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Many in the Detroit sports media hate It annoys us, pokes fun at us, ridicules us and challenges us to do better.
Sometimes they are unfair, but the rag is our watch dog.
Many chose to ignore it. Others cannot stay away from it.
It went into a slump when it seemed to disappear. Columns were not updated and it hit critical condition.
Now it is back on the radar.
This is one of those weeks when many in the media will click on the sports rag. The web site began a field of 64 NCAA tournament style bracket involving Detroit media members. The first round is complete and the second round begins today.
I drew a No. 4 seed and defeated Channel 7 weekend anchor Vic Faust 91%-9% in the most lopsided first-round game. I attribute my victory to solid defense and limiting turnovers. It also helped that most people don't know who Vic Faust is.
Or is it Jerry Faust?
I believe I would have been a No. 2 or 3 seed two years ago. But I have not written in the Detroit News much. That is about to change. After Gannett sold the News I was told I would write more this fall. I am thrilled.
I am off until Thursday when upset-minded Ken Kal, a tough No. 12 seed who defeated Oakland Press columnist Pat Caputo, hits the court. A victory puts me in the Sweet 16 against my pal Bob Wojnowski, who drew a No. 1 seed. You won't see us eating dinner together that night. It will be war for a couple of hours and then I will shake his hand win or lose.
It appears to be a pro Detroit News and WDFN site. The News finished 7-2 after the first round and WDFN was 9-4. The Freep (4-4) and WXYT (5-10) did not do well.
Voters allowed their anger to get the best of them in the first round when No. 1 seed Mitch Albom of the Freep lost to No. 16 Iffy the Dopster. Many of us believe Albom made a huge error when fabricating a story. But come one. He is one of the best writers in America and lost to a fictitious character?
It is ironic. But it is not right.
I bring this to your attention because we've enjoyed spirited debates on this web log about the media. This gives you a chance to vote for your favorites and against those media members you dislike.
So enjoy the tournament and may the best scribe or microphone win.


Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...


It is ashame you and Mike are in the same regional.

Otherwise you got my vote.

8:37 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Voters allowed their anger to get the best of them in the first round when No. 1 seed Mitch Albom of the Freep lost to No. 16 Iffy the Dopster. Many of us believe Albom made a huge error when fabricating a story. But come one. He is one of the best writers in America and lost to a fictitious character?"

Hey, upsets are what make this ol' tournament great. Who can forget the memorable buzzer-beater that gave Red Jamison the duke over Ron Cameron? Or the thrill when the unheralded Charlie Vincent made that incredible tourney run against Eli Zaret, Al Ackerman and The Fabulous Sports Babe?

8:38 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Great post- the DSR serves a function for the most part a writer at the News or Freep should. A sports media column. Someone like Phil Mushnick who is the watch dog.
You also pegged the history of DSR, it was awesome at the sart, terrible for a while and now really making some strides.
In any case Terry your blog is now a must read for me- I am thrilled that we'll finally get to read more of your stuff in the News.
Take care

8:58 AM

Blogger billionaire said...

Clerical Serious Issue

The cross burnings that is happening in metro detroit must stop. Take it a step further the folks who know who is doing it really should call the cross burners out. It is not good for the region to have such things perhaps it is time for the media to jump on this and put it frontpage headlines.

When I listened to the pistons on radio at work I remember during there post game show there was a caller called E who I think repped the sports rag and seem to know the wdfn guys. In Fairness Outside of you and Mike show WXYT is second rate on the other shows( although i have noticed a little improvement ) . I looked at the sports rag once and it was lacking. But it is nice to see someone other entity other than us bloggers bring the sports media and stations to task. I will vote how in the hell could the rag put Mike and Terry in the same region

9:13 AM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...


With regard to the cross burnings, what I find shameful is all this focus on, "The War on Terrorism" and this domestic terrorism continues to exist without any attention.

It seems to me that some folks are more comfortable with terrorism against groups that don't look like them.

It would be nice to see Bush take a stand like Blair has, and round all these hate filled backward ass idiots up and put them in a concentration camp in the hills of West Virginia.

10:20 AM

Anonymous sportsfromA2 said...

Terry, I hope south bend was cool.

I have a BIG problem with people booing Joey Harrington at the public PRACTICE (thinks of the AI "practice, practice?" clip, hahaha). The kid already has enough pressure, his head coach never liked him and has barely ever given him a chance. Every year after injuries he ends up throuing to DAvid Kircus or Reggie Swinton- I don't think any QB can learn/progress without having faith/confidence in his Wide Recievers. Its WAY too early to be against him, in my opinion- We should cheer him, because for the lions to be sucessful, we NEEED Joey to be sucessful.

12:16 PM

Anonymous Tracy said...

Terry, I am really happy to hear you will be writing more for the News in the fall - a regular column, perhaps?? I dropped the News home delivery last year but would subscribe again in a heartbeat if you start writing on a regular basis. And thanks for the heads up about detroitsportsrag - I stopped checking the site out some time ago due to lack of new content. Glad to hear it's making a comeback.

12:43 PM

Blogger billionaire said...

Clerical Issue

A great coach recognizes a his personell and designs a system to suit his players or he has his players in place to follow his plan. I say that so you can critically look at Mooch.

SportsfromA2 I agree with you. The fans needs to wait till the end of preseason and see who wins the starting job at QB. I know Mooch has it open contrary to what his lips says. Also Lion fans the boos should go to the FORD FAMILY. I will always harp on this 16 and 48 and you still get a 5 year deal.

12:57 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Will you please stop typing "clerical issue" at the front of each of your posts?


2:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


I would be interested to get your thoughts on the Mitch Albom issue? Do you think his "fabrication" was blown out of proportion? Should he be fired?

5:10 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

I would applaud a sports media column. We can critique folks. People should be able to critique us also. What is fair is fair. I would love to see more of it in the Metro Times or perhaps on an independent television station

6:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


I got to agree with you on booing Harrington at practice. Give him a chance with a fully loaded squad.

As far as Mooch is concerned, I think the same applies. What the heck do the fans want. Bobby Ross, Wayne Fontes, Marty the Moose.

You can't fix a ship that has been at the bottom of the ocean for decades, over night. The process of building a new ship takes some time.

8:17 PM

Blogger billionaire said...

Clerical Issue

I like clerical issues because it allows for me to talk off topic and pose things to think about beyond sports. Yes I could just write it as a paragraph but you tend to lose the impact that you may want. Terry and Mike uses it to do serious as well as fluff but I like it. Shout out to Peter Jennings and I send condolences to his family. Although the national evening news will never be the same, he did make a difference. Anomynous you don;t feel the Cross Burnings or rants on the EX-mayor as an ISSUE. IF not o well. Hey Terry have you thought about having a sponsor for Clerical Issues on the show as a segment.

8:50 PM

Blogger WXOU Sports said...


It's good to have something like the detroitsportsrag. Moss provides some great stuff at times on the media and other things. For those who hate it if its because of some of the critical things on that site I think most are fair and it can make the person who they are about aware of certain things they may have no idea they are doing.

We talk media very often in fact, it always seems to come up one way or another, it is interesting to hear the thoughts of others on this issue, we give your blog some pub as well. It's a great read and you pose some very intersting thoughts and ideas to!

10:15 PM

Blogger Ian C. said...

You know, I was going to have a productive night until you mentioned Detroit Sports Rag, Terry. Now I've spent the last hour or so surfing those forums.

The Metro Times would be a great place for a sports media column, by the way. They don't seem to do sports, but it's just the type of "indie" publication that would be objective on this subject.

11:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That site has been a joke ever since I found it about a year ago. For every sports related article they publish, there seems to be 2 that just blantantly rip on people for no real reason. The forums are full of penis pictures and immature name-calling. What a great representation of the mindset of the average Detroit sports fan. Yes, that was sarcasm.

12:31 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

I don't like being in Mike's region. But is anyone going to stop Wojo any way? It is a pro WDFN website and he is the king of that station. I expect him to steamroll over me, Mike and Mike Stone.

6:20 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

Yeah but having Mitch lose to Iffy the Dopster is like Little B upsetting Kevin Garnett in basketball. It was a terrible choice.

6:21 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

It is funny you mentioned the second rate shows on wxyt. I talked to a Lions official last night and they said the same thing. They are not impressed with our station. And that is troubling. They claim it has nothing to do with content, but quality. Now I see why the Lions left for 97.1. They don't respect the product.

6:24 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

I am hoping for a regular column, but not counting on it. I just want a say here and there and who knows what the future might provide. That is one reason I did this web log. I have so much to say to people and this was my only outlet. But I have other things coming up. I am going to do a weblot on beginning next week.

6:25 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

I commented on the Mitch Albom thing on this web log. You can go back to the archives and find the full version.
But I do not think it was blown out of proportion. He lied and we can never do that in the newspaper. Although I would have been fired if I'd done the same thing I do not believe he should have been fired. I simply wish the Free Press had been more forthcoming in its investigation. I know the newspaper suppressed information.
I simply asked that the newspaper treat Mitch Albom the same way it does Kwame Kilpatrick.

6:28 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Clerical Issue


I never mentioned cross burnings or anything else, just the annoyance of your writing 'clerical issue' on the top of every damn post. How dare you accuse me of being insensitive to that problem when I made no mention of it.

8:56 AM

Anonymous Chris said...

If it means anything to you, Terry, I think Stoney and Wojo sucks at times every bit as much as The Big Show.

No WDFN slappy here!

I like Sean Baligian's show the best, sorry Terry.

I have constructive criticism for Karsch and Valenti, if they would ever listen to it. They seem like decent guys, and they seem like they put alot of effort into the show.

Lund, on the other hand, I find nothing redeeming whatsoever about his on air persona.

This is just my take, but I tend to appreciate sports talk hosts who love our teams and root for our teams. I like people who feel exhileration after big wins and feels that uneasy feeling in the pits of their stomachs after a big loss (i.e. EVERYONE should have been mourning after Game 7).

Guys like Drew Sharp, John Lund, Pat Caputo, Jamie Samuelson, Greg Brady, and Marc Spindler just don't give you that feel.

Does that make sense?

But, if Doug and Mike want to hear what I think, I'll tell them. If not, I'll just keep it to myself and hope they find success.

9:34 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

In response to the negative comments about the DetroitSportsRag web site.

While it is true that the forums have run amuck as of late, steps have been taken to correct that situation. And if you are willing to look past some of the sophomoric flaming and adolescent repartee' you will find some remarkably astute commentary.

As far as the main page goes. A number of writers present their views on a variety of different topics. These submissions run the gamut in terms of content and style. There may be articles that infuriate you, but if you are objective, there will be times you will find yourself laughing at the writer's humor; or simply nodding in agreement with their perspective.

The site may be irreverent or even caustic at times, and may be the source of irritation for some critics, but overall it is just a community of Detroit sports fans that express their opinions, very much like the readers of this BLOG.

Give it a fair look before you pass judgment.

Frequent DSR Poster "rabbi"

10:04 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The DSR??

Forget that Moss guy. I recommend the Tao of Steve.

That guy is hella-cool.

10:55 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Tao of Steve...please, he is considered one of the worst writers there at the DSR, all he does is post how much he looks like Moby.
Spiro Rules.

11:34 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steve Price ( Parks ), he is like the wimp that always hangs out with the bully to protect him, and when said bully is gone, we see how much of a a**licker he is.
This comment is rated P.G.

11:47 AM

Anonymous dave said...

I've been checking out DSR ever since T mentioned it here. After a little time spent/wasted I'd have to say I find it interesting. Moss' latest RedWings rant was entertaining - if not 50% accurate. I loved the Spiro interview of Jack Johnson.

But my biggest impression is the ties to DFN. Column guys who are regular callers on DFN, the lingo reads like DFN sounds - it's like they aren't just pro-DFN, but a DFN affiliate (or vice versa?). For a self-proclaimed watchdog it smacks of the ultimate hypocrisy - maybe even fraudulent.

I'm enjoying the tourney (another DFN - or is it DSR? - old bit) though.

As for which station is better? I can't stand Stoney. I hate the DFN morning show - and can't figure out how they stay on the air??? My disdain for John Lund is right behind them though. I too like Sean Baligian, but I like Inferno better when you're on your A-game. Sean has an (unfair?)advantage in that he's a big hockey guy though. I don't like either Rome or Patrick. I liked Art & Doug better on their old midday show. Overall, I find myself simply listening to less and less sports talk.

4:05 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Pretty solid observations there as a whole.

Admittedly, the DSR does have a slight slant towards DFN, maybe because DFN has been around so long. But I think if you dig a little deeper you'll find that most of the writers, myself included, and the forum posters all are pretty critical of BOTH stations. The site is a "watchdog" after all.

My biggest issue is with some of the format decisions that XYT has made. Schtick like "Spanning the Globe" and "the Hit List" is borderline unlistenable to me. One of the reasons I enjoy the Inferno is the lack of such schtick, although Valenti had enough of that in his pinkie finger for the whole show. He's toned it down though, and I've tuned in more and more.

We appreciate you checking out the site, and hope you keep coming back. You won't always agree with our takes...and sometimes you'll downright hate them, but we try to keep it entertaining anyway.

Take care.

Steve Price
DSR's Resident A**licker

7:45 PM

Anonymous dave said...


I'll keep coming back - because it is entertaining. And Yes, maybe I didn't give DSR it's due. Overall I like it, and maybe that's what I should have said.

I was simply struck by reading a portion of what's there and seeing so many blatant comparisons to DFN. I did see criticisms of DFN but they seemed token in comparison to what XYT and print media absorb from DSR's general direction. Fraudulent was over the top on my part though.

I could not agree more on schtick, and Karsch's bridge schtick before/after commercials may well be the worst.

Nope, I won't always agree but I don't have to.


For the recored, I never called you DSR's resident a@*licker

8:25 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


No you didn't, but someone did...look up a few'll see it.

Steve Price

11:43 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many of us who post at the DSR (and occassionally throw up an article or two on the main site) are critical of 'DFN when warranted. Believe me, they ('DFN) are far from perfect. See recent posts about the weekend programming, and some people's opinions of the weekend on air talent at the station.

I wrote on the main site some time last year that I thought that 'DFN was resting on its laurels as the dominant sports station. When you compare both stations there is, quite frankly, not much of a comparison.

As TF noted in his blog a few days ago, a poster here was spot on with his criticisms of the "sound" of 'XYT It just doesn't compare to 'DFN, and given that they have the Tigers rights, HAD the Lions rights (and still have the Wings rights?) you would think that the powers that be would want to invest in improving the sound of the station.

Simply put, I don't like Lund (I don't particularly care for JB and Brady either, as I am a devout Stern listener in the AM), he's arrogant and has proclaimed that since he's in a top 10 market he is, by default a top 10 sports DJ -(WRONG!). Spindler is an interesting character and would work well as the second banana on a proper 2 person show. It just isn't working with Lund.

Valente (who has his share of detractors and supporters at the DSR) works well with TF. By and large the show is fine, but by virtue of its slot, it looses big to Baligian and Rome.

I've always liked Regner (who I thought was the biggest UM slappy until Ann Arbor Doug came around), but I just have never gotten comfortable listening to Doug.

As for Caputo, I rarely listen to either sports station after 6:00 PM, so I don't have anthing to say about him.

It seems that Infiniti has determined that 'XYT will forever play second banana to 'DFN. If they thought otherwise, they would have poured a ton o' money into the station to improve its sound and replace some of its talent.

Just one guy's opinion.

one4thethumb - DSR poster

8:24 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am just glad that Parks likes the term a**licker so much, since it fits him so well.

3:42 PM


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