Sunday, August 07, 2005


Kevin Garnett is not coming to the Pistons.
The rumored trade is a Pistons' fan pipe dream. It began more than a month ago by Piston web loggers and posters and now has taken on a life of its own and hit main stream media.
This shows the power of the web. Usually journalists start rumors. Now Joe from Warren can turn a snow ball into an avalanche.
The rumored trade would bring Garnett to the Pistons in exchange for Ben Wallace, Rasheed Wallace and two first-round draft selections. It is a powerful trade. The problem is it does not fit under the salary cap and the Pistons might have to give up another player.
The second problem is Kevin McHale and Joe Dumars have not spoken to each other about the trade.
This rumor and other variations began circulating when the Larry Brown-Pistons fiasco hit a boil. Fans assumed correctly that former Minnesota Coach Flip Saunders was coming to town. They also know Pistons guard Chauncey Billups and Garnett are good friends.
They put two and two together and came up with five. It is not happening.
Now lets ask this question. Would I do it if I were Dumars?
My answer is no. You risk too much by trading away what many consider the best starting five in the NBA. If you brought in Garnett your starting five would likely be Prince, Garnett, Billups, Rip Hamilton and perhaps Darko Milicic. I believe if you make the trade you must play Darko. Or you might be forced to make another deal for a defensive center.
The starting five sounds nice. It is just too risky. Besides if you are the Timberwolves why would you make that deal? Teams that trade away the best player usually get the short end of a deal.


Blogger billionaire said...

Clerical Issue
My theory on why circulation is down for newspapers accross the country is because they offer no twist and the stories they run are old and outdated. Just like this old rumour on the blogs. Also I think the papers have dummied it down too much.

Now terry you know that guy from Toronto used this blog as his source. I remember we all discussed this way back in the day. I can;t remember which blogger threw it out there. I thought this should not have even hit the press because it makes no sense on both ends.

9:22 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

you are right. He may have used this web log. But I have read that elsewhere. I do not know where he got it, but he got it from somebody's blog. I suppose we could take credit but I am not sure if that would be accurate.
but you know what?
what the hell. You guys take credit for it.

9:28 AM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

If I am Joe D and I theoritically could get Garnett for Wallace and Wallace. I do it. And I do it quick before Minnesota wakes up and realizes that they got screwed. KG is one of the top 5 players in the league.

Under the trade, I don't think you have to play Darko. NO
Based on what the Pistons say, they have offers coming in all the time. If this is true (ha, ha) you trade Darko and get a banger. Then you have an awesome starting 5.
KG, Billups, Hamilton, Prince, (the big banger you bring in for Darko) This is a much better team in my opinion. I haven't done it, but I would bet that Garnetts stats are very close, possibly better than Wallace and Wallace combined. Regardless, that is a better team than what they have today.

9:43 AM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

The stats

Garnett / Wallace & Wallace

PPG 22.2 / 24.2
RPG 13.5 / 20.4
APG 5.7 / 3.5
BPG 1.3 / 3.76

A journeyman big banger can make that up and very easily surpass anything lost.

Scoring to me is a wash based on Garnetts assists. All you need is a guy that can get 7 boards and a couple of blocks per game and your back to even.

I'm sure with the constant pursuit of Darko on the trade market, you could get that and more.

10:07 AM

Blogger billionaire said...

CLerical Issue
TErry when will you bring up the Race Card. It seems the PC police likes to dodge it.

TRRW no way you bust the starting five. The guys here are unselfish and no one is a true star (although chauncy and rip have shot) you bring in someone like KG he will be the focal point and if not the media will be all over him and this team is not built for that.

1:20 PM

Blogger SportPsych Detroit said...

I know this trade isn't happening (wink wink), but I must put in my 2 cents. Trading Ben would be ripping out the heart and soul of the team. Rasheed + Tayshaun, Rasheed + Rip. Throw in Darko, or any other reserve player. But keep the heart and soul of this team, or you'll be looking at just another talented, but soft NBA franchise. Trade Ben, and you may as well bring back the horse logo, teal uniforms, and yes, G Hill.

1:24 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...


You assume KG would be unselfish and not buy into a team philosophy. I think you are wrong. I have seen him play and winning is what he is about.

Would he be a focal point on this team? Hell yeah. If this team is a true team, whether he gets more media attention, or he gets more touches because he is a matchup nightmare, it shouldn't matter.

I think this unselfish label that is commonly thrown around and has been attached to the Pistons is way over used. Do you think the Pistons were more selfish than the San Antonio Spurs?

A true team would be looking at wins and losses.

Most of the East has gotten better so far during the off season. If the Pistons are not willing to break up their starting 5, they will slip into mediocrity because they have few pieces on the bench that are marketable.

1:43 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

Hey Sportpsych...

If the Pistons don't get busy here in the off season, they will be dusting those old teals off and wearing them while they watch the playoffs from home.

What are they waiting for?

1:46 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

You are making a big assumption. You believe Minnesota would settle for Ben and Rasheed for KG. For salary cap purposes you have to give up another player.
So it turns into a three for one or a three for two. And the second person you get wont be worth anything.
So to fit this under the cap would you trade KG for Ben, Rasheed and chauncey? Now do you see why the Pistons would hang up the phone if Minnesota calls. The only way you get kg without giving up half the team is to wait until he becomes a free agent and then wants to sign for the veterans exception.

4:40 PM

Anonymous Chris said...

While Ben is the heart of the team now, Garnett would infuse them with even more hope, sportpsych.

About being the focal point, yes Garnett would RIGHTFULLY be the focal point of any offense that doesn't involve Shaquille O'Neal.

KG is not a selfish player. He looks as much to finding his teams open shots (see $9M dollar man Wally Szczerbiak who can't do anything but hit a wide open jumper care of KG double teams and dishes out) as he does his own offense.

I'm conflicted on the rumor. KG is my favorite player in the league.

The real right way had some solid numbers in comparison and he is 100% right on his point. But, the 2 Wallaces give so much range, length, and toughness guarding the basket that they will be missed. With their presense, the guards (and Prince) could pressure their man and try to force turnovers on the perimeter. If they screwed up, the Wallaces had their backs.

For how great Garnett is, he can't give you that. Can Chauncey, Rip, and Tayshaun be as effective of defenders when they don't have two all NBA defensive team members challenging shots at the rim?

Makes you wonder...

4:45 PM

Blogger SportPsych Detroit said...

I agree that they appear to be standing pat. And teams that stand pat, tend to be passed by.
I'm all for making a couple of moves to re-establish this team as the envy of the NBA.

I just don't want Joe to outsmart himself and be aggressive for the sake of being aggressive. There are some key veterans that will be bought out and will be available without having to give up the core...I'd rather do that than change the face/identity of the team.

4:47 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...


I am just responding to your question, "Would I do it if I were Dumars?"
I am not taking the salary cap into consideration. The answer is yes.

From Minnesota's perspective, you don't make that trade under any circumstance. No matter how you package it, the Pistons just don't have equal value for Garnett.

4:53 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...


The Wallaces are imposing figures underneath the basket. I would venture to say that with Garnett and another banger you replace that. I wonder exactly who is contacting the Pistons about Darko, and who are they offering?

Quite frankly, I don't think Ben and Rasheed were very effective inside on either the Heat or the Spurs. They really were more effective with teams that didn't have any real inside presence.

I think the team would be as effective as they are today. Depending upon who you bring in with a Darko trade, they could be an improved team defensively.

5:08 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

You do not become super aggressive after being one of the four best teams the last three years. It is a dangerous game. I think folks like to trade because they get bored with a team.
I am not saying stand totally pat. This team will be 25 percent different than a year ago. If you add Finley or Rose you are better. If you trade three players for KG you are not better.
How many rings does KG have? The Wolves could not put a complete team around him because of his salary

5:18 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...


I think they had a complete team around him. They were projected to win it all. But something went real wrong when they could Flip the switch.

True Garnett has no rings. However, if a team has the opportunity to get a Garnett, you have to look at it objectively.

From a salary perspective it might be prohibitive, but I don't think any of the Pistons are untouchable if Garnett is available.

As far as getting better with Finley and Rose, yes they would be better, but I don't know that either of those guys keep the Pistons at the top of the East with the signings that have take place.

5:35 PM

Anonymous Chris said...

The T'Wolves couldn't put together a winner because of McHale's irresponsible spending on two cancers, Sprewell and Cassell. Add to that the revolving door point guard:

Marbury, Brandon, Billups, Hudson, and Cassell were all promised starts and to be the guy. He gave up on Billups (namely by choosing Hudson over him, only to have Hudson become angry that he found himself behind Cassell AND Carter).

Michael Owolokandi was a joke. EVERYONE knew that this guy was always fat and out of shape and had no desire to play at a high level.

Should I get into the whole Trenton Hassell/Wall Szczerbiak shooting guard controversy? Should I get into the rumor that Hassell despaired after he was basically blamed for the T'Wolves show start? Why was he the guy who took the fall? Why not Spree who was complaining that he couldn't feed his family? Why not Cassell who wanted out? Why not the Kandiman whose contract is an absolute waste?

Hell, at least Hassell busted his ass defensively and hustled.

Minnesota SHOULD have been in the Finals this past year. It wasn't because of Garnett's contract. McHale and Saunders let that team implode in front of them, ignoring all of the signs that were coming in the offseason and training camp.

5:37 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...


You bring up a good point about McHale and Saunders allowing this team to implode. They should have been in the finals.

As you have mentioned all the signs were their that a cancer was in the locker room but they failed to do anything about it.

Those things don't happen over night. If they are dealt with early, they likely go away if not, the team falls off the map.

Hopefully Flip has learned a lesson in that regard because he has a cancer brewing here that will need to be addressed early. You all know who I am talking about.

5:48 PM

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Blogger SportPsych Detroit said...

I'm all for a package deal that essentially sends Rasheed away before he reverts to his old stuff. I'm willing to lose a promising player such as Tayshaun in the process. I just think completely reconfiguring a team in its prime is the wrong way to go.

Give me Jalen or Finley to be our Robert Horry. We saw from last year we could use some depth, especially if that player or two buys into the system.

6:46 PM

Anonymous Chris said...

Take it for what it's worth, but McCosky reported on WDFN that Rasheed has stayed here almost all offseason working out and stuff.

He thinks that Rasheed feels badly about Game 5 of the Finals, and perhaps he might be ready to make up for it.

I've seen a motivated Rasheed Wallace once (in the Portland series vs. the Lakers when he averaged like 25 and 10 almost every game).

If he's hungry like that, it'll be really easy to keep him in line.

The first game of the season, Flip needs to argue on Sheed's behalf. If he does that, I don't think he'll have any problems.

But, take the McCosky thing for what it's worth. I know some people think he's good, and others think he's clueless.


6:53 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

Rasheed has not spent the entire summer here but he has been here a good chunk. He was at Lions practiced the other day and does want to make up for his mistake. He knows he messed up and possibly cost the Pistons a championship.

8:43 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...


I saw that same Rasheed give the Lakers and others fits. He was unstoppable back then. I don't know that Rasheed has it in him anymore. If he does, he is capable of being an unstoppable offensive threat.

What I have seen though, is as his game declines, his shananigans increase. He is an unfocused distraction.

I think the Piston's also have a mental challenge facing them. I will be tough for Saunders to establish himself since they are now obsessed with proving it wasn't Larry Brown that got them over the hump.

The best thing Saunders and Dumars can do is tweak this team a little and make it Flips. Otherwise, they are liable to tune Flip out.

9:20 PM

Anonymous Chris said...

I guess we'll see in a few months, won't we?

He's only been crazy with the refs, which has been his MO his entire career.

We haven't seen that type of infighting that we saw in Portland. Most of the Pistons are pretty laid back and professional. In Portland, Sheed was a little squirly around virtual powder kegs in Ruben Patterson, Bonzi Wells, Zach Randolph, and stoner Damon Stoudamire. Nash just basically assembled the most explosives he possibly could have and hoped that it would blow up in the sky and not in his face.

I personally am looking forward to August 15th. The Pistons are holding their mid cap exception, and I have to believe that they think they stand a strong chance of picking up one of these amnesty players.

This is just a gut feeling, but I think Finley is #1 on their list and Flip will like that ALOT.

10:06 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What the pistons need is Speedy Claxton. They could probably get him pretty cheap, and he would be a perfect off the bench spark. He plays defense as evidenced by his steal totals, can take the ball to the hoop, and is an excellent distributor. Someone should nudge joe d, and get him to take a look.

1:12 PM

Anonymous Chris said...

Two things don't endear Speedy to Dumars.

1. He's EXTREMELY small at 5'11 and a ultra light 170, which makes him a defensive liability.

2. He lacks a consistent jump shot.

Arroyo is bigger, stronger, just as quick, and a more creative passer than Speedy.

He wouldn't be an upgrade over anything that they have. And, at $3.6M, he wouldn't be economical to play behind Billups, Hunter, and Arroyo in the rotation.

4:48 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

I like speedy claxton. I don't love him. If he eats up more salary than Arroyo then I say let him be. He won't be a difference maker. And I don't think you can bring in a small guy like that until Lindsey Hunter retires.

6:30 AM

Anonymous Chris said...

Carlos makes $4M.

I like Speedy too. I'm just telling you that it seems like Joe frowns upon smaller guards.

I guess my comment made me sound like I was bashing Speedy as a player. I didn't mean for that to happen.

Right now, Lindsay is #2 and Arroyo is #2A for the regular season. I think Arroyo will do much better with training camp and starting the season with these guys.

I think New Orleans is going to keep him to be a veteran backup to Chris Paul.

8:29 PM


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