Joey Harrington.
He is angry because Mariucci might start Jeff Garcia at quarterback in the second exhibition game Saturday at Ford Field against Cleveland. He is mad because Harrington completed all nine of his passes for 100 yards against the New York Jets and deserves a pat on the back from his coach, not a slap in the face.
I told big fella' to hang on. This is the exhibition season. Who cares?
This does not bring more drama to a brewing quarterback controversey. It does not lower Harrington's standing. Mariucci is smart in giving Garcia live action with the starting unit. He might need him later.
He wants game film on Garcia with the starting unit. Big deal.
I don't blame him. I would like to see it too.
Harrington did a solid job in Game 1. It was encouraging to see him play well. But the NFL is about putting the ball in the endzone. He and the rest of the team failed to do that. So I am not going to say he did a great job.
He did fine. He is still the man.
The starting job Sept. 11 against Green Bay remains his. That is all that matters.

Sunday, August 14, 2005


How would you feel if you were a member of the Detroit Tigers?
Your season is slipping away. You cannot hold leads at the end of games and every team in Major League Baseball wants a shot at you to enhance their playoff chances.
How would you feel if you were Carlos Guillen? You are in constant pain but you still trot out there every day until your coaching staff says enough. Sit down.
You are in pain. You are losing and folks are calling you bums again.
And your team leader strolls in a day late from suspension from Columbia, tanned, relaxed and enjoying life. It isn't surprising the Tigers want to keep Pudge's Great South American Vacation a secret. Everybody knows he did not leave the club against President Dave Dombrowski's wishes for personal reasons.
That's unless personal reasons are clubbing, sitting on the beach and having a good time. Let me get this straight.
You are from Puerto Rico; you live in Miami and Detroit, yet your personal issues are in Columbia?
Let me see if I can run this one by the bosses at The Detroit News and AM 1270 The Sports Station.
Sorry guys. I cannot work for a week. I have personal issues -- in Maui.
That sure would go over real well.
My new personal issue might be not having jobs.
But I am no Pudge. I don't get the super star hook up.
Few do.

Saturday, August 13, 2005


Pudge Rodriguez owes the Tigers an apology.
It was a selfish move that he missed Friday's rained out game in Kansas City because of problems flying back from Columbia to Kansas City.
They won't tell us what happened because they don't want the truth out.
Pudge was in South America chillin, having a good time and romping around on a private jet. He wanted time away from the Tigers during his four game suspension in part because he is not happy with the direction of the team.
The suspension for bumping an umpire is lifted now and the Tigers expected him Friday. They wanted him in Toronto, taking batting practice and staying sharp. Teammates also expected him to be with them.
It is true he got club permission to leave. But only after President Dave Dombrowski and manager Alan Trammell said no. Pudge then went to owner Mike Ilitch who told him to get out of town and relax.
Ilitch knows Pudge is angry and this was his way of trying to patch things up and let a high profile player he needs go and enjoy himself.
Despite the gesture I still wonder if Pudge will ask the club for a trade in the offseason.
Unfortunately, the Tigers need him more than he needs the Tigers. He can find another team to go to and find success.
The Tigers would be hard-pressed to find another marquee name they can market things around and try to lure free agents here. Pudge is the face of the Tigers. If he leaves then they are starting from scratch in many regards.
He is upset but Pudge should close the doors to the media today, face his teammates, an admit he was wrong.

Friday, August 12, 2005


He is the sexy name the entire football world is talking about.
Rumor has it that Terrell Owens might come to the Lions.
Don't believe the hype. It is not happening.
The only TO we will see in Detroit is loveable Lions sideline reporter Tony Ortez -- the Original TO.
The Lions don't want him. They do not want Owens tearing up a pretty harmonious dressing room. The second issue is the Lions do not have enough extra cash to pay him. Even if they did it is a bad idea.
The Lions have three wide receivers in Roy Williams, Mike Williams and Charles Rogers who need to grow together. They don't need a disruptive force screaming how he is not getting the ball enough. They don't need TO tearing into quarterback Joey Harrington and Jeff Garcia.
He is not worth the pain and grief.
That is why the Lions won't trade for him.


Please post your thoughts on the Lions-Jets game preseason game.
I am putting this on early because I won't be by my computer tonight. But I am looking for your thoughts on Joey Harrington, Jeff Garcia, Charles Rogers and any other things about the game. I would love to see plenty of lively debate when I get in later tonight.
I will ad my two cents later.



I might need your help. I need to talk to passionate Tigers fans about a story I am working on. I can only use a couple of you but if you are a big time Tigers fan and do not mind answering a few questions leave me your name, phone number and home town and I may get with you this evening or Saturday morning. email me at



The Lions play the New York Jets tonight in the first exhibition game of the season.
I cannot wait to see safety Kenoy Kennedy blast the first wide receiver coming over the middle. I want to see lighter offensive lineman Damien Woody and I want to see a healthy Charles Rogers catch that first pass and flip the ball to the official.
But I admit to be transfixed to the freak show.
Doesn't it always come back to quarterback for the Lions? We will study every move of starter Joey Harrington and surmise why he deserves to keep his job or lose it. And we will do the same with back up Jeff Garcia, the more experienced man.
Looking at a Lions quarterback like a zoo animal is almost as big a Detroit tradition as Vernors, Faygo and Belle Isle.
We are obsessed with this position. Many of you booed Harrington so loudly that it even surprised some Lions players. He will be fine tonight. I question how well he plays at home.
You will be all over him after the first mistake and is he tough enough to handle it? There are no excuses on offense. The Lions are solid at wide receiver, running back and tight end. They are young and will make youthful mistakes, but if they get any type of quarterback play they should score a lot of points.
The freak show begins tonight.
And yes I will be front and center in front of the television to see the bearded lady sing.


The Michigan State Fair is back for its two-week run and I plan on attending -- I suppose.
Whatever happened to our love for the State Fair? During my youth you had to go to the State Fair on 8 Mile and Woodward. The place was packed. The rides were on jam and big-time acts like the Ohio Players rolled into town for concerts.
I remember walking through a pack of people with my grandmother and Aunt and someone mistakenly hit my arm with a cigarette. The person apologized over and over again. My aunt was pissed, but for some reason I remembered that cigarette burn the rest of my life.
It symbolized a State Fair so alive and jammed that there was very little room to maneuver.
Now the State Fair is a shell of what it use to be. I plan on going more to support a childhood love than really wanting to go.
There needs to be some way to breath life back into a Detroit tradition.

Thursday, August 11, 2005


He is bitter. He is angry. He wants out.
With all that said Pudge Rodriguez belongs with teammates despite serving a four-game suspension for bumping an umpire. Instead Pudge stayed home. Or maybe he flew to Miami. The bottom line is he was not with teammates at the beginning of this disaster road trip and teammates are not pleased.
The problem is when the suspension is lifted Pudge will come up with some lame excuse why he abandoned teammates. He will give a tear jerk story about sitting by a grandmother's side or that he saved 30 people from a burning building and wanted to make sure they were safe.
A couple weeks ago Pudge complained that President Dave Dombrowski gave up on the season. Isn't Pudge giving up on teammates now?
This is another sign he does not want to be here and don't be surprised if he either expresses that to Dombrowski at the end of the season or asks owner Mike Ilitch to fire Dombrowski.
There are so many brush fires with the Tigers right now. And they keep losing on the field. Some things are going to hit the media as the losses continue and the end of another disappointing season comes to a close.
There are guys who can't wait to get out of Dodge. Some want out forever.


This is debate number one.
Let's assume there are no upcoming Tiger miracles. They finish a few games below .500 and go out like a lamb. You are now Tigers owner Mike Ilitch and your team President Dave Dombrowski walks in and recommends that manager Alan Trammell be fired along with his entire staff.
Here are your options.
1. Do you tell Dombrowski to give Trammell one more season?
2. Do you say yes, blow out the entire staff, and lets start over.
3. Do make Bruce Fields or Kirk Gibson Tigers manager?
Let the debate begin.

MLIVE.COM WEB LOG BEGINS MONDAY is coming to a close. I am not sure when, but this is being phased out.
That is the bad news. The good news is I am transferring my thoughts to other places. In the next few weeks a Sports Inferno website will replace it. My radio partner Mike Valenti is working on things and I will let you know when that is complete.
In other news I will begin a three-time a week web log on called the truth speaks. I will put the link on this web log and I hope you enjoy my thoughts there. Daily entries will be different most days, unless there is huge news. I do not want to short change either site.
My entries will be posted Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.
I also spoke to America On Line and the sports editor there is very interested in me beginning a column or web log there beginning in 2006. I will keep you updated on that.
I'd love to let a national audience know what is popping around Detroit before Super Bowl XL.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Only a player revolt could result in the firing of Tigers Manager Alan Trammell.
According to my sources Trammell is safe for another season even if Tigers President Dave Dombrowski recommends he be fired. That's because Tigers owner Mike Ilitch wants to give him one more chance.
But Tram is not totally safe.
The problem is a revolt is brewing in the Tigers clubhouse. Add Brandon Inge, Craig Monroe, Rondell White and Pudge Rodriguez to the list of players who are angry because they felt the organization gave up on them when they slid in Oakland.
They've kept it under wraps so far, but we've seen a regression on the field since the Kyle Farnsworth deal that opened up old wounds.
Dmitri Young has replaced Rodriguez as clubhouse leader. He has kept guys cool while Pudge sulks and leads a group of players who want out.
There is plenty of friction. Some of it is directed at Trammell, but most is aimed at Dombrowski. Players question whether he is the guy to lead the team. Quietly the Tigers moved into the top half of payrolls in Major League Baseball, yet they continue to crawl with the worms.
Player anger is also directed at Tigers hitting/bench coach Kirk Gibson because he commands Trammell's ear and folks believe Gibson is the one who pushed to keep Bobby Higginson around at the beginning of the season when most in the clubhouse believed it was time to bring in Marcus Thames. Ilitch agreed to eat Higginson's contract, but he was retained any way.
That wound never healed although Higgy is on the injured list.
So what happens?
My guess is the Tigers need scape goats. Trammell stays unless the revolution is so loud that Ilitch cannot ignore it.
Look for hitting/bench coach Bruce Fields to be fired. They already fired him two seasons ago, but kept him following an appeal by Dmitri Young. Fields was given the title of bench coach a few weeks ago, but Gibson remains second in charge.
That should tell you something there.
And do not be surprised if bullpen coach Lance Parrish leaves, either on his own accord or by Trammell.
It's a mess at Comerica Park. But I am not telling ground breaking news here to people who watch games. The decline is easy to see.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Watch what you wish for.
You showed your frustration during the Lions open practice Saturday at Ford Field by booing Lions quarterback Joey Harrington. You booed incomplete passes. You booed when you thought he should have done better.
And Harrington overeacted by saying he did not care about Detroit fans. This sounds like words and sounds of frustration from both sides.
But you had better hope and pray this guy works out. If he is not the answer then you can kiss your playoff dreams good bye. You can count on another bad season on Losers Lane.
The alternative is not good. Jeff Garcia used to be a nice, solid, mobile quarterback in San Francisco under Lions Coach Steve Mariucci. He is no longer the man Mooch fell in love with.
He's struggled during the preseason. He struggled the last couple of years in his career. Yes, he has shown flashes. But has he been consistent?
My advice to Harrington is to be patient and forget about the fans and media. Just play ball. I know it is difficult when he lacks universal support from his coach and teammates. This is his opportunity to show how tough he is mentally.
Please forget the fans. They are frustrated and demand perfection.
Do you want a good 2005 season?
Then Harrington is your man. Garcia is not.

Sunday, August 07, 2005


Many in the Detroit sports media hate It annoys us, pokes fun at us, ridicules us and challenges us to do better.
Sometimes they are unfair, but the rag is our watch dog.
Many chose to ignore it. Others cannot stay away from it.
It went into a slump when it seemed to disappear. Columns were not updated and it hit critical condition.
Now it is back on the radar.
This is one of those weeks when many in the media will click on the sports rag. The web site began a field of 64 NCAA tournament style bracket involving Detroit media members. The first round is complete and the second round begins today.
I drew a No. 4 seed and defeated Channel 7 weekend anchor Vic Faust 91%-9% in the most lopsided first-round game. I attribute my victory to solid defense and limiting turnovers. It also helped that most people don't know who Vic Faust is.
Or is it Jerry Faust?
I believe I would have been a No. 2 or 3 seed two years ago. But I have not written in the Detroit News much. That is about to change. After Gannett sold the News I was told I would write more this fall. I am thrilled.
I am off until Thursday when upset-minded Ken Kal, a tough No. 12 seed who defeated Oakland Press columnist Pat Caputo, hits the court. A victory puts me in the Sweet 16 against my pal Bob Wojnowski, who drew a No. 1 seed. You won't see us eating dinner together that night. It will be war for a couple of hours and then I will shake his hand win or lose.
It appears to be a pro Detroit News and WDFN site. The News finished 7-2 after the first round and WDFN was 9-4. The Freep (4-4) and WXYT (5-10) did not do well.
Voters allowed their anger to get the best of them in the first round when No. 1 seed Mitch Albom of the Freep lost to No. 16 Iffy the Dopster. Many of us believe Albom made a huge error when fabricating a story. But come one. He is one of the best writers in America and lost to a fictitious character?
It is ironic. But it is not right.
I bring this to your attention because we've enjoyed spirited debates on this web log about the media. This gives you a chance to vote for your favorites and against those media members you dislike.
So enjoy the tournament and may the best scribe or microphone win.


Kevin Garnett is not coming to the Pistons.
The rumored trade is a Pistons' fan pipe dream. It began more than a month ago by Piston web loggers and posters and now has taken on a life of its own and hit main stream media.
This shows the power of the web. Usually journalists start rumors. Now Joe from Warren can turn a snow ball into an avalanche.
The rumored trade would bring Garnett to the Pistons in exchange for Ben Wallace, Rasheed Wallace and two first-round draft selections. It is a powerful trade. The problem is it does not fit under the salary cap and the Pistons might have to give up another player.
The second problem is Kevin McHale and Joe Dumars have not spoken to each other about the trade.
This rumor and other variations began circulating when the Larry Brown-Pistons fiasco hit a boil. Fans assumed correctly that former Minnesota Coach Flip Saunders was coming to town. They also know Pistons guard Chauncey Billups and Garnett are good friends.
They put two and two together and came up with five. It is not happening.
Now lets ask this question. Would I do it if I were Dumars?
My answer is no. You risk too much by trading away what many consider the best starting five in the NBA. If you brought in Garnett your starting five would likely be Prince, Garnett, Billups, Rip Hamilton and perhaps Darko Milicic. I believe if you make the trade you must play Darko. Or you might be forced to make another deal for a defensive center.
The starting five sounds nice. It is just too risky. Besides if you are the Timberwolves why would you make that deal? Teams that trade away the best player usually get the short end of a deal.

Saturday, August 06, 2005


Here are just a couple of things to look out for.

The Lions won't sign former New England cornerback Ty Law. My NFL sources are telling me he had a mediocre workout with the Lions a couple of weeks ago. It was not terrible. It just was not worth cutting a couple defensive players to sign him to a big contract.

** Look for wide receiver Charles Rogers to remain healthy and become the Lions best receiver this season. We remember the two injuries that have limited his career to a hand full of games and forget his ability. Rogers does more than catch passes. He has worked on going after the ball more and fighting off defensive backs.

** It would not surprise me if Tigers catcher Pudge Rodriguez asks for a trade during the off season because he is not happy with the direction Tigers President Dave Dombrowski took in trading Kyle Farnsworth.

** The NCAA took a bold stand in banning Indiana mascots and nicknames during post season tournaments. I have no problem with the ban because I sure don't want to see the West Carolina Negroes with a black face mascot roving the sidelines.
But what do you do with a school like Central Michigan University, which enjoys a close relationship with the Saginaw Chippewas tribe? The Chippewas tribe wants the school to keep the nickname because it stimulates economic growth for both the school and the tribe.

** I am hosting a round table today at the Wild Buffalo Wings in Westland today with former Detroit Lions. I will be joined around 1 p.m. by Lomas Brown, Eddie Murray and Chris Spielman. I want to talk about the success of their teams and of course the heart breaks and compare them to this young and upcoming Lions team. Former Pittsburgh Steeler and ESPN anayst Merrill Hoge will also join the discussion.
I will also be part of a media panel talk, which is hosted by AM 1270 The Sports Station.

** So who ends up becoming the Red Wings goalie? Don't be surprised if Chicago Blackhawks goalie Jocelyn Thibault comes here after the club signed my personal and long shot choice of
Nikolai Khabibulin. I hear rumblings of a Chris Osgood return also.

** It is good to see the NHL returning. I always hated leaving Joe Louis Arena late after a game in the winter. That winter wind used to smack you in the face as you wobbled through the ice and snow to the car. But that will feel pretty good next season.

Friday, August 05, 2005


Lions fans keep the faith each season by point to the close games the team lost during any given season.
What they don't realize is the NFL is a giant tease because nearly half of games are decided by seven points or less. Last season 116 of 256 games (45.3 percent) ended within a touchdown margin.
Fans point to these close calls and say the Lions should have won. Instead of being 6-10 last season the Lions could have finished 12-4 if they'd won those close games. People never include close wins as near misses. We always assume our home team should win every close game.
But football is not just about the Lions. I used fan thinking to apply their formula to every NFL team. If teams had won every game decided by seven points or less here are how teams would have finished.

Philadelphia Eagles 13-3
Washington Redskins 13-3
New York Giants 11-5
Dallas Cowboys 9-7

Minnesota Vikings 13-3
Green Bay Packers 12-4
Detroit Lions 12-4
Chicago Bears 9-7

Tampa Bay Bucs 13-3
Atlanta Falcons 13-3
Carolina Panthers 12-4
New Orleans Saints 11-5

Arizona Cardinals 11-5
Seattle Seahawks 11-5
St. Louis Rams 9-7
San Francisco 49ers 5-11

New England Patriots 15-1
New York Jets 14-2
Buffalo Bills 13-3
Miami Dolphins 10-6

Pittsburgh Steelers 15-1
Cincinnati Bengals 13-3
Baltimore Ravens 12-4
Cleveland Browns 8-8

Indianapolis Colts 14-2
Jacksonville Jaguars 12-4
Houston Texans 10-6
Tennessee Titans 8-8


San Diego Chargers 15-1
Denver Broncos 13-3
Kansas City Chiefs 13-3

Oakland Raiders 11-5

Thursday, August 04, 2005


I stood in a packed Detroit News news room Wednesday and watched fear shift to delight among fellow journalists.
Gannett was out the door.
Women I did not know said "can I get one? after I hugged one of my buddies. And yes I gladly hugged them.
Gannett was out the door.
We joked that no one walked around in shackles and hand cuffs, that journalists may actually use their talent and instinct to make The Detroit News better.
Gannett was out the door.
People embraced the name Media News although they did not know what the future brings. Hell, some did not even know what Media New was, but it remained a welcomed change.
Gannett was out the door.
We felt free. We felt like journalists again. We smiled and hugged and talked about wild and crazy story ideas we thought might benefit Detroit and the state of Michigan.
Gannett was out the door and I let out a roar.
Free at Last!
Free at Last!
I cannot believe we are free at last!!
I do not know the path the Detroit News and Detroit Free Press will take after Gannett bought the Freep from Knight-Ridder and sold the News to Denver based News Media Group. But at least I might have a future.
I feel that I can revive my career that is in shambles. I feel that I will get the opportunity to write again. And I hold out hope I can make a difference in my city again. I want to impact my home town the way I used to.
I want to make people react and protest and laugh and move them to make changes in their lives.
It is what I used to do here until handcuffs, both imaginary and real, were placed on my wrists.
When David J. Butler, the new editor of the News said "we don't do cookie cutter stories" I wanted to hug the man.
People. I want to return to the profession I loved. I want to write again instead of having my ideals rejected because they do not fit cute packages or graphics or people first formulas.
I am going to admit something painful. I can no longer write under deadline. It used to be my strength. It is like discovering your right arm is missing. I went home upset and angry after covering the Major League Baseball All-Star game because I panicked during deadline.
I used to thrive under deadline pressure. But my opportunities to write on deadline were so limited that I forgot how.
I am 24-year veteran in this business and that is embarrassing.
Gannett took away my column and called it a promotion.
It took it away because it said few read it. At the time I was deleting e-mail from readers because the volume was so great I knew I could not answer each one.
I fear Wednesday's sale was all a bad joke and that the monsters of Gannett will march back in the Detroit News and say "We were just fooling. It is time to return to the torture chamber."
My hope is Gannett allows the Freep to remain the Freep. It carved out a nice identity by being different than the News. It should remain that way.
Well guys. I am going to celebrate today.
I feel 50 pounds lighter and for the first time in two years I feel a ray of sunshine has hit my life. Gannett is out the door.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Keep your eye out on the Tigers.
More things could be coming down the pipe. Guys are angry and some of it will boil over in the media.
I know some of you doubt my report that Pudge is angry. Read the newspapers today and his reaction to when reporters approachd him.
He did not deny it, which is key. He snapped at reporters to talk to Dave Dombrowski and Tram. He did not attack the messanger, which is me. He attacked the organization.
I know how these things work. If it were not true he'd launch a personal attack on the media. Sometimes even when it is true athletes attack the media.
This story is true. There are a bunch of angry guys.
Lets see how they perform on the field.
I stand by my story.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


The Seattle Mariners and Oakland A's did not end the Tigers season by beating them five of six games during a recent western swing.
The Tigers season ended when closer Kyle Farnsworth was sent to Atlanta for a pair of mid-level prospects.
The deal angered the dressing room. Guys fumed and grumbled to teammates that the Tigers were not committed to winning. A quality closer is one of the most difficult things to find. Farnsworth was solid the past month. That is not enough time to give him a seal or approval.
But teammates felt he could help them this season and in 2006.
Players are questioning Tigers General Manager Dave Dombrowski, chief among them catcher Pudge Rodriguez. The Tigers promised him they'd increase payroll and make a commitment to winning. They've done that for the most part.
But a dangerous signal was sent by management that as soon as it felt the season was out of reached it traded away a high profile player that teammates liked and respected. The Tigers brought in the future again, rather than play for the present or near future.
It did not sit well with players, some who grumbled that they want out.
It will be interesting to see how the Tigers play the following weeks. My guess is they will not finish anywhere close to .500.
The dive might not come immediately. But it is coming. A sign may have come during the Tigers dismal western swing.
Guys are questioning management. More questions are sure to follow.
Chief among them is does Pudge turn private talks of wanting a trade into a demand of management. He has not done that yet. But it is something to look out for.


Didn't we talk Monday about lying?
Baltimore Orioles first baseman Rafael Palmeiro not only lied before congress, but now he is lying again to cover the lie.
This guy shook his finger before congress and said "I have never used performance enhancing drugs." His eyes were tight and he looked as if he wanted to deck somebody.
What a great lie.
Now that he got caught by testing positive for steroids Raffy wants us to believe that it was an accident.
"When I testified in front of Congress, I know that I was testifying under oath and I told the truth," Raffy said during a conference call. "Today I am telling the truth again that I did not do this intentionally or knowingly."
Whatever dude.
Let me get this straight. Boy friend has steroids in him. But it got there by accident? How is that possible?
Were teammates playing darts with needles and accidentally fired one into his butt?
Did somebody spike his strawberry milk shake with roids?
Did he mistake a steroid cream for Vaseline?
Somebody help me with this one. How do you walk around in life and accidentally get steroids shot or rubbed into you?
I have never had someone come up to me and say "Hey T. Sorry Dude. While slept last night me and the boys got silly and shot steroids into your arm pit."
I have never heard somebody say "Damn it I am having a bad day. The wife pumped steroids up my buttock."
Sorry. Raffy lied at least twice. He is a great player and now baseball writers must decide if he goes into the Hall of Fame on the first ballet five years after he retires.
This is a sticky issue. Do Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa and Palmeiro belong in the Hall of Fame?
My answer is yes. I believe they all used steroids during a time when it was legal in baseball. The committee should punish them by making them wait an extra year and all of them deserve to be treated the same way.
They used. And if they say they didn't then they are lying

Monday, August 01, 2005


Here is a shocker.
Nick Saban lied.
Do you remember when rumors leaked that Saban was talking to the New York Giants for a head coaching job when he coached Michigan State football?
Saban said he never went to New York to talk to the Giants. My sources told me that Saban only told part of the truth.
He went to New Jersey to talk to the Giants.
My sources were correct.
Saban finally admitted last week that he not only talked to the Giants, but he told Miami reporters that he almost took the job. It just was not right for him at the time.
Saban denied talking to the Giants right up to taking the LSU job.
This brings us to the age-old debate of when do you believe sports stars, players, coaches and franchises?
The public is lied to all the time.
A recent example involved the Pistons and Larry Brown. Brown and his agent insist they were fired. Pistons President Joe Dumars swears up and down it was a mutual parting.
Who told the truth?
Players always talk about how they love their teammates, then complain about them privately.
We hear lies all the time.
And I understand why. When an athlete is too truthful it often causes an uproar. The old movie line "You can't handle the truth" applies in sports.
Players do not want to provide bulletin board material or tick off communities who often lash back.
The truth often lands ESPN's Game Day crew in trouble. They need extra security and screens to protect them from rabid fans simply because they may predict the road team to lose on a remote broadcast.
When I covered Michigan football in the Bo Schembechler era he spent all week telling us about the fine virtues of Northwestern and Wisconsin football. And after blasting those teams 62-0 would tell us the following week they expected an easy time, but the real tough opponent was coming up the next Saturday.
I understand the truth is not always the right thing to say. That is why lies are an acceptable part of sports.
By the way ladies I am 6-foot-2, 180 pounds and have a full head of hair.