Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Didn't we talk Monday about lying?
Baltimore Orioles first baseman Rafael Palmeiro not only lied before congress, but now he is lying again to cover the lie.
This guy shook his finger before congress and said "I have never used performance enhancing drugs." His eyes were tight and he looked as if he wanted to deck somebody.
What a great lie.
Now that he got caught by testing positive for steroids Raffy wants us to believe that it was an accident.
"When I testified in front of Congress, I know that I was testifying under oath and I told the truth," Raffy said during a conference call. "Today I am telling the truth again that I did not do this intentionally or knowingly."
Whatever dude.
Let me get this straight. Boy friend has steroids in him. But it got there by accident? How is that possible?
Were teammates playing darts with needles and accidentally fired one into his butt?
Did somebody spike his strawberry milk shake with roids?
Did he mistake a steroid cream for Vaseline?
Somebody help me with this one. How do you walk around in life and accidentally get steroids shot or rubbed into you?
I have never had someone come up to me and say "Hey T. Sorry Dude. While slept last night me and the boys got silly and shot steroids into your arm pit."
I have never heard somebody say "Damn it I am having a bad day. The wife pumped steroids up my buttock."
Sorry. Raffy lied at least twice. He is a great player and now baseball writers must decide if he goes into the Hall of Fame on the first ballet five years after he retires.
This is a sticky issue. Do Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa and Palmeiro belong in the Hall of Fame?
My answer is yes. I believe they all used steroids during a time when it was legal in baseball. The committee should punish them by making them wait an extra year and all of them deserve to be treated the same way.
They used. And if they say they didn't then they are lying


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't there a big difference between Palmeiro and the other three you mention, (Bonds, McGuire, and Sosa.)

I am guessing that this incident with Palmeiro has happened after baseball finally drew a line in the sand.

The other three did it while baseball was accepting of it. Wouldn't that clearly classify Palmeiro as a cheater?

Until the others are found to be users after baseball established some real ethics around steriod use, I think they are in a different crowd.

I think baseball would be foolish to allow Palmeiro in the Hall now, unless they want to continue their underground acceptance of steriod use.

If they truly want to clean it up, they should ban him from the Hall. Tough punishment, but the implications to me are now more severe. I think youth will watch this and say okay, I have a grace period to use, and it might be embarassing to get caught but, in the long run it is worth it.

It is time for baseball to take a real stand.

8:11 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8:30 AM

Blogger hitman said...

Come on T you mean you never rub 'the cream' onto Mikey when you massage his ego? How then do you explain his big head...

8:49 AM

Blogger billionaire said...

Clerical Issue

I must say watching ALLen Iverson get real on Quite Frankly has proven me right on athletes. That there is alot than meet the eye on most athletes that the media does not report. Kudos to Stephen A SMith. I see Terry is moving on up getting sponsor on a free blog that is truly smooth. Hey Terry why not have a sponsor for Clerical Issues and really make into a segment. It is a great way to digress and truly vent on off topics outside of sports.

Now Terry as far as Palmero come on now we have heard bigger lies. There are WMD's showing diagrams and pumping it up so we would go to war. KNowing damn well if they came with the reasons they have after the fact we would never have gone full throttle. I still say the Point my finger Palmero will get into the Hall of Fame at some point maybe not first ballot. Terry do you have the ability to see the future here you go blogging about lying and bam Ralph is put on blast hummmm

Vote in this primary for a new mayor and new city council (even you have to wade thru 120 folks )

9:00 AM

Anonymous WILFORD BRIMLEY said...

I don't care much about sports... just you all remember to get lots of fiber today.



9:13 AM

Blogger dt said...

Here's a take:

By virtually all media accounts yesterday, most were "shocked" by the Palmeiro news. To a one, reporters spoke of Palmeiro as one "who never looked like the others" physically, i.e. he wasn't thick or bulked or mega-head-sized like Sosa, Giambi or Bonds.

But that doesn't make him innocent nor does it make him a victim.

Most people overlook the fact that the main advantage gained by any type of steroid use is the recuperative powers - not the increased bulk or strength. The bulk results only in those that continue rigrous workouts.

Having said that, I believe Rafael Palmeiro when he says he never knowingly used steroids - i.e. he never injected the heavy stuff.

What I do believe is that he routinely used "supplements", i.e. the "clear" or the "cream" in order to allow his 39 year old body to recover more quickly. And the only reason he didn't "know" he used something illegal is because he didn't want to.

I believe steroid based supplements used more for recovery purposes than for sheer bulk, were/are rampant in MLB - especially for pitchers. I also believe that MLB quietly encouraged this to happen. Don't be fooled by the latest Bud Selig rhetoric of strict penalties. The owners WANTED steroids in the game and they made millions becuase of them. If they happen to now throw a few players under the bus to protect their game, they will do it.

9:14 AM

Blogger PERALES said...


I can't stand when people lie and try to cover it up with another lie. Raf should grow a pair and man up to his 'roid use. But, I'm certain that he'll wuss out and hope we all forget about it.

I think we should tie a rope around his ankles, throw the rope over a tree branch and use him as a pinata. Put a blindfold on me, spin me around a few times and then I'll smack the crap out of him as he dangles like a little bitch. Mike can go next but I don't think he needs the blind fold, he plently clumsy and non-coordinated with his eyes open.

9:34 AM

Anonymous Darren said...

I thought he tested positive for a banned substance. I dont know what all the banned substances are, but some are over the counter cold medications.

Is there new info that it was indeed steroids he tested positive for? Anyone know when the test was given?

9:38 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Darren - the original sports illustrated article said steroids specifically.


" NEW YORK (SI.com) -- Rafael Palmeiro, who last month became the fourth member of baseball's 3,000-hit, 500-home run club, tested positive for steroids, SI.com's Tom Verducci has confirmed."


9:58 AM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

Baseball truly sucks.

The game is slow, the so call athletes are either out of shape or juicing. The old kicking dirt and in your face tyraids are stupid. The dug out clearing brawls are like a bunch of sissy's running up to one another and having a cat fight.

This game has lost its edge with many people that like competitive sports.

Palmeiro is a jackass, Selig is a jackass, and those that in Congress that wasted tax payer money looking into baseball are jackasses. All of that, "let's show the public we are doing something," was a complete waste of time.

10:44 AM

Anonymous Jazzy Jeff said...

Baseball truly does suck. And this is coming from someone who lived and breathed it for 3 decades. I haven't watched 9 innings in 3 years, and I NEVER thought I'd say that.

11:09 AM

Anonymous Chris Utykanski said...

you are very mistaken when you say that it was legal to use "illegal" steroids in baseball prior to the recent drug policy. Yes, some use of steroids was legal. When they were specifically perscribed by a physician to be used in the treatment of a specific ailment. Steroids are sometimes used for treating asthma. They can be used after surgeries to help strengthen muscles. However the steroids that are and were used by athletes to get bigger, stronger are not obtained legally for a lawful purpose. If they were, they wouldn't hide it. Therefore they are breaking the law. Baseball does not say it is ok to break the law. For you to say that they were "legal" in baseball is not correct. It was not defined that there was a baseball penalty for their use, but there are lots of illegal acts that are not defined as having a baseball penalty. Please don't throw out baseball's monopoly status as an example of how baseball can ignore laws. They are given a specific exemption by congress, which is in effect, a law granting them this status. They didn't claim the right on their own, congress agreed to it.

11:39 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Baseball turned a blind eye to steriod use, so while it may not be legal, they condone it until they were forced to do something.

I know when I talk to people and they use the term legal as it relates to steriods and baseball, they are referring to the fact that baseball did not monitor it and enforce it as an illegal substance with regard to eligibility or punishment.

Many things that are illegal on the street may not have any implications in MLB. For example, soliciting a prostitute is illegal in most states, but if a baseball player does it, it has no implications on the field of play. MLB will not punish them.

11:50 AM

Blogger billionaire said...

I have got to shout out Judith Miller and I feel the person she is covering while in jail is a punk and has no heart. How can you sit by and allow someone to go to jail and not say anything. I understand Judith wanting to protect her source at the same time her source is no returning the courtesy. 5 weeks folks in Jail.

Barry still has not tested for steroids. No matter how much suspicion and hear say we still can;t prove it. What if Ralphy claims he took a steroid inhaler like Flovent and I wish MLB will say what substance was found.

5:15 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...


No doubt on Judith Miller, my issue is with the judge that order her to jail. I understand the justice system needs cooperation, but you can't rely on them to keep matters confidential. More important, the justice system would not even be hearing testimony on the issue without an anonymous source.

Furthermore, it is sad that a criminal that outs a CIA agent has more rights than a journalist who brings light to the matter, particularly a matter of national security.

Terry it would be interesting to get your opinion from a journalistic perspective on anonymous sources and what has happened to someone like Judith Miller.

You just got information about the Tigers from an anonymous source today. How often does that happen, how do you verify the information, and how much pressure do you recieve to identify your sources? Just thought it would be interesting.

5:52 PM

Anonymous Chris said...

Here's the deal. There has been instances where people have given a positive drug test without actively doping.

Many of these high protein suppliments have traces of steroids in them.

Much like if you were to eat a piece of beef, you would get protein, iron, riboflavin, and all the 'good stuff' that you want from it. But, you also get a steroid called cholesterol.

Some of these suppliments (either by design or flaws in their refining process) have been found to contain low levels of steroids- which can show up in a drug test.

This is why many Olympic caliber athletes have doctors and nutritionists sift through what they take.

In fact, Kicker Vencill (an Olympic swimming hopeful) just won a lawsuit against a vitamin manufacturer whose product caused him to test positive for an anabolic steroid precurser.

Which brings me to Palmeiro...

He either:

A: He is lying through his teeth in a lame attempt to try something to avoid hall of fame voters from shitting on his ballot.


B: He took a suppliment which was tainted, and he is too stupid to release the name of the product (possibly because he may be getting paid to use/endorse it) in order to save himself.

I think he's lying, but I guess there is a remote chance that he took one of these tainted suppliments.

Many nutritional and performance enhancing suppliments are not rigorously regulated by the FDA.

This is a good START to baseball's attempt to clean itself up. They are finally taking a forward step. Was in kinda a baby step? Yes. But, it was a positive step nonetheless.

I'm glad that they finally proved that they could (and would) catch a top level player.

Maybe I'm crazy for seeing this as a positive sign...

8:17 PM

Anonymous Chris said...


The above link is an article on Kicker's lawsuit against the vitamin company. He ended up winning the suit.

So, here is one of quite a few cases where someone has taken a suppliment innocently and failed a drug test because of it.

Does this answer your question on how you can accidentally take steroids?

8:21 PM


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