Thursday, August 18, 2005


We were screaming and hollering, bumping and thumping.
The Sports Inferno Wednesday morning turned into a bash, can, dump and fire Alan Trammell fest. The night before, the Tigers blew a 3-2 lead in the ninth inning of a 10-7 loss to Boston when Tram replaced pitcher Nate Robertson.
Robertson was cruising along on a two-hitter after 90 pitches. David Ortiz of the Sox hit a home run off Fernando Rodney and the flood gates opened in the 10th.
People were livid and they viewed that game as the lightening rod to fire Tram. It was a terrible loss and a shakened Tram challenged the media by saying there were no guarantees if he left Robertson in.
And then we jumped Tram like a drunk in the parking lot.
Do you fire a man based off one game of a miserable season?
The answer is no. That is why I am not in favor of midseason firings unless things are totally out of hand.
You should never allow emotion to get the better of you. Decisions this big should be based on good sound judgment -- not hot-headed emotion.
If the Tigers feel he is not the man, they should all sit down at the end of the season and decide. My guess is he returns for 2006. But if the Tigers do want a new man they need to be careful.
You do not can a man who means so much to the community. The blow must be softened with a front-office position.
I am also convinced there are two sets of Tiger fans. There are the emotion ones who call radio shows and there are the more level-headed ones who attend games. While the radio fans wanted Tram's head a good chunk at the game did not.


Blogger Ian C. said...

I think there was serious overreaction to Tram's Tuesday night decision. Listening to the Inferno on the way to yesterday's Tigers game, you would've thought mobs would be burning Tram in effigy outside Comerica Park.

And though the crowd was clearly nervous when Tram brought Rodney in to save the game, it was totally the right decision. After Rodney gave up a run, I heard a couple "Fire Tram!" screams in the crowd, but I think they were the minority.

Terry, I think you're dead-on with the two sets of Tiger fans observation. Like Michael Rosenberg said in yesterday's Freep, the people calling for Tram's head likely aren't the ones who watch every game, let alone attend most of them. That's not to say their opinion is necessarily less valid because they just peek in on games or see the results in the paper. But can they really say for certain whether Tram doesn't know what he's doing as a manager?

7:49 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

I would say Trammell is learning. He is not a finished product and I do believe they should have a better record. This is such a bottom line business. Did you win? Did you lose?
it is so cut and dry. People believed in the Tigers for the first time in a long time. And they are disappointed.
And that turned into anger.

8:04 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just got done reading an article about the dysfuncional tigers on, and it kind of confirms a lot of what Terry has said, but also drops a couple more bombs. If even half of what is said in that piece is true, its about time to blow everything up and try starting over once again. After reading whats going on behind the scenes, its amazing they've won as many games as they have.

8:15 AM

Blogger Tom said...

I think the last 3 years has shown Tram has no idea what he's doing as a manager, and neither do the rest of the 84 gang backing him up. Has he done a horrible job? Not the worst. But, he's not getting measurably better each year. This year points that out, with the talent on this team they should be better. The fundamentals on this team are horrible. If the Tigers want to be a winning organization, Tram has to go.

Really, he shouldn't have taken the job. He and the 84 gang were there as a crowd draw because this team was so bad in 03. None of them had coaching experience, and if Tram really wanted to continue his legacy he would have gotten the experience before he took the center seat. I think whatever he supposedly means to this community has already been tarnished, and outright firing him won't bring that big of a backlash. If they can get better by subtracting him, I'm all for it. And I'll still dig Tram and the 84 gang after they are gone, although the luster has been tarnished a bit.

8:39 AM

Blogger billionaire said...

Terry Foster I go to take you too task on this one. You know that Trammell was not qualified to be manager in the first place. Big leagues is not meant for text book try outs. Especially when I am a paying customer. This has been the problem with this town and media too willing to settle for mediocrity and not critical enough. I disagree with the assertion that folks calling for head are just peek in fans or fringe fans. I have been calling for Tramms head for the longest I think game 2 loss was the capper. Mike Valenti in my eyes was dead on and I don;t think he was a johnny come lately on Tramms as well. I do think that they are times you need a midseason firing. Tramms needs to be booted but there are no alternatives right now but that does not mean I won't continue to call for his head. Also fans are forgetful provided you are winning or you bring in a name recognized coach. Like a Joe Torry ( Rumblings are he will be let go by George ).

8:56 AM

Anonymous Biff said...

I agree with the last few posters. Tram has to go if he lets Pudge get away with murder + all the bad calls he makes, they should have hired someone with experience, maybe (probably) we'd be further along than another 75 win (maybe) season.

10:17 AM

Anonymous DPrice said...

Tram's not letting Pudge get away with murder--Ilitch is.

Yes, it was an overreaction--Rodney has to get the innings if the Tigs hope to develop him as a closer. It's a pressure situation, but that's what a solid closer is going to have to get used to. Lo--and look what happened: Last night, Rodney gets Ortiz to hit into a double play to end the game.

This is a .500 team at best. Let's see how close they get to that benchmark by the end of the season before starting to heat up the tar and break out the feathers.

12:01 PM

Blogger Leslie Monteiro said...

As a Twins fan, I have lot of respect for the job Tram has done with the TIgers in his three years. He gets a lot out of his players and I think he is a great motivator. Gardenhire always raves about Tram so that should say something.

I think Tram should get one more year. I think he is doing fine. Here's hoping the Tigers finish the year strong and here's hoping that will be good enough for Tram to stay

8:32 PM


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