Saturday, August 13, 2005


Pudge Rodriguez owes the Tigers an apology.
It was a selfish move that he missed Friday's rained out game in Kansas City because of problems flying back from Columbia to Kansas City.
They won't tell us what happened because they don't want the truth out.
Pudge was in South America chillin, having a good time and romping around on a private jet. He wanted time away from the Tigers during his four game suspension in part because he is not happy with the direction of the team.
The suspension for bumping an umpire is lifted now and the Tigers expected him Friday. They wanted him in Toronto, taking batting practice and staying sharp. Teammates also expected him to be with them.
It is true he got club permission to leave. But only after President Dave Dombrowski and manager Alan Trammell said no. Pudge then went to owner Mike Ilitch who told him to get out of town and relax.
Ilitch knows Pudge is angry and this was his way of trying to patch things up and let a high profile player he needs go and enjoy himself.
Despite the gesture I still wonder if Pudge will ask the club for a trade in the offseason.
Unfortunately, the Tigers need him more than he needs the Tigers. He can find another team to go to and find success.
The Tigers would be hard-pressed to find another marquee name they can market things around and try to lure free agents here. Pudge is the face of the Tigers. If he leaves then they are starting from scratch in many regards.
He is upset but Pudge should close the doors to the media today, face his teammates, an admit he was wrong.


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9:03 AM

Anonymous Brian said...

The Tiger's season is becoming a circus show. Good thing preseason football started. I can't bare baseball anymore.

10:50 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Ivan Rodriguez is the face of the Tigers, the Tigers need a facelift -- big time.

The notion that fans are more willing to support a team built around a prima donna with decling skills than they are to support a team that is sincerely trying to rebuild a broken franchise from the ground up is insulting to the intelligence of the fans.

4:41 PM

Anonymous Chris said...

Don't care. Not at all. I'm sick of the Tigers. Let them leave. Fuck them.

Tear down Comerica Park and make a nice sized parking deck for Ford Field.

This team has been irrelevant for 19 years. I'm 27, and that constitutes the majority of my life and almost all of my life being old enough to follow and understand sports.

I have one feeling for the Tigers. APATHY. Alot of people my age share that.

In these 19 years, we have seen the Lions make the playoffs, the Pistons win 3 titles and 5 NBA Finals appearances, 3 Stanley Cups for the Red Wings, multiple Big 10 titles for each Michigan and Michigan State in football, one national championship for Michigan football, and national championships for both Michigan and MSU's men's basketball teams.

To be honest, I really don't think I'll ever embrace this team because it has basically mired in its irrelevance and ineptitude.

I consider this recent thing with Pudge par for the course.

I've been to Ford Field, Joe Louis, and The Palace. I've gone to at least 2 Pistons games each season for the past 8 years. Some years when the finances are good (even during the Mark Macon, Terry Mills, Grant Long, Stacy Augmon, Mikki Moore, etc. years of failure) I got to 4, 5, or 6 games.

The number of times I have set foot into Comerica Park...


I have no desire to. I have never purchased a baseball ticket.

Am I wrong to be so jaded? Or am I just presenting the reason why this team has more problems than just on the field?

11:32 PM

Blogger Joe (Livonia, MI) said...


You say the Tigers have been irrelevant for 19 years. Does that include 1987, when they won the AL East and looked poised to advance to the World Series before melting down against Minnesota? Or 1990, when Cecil Fielder hit 51 home runs, a big deal 15 years ago?

One of the reasons I will always enjoy the Tigers is because I can afford to go to a baseball game. Yeah, it's getting outrageous too, but it's still cheaper than going to a hockey or football game, and since the Pistons became good again (and everyone jumped on the bandwagon), the Tigers have been the least expensive ticket in town.

Furthermore, I have found many people my age (I'm 21) love going to Comerica Park. Attendance has been very solid this season. I too am very frustrated at the last 12 years or so of ineptitude but I feel since Dombrowski has been the GM, and certainly since Ilitch began opening the purse strings for free agents, this team has been making a good faith effort to contend in the sport in which the fewest teams make the playoffs.

If the Tigers can win consistently, they will be loved in this town again. All of the teams you have mentioned had decade-long stretches of ineptitude as well. The 1970s were a dark decade for the Pistons, Lions AND Red Wings. The Red Wings barely registered in Detroit until Ilitch bought the team and Yzerman was drafted. Even then, it took another 10 full years before the team contended in the playoffs.

That said, I don't mind when fewer people show up at the park because it means more room for me. I mean, how can anyone say with a straight face that they won't set foot into the CoPa because the franchise sucks, then walk across Brush to sit in Ford Field to watch a team that lost 23 straight road games?

10:10 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. Chris sure wrote a very long and passionate post about a team he feels nothing but "APATHY" for.

Maybe Chris needs a dictionary.

10:26 PM


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