Sunday, August 14, 2005


How would you feel if you were a member of the Detroit Tigers?
Your season is slipping away. You cannot hold leads at the end of games and every team in Major League Baseball wants a shot at you to enhance their playoff chances.
How would you feel if you were Carlos Guillen? You are in constant pain but you still trot out there every day until your coaching staff says enough. Sit down.
You are in pain. You are losing and folks are calling you bums again.
And your team leader strolls in a day late from suspension from Columbia, tanned, relaxed and enjoying life. It isn't surprising the Tigers want to keep Pudge's Great South American Vacation a secret. Everybody knows he did not leave the club against President Dave Dombrowski's wishes for personal reasons.
That's unless personal reasons are clubbing, sitting on the beach and having a good time. Let me get this straight.
You are from Puerto Rico; you live in Miami and Detroit, yet your personal issues are in Columbia?
Let me see if I can run this one by the bosses at The Detroit News and AM 1270 The Sports Station.
Sorry guys. I cannot work for a week. I have personal issues -- in Maui.
That sure would go over real well.
My new personal issue might be not having jobs.
But I am no Pudge. I don't get the super star hook up.
Few do.


Blogger Crunch said...

Wow... This is why people get fed up with the celebs...

Nice going Pudge!!!

1:30 PM


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