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Watch what you wish for.
You showed your frustration during the Lions open practice Saturday at Ford Field by booing Lions quarterback Joey Harrington. You booed incomplete passes. You booed when you thought he should have done better.
And Harrington overeacted by saying he did not care about Detroit fans. This sounds like words and sounds of frustration from both sides.
But you had better hope and pray this guy works out. If he is not the answer then you can kiss your playoff dreams good bye. You can count on another bad season on Losers Lane.
The alternative is not good. Jeff Garcia used to be a nice, solid, mobile quarterback in San Francisco under Lions Coach Steve Mariucci. He is no longer the man Mooch fell in love with.
He's struggled during the preseason. He struggled the last couple of years in his career. Yes, he has shown flashes. But has he been consistent?
My advice to Harrington is to be patient and forget about the fans and media. Just play ball. I know it is difficult when he lacks universal support from his coach and teammates. This is his opportunity to show how tough he is mentally.
Please forget the fans. They are frustrated and demand perfection.
Do you want a good 2005 season?
Then Harrington is your man. Garcia is not.


Blogger dt said...

T -

I know you and Mike are vacationing and re-charging the batt'ries for football season, but know that you are sorely missed because Scotty Anderson ain't the dude. In fact, when he is your guest host, you ought to change the name of the show from the Inferno to the Ashcan.

Monday's show was an indictment of everything wrong with sports talk radio. Anderson's theme of establishing a new nickname for Joey Harrington's was nothing more than juvenile, incendiary, self indulgent amateur crap we've all come to expect elsewhere.

I still say that there is a place for intelligent sports talk radio and hope that you and Mike will continue to offer that to the masses because you all offer the best balance of "fun" and sports on the dial in the "D"

Get back soon !

7:32 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

We are back today and I am sure we will address this topic.

7:46 AM

Blogger billionaire said...

Clerical Issue
Come on TErry you know that Ex-Mayor can only blame himself. In fact, I think your news paper is really soft on him.

Terry you and MIkes show is in trouble especially if you guys allow Scotty to continue. How can you let a fourth rate person on radio substitute for you and mike. I really hope you get to listen to the content. I tuned in for just one segment and moved on. Why couldn;t Drew substitute he does a decent job.Terry I guess you really needed this break because now your coming to the light side. Especially when it comes to Harrington versuses Garcia. I blogged on this topic a while back and maintained Softy Garcia was not a good replacement. As far as the Lions on 97.1 It is not like that station is on point either. It is sad though the Lions prefer a station that is not sport oriented versus an all sports station. That should be a wake up call. Although the true wake up call should have been when You had a Mike and Terry fresh out the box outdraw the other shows.

7:57 AM

Blogger billionaire said...

On a serious note, Terry is the freep spying on this blog. I bring up the Cross burning in the Clerical Issue deal and they cover it. Maybe it's just in my head hahahah

8:00 AM

Blogger PERALES said...


Joey is just way too soft to ever be a winning qb in this league. I think he belongs on Dawson's Creek or some other chick soap opera. Only there, will he be able to explore his feminine side. I don't think Garcia is much better but at least there's proof that he isn't gay.

8:16 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

When fans boo Harrington, I'm not sure they really realize the implications of his potential failure.

If they have to replace the QB, I sure hope its a veteran through free agencey, and not through the draft, becuase unless you're Rothlesberger, you're in for a number of losing seasons.

People also need to quit with public, personal attacks on Joey. If he can't play football worth beans, that's one thing - but it certainly doesn't mean he's of bad character or a bad person.


8:17 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

Mike and I did outdraw the other shows right out the box. But I do not think it is going to get us anywhere. Our station has dubbed us the No. 3 show at the station and it is not budging. I disagree, but that is their right to do as they please.
It is a terrible mistake, but they make the decisions.

8:21 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should knock Jamie and Brady off of the AM slot and move to DFN. You're my favorite show, but they are the better station. If you combine forces, you'd be unstoppable!


8:31 AM

Blogger Steve-oh said...

Terry - Thank you. I've had it with the blowhards thinking this is Jeff Garcia of four or five years ago. He's struggled the last couple years, and physically is no where near where he was.

Also, the fans need to realize a couple things:
1. Harrington has never been surrounded by anywhere close to the talent he is right now. Look at his receivers over the year. And up until the second half of last season, he never played with a close to good running back. Let's let him see if he can succeed.
2. Let's see if Mooch takes the wraps off on play calling. Tollner has a rep for being more aggressive, but Mooch was sooooooooo conservative, it had to be tough for Harrington. It wasn't too hard the last couple years to fairly accurately predict when they were going to run and when they were going to pass.

8:33 AM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

I think Lion fans are obviously hopeful that this team will fail. Why else would you boo Harrington at practice. Clearly Harrington is not Payton Manning, but the guy needs some support to develop and build his confidence. Harrington also needs to be given a chance with a full roster.

Now, with that said, I watched a couple of preseason games this week. Granted it was preseason, but what I saw were two quarterbacks that are incredible. Manning and Vick. For the most part, both were throwing laser passes that were on the money. Both were confident in their abilities and had the full support of their fans and teammates. That brings up a question:

What comes first, the laser pass or the support? I gotta believe that ever time Joey throws a pass in the back of his mind he hears boos not cheers. That split second point of reference makes a world of difference.

We all know Joey is not Steve Young or Dan Marino, however, as I mentioned earlier, I think you have to take what you got and support it at this point. The last thing the Lions need is a Ryan Leaf type meltdown. Joey is showing signs of going in that direction.

8:39 AM

Blogger the sports dude said...

Unfortunately I think Joey gets the pull after three games. Does that make me happy? No, it pisses me off - because I said a few years ago it should have been Quintan Jammer and I still believe that! You never should pick a QB that high that comes from the Pac-10; you know where they play defense about as well as a bunch of blind school girls! No offense to blind school girls out there!

Look, he just doesn't have it! And no this is not an attack on his personality, I could give two s@#ts less what he does off the field, it's the on the field stuff that I want to see. You could give me Jesus Christ and the 12 apostles for goodness sake and Joey would still be unable to complete passes and succeed. So forget all this talk about the Lions potential threat at receiver - they are only as good as their QB and their QB is not very good.

Look, I would love to eat my words on Joey, I really would? Why you ask? Because as Joey goes the Lions offense goes. If they are to succeed and make the playoffs he needs to do well, but I just don't see it. Is Garcia a better option? Well, in a round about way I say yes, although it does mean we start all over again at QB next year. But, for the record, even for this season a 50% Garcia is better than a 100% Joey.


8:42 AM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...


Proof and cover are two different things. Never the less, whether he is or is not gay is irrelevant. I am one of the few that think Garcia still has something to offer this Lions team beyond holding a clip board. That doesn't mean he should be starting. Harrington must be given a chance.

If the Lions need Garcia however, they can rely on him to move the football up and down the field.

8:48 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joey, a.k.a. "Princess", sucks. He complains about his whiskers hurting from his chin strap. He's nothing but a goofball mama's boy. And Garcia's not even the mediocrity he once was. Strap in for another crushing season followed by a sweeping out at the QB position. 5-11.

9:01 AM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

the sports dude...
Last time I looked the Pac 10 produced the national champion. So that blanket statement just doesn't cut it for me. Don't you think the Lions would love to have Matt Leinart or Carson Palmer?

The same thing was said about the East versus the West in NBA. The East has relegated itself into mediocrity for many years including the fluke in 2004. What about the ACC's dominance and continuous spanking of the Big Ten. Things change.

With that said, there are a few examples of mediocre QB's leading their teams to the SuperBowl. I think this Lions team, they need consistency and headiness. I think they need to be working on the QB of the future however that can allow them to reach their maximum potential of offensive explosiveness.

9:08 AM

Blogger Leelanau Sports Guy said...

Joey is going to shock Lions fans this year!

He has weapons to throw to and a running game to compliment him.

If his receivers stay healthy I think this offense will explode. I love the Williams boys, but Rogers is the key. If he can play an entire season he changes the entire look of the offense.

I hope Joey succeeds, because Garcia scares the hell out of me!

9:32 AM

Anonymous Lions Fans are the WORST said...

If I were Harrington, I wouldn't give a damn about the Lions fans either. They do nothing but bitch and moan about everything and they don't support their own damn team. All they do is look for reasons to boo the Lions rather than look for reasons to back them.

9:39 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's time for Lions (and Tigers) fans to get realistic. Until the Fords sells the Lions (and Ilich sells the Tigers) they are going to do nothing except tease their fans.

9:56 AM

Blogger billionaire said...

The fans should boo MAtt Millan and the FOrds. Let's not forget Millian wanted Quintin Jammer last I checked he has not done jack. 16 and 48 yet you get a new contract. I agree with Mike on this point it is personal. I do feel this if the Lions win the fans are like tricks they will hoop and holla. Saying I knew Joey could do it. One more thing to booooo Millan he hired Morningweg. Also Joey could not succeed from jump. David Circus Az Hakeem (who does give alot to community charities) and I forgot mr butter fingers name but he came from Greenbay they all started Yikes. Softy Garcia yikes. Now I am not saying Joey is the next Manning but folks he never has had a chance. One more thing so what does Joey being preppy or metrosexual or even gay or cultured have to do with it.

11:27 AM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...


Yes Millan floundered for 2 years. Strange as it seems, I don't falt the Fords for giving him a new contract. Perhaps 5 years is too long. But you have to have time to fix this broken ship and I think they have allowed Millan that opportunity.

Prematurely pulling him and moving in another direction would have been the wrong thing.

This is where I hold the Fords accountable. If Millan fails this year and or next year, will they pull the trigger? This year to me is no excuses for all involved.

11:48 AM

Blogger SportPsych Detroit said...

Joey has improved statistically every season. He also has never had the weapons he will have this season. It would also be nice if his coach, who gets credit for being such a good guy, would stop pulling the rug out from underneath him, show him unwavering support, tell the fans to knock if off, and together get the job done.

Joey doen't deserve the criticism he is getting, and people who have a problem with his "personality" better focus on whether that is a legitimate beef, or veiled bigotry.

If you really want the team to succeed, get on board, ride the wave, and see what happens. In a worse case scenario, Joey sinks, the team stinks, and we trade our number 1 in 06 for Phillip Rivers (Gargia is NOT the answer).

We've waited this long for a winner, let Joey show us if he can be this year's Drew Brees. And let Mooch prove he can really coach. Otherwise, we'll be looking to replace him, as well.

11:57 AM

Anonymous BIFF said...

OK, Princess gets one LAST chance. Oh, and I hope Valenti does draft him in his money league so I can listen to him cry.

12:31 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that fans boo Joey Harrington who's QB rating is only 0.6 less than Michael Vick!!!!!! The only thing that makes people go crazy for Vick is that he can rush.


2:56 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


the ONLY thing? not too mention his rushing ability can completely change a defense and open up things for both running and passing. What Vick lacks in passing he more than makes up for with his running. and I guess that 0.6 is the difference from the Lions not making the playoffs and the Falcons being in the conference championship.

3:23 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lions fans are so stupid, and Billionaire has it right. What has Quentin Jammer done? Nothing. For that matter, what has David Carr done? Yet somehow they get a free pass denied Joey, because a bunch of mouth-breathing boobs expect him to be some sort of Messiah who overcomes decades of bad drafting and poor management. These are the same fools who think he'd be a winner if his name was "Joe."

Harrington is well spoken and has handled a difficult situation with class. No wonder Lions fans think he's strange.

5:30 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...


Sorry to disagree with you but, Michael Vick is the schizzel. This guy single handedly creates havoc for any defense out there.

I actually heard some clown in the booth this week saying Vick's foot work was not good, therefore, he couldn't beat teams from the pocket. It just reminded me of the so called fundamentalist that talk about what is missing in the NBA. I have one word for those clowns...Knuckleheads

5:54 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

Off Topic

Rogers reinstated
Arbitrator shortens lefty's suspension to 13 games

It is a shame Ron Artest didn't get his just due like Rogers has. David Stern needs to take note about the unusually harsh punishment he handed out.

The NBA Players Association should do the same.

Much like Artest, I though Rogers actions with the media were blown way out of proportion.

6:05 PM

Blogger Ian C. said...

Didn't Mike O'Hara report that it was actually Millen who wanted Harrington while Coach Marty wanted Jammer, because he knew drafting a QB meant losing more games right away? Unfortunately, I can't find that article or blog.

But I agree with the general sentiment here. The Lions are in big, big trouble if Garcia has to be the starting QB this season. It'll set this organization back for years.

6:36 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

We would love to do drive time radio. Unfortunately xyt is not going to give me and Mike the opportunity. We will just try to make middays the best we can.

8:14 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

It sounds as if fans have no faith in any of the Lion quarterbacks. Do you think they could go to the wishbone?

8:15 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

About drafting Harrington.
First the story was Millen did not want Harrington. The Fords pulled the trigger. And some of my sources confirmed that. Then the story changed. After Mornhenweg left then it was Millen wanted him and then Marty did not.
Who do you believe?

8:21 PM

Anonymous Chris said...

I believe Millen should be fired for being a Grade A idiot.

That's what I believe. 16-48 is stellar.

I think Joey will be fine if they let him go vertical more. At Oregon, it was more of a play action type of game with more 5-7 step drops.

He isn't soft, because he led comebacks like crazy at Oregon. He wanted the ball at the end of the game.

If they insist on this 3 steps and getting rid of the ball, I don't think Harrington will ever be great at that. Can he be ok at it? Sure. Does he need to improve that part of his game? Definitely.

But, the onus needs to go on this coaching staff to put players in positions to succeed. And, quite frankly, they haven't done that.

Sometimes draft picks aren't busts, but they are misused to the point of being wasted.

Maybe New England hasn't been so successful because they find talent in the late rounds, maybe it's because Belichek knows how to put that talent in a position to succeed time and time again.

And, people here are crazy when it comes to the Lions QB and Red Wings goaltender.

I was at a Red Wings game when Dominik Hasek (one of the greatest goaltenders off all time, mind you) was here and heard him soundly booed out of the building.

If Red Wings fans can boo one of the top 5 goalies of all time out of the building, Lions fans can certainly boo any quarterback out of the building.

It's just odd to me.

8:38 PM

Blogger Jack Fu said...

I think someone who called in to the Big Show yesterday hit the nail on the head: Harrington is the Lions' version of Chris Osgood. Nothing he will ever do will be good enough. If the Lions lose, it will be because of him, and if they lose, it will be in spite of him. He's screwed here in Detroit. For my sake and the Lions' sake, I hope he does really well this year, not that fans would care. For his sake, I hope they release him and he gets to start over somewhere else.

Regarding Hype-ael Vick, I think this little bit of satire sums up my feelings about him.

9:24 PM

Blogger Jack Fu said...

Obviously, the above comment should read, "If the Lions lose, it will be because of him, and if they win, it will be in spite of him." Woops.

9:25 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's up to the coaching staff to put Harrington in a position to win, although it seems there is NO ONE in Joeys corner even Mariucci. Is he doomed to failure? Seems like it. I hope he sacks up and gets it does just to shut some people up. The 'Joey sucks because.....' drivel is getting lame from the cro-mag Lions fan; one man cannot win games by himself in the NFL.

10:04 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

Jack Fu..

I'm sure you are just kidding about Michael Vick....Right?

11:18 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

Michael Vick has also won a lot more games than Harrington. Quarterback ratings are so overrated. I want to know your won-loss record.

11:39 PM

Blogger billionaire said...

Clerical Issue

How many times will irresponsible media get away with bad reporting or the wrong analysis. ZOO's Over Police and Fire way to go EX-mayor. I know the media can use the well my sources said it. Their should be more accountability Mr Mitch Albom

Anomynous Joey is can;t be mentioned in the same breath as Michael Vick. Vick is the prototype of the New QB. Contrary to what folks thinks he can throw his problem is that he does not trust his receivers and he relies way too much on his tightend( Who loves Vick because he got a fat contract) Plus he was trying to adjust to a new system but I think the coaches get it and will adjust the West BS Offense to him. Plus Vick has personality and oozes confidence.I frequent the Atl and let me say this Mike Vick has energized the whole city. Everyone walks with an extra pep and that is usally the convo Did you see what Vick did ? If Vick was here I gaurantee the Whole State of MIchigan would be energized and would feel hope for the lions. Vick also energizes and inspires his team where as Harrington well the record speaks for itself. Stats never tell the true story.

7:25 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

real right way,

Ron Artest?!?!?! The man is insane. I'm going to get the nba package just to see him sh*tcan his season live. He will meltdown again, guaranteed. He's dumber than a box of hammers, and miswired as hell.

9:49 AM

Blogger billionaire said...

If Ron is dumbass nails well he has 5 million a year to say otherwise. Also we don;t know if Artest has outside issues that may cloud his mind from time to time. You can;t deny his talent.

10:02 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Billionaire -

I don't care how much money he has. He doesn't have the maturity - you will see!!! Remember after the Pacers were eliminated how he screamed into the stadium, right near the Pistons bus, ripped off his shirt and went in for a workout almost naked?

10:16 AM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...


Ron Artest might be all of the things you said. But that doesn't justify the unusually hard penalty that he was dealt.

David Stern with all of his self righteousness is out of his mind. Just look at his lastest move of stupidity, "the minimum age limit."

1:09 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

TRRW - - -

Stern flushed Artest's season not only because of his psycho act at the Palace, but also because of the sum total of psycho acts from his past. And the next psycho act (what's the over/under on this? Vegas must have it) will end his career as a baller and begin his new one as a caller (telemarketing).

2:46 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

TRRW - - -

P.S. I can't wait.

2:47 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

Stern over-reacted just like he has done with the age limit. Should Artest have been punished... Of course. Did it warrant a suspensions for the rest of the year. I don't think so.

The new collective bargaining agreement now has a provision where at least a player can have an arbitrator assess whether the suspension is warranted. Had that been there before, I suspect that Ron would have played in the playoffs this past year.

Will Stern try and toss him from the league if he has trouble in the future. I'm sure Stern will try, as he is obviously into the superficial things that give some fans a feeling of empowerment.

3:59 PM

Blogger KC said...

It is amazing how lion fans can turn a young QB into a loses lose situation. We have made it so that even if Joey succeds and becomes a good QB he will want to leave. We have not given him a fair chance. This team finally has some talent and we are harping on Joey as if it has been here all along.

Just watch, the WR will be great and Joey will produce and then it is off to Seattle to take over for Hasselback. We can only blame ourselves for shoving him out the door in favor of JEFF FREAKING GARCIA!!!!

8:10 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


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